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Middle School

Unit Plan Academic Year 2013-14


Nidhi, Achla,
Subject group
Teacher(s) Charusheela , Mathematics
and discipline
Bijo, Vineeta

Unit Title Sets MYP Year 1 Duration 1.5 weeks

Stage 1: Establishing the purpose of the Unit

Key Concept Related Concept(s) Context

Connections  Representation Globalization and

 Classify Sustainability
 Compare and contrast
 Interpretation and
 Evaluate
Statement of Inquiry

Similarities and Diversities are the essential element of the Universe

Inquiry questions

Factual In Grade-6, 60 students like Soccer,40 students like Cricket and 10 like both the
sports , How many students are there in all?

Conceptual Does difference leads to unity?

Debatable In 21st century the mantra is Unity in Diversity ?

Middle School MYP Unit Planner 2013-14

What task(s) will allow students the opportunity to respond to the unit question?
What will constitute acceptable evidence of understanding? How will students show what they
have understood?

Summative:(Criterion A and C): of this will be a part of Summative of next unit i.e

Which specific MYP objectives will be addressed during this unit?

A Knowledge and Understanding

 Know and demonstrate understanding of concepts and operations of whole numbers, and Integers.
 Use appropriate mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar

C: Communication in Mathematics
 Use appropriate mathematical language of mathematics to describe the world around us
 Communicate a complete and coherent mathematical line of reasoning using different number operations and
their order

Which MYP assessment criteria will be used?

A and C

Stage 2: Backward planning: from the assessment to the learning activities through inquiry

What knowledge and/or skills (from the course overview) are going to be used to enable the
student to respond to the unit question?
What (if any) state, provincial, district, or local standards/skills are to be addressed? How
can they be unpacked to develop the significant concept(s) for stage 1?

 Sets and their members

 Subsets

 Intersection And Union of sets

Middle School MYP Unit Planner 2013-14

 Venn diagram

Approaches to learning
How will this unit contribute to the overall development of subject-specific and general
approaches to learning skills?

Organization: Time management for homework submission on time/class activities and tasks (tests and
revision work) Self management for preparing research/homework assignments
Communication: Learning and using mathematical symbols and terminology in both oral and written
Thinking: Applying knowledge and concepts in solving unfamiliar problems
Knowledge acquisition
Problem Solving
Collaboration: Working in groups/ Accepting others e.g. sharing ideas with others while doing Jig saw
activity as a group,

Learning experiences Teaching strategies

How will students know what is expected How will we use formative assessment to give
of them? Will they see examples, rubrics, students feedback during the unit?
templates? What different teaching methodologies will we
How will students acquire the knowledge employ?
and practise the skills required? How will How are we differentiating teaching and
they practise applying these? learning for all? How have we made provision
for those learning in a language other than their
Do the students have enough prior
mother tongue? How have we considered those
knowledge? How will we know?
with special educational needs?

 Expectations and outcomes of the unit Home Work Given every day ( Practice
will be explained to them at the start of Questions Or Worksheet )
the unit.
 Required knowledge will be studied in Teaching methodologies which will be
class and consolidated with homework. employed are: Lectures, discussion, Activity
 Through the activity they learn the
different ways of classifying and Chapter 23. Sets
grouping .
1. Introduction (by following activity)
 The activity will rebuild the concepts of
even , odd, factors and multiples of Number Sorting Activity: Make groups of 3
numbers students , give them a sheet of numbers 1 to
 The students on their own will be able

Middle School MYP Unit Planner 2013-14

to define intersection and union of sets 100 in order written.
  task is sort out these numbers and give
specific attribute to group.
 Recording on Number Sorting sheet,
 Discuss with students – various examples of
sorting Even numbers, odd numbers, multiple of 2 ,
factor of 3……
 questions to be asked from the students
 What was your rule for sorting? Why
did you choose it?
 Could you use one other rule that is
different from the one you used?
 Could you use more than one
property or attribute for sorting?
2. Lead the discussion/answers to students to the
formal introduction of SETS, Set Notation
3. Introduction to subsets, empty sets, elements
4. Go back to first activity again group , using those
examples introduce to concept of intersection
and union of sets , book exercise
5. Activity on introducing venn diagrams
 Students can be given A-4 sheets , and let them
draw the circles and write the numbers in side
 Group of 3 students, , Numbers from 1 to 40 will
be given Students will be placing the numbers in
different circle of under heading –
 Task -1Even Numbers , Multiples of 5
 Task -2 Odd Numbers , Multiples of 3
6. Introduce union and intersection of sets with
7. Formative on
 Formative-1, writing an expression
to describe the shaded portion of
the venn diagram- Cr-A,C ( include
Ques on Finding H.C.F of numbers
18,24 using Venn diagram.)
 Formative-3, based on example -8
of book, interpretation of the venn

Middle School MYP Unit Planner 2013-14

diagram – Cr-A,

What resources are available to us?
How will our classroom environment, local environment and/or the community be used to
facilitate students’ experiences during the unit?

MYP 1 Book by Haese and Harris

PPT’s from

Ongoing reflections and evaluation

In keeping an ongoing record, consider the following questions. There are further stimulus
questions at the end of the “Planning for teaching and learning” section of MYP: From
principles into practice.
Students and teachers
What did we find compelling? Were our disciplinary knowledge/skills challenged in any
What inquiries arose during the learning? What, if any, extension activities arose?
How did we reflect—both on the unit and on our own learning?
Which attributes of the learner profile were encouraged through this unit? What
opportunities were there for student-initiated action?

Possible connections
How successful was the collaboration with other teachers within my subject group and from
other subject groups?
What interdisciplinary understandings were or could be forged through collaboration with
other subjects?
Were students able to demonstrate their learning?

Middle School MYP Unit Planner 2013-14

How did the assessment tasks allow students to demonstrate the learning objectives
identified for this unit? How did I make sure students were invited to achieve at all levels of
the criteria descriptors?
Are we prepared for the next stage?
Data collection
How did we decide on the data to collect? Was it useful?

Middle School MYP Unit Planner 2013-14