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Class 6


Year 2010

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Class 6 | 10th NCO - 2010 2 

1.  Which  of  the  following  decimals  represents  the  shaded  part  in  the  adjoining  figure  ? 
(A)  0.13  (B)  0.52 
(C)  0.25  (D)  0.75 

2.  Which  of  the  following  set  of  numbers  will  make  the 
number  sentence  true  ?  7  8  91  10 
________ ¸ ________ – ________ = 3 
(A)  (7, 8, 91)  (B)  (7, 91, 10)  (C)  (8, 91, 10)  (D)  (91, 7, 10) 

3.  What  is  the  least  common  multiple  of  denominators  of  5/8  and  5/6  ? 
(A)  2  (B)  14  (C)  24  (D)  48 

4.  Simplify  15 - [13 - {8 - (6 - 5 - 1)} ] = ?

(A)  8  (B)  10  (C)  – 2  (D)  7 

5.  What  is  the  perimeter  of  the  shaded  area  in  the  given  figure  ?  4 
(A)  8 units  3 
(B)  9 units  2 
(C)  10 units  1 

(D)  11 units  1  2  3  4  5 

6.  Line  EG  intersects  line  FH  at  point  J,  as  shown  in  the  figure.  E  F 
What  type  of  angle  is ÐFJG  ? 

(A)  Acute  (B)  Obtuse 
(C)  Right  (D)  Straight  H  G 

7.  Which  expression  is  equivalent  to  3(a  +  c),  using  the  distributive  property  ? 
(A)  3bc  (B)  3(c + b)  (C)  3a + 3c  (D)  3(a.c) 

8.  Which  of  the  following  set  of  numbers  is  ordered  from  least  to  greatest  ? 
(A)  9.7 < 7.49 < 0.79  (B)  7.49 < 9.7 < 0.79  (C)  0.79 < 7.49 < 9.7  (D)  9.7 < 0.79 < 7.49 

9.  Which  of  the  following  number  can  complete  the  given  number  line  ? 
(A)  –5  (B)  –7 
(C)  0  (D)  5  –6  –4  –3  –2  –1  0 

10.  The given picture shows the items Mr. Rajeev bought from 
a  grocery  store. 
Three  of  the  items  are  of  same  shape.  What  is  the  shape  ? 

(A)  Cube 

(B)  Sphere 

(C)  Cylinder 

(D)  Cuboid

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Class 6 | 10th NCO - 2010 3 

11.  Samrat needs to cut 3/4 cup of carrots for a salad. He has already cut 1/2 cup of carrots. How much 
more  does  Samrat  need  to  cut  ? 
(A)  1/8 cup of carrots  (B)  1/4 cup of carrots  (C)  2/6 cup of carrots  (D)  1/2 cup of carrots 

12.  The  given  diagram  is  in  the  shape  of  a  semi  circle. 
Which  of  following  are  perpendicular  lines  in  the  diagram  ?  P  S 

(A)  WM and WS  (B)  WM and WT  45° 45° 

45°  45° 
(C)  WP and WR  (D)  WP and WS  M  T 

13.  Use  counters  to  add  4  +  (–1).  You  start  with  : 

You  add  : 
Which  counters  show  the  sum  ? 

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D) 

14.  What  is  the  number  of  triangles  in  the  given  figure  ? 

(A)  6  (B)  8 

(C)  5  (D)  10 

15.  The given table shows how the number of metal beads, m, depends  p  m 
on  the  number  of  plastic  beads,  p.  4  2 
How  would  you  write  this  relationship  as  an  equation  ?  5  3 
(A)  m = p – 2  (B)  m = 2p + 1  6  4 
(C)  m = p + 1  (D)  m = p + 2  7  5 


16.  What should be placed in the empty space ‘?’ so that the sum of fractions on each side of the triangle 
is  same  ? 

(A)  15 
9  ? 

(B)  15 

(C)  2  4 5
15  15  15  15 


DIRECTION (17­18) : The given graph shows the marks scored by a student in his class test. Study the given 
graph and answer the questions. 

