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Take the ring out of Web self-service

Bringing eQuality to eBusiness®

Optimizing Web Self-Service
Customer Relationships
Improve your Web self-service effectiveness Web self-service makes good business sense.
Right now someone’s on your Web site and they’re Moving potential callers to Web self-service results in an
not just browsing, they’re ready to act. They’ve chosen to average savings of five dollars per contact (compared to
place an order. They want to subscribe to a service, locate phone interactions). Web-based customer self-service has
or update information, fill out an application, and make tremendous potential for companies to build customer
payments. And the good news is they want to do it online, loyalty and increase the profitability of those relationships,
on their own. while at the same time reduce customer service costs.
However, if your Web visitors ultimately end up clicking Forward-thinking companies that can collect, analyze
on the “Contact Us” button or picking up the phone, then and respond to customer actions on the Internet possess
the cost of the interaction skyrockets and the cost benefits of a distinct competitive advantage.
self-service are lost. You can avoid this scenario by capturing
samples of what your vistors are trying to achieve. Achieve consistent service across all touch points
The key to customer service success is the ability to
Cost per customer contact manage all customer interaction channels as if they were
one, providing high quality across all interaction points.
Web Sales/
Web chat E-mail Companies must provide the same quality service over
self-service Service Rep
the Web that is delivered today in the contact center. And
Average cost: Average cost: Average cost: Average cost:
$0.35 $7.00 $5.00 $5.50 yet a recent consumer survey suggests that only 41 percent
Range: Range: Range: Range: of respondents were satisfied with the state of online
$0.10 – $3.00 $2.00 – $12.00 $2.50 – $38.00 $2.00 – $40.00 customer service.

Industry experts estimate that Web self-service is only a fraction of

A successful Web site isn’t built on speculation
the cost of a live call center agent.
When your customers are attempting to service
themselves online, does your Web site make them maneuver
A new solution from Witness Systems lets you record
through an obstacle course? And do you even know where
and review samples of actual customer experiences so
your potential customers are encountering these obstacles?
you can identify clear action steps for improving Web
What are they finding that’s causing them to pick up the
effectiveness. eQuality™ Discover gives you the insight
phone or drop off your site?
you need to determine how customers interact with your
Optimize your Web self-service offering by capturing
Web site. You improve service quality, not only through
actual samples or you could face increased call volumes, lost
better self-help, but also by keeping Web site design
customers and lost revenue. One source claims 70 percent
and performance on track. Capturing and analyzing
of online shoppers spend less money at a merchant’s online
actual customer interactions has proven its value in the
store due to poor Web customer service.
contact center. Now companies are seeking to extend
Data from clickstream analysis helps identify significant
that success to the Web.
Web trends. When this analysis is linked to actual recorded
samples of the Web user experience that eQuality Discover
provides, your company has at its fingertips all of the data
needed to optimize its Web self-service offering.
Discover what’s really happening ... and then collaborate throughout
on your Web site ... your enterprise
eQuality Discover, the Web self-service Instead of relying solely on extracting and
recording solution from Witness Systems, helps assessing data from reports, what if you could truly
companies pinpoint clusters of critical user behavior. see your site in action? And then share this
The software enables you to capture and replay knowledge with the very people who need to
actual Web interactions that resulted in the visitor know? A virtual slide show adds an extra dimension
placing a call to your contact center. Or it can help that provides a clearer Web picture.
you identify ideal path breakdowns – including After using eQuality Discover to capture
the time spent on each page of the site. You can customer experiences on your Web site, its
even use eQuality Discover to analyze visitor paths browser-based interface enables enterprise-wise
as they abandon shopping carts. access to this valuable information. Your marketing
With eQuality Discover’s powerful advanced department can see what paths people take to
business-driven recording capability, you can arrive at a purchase. Your IT organization can see
capture and view selective Web site interactions. when the Web site slows down, or what part
Once sessions are captured, the system can notify malfunctions. By reviewing information visually,
individuals or groups throughout your enterprise you spot unusual occurrences, or uncover areas
so they can review what actually happened. for improvement.

Discover the
benefits of eQuality
• Reduce calls to the contact center
• Eliminate speculation about user activity
• Review captured samples of the
actual customer experiences
• Combine what the visitor did with how
they were trying to do it
• Identify clear action steps for improving
Web self-service effectiveness
eQuality Discover. Stop speculating and capture examples
• Provide an over-the-shoulder look at
of how effectively your Web visitors are helping themselves.
your Web visitor’s path
• Improve Web site design
• Detect site problems

eQuality Discover takes the ring out of Web

self-service. Fewer phone calls means more
profitable customer contacts, more visitors turned
into purchasers and self-service that really clicks.
Record and review the Web customer experience Browser-based user interface. Your management
Continuous playback. Because a picture is worth team can access all system functions from an Internet Explorer
a thousand words, eQuality Discover allows you to play back browser. As a result, authorized users throughout the company
recorded Web visitor sessions. View exactly what occurred can replay recorded sessions from the Web without a dedicated
during the Web visitor’s experience on the site, including the replay client.
time they spent on each page.
Merging the contact center and the Web
Your company must provide the same quality service
over the Web that is delivered today in your call center.
Witness Systems’ proven expertise in recording multimedia
customer interactions can help improve the quality of your
Web user experience. Sampling and analyzing all customer
touch points helps ensure your finger is on the pulse of
your customers.
Is your Web site driving the wrong calls to your
contact center? If the Web site isn’t effective, the call center
receives negative calls and contact costs rise. The following
criteria directly impact the contact center:
• Call duration (average handle time)
• Calls in queue

• Record every visitor who clicks on the “Contact Us” button, accesses
• Call abandon rate

your knowledge base or clicks on a new part of the Web site.

• One-call resolution
• Customer satisfaction

Business-driven recording. You can specify If your company is striving to merge its Web site
multiple conditions to evaluate before, during and after a and call center, then your center managers should champion
customer interaction on your Web site. The system uses the your Web self-service initiatives to create a single view of
conditions or business rules to trigger an action, such as customer service.
recording and notification. A user can easily retrieve a sample
of sessions simply by searching on selected criteria, such as Discover newfound Web productivity
date, time, or business rule. Analysts predict the number of individuals seeking
Notify. Advanced business rules also let you configure online customer service will more than double, approaching
eQuality Discover to notify one or more people by e-mail when 70 million in 2005.
the system triggers a business rule. Your customer’s overall satisfaction level is determined
by your company’s weakest business channel. Your call center
Annotations. Add annotations during a playback
might be award winning, but it is not the only touch point
to note a significant occurrence on a specific page or an
that your customer will use. If your customer leaves your
entire session.
Web site frustrated, they can change from a loyal customer
Visual flow model. You can access a visual to a dissatisfied one. Stop speculating. Discover what works
thumbnail layout of the events that transpired during the on your Web site and what doesn’t.
Web visitor’s session.
Privacy filters. Mask confidential and proprietary To learn more about eQuality Discover
information, such as credit card numbers and account and the Witness Systems eQuality software
numbers, when recorded and reviewed. suite, please visit

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