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Data Sheet Rack 560SFR02

Rack 560SFR02 Allocation of the slots:

Two slots for:
1 or 2 power supply units (each 2 slots
17 slots for:
Up to 8 communication units
Up to 17 I/O boards (with redundant
power supply)
Up to 18 I/O boards (if only one PSU is
Application used)
The 560SFR02 rack is designed to be used with For the physical interfacing of boards edge con-
or without redundant power supply. Therefore, it nectors of type F (DIN 41612) are used. Rows 2
has 2 slots for redundant power supply units to 20 of the edge connectors connect the RTU560
(PSU) and 17 slots that can be used for I/O system bus and are soldered directly to the
boards, communication units (CMU) or a mixture printed circuit board. The connection of the proc-
of both. It is interfaced to other racks via the ess signals is done via the rows 22 to 32 by
RTU560s serial peripheral bus. Up to 7 means of sub-connectors. The sub-connector is
560SFR02 racks can be connected to a system. clipped into a cut-out in the edge connector (see
By using the bus connection unit 560BCU05, the Fig. 1). The connection of the signal wires is made
560SFR02 becomes a rack with up to eight com- by means of crimp clips using snap-in fixing. In
munication units (560CMU05/560CMU02R2). addition to the use of prefabricated cables it is
Also for applications with only one communication also possible to attach individual wires during
unit the usage of BCU05 is required. commissioning
It is installed in a swing frame cabinet or in a
DIN-F connector with
Only in slot 19 the second PSU can be inserted cut-out for row 22-32
and will be operated. It is not allowed to put in
other modules. Slot 18 is available, when the op-
tion of the second PSU is not used.

The 19“ rack has a height of 3 HE for single Euro-
card format boards (DIN 41494). There are 20
slots available for the installation of boards.
Sub connector
Each power supply unit has a predefined slot allo-
cated to it (slot 21 and slot 19). These slots can Figure 1: Sub-connector design
be used only with PSU modules.
Slot 1 to 17 can be used for I/O boards and/or
CMU modules. If no redundant power supply is
used, slot 18 can be used for an additional I/O

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Data Sheet Rack 560SFR02

This interface technology minimizes the number of Besides to the process signal connections, the fol-
cable connectors as well as the space required in lowing interface possibilities are located on the
the rack 560SFR02. rear side of the printed circuit board:
A monitoring circuit on the rack 560SFR02 checks Interface to the serial peripheral bus
the supply voltages of the board (24 V DC, 5 V
DC). Supply voltage failure is indicated by a status Status relay contact for monitoring the in-
relay contact. ternal voltages (24 V DC and 5 V DC) and
status of PSU´s.
An additional circuit shows the status of the power
supplies. Power supply failure is also indicated by Interface and supply power for the
a status relay contact. 560BCU05


Figure 2: Front View (only one 560PSU02 shown)

560PSU02 560PSU02 560CMU05 560CMU05 560CMU05 560CMU05

23AE23 23BA20 23BE23

24V 24V
5V 5V
1 9
+ + 2 10
- - 3 11
PE PE 4 12
5 13
6 14
7 15
8 16



2 Doc.-No.:1KGT 150 731 V001

Data Sheet Rack 560SFR02
Figure 3: Configuration example (Redundant power supply, four 560CMU05, three I/Os)

X2 X1 Rack No X15 X14 X13 X12 X11 24V, 5V, 0V

24 V 0V X16

Cut-out for process connections


Figure 4: Rear View (Backplane)


Bus printed circuit


Figure 5: Side View

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Data Sheet Rack 560SFR02

Technical Data
In addition to the general technical data of the Monitoring Connections
RTU560, the following applies:
PowerSupply WARNING

X13, X14, X15 Plug-in terminal strip,

Rack 2-pole each
19“, 3 HE, 20 slots
Relay contact Normal closed contact
according DIN 41494
1 A / 60 V DC / 30 W
1 slot = 20.32 mm

Dimensions 132,8 x 482,6 x 210 mm

(H x W x D) Monitoring Connections ALARM
With boards 232 mm (D) X11, X12 Plug-in terminal strip,
2-pole each
With boards and 280 mm (D)
Relay contact Normal closed contact
1 A / 60 V DC / 30 W
Weight 2.6 kg

Printed Circuit Board

Protection Earth
Dimensions 433,7 x 132,8 mm
PE 2 * Fasten 6,3 mm
(W x H)

Operating Information
Type of Connection
Temperature -40 °C … +85 C
Peripheral boards Indirect, 48 pole, Type F
DIN 41612 with cut-out
Relative humidity 5 … 95 %
for sub-connector
non condensing
Process signal 18 pole sub-connector
connection with crimp clips
Ordering Information
23XS40R2001 560SFR02 R0001 1KGT 022200 R0001

Accessories Ordering information

Serial Interfaces
Bus Connection Unit
SPB (X1, X2) 2 *. RJ45-jack
560BCU05R0001 1KGT 022400 R0001
560BCU05R0002 1KGT 022400 R0002

EMC EN550011, EN61000

Environmental EN60255, IEC60870
Safety EN60950

4 Doc.-No.:1KGT 150 731 V001

Data Sheet Rack 560SFR02

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Data Sheet Rack 560SFR02

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