Marks scored 


0  Eng. Hin. Math  Sci.  S.St. 


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Class 6 | 10th NCO - 2010 4 

17.  If  the  maximum  number  of  marks  is  50  in  each  subject,  then  the  percentage  the  student  scores 
is  _____  . 
(A)  40%  (B)  35%  (C)  50%  (D)  45% 

18.  If  the  student  wants  to  raise  his  percentage  upto  60%,  how  many  more  marks  should  he  score? 
(A)  50  (B)  40  (C)  30  (D)  80 

19.  Omi's  snack shop  sells  small,  medium and  large  sodas. Yesterday, they  sold  3  large sodas  and  8 
more  medium sodas  than  large  sodas. Omi's  snack  shop  also  sold  8  small  sodas yesterday.  How 
many  total  sodas  did  the  snack  shop  sell  yesterday  ? 
(A)  31  (B)  13  (C)  22  (D)  15 

20.  How  long  is  the  shortest  route  from  Dev's  home  to  school  ? 
8 min  10 min 

1  1 
9  min  5  min 
3  3 
2  Library 
Dev's Home  15  min  Rohan's 

(A)  25 mins  (B)  26 mins  (C)  27 mins  (D)  24 mins 

21.  At a party, the cheese pizza is cut into 5 slices and the veggie pizza is cut into 15 slices. If the host 
wants to serve identical platters that contain the same combination of cheese and veggie slices, with 
no  slices  left  over,  what  is  the  greatest  number  of  platters  the  host  can  prepare  ? 
(A)  5  (B)  15  (C)  20  (D)  25 

22.  Himani  leaves  her  home  on  a  scooter.  She  rides  3  km  west,  2  km  N 
north, 3 km east and 3 km south. Which direction must Himani go to 
get  back  to  her  home  ? 
W  E 
(A)  North  (B)  South 
(C)  East  (D)  West 

23.  Look  at  the  given  table.  Input  Output 

What  is  the  input  when  the  output  is  36  ?  3  12
5  20
(A)  6  (B)  7  ?  36
(C)  8  (D)  9  12  48 

24.  The  two  scales  shown  below  are  balanced. 

Which  list  gives  the  shapes  in  order  from  lightest  to  heaviest  ? 

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D)

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Class 6 | 10th NCO - 2010 5 

25.  A grape tree grows at  a rate of 0.2 inch a day. If it starts at  5 inches, how long will  it take to grow 

to  15  inches  ? 
(A)  20­35 days  (B)  36­49 days  (C)  50­60 days  (D)  60­75 days 

26.  Rearrange  the  following  letters  to  makes  a  word  and  choose  the  category  in  which  it  fits  ? 
(A)  City  (B)  Fruit  (C)  Bird  (D)  Vegetable 

27.  Which  number  should  replace  the  question  mark  ? 

(A)  4  17  8  5  5 
13  7  5  4 
(B)  5 
6  12  6  3 
(C)  6  10  6  4  ? 
(D)  7 

28.  Which  of  the  following  option  figure  will  complete  the  figure  X  ? 

(A)  (B) 

(C)  (D)  Fig. (X) 

29.  Which  of  the  following  diagram  is  the  odd  one  out  ? 

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D) 

30.  The  day  before  yesterday  is  three  days  after  Saturday.  What  day  is  it  today  ? 
(A)  Tuesday  (B)  Wednesday  (C)  Thursday  (D)  Friday 


31.  The  network  schools  within  a  country  require  a    ____________. 

(A)  LAN  (B)  WAN  (C)  ISP  (D)  All of these 

32.  The  idea  of  the  stored  program  was  laid  out  by  ____________. 
(A)  John von Neumann  (B)  Charles Babbage  (C)  George Boole  (D)  Ada Lovelace 

33.  A  data  unit  must  be  in  one  of  the  two  binary  states  (0,  1).  It  is  the  smallest  data  unit  that  exists. 
It  is  ____________. 
(A)  Bit  (B)  Byte  (C)  Word  (D)  Kilobyte 

34.  The following 
®  The  main  computer  box 
®  A  monitor  looking like  a  television  screen 
®  A keyboard 
®  A mouse 
®  Speakers 
®  An optional printer 
are  examples  of  ____________. 
(A)  Computer hardware  (B)  Internal parts  (C)  Software  (D)  Programs

