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Once upon a time there was a little man who was very sad because he had spaceship
but he did not know what to do with it.

- Can you help him?

- What could he do with his spaceship?

Then, he decided to go to the moon and flew, and flew until be got there.

- So, where is he now?

As he had never been on the moon, he was not sure about what he cold do there, so he
thought and thought inside his spaceship.

- What do you think he decided to go?

Of course, the little man thought that he had done such a long trip because he wanted
to visit the moon, so he decided to go outside for a walk. And he was walking and
walking, and walking until he meet a …

- What do you think he met?

Oh! Yes! He met a dinosaur and as they made very good friends, the little man decided
to stay in the moon to live with his new friend in a beautiful tent he had in the spaceship.
And since then this little man in know as … “The man on the moon”.

Wans apon a taim thear waz a litl man hu waz veri sad bikauz hi had spei-ship bat hi did
nat nou wat tu du with it.

- Kan yu help him?

- Wat kood hi du with hiz spei-ship?

Then, hi disaidid tu gou tu the mun and flu, and flu antil bi gat thear.

- Sou, wear iz hi nau?

Az hi had nevar bin an the mun, hi waz nat shur abaut wat hi kood du thear, sou hi thot
and thot insaid hiz spei-ship.

- Wat du yu thingk hi disaidid tu gou?

Av kors, the litl man thot that hi had dan sach a long trip bikauz hi wanted tu vizit the
mun, sou hi disaidid tu gou outsaid for a wok. And hi waz wokin and wokin, and wokin
antil hi mit a …

- Wat du yu thingk hi met?

Ow! Yes! Hi met a dainasor and az thei meid veri gud frendz, the litl man disaidid tu stei
in the mun tu laiv with hiz nyu frend in a byutifal tent hi had in the spei-ship. And sins
then this litl man in nou az … “The man an the mun”.