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RE: Meeting Thursday, June 21, 2007 7:18:33 AM

I’ve got it, and will address it first.

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Did you get my "document" that I had quickly created for Jeff? I think some of those dates have changed. I am glad I asked them to update..... Call/email any questions or issues. Thanks again. (b) (6) ----- Original Message ----From: (b) (6) To: (b) (6) Sent: Thu Jun 21 07:04:31 2007 Subject: RE: Meeting Thanks (b) (6) I’m getting after the charts.

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(b) (6) chart(s) need a thorough looking over with the updates we have received overnight. If you are running short of The time then just make sure we follow through by week's end. You have been creating great stuff and quality products that the bar is continually being raised. I appreciate and acknowledge your willingness to travel back at the 11th hour (literally). I am on the train now and will be getting off at Crystal City. Let me know if you have questions. I hope your flight went well. (b) (6) ----- Original Message ----From: SELF, JEFFREY D To: (b) (6) Sent: Thu Jun 21 06:31:18 2007 Subject: FW: Meeting


See below and please provide me with the info necessary to speak to this.


________________________________ From: GIDDENS, GREGORY [mailto:GREGORY.Giddens@dhs.gov] Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007 6:25 AM To: SELF, JEFFREY D Subject: RE: Meeting

I have not heard any more about the mtg today. I believe C2 wants an update on the progress of creating the product we can take to S1/S2 to show them the break-out of the fence miles, focusing on the reds. The need to do that in early Jun has been somewhat mitigated by use being able to start with the 87 or so green miles. However, I think getting to DHS soonest will give us insight into where they may land on the issues presented by the info.

Yesterday was indeed a crazy day…. Thanks for your feedback on how we characterized the P28 date, I thought maybe I and others had not been clear. I thought we were in alignment with the approach we laid out in the prep sessions for the hearing.

We heard some good news on P28, it is fresh and we will send out an update later today. Bowing believes they have found the bug that was causing some of the radar tracks to drop off of the COP. They also have loaded a new configuration on 3 cameras that improved their performance and get them to where they need to be in terms of performance. They will load the other 6 cameras today and tomorrow and will test a patch to the radar tracks/COP issue today. Those two items have been the most troublesome and the most significant to being bale to move forward.

Also, want to make sure you are aware of the meeting next week with IBWC. I was told you were aware and that you indicated Paul Beeson would be the OBP rep. J

Greg G


________________________________ From: SELF, JEFFREY D [mailto:JEFFREY.Self@dhs.gov] Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007 6:01 AM To: GIDDENS, GREGORY Subject: Meeting


Have you heard anything more on this Red, Green, and Yellow C-1 meeting scheduled for today? Sorry about running you all over the place yesterday, it was a crazy day. As for your question in regards to how we spoke to the P-28 operational date, I know that we were clear that there was a chance that it may come in late by a couple of weeks.


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