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Class 6 | 10th NCO - 2010 6 

35.  A  computer  virus  cannot  be  spread  by  which  of  the  following  ? 
(A)  Floppy diskette  (B)  E­mail  (C)  Scanner  (D)  Internet Downloads 

36.  What  is  downloading  ? 

(A)  Sending a file on the internet  (B)  Retrieving a file from the internet 
(C)  Moving a file to a floppy  (D)  Scanning a picture 

37.  Which  command  lists  files  in  MS­DOS  ? 

(A)  cd  (B)  ls  (C)  dir  (D)  list 

38.  Which  of  the  following  is  not  an  image  file  ? 
(A)  JPEG  (B)  GIF  (C)  TMP  (D)  BMP 

39.  BASIC  stands  for  ____  . 

(A)  Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code  (B)  Best All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code 
(C)  Beginners All Purpose Simple Instruction Code  (D)  None of these 

40.  Which  of  the  following  is  not  or  was  not  an  internet  browser  ? 
(A)  Internet Explorer  (B)  Hotmail  (C)  Netscape  (D)  Opera 

41.  Which  of  the  following  is  not  an  Operating  System  ? 
(A)  Windows 7  (B)  Unix  (C)  OSD  (D)  MS­DOS 

42.  Paragraph spacing means  ____________. 

(A)  Horizontal space between the lines of text in a paragraph 
(B)  Vertical space between the lines of text in a paragraph 
(C)  Space between two paragraphs 
(D)  Space between the paragraph and the margin 

43.  Icon  for  copy  in  MS­Word  is  ____________. 

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D) 

44.  Which tool button is the best choice to apply text within the shape shown ? 

(A)  (B) 

(C)  (D) 

45.  Which  of  the  following  file  extensions  is  not  an  audio  file  format  ? 
(A)  mp3  (B)  aif  (C)  wav  (D)  com 

46.  30  +  2  ×  (4  +  6) 

(A)  Is an expression  (B)  Is a keyboard  (C)  Is a statement  (D)  None of these

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Class 6 | 10th NCO - 2010 7 

47.  If  we  use  FILL  command  on  an  unclosed  figure  in  LOGO,  then  ______  . 
(A)  A bug is reported  (B)  Logo exits to operating system 
(C)  Colour spills over the full screen  (D)  None of these 

48.  Which  of  the  following  is  not  a  mouse  technology  ? 

(A)  Mechanical  (B)  Optical  (C)  Motorized  (D)  Optical­Mechanical 

49.  The  right  order  of  the  shortcuts  of  cut,  copy  and  paste  are  ______  . 
(A)  Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V  (B)  Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V  (C)  Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+X  (D)  None of these 

50.  When the computer's power is switched ON, the normal starting procedure started automatically is 
called ____________. 
(A)  Spooling  (B)  Startup  (C)  Booting  (D)  Stand by 


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Class 6


Year 2011

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Class 6 | 11th NCO - 2011 2 


1.  A  sixth­grade  class  will  clean  a  beach  that  is  3  miles  long. 

The  class  will  be  divided  into  4  groups.  Each  group  will  clean  an  equal  length  of  beach. 
What  is  the  length  of  beach  each  group  will  clean? 
1  3  7  1 
(A)  mile  (B)  mile  (C)  mile  (D)  1 miles 
14  8  8  7 
2.  Kanika  drew  a  parallelogram.  Then  she  made  a  dotted  line  as 
shown in the drawing. She cut along the dotted line and slide the 
triangle to the opposite side of the parallelogram. What is the new 
figure  formed  ? 
(A)  Rectangle 
(B)  Pentagon 
(C)  Triangle 
(D)  Square 

3.  Nihal is hiking north on a trail in a street park. Which is the best way for him to turn and head towards 
the  west? 
(A)  Turn 180° to his right  (B)  Turn 180° to his left  (C)  Turn 90° to his left  (D)  Turn 90° to his right 

4.  What  is  the  missing  value  in  the  equation  given  below  ? 
0.01 ×  = 0.1 
(A)  10  (B)  100  (C)  1,000  (D)  10,000 

