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M.Tech., Winter 2016-17 Examination
Semester: 1 Date: 26/12/2016
Subject Code: 03203104 Time: 10.00 am To 1 pm
Subject Name: System Identification and Control Total Marks: 100
1. Attempt all questions from each section.
2. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
3. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
4. Write sections-A, Section-B on separate answer sheets.
Q:1 (a) What is System Identification and explain the different methods of System Identification? (5)
Q:1 (b) Draw the block diagram of gain scheduling and explain about it. (5)

Q:2 (a) Write the procedure of System Identification and explain each step briefly. (7)
Q:2 (b) Explain passivity theory of control strategy. (7)
Q:2 (b) Write short notes on any two

a. Self tuning regulator b. High Series Gain Adaptive control scheme (7)
c. Adaptive control d. Parallel scheme of adaptive control

Q:3 (a) Draw the block diagram for prediction error approach of estimation and explain about it. (7)
Q:3 (b) Write the differences between first principle model and Empirical model of a system. (6)
Q:3 (b) Find in [0,0.5] by solving the initial value problem = ( − )/2, (0) = 1 using
Runge Kutta method of order four (RK4) with h=1/2.

Q:4 (a) Explain Lyapunov stability with a suitable example. (7)

Q:4 (b) Derive the formula for straight line curve fitting using least square estimation. (6)


Q:1 (a) Classify the models on the basis of their phenomenon. Differentiate between stochastic
and deterministic model.
Q:1 (b) Differentiate between Direct and Indirect adaptive control scheme. (5)

Q:2 (a) Draw the block diagram for pole placement control design and find the gain matrix for (7)

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0̇ 1 0
the system ẋ = x+ u to have the desired location of poles to be at
−2 −3 1
s = −1 and s = −5.
Q:2 (b) Draw the block diagram of sample data system. Explain how discretization can be done
using zero order hold (ZOH).
Q:2 (b) Write the differences between parametric and non parametric model. (6)

Q:3 (a) Write the application of adaptive control in any one of the following field.
i. Power System ii. Process Control iii. Electric Drive
Q:3 (b) Explain about Maximum Likelihood approach of parameter estimation. (6)
Q:3 (b) Define the following terms (Answer any three questions)

i. Persistent Excitation ii. Ergodic theory

iii. Differential and difference equation iv. Consistency
v. Gaussian distribution function vi. Norm

Q:4 (a) Explain stochastic control with suitable block diagram. (7)
Q:4 (b) Derive the following expressions for Recursive least square estimation using the matrix
inversion lemma (A + BC) =A − , each symbols have their usual meaning;

θ(t + 1) = θ(t) + K(t + 1)[y(t + 1) − x T (t + 1)θ(t)]

P(t)x(t + 1) (7)
K(t + 1) = T
1 + x (t + 1)P(t)x(t + 1)

P(t)x(t + 1)x (t + 1)P(t)

P(t + 1) = P(t) −
1 + x (t + 1)P(t)x(t + 1)

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