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ADAMS, ROWDY D ; Adams, Rowdy D Self, Jeffrey D RE: Levee/Fence Thursday, November 01, 2007 7:00:16 PM

(b) (6) I’ll call in a bit.
We can set up a time to discuss in the morning…. Thanks Rowdy

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Chief Adams, Can you please call me regarding below meeting, I came to see you earler but you were not available. Thank you (b) (6) ----- Original Message ----From: SELF, JEFFREY D To: (b) (6) 'RONALD.VITIELLO@DHS.GOV' <RONALD.VITIELLO@DHS.GOV> Sent: Thu Nov 01 17:13:34 2007 Subject: Fw: Levee/Fence

(b) get a hold of Greg Giddens and Rowdy and get a time and place please. (6) Jeff
----- Original Message ----From: VITIELLO, RONALD D To: (b) (6) SELF, JEFFREY D Cc: (b) (6) Sent: Thu Nov 01 17:07:45 2007 Subject: Levee/Fence All,

As discussed based on our commitment to work with community stakeholders and Hidalgo County’s initiative, Headquarters Border Patrol and the program CBP SBI leadership want to discuss further the IBWC and Hidalgo’s proposal to coordinate and combine levee remediation with contemplated border fence installations.


I have been asked to coordinate then confirm that Judge Salinas (+2) and Cameron County Judge Cascos (+2) and crucial staff travel to Washington, D.C. so that we can discuss detailed terms of such a proposal. IBWC representatives (2) will also be requested to attend. The meeting is set for November 16th 2007. Each of these participants will need ASAP the exact time and location of the meeting, as each of them has confirmed their availability to be in DC (11-16-07).

In order to describe the purpose and expectation of the meeting the following is my assessment;

Under the authorization and appropriations (Secure Fence Act-2006) RGV Sector developed a comprehensive requirement for fencing as an enhancement to natural and man made terrain features. The purpose of the fence is to deter and deflect illegal border crossing while enhancing our response by limiting the avenues of escape available to those crossing. The fencing when combined with additional agents equipped with more advanced technology will develop conditions that allow for more operational control/border security in the RGV.

Prior to the fencing plans being contemplated, Hidalgo County has sought and obtained resources (between $40 and 80 Million) to make necessary repairs to the levee, an IBWC responsibility, so that it meets FEMA established standards preventing a redesignation by mapping of significant portions of the county as floodplain. FEMA will decertify the levees in the county if improvements are not made. Hidalgo County residents and businesses will incur higher costs for flood insurance. The impact of the redesignation is estimated at $150,000,000.

During the October 7th visit of Senator John Cornyn, IBWC Commissioner Marin and drainage district engineers (Hidalgo County) coordinated to propose combination levee improvement/fencing project. This proposal involves putting the fencing on top of a concrete footing designed to reinforce the levee. Cameron County Judge Cascos has also endorsed the IBWC proposal. Some, not BP, believe that if the levee was reinforced, via the IBWC schematic. it would make fencing unnecessary. Initial BP assessments of this joint project indicated that added expense and limited access on the fenced side of the levee detracts from its feasibility.

On October 23rd Hidalgo County Judge Salinas and Commissioners and others returned to RGV to inform and discuss next steps in their project to improve the levees. Hidalgo County also indicated that they wished to share all aspects of the combined project including costs and public outreach. Their goals were to give RGV more details about the construction plan and get a final assessment on the feasibility of sharing projects.

Planning Assumptions:

Based on operational requirements and authorization of Secure Fence Act Border Patrol/CBP SBI and partners will continue to pursue detailed plans and construction of fencing up to 70 miles in steps: #1 operational requirement. #2 Land owner discussion and public outreach. #3 Environmental Assessments #4 Engineering and cost assessments. Once detailed construction plans are made the entire project is targeted to be complete on or before January 1, 2009.


Based on available funds and levee status Hidalgo County will begin ASAP levee repairs.

Only 22miles of RGV’s requirement lies within Hidalgo County

Although the discussion and continued planning, regarding fencing, are equivalent each county’s plan for levees is unique. IBWC is the responsible governmental entity for levee repairs, improvements etc.

Each of you can call me for additional details or contact my Staff Assistant (b) (6) (b) (6)

or Assistant Chief

Ronald D. Vitiello Chief Patrol Agent

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