5.  Which  multiplication  sentence  goes with  this  diagram  ? 

1 1 1  1 1 1 
(A)  ´ = (B)  ´ =
2 2 4 4 4 16
1 1 1  1 1 1 
(C)  ´ = (D)  ´ =
3 3 9 5 5 25
6.  Kim  practiced  the  piano  for  5  days.  On  the  first  day,  she  practiced  for  22  minutes.  Each  of  the 
following  days,  she  practiced  6  minutes  more  than  the  previous  day.  How  many  minutes  did  Kim 
practice  in  all? 
(A)  116 minutes  (B)  124 minutes  (C)  137 minutes  (D)  170 minutes 

7.  What  is  the  sum  of  the  measures  of Ð1, Ð2, Ð3  and Ð4  ? 
(A)  150°  2 
1  3 
(B)  180°  4 
(C)  360° 
(D)  380° 

8.  Joy drew the diagram to show how the area of a parallelogram 
is related to the area of a triangle. If he knows that the area of the 
parallelogram  is  45  cm 2 ,  how  can  he  find  the  area  of  one  of  the 
triangles ? 
(A)  Divide 45 cm 2  by 2  (B)  Multiply 45 cm 2  by 2 

(C)  Find the square root of 45 cm  (D)  Can't be determined

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Class 6 | 11th NCO - 2011 3 

9.  Ms.  Monika  wrote  the  equation  on  a  chalkboard.

¸ 11  =  23 
If  the  equation  Ms.  Monika  wrote  is  true,  which  of  the  following  equations  must  also  be  true? 
(A)  = 23 ¸ 11 
1  (B)  = 23 ´ 11 
1  (C)  = 11 ¸ 23  (D)  = 11 + 23 

10.  Pia has covered two fourth of the kitchen floor with tiles. The kitchen floor has an area of 60 square 
metres.  How  many  square  metres  area  has  Pia  covered  with  tiles  ? 
(A)  18  (B)  20  (C)  24  (D)  30 

11.  Atul  put  4  pyramids  on  the  right  side  of  a  balance  scale,  as 
shown  in  the  figure. 
Each pyramid weighs 3 kg. Atul has cubes that weigh 2 kg each. 
How many cubes should he put on the left side of the scale so 
that  both  sides  weigh  the  same? 
(A)  5  (B)  6  (C)  8  (D)  12 

12.  Study the map. What is the difference between the lengths of the two  Trail Map 

trails  ?  Glacier 

Trail  re
(A)  2.00 km  m
(B)  2.25 km 

(C)  2.50 km  2.25 k

Riverside  es 
(D)  2.75 km  Trail 

13.  Harry  does  15  sit­ups  every  morning  for  10  consecutive  weeks.  How  many  sit­ups  he  did  in  all  ? 
(A)  1050  (B)  10500  (C)  1500  (D)  12,600 

14.  Ms.  Gupta's  class  measured  the  rainfall  each  day  of  the  Rainfall for the week October 21­27 
school  week.  The  given  table  shows  the  results.  Which  Day  Rainfall (inches) 
day  had  the  most  rain  ?  Monday  1.05 
(A)  Monday  Tuesday  0.0 
(B)  Wednesday  Wednesday  0.76 
(C)  Thursday  Thursday  0.9 
Friday  1.1 
(D)  Friday 

15.  Which  of  the  following  shapes  appears  to  have  at  least  one  obtuse  angle  ? 
(A)  Figure P 
(B)  Figure Q  P 
Q  R 
(C)  Figure R  S 
(D)  Figure S 


16.  means  'is  greater  than',  means  'is  smaller  than',  means  'is  equal  to', ´ means  'plus',  and 
=  means  'minus'.  If  a  c  and  b  ×  d  c,  then  ____. 
(A)  d  a  (B)  a  d  (C)  b  c  (D)  d  a

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Class 6 | 11th NCO - 2011 4 
Problem Figures 
17.  There is a set of four figures labelled 1, 2, 3 and 4 called the problem 
figures.  Select  a  suitable  figure  from  the  options  which  will 
substitute  the  question  mark  so  that  a  series  is  formed  by  1,  ? 
2,  3  and  4  taken  in  order. 
1  2  3  4 

