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Monroe County Schools

TPJH School
7th Grade Objectives 2017-2018
3rd Nine Weeks

Subject Teacher(s) Objectives Tips/Resources

Math S. Edwards (Cost) Represent proportional relations by Allow student find the
equations. For example, if total cost t is proportional cost of buying multiply
to the number n of items purchased at a constant items at the same price.
price p, the relationship between the total cost and
the number of items can be expressed as t=pn.

(Problem solving) Use proportional relationships to When at a restaurant

solve multistep ratio and percent problems. allow student to find
Examples, simple interest, tax, markup and how much tip (gratuity)
markdowns, gratuities and commissions. should be left.

Solve word problems leading to inequalities of the This week you want
form px+q>r or px+q<r. your pay to be at least
$100. How many hours
must you work?
Science J. Millsaps Summarize the basic events that occur during the Find rocks around your
rock cycle. home. Do they look the
same? What makes
Describe the physical properties of minerals. them different? Discuss
how they may have
Analyze the characteristics of the earth’s layers and been formed.
the location of the major plates.
Discuss with your child
Explain how earthquakes, mountain building, some different items in
volcanoes, and sea floor spreading are associated your home that are
with movements of the earth’s major plates. made with minerals.
What properties do
Differentiate between renewable and those minerals give
nonrenewable resources in terms of their use by those items?
Discuss how scientists
know that tectonic
plates are moving.

Discuss ways to “save

our earth.” Start
recycling tubs in your
home and let your child
separate them out.
Watch and see how
quickly one material can
fill a bin!
ELA J. Bear Cite text evidence that most strongly supports an Read an article with
analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as your child. Ask them
inferences drawn from the text. questions about the
article and have your
Determine a theme or central idea of a text and child use evidence from
analyze its development over the course of the text; the reading to explain
provide an objective summary. their answers. Ask your
child what lessons are
Write arguments to support claims with clear being taught and how
reasons and relevant evidence. they can apply it to their
own life.

Discuss different
controversial topics and
choose a side. Find facts
to support whether you
are for or against the

Social Studies S. Gandy The rise of the Inca Empire-Students will learn how Encourage your child to
the Incas managed their large and remote empire. read and research about
this culture and share
videos that so how they
Students will learn about the significant lived.
achievements of the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas.
Encourage your child to
do extra credit by
Students will learn about the changes that led to the gathering information
Renaissance. and sharing it with the

Encourage your child to

show you all the places
they have been learning
about in class.

Ask them to describe

the culture of the
Aztecs, Mayas, and
Music A. Mondone Use listening maps to respond to musical works Explore the resources
on music classroom
Read about and discuss musical traditions from website
other cultures
Discuss how music
Connect history to music from a particular time enhances a movie, TV
period show, or video game
Library J. Millsaps I can dentify primary and secondary sources for Practice finding the
research. main idea and theme of
a story while reading.
I can produce the MLA citation for a book and an
online source. Gather appropriate
information during
I can write, draw, or verbalize the main idea and research to complete a
supporting details. MLA citation correctly.

I can define and identify figurative language.