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John Aster & The Water Well Scam.......

From the four years since meeting John Aster we have witnessed the many Scams he

develops and posts to the internet, mainly pyramid scams John Aster has progressed to

infiltrating organisations that raise awareness of Poverty and Humanity.

John Aster has caused many families to suffer from Stalking and Cyber Bullying and this

document forms part of the evidence being used to have the crimes John Aster commits are

dealt with the full letter of the law......

John Aster has a associate who is a university trained man called Prince Charles Baaya who

made YouTube videos to say Ambassador John Aster was the man that was going to save

Uganda’s water problem with raising the funds needed to pay for wells for the villages...

We have reliable evidence to prove this is a scam, a scam using poverty and children,

John Aster is a serious criminal, why would any person want to allow a criminal who calls

himself an Ambassador be their associate and partner......

Complete with promotional Videos You tube

It was confirmed with several other charities, that provide basic services to the

villages, has never heard of or believe AXJ CEO John Asters claims, they know

he is a scam, John Aster only dumped this project when we exposed him

through his membership with the International Human Rights Commission, in

which he served as a Ambassador John George Aster,


Wilhelmina Ford

At the same time John Aster was developing a this

scam, he had devised a plan to send a innocent man to
jail for crimes he did not commit, the same man that has
exposed him for the crimes he has committed.....

Angello Mello

John Aster Writes :

Our Funding through the trade database

A lot of our funding is going to be produced from doing trade deals with a
trading company that I will essentially own, however for the purpose of placing
the profits and shares of the company into a trust, that will give all the profits
(after taxes and paying of staff) out to Ambassadors projects. Ambassadors too
after this trade database is operational can speak to governments and work out
with their foreign trade Ministers what they are importing and exporting as well
as speaking with the Chambers of Commerce. Ambassadors are responsible for
their own taxes of monies the receive as earnings but of course not on what is
donated to projects. The directors of the trade database before they can pay
themselves will have to pay the Ambassadors “gifts or excreta payments’. Let’s
say that the Ambassadors are given$1,000 for a wage, then with the company I
setup the Directors can only pay themselves 50% more then the persons on
wages. These conditions will be setup so that also all voting rights of the
company will be owned by the trust. The trust articles will also confirm that the
trade company needs working capital,and especially where we become the
seller and issuing 2% performance bonds etc. Ambassadors will not be paid by
the company until trades are started or by other methods however that does not
stop an Ambassador from raising Charity Events and ensuring they still eat and
get paid for their efforts and then donating the money to their projects that they
are involved with. As the database is a private company the Ambassadors who
want to sort our trades with governments and other Manufactures will be
rewarded by receiving 35% of the commission funds to assist them with wages
and funding projects. There is an Ambassador checking the Seller credentials
and that the product is real, and an Ambassador on the buyers side. 30% is used
for the company running expenses and the remaining goes to other
Ambassador’s projects.

We are looking for an Investor to pay for the Database to be raised according to
a design of a model previously used and owned by His Excellency John Aster.
We are offering the person prepared to put up the funds for setup and raising of
the database 4 times the amount it cost them for producing the database and
being a director of the company and maintaining this position if they have the
skill sets for running this operation. The CEO of it will get 3 times the amount
they pay out to the Ambassadors for paying their “wages” to continue their
efforts. Ambassadors that are not doing the job full time will not get full
wages. “horses for courses”. The Investor too of course can trade on this
database and either being a Good Will Ambassador or a fully pleaded


Chapter 15 Tribal Courts

In some countries and including countries of the sovereign it may require a
court of Original Jurisdiction in accordance with the Magna Carta for a common
law proceedings to commence. Ambassadors would investigate the matter and
by the many that the needs of the few or one are dealt with according to the
Rule of Law to ensure human rights violations are not committed by Judges or
lawyers etc. Many countries have their own tribal councils for dealing with
matters, and so it is important that we respect these cultures and work with them
for ensuring persons are brought to justice.

Chapter 24 Research/Intelligence
From time to time the Public will come up with information they believe is real
and is a fact finding research team. It will also deal with live intelligence for
which is kept secret for protecting the civilians work with the UN Teams and
respecting some information is either Secret or Top Secret when deploying of
troops in a particular area.

Chapter 25 Newly Appointed Ambassador

Minutes of Meeting 3 of 2013

24 Jun 2013
Persons Present:

World Chairman His Excellency John Aster


John Aster made a criminal decision to create a crime and to have police act on

his complaint with manufactured evidence, though police were keen to respond,

the same cannot be said of investigating the crimes that have been committed by

John Aster that has caused serious civil injury, as well as the waste of tax payers

money with police investigating his complaint.


This document has been used by John Aster to obtain credibility to develop scams mainly in