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D) 

18.  Complete  the  given  Figure  (X). 

(A)  (B) 

(C)  (D) 
Fig. (X) 

19.  Choose  the  alternative  in which  Figure  (X)  is  embedded. 

Fig. (X) 
(A)  (B)  (C)  (D) 

20.  The given question consists of sets of figures 1, 2, 3 and 4. There is a definite relationship between 
figures 1 and 2. Establish a similar relationship between figures 3 and 4 by selecting a suitable figure 
from  the  options  which  would  replace  the  sign  of  question  mark  (?)  in  figure  (4). 
Problem Figures 
(A)  (B) 

1  2  3  4 
(C)  (D) 

21.  A  solid  block  is  formed  by  arranging  some  cubes  of  equal 
dimensions, as shown in the given figure. The block is painted pink 
on  all  of  its  surfaces  except  the  base.  How  many  cubes  have  four 
faces coloured? 
(A)  0  (B)  1 
(C)  2  (D)  3 

22.  Choose  the  correct  mirror  image  of  the  Figure  (X)  if  a  mirror  is  placed  along  PQ. 

(A)  (B) 

Fig. (X) 
(C)  (D)  Q 

23.  Insert  the  missing  number  in  the  given  series. 

5,    7,    11,    19,    35,    67,  ....?....,  259 
(A)  64  (B)  131  (C)  135  (D)  32

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Class 6 | 11th NCO - 2011 5 

24.  How  many  squares  are  there  in  the  given  figure  ? 
(A)  13 
(B)  14 
(C)  15 
(D)  16 

25.  Out of the five given figures, four are similar in a certain way. One figure is not like the other four. 
That means four figures form a group based on some common characteristics. Find out the figure 
which does not belong to the group i.e., which does not share the common feature/characteristics 
with  the  other  four  figures. 

1  2  3  4  5 

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D) 

26.  A  square  paper  is  folded  in  a  particular  manner  and  a  punch  is  made.  When  unfolded, 
the paper appears as in the given figure. Find out the manner in which the paper is folded 
and  punch  is  made  from  the  given  options. 

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D) 

27.  Which  of  the  following  does  not  fit  in  the  number  series  given  below  ? 
6,  15,  35,  77,  165,  221 
(A)  35  (B)  77  (C)  165  (D)  221 

28.  In a certain code, "BOY" is written as $ * · and "HOUR" is written as @ * £ 0. How is RUBY written 

in  that  code  ? 
(A)  0 £ $ · (B)  0 $ £ · (C) · $ £ 0  (D) · £ $ 0 

29.  Select  a  figure  from  amongst  the  alternatives  which  when  placed  in  the  blank  of  Fig.  (X)  would 
complete the  pattern. 

(A)  (B) 

(C)  (D)  Fig. (X) 

30.  The given question contains problem figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Select one figure from the options which 
will  continue  the  same  series  as  given  in  the  problem  figures. 
Problem Figures 

1  2  3  4  5 

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D)

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Class 6 | 11th NCO - 2011 6 


31.  What  remains  if  the  folder  'Designs'  is  deleted  from  this  file  path? 
Assignments > Technology > Designs > Bridge.jpg 
(A)  Bridge.jpg  (B)  Technology > Bridge.jpg 
(C)  Assignments > Technology  (D)  Assignments > Technology > Bridge.jpg 

32.  Which  name  suggests  an  image  file  ? 

(A)  picture.doc  (B)  picture.jpg  (C)  picture.txt  (D)  picture.xls 

33.  You  want  to  crop  the  given  image. 

Which  of  the  following  shows  the  image  cropped  ? 

(A)  (B) 

(C)  (D) 

34.  While you were looking at a web page, this pop­up 
appeared.  What  will  you  do  ? 

(A)  Click OK. 

(B)  Click See Prizes. 

(C)  Close the pop­up. 

(D)  Enter your details. 

35.  You  are  downloading  a  file  from  a  website.  Which  operation  would  stop  the  download  ? 
(A)  Checking your e­mail  (B)  Closing the web browser 
(C)  Navigating to another site  (D)  Downloading another file from the same site 

36.  Your  science  assignment  requires  footnotes. Where  will  the  footnotes  appear ? 
(A)  In the left margin  (B)  In the right margin 
(C)  Below the body of the text  (D)  Indented throughout the text below every page 

37.  Match  the  following  : 

1.  Normal View  (a) 
2.  Slide  Sorter  View  (b) 
3.  Slide Show  View  (c) 
4.  Hide Slide  (d) 
(A)  1 ® c, 2 ® a, 3 ® d, 4 ® b  (B)  1 ® c, 2 ® a, 3 ® b, 4 ® d 
(C)  1 ® b, 2 ® d, 3 ® a, 4 ® c  (D)  1 ® a, 2 ® b, 3 ® c, 4 ® d

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Class 6 | 11th NCO - 2011 7 

38.  To  switch  between  the  running applications,  you  need  to  ____. 
(A)  Press F1  (B)  Press Alt + F4 
(C)  Press Tab  (D)  Press and hold down Alt and press Tab 

39.  Which of the following special function keys would be used to key the sentence "Today is Tuesday" ? 
(A)  Return  (B)  Shift  (C)  Tab  (D)  Esc 

40.  Which  combination  of  keys  needs  to  be  pressed  to  make  a  percent  sign  ? 

Shift  %  Shift  % 
(A)  +  5  (B)  +  4 
%  % 
(C)  Ctrl  +  (D)  Ctrl  + 
5  4 

41.  For  correct  keyboarding,  what  is  the  recommended  placement  of  fingers  on  the  home  row  keys? 
(A)  Fingers of the left hand on A­S­D­F and fingers of the right hand on J­K­L 
(B)  Fingers of the right hand on A­S­D­F and fingers of the left hand on J­K­L 
(C)  Fingers of the left hand on A­S­E­F and fingers of the right hand on J­K­O­P 
(D)  Fingers of the right hand on Q­W­E­R and fingers of the left hand on U­I­O­P 

42.  What  is  the  function  of  a  disk  drive  ? 

(A)  To print sheets of paper  (B)  To read from or write information to a floppy disk 
(C)  To display information or pictures on a screen  (D)  To calculate numbers 

43.  Neha has created a ten­page story, but only wants to print the first two pages. What printer command 
should she  select? 
(A)  From ___ To ____  (B)  Print All  (C)  Print Preview  (D)  Page Setup 

44.  Which  of  the  following best  describes  uploading information  ? 

(A)  Receiving information from a host computer  (B)  Storing data on the hard drive 
(C)  Sending information to a host computer  (D)  Storing data on a disk drive 

45.  After  copying  the  content  how  many  times  can  you  paste  ? 
(A)  1  (B)  16  (C)  32  (D)  Many times 

46.  Punched  cards  were  first  introduced  by  ____  . 

(A)  Powers  (B)  Pascal  (C)  Jacquard  (D)  Herman Hollerith 

47.  Computers  built  before  the  First  Generation  of  computers  were  _____  . 
(A)  Mechanical  (B)  Electromechanical  (C)  Electrical  (D)  None of these 

48.  Which  icon  should  you  use  to  change  the  colour  of  the  font  in  a  document  ? 
(A)  U  (B)  A  (C)  A a  (D)  I 

49.  You  type the  following sentence  into a  document and  the  word processor  puts a  wavy  line  under 
the  first  two  words.  Printers is  for  hard  copy.  What  does  the  wavy  line  mean  ? 
(A)  The grammar is not correct.  (B)  Some words were spelt incorrectly. 
(C)  You wanted those words underlined.  (D)  You selected those words for copying or cutting.

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Class 6 | 11th NCO - 2011 8 

50.  A student wanted to type the sentence 'Two boys have been there'. Instead it was typed as 'To boys 
hav  bean  their'.  Which  word  will  be  picked  up  as  a  mistake  by  the  spell  checker  ? 
(A)  To  (B)  Hav  (C)  Bean  (D)  Their


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Class 6


Set A

Year 2012

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

2 12th NCO - Set-A

1. Which of the following figures does not have any line of symmetry ?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

2. In 1867304, the digit 8 is in the ______ place.

(A) Thousands (B) Hundreds (C) Hundred thousands (D) Millions

3. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT ?

(A) Two distinct lines meeting at a point are called intersecting lines.
(B) Two lines in a plane are said to be parallel if they do not meet.
(C) The diameters of a circle will necessarily intersect.
(D) Every chord of a circle is also a diameter.

4. Number of corners in a square pyramid are ______.

(A) 4
(B) 5
(C) 6
(D) 7

5. Divide the product of 22 and 45 by 3.Then if we add 6 hundreds to the result, we will get ____.
(A) 330 (B) 390 (C) 990 (D) 930

6. If the number 481*673 is completely divisible by 9, then the smallest whole number in place of *
will be _______.
(A) 2 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 7

7. Which is the correct representation of 98 in roman numerals ?


8. The value of 79 + (–202) + 101 – (–32) – 306 + 76 – (–58) = ?

(A) –582 (B) –162 (C) 126 (D) –176

9. 90 has ______ factors.

(A) 8 (B) 14 (C) 10 (D) 12

10. What fraction of the given figure is shaded?

1 2
(A) (B)
2 3
3 3
(C) (D)
8 4

Logical and Analytical Reasoning

11. Which of the following is the net of a cuboid ?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

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12th NCO - Set-A 3

12. In the following sequence, what is the value of the 10th term?
1st term 2nd term 3rd term 4th term 5th term ............. 10th
2 2 4 6 10
(A) 140 (B) 152 (C) 110 (D) 134

13. In which of the following figures, shape given as Fig. (X) is hidden without changing its
orientation ?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

14. What comes next in the given series ?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

15. Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the question that follows below :
E 7 G B D M 4 N K H 2 A G Z S V 3 F I J L O Q 5 P R
If with the 1st, 12th, 15th, and 21st letters of the given arrangement, it is possible to make a meaningful
word then which will be first letter of the word so formed? If no meaningful word can be formed
then give X as the answer and if more than one word can be made then give M as the answer.
(A) A (B) T (C) M (D) X

16. There is a definite relationship between figures (i) and

(ii). Establish a similar relationship between figures (iii)
and (iv) by selecting a suitable figure from the options
that would replace (?) in figure (iv).

(A) (B) (C) (D)

17. Anupam said to a lady sitting in a car, "The only daughter of the brother of my wife is the sister-
in-law of the brother of your sister." How the husband of the lady is related to Anupam?
(A) Maternal uncle (B) Brother (C) Father (D) None of these

18. A, B, C, D, E, F and G are sitting in a row facing North :

(i) F is to the immediate right of E. (ii) E is the 4th to the right of G.
(iii) C is the neighbour of B and D.
(iv) Person who is third to the left of D is at one of ends.
What is the position of A ?
(A) Between E and D (B) Extreme left (C) Centre (D) Extreme right

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4 12th NCO - Set-A

19. If in a certain code ‘MENTION’ is written as ‘LNEITNO’, how will ‘PATTERN’ be written in the same

20. Which of the following figures completes the given matrix ?

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

Computers and information technology

21. The best option to name the given image is _____.

(A) OMR code
(B) MICR code
(C) QR code
(D) None of these

22. In MS-PowerPoint 2007, Sounds and Movies can be applied on slides using _________ option.
(A) Insert Tab → Media Clips group (B) View Tab → Media Clips group
(C) Format Tab → Media Clips group (D) Tools Tab → Media Clips group

23. Identify the output device shown here.

(A) MICR device
(B) LCD projector
(C) Flatbed Plotter
(D) OMR device

24. Match the QBASIC operator names with the corresponding operators.
Column-I Column-II
(i) Logical Operators a. +, –, *, /, ^
(ii) Relational Operators b. AND, OR, NOT
(iii) Arithmetic Operators c. =, <>, >, <, <=, >=
(A) (i) – a; (ii) – b; (iii) – c (B) (i) – b; (ii) – a; (iii) – c
(C) (i) – b; (ii) – c; (iii) – a (D) (i) – c; (ii) – a; (iii) – b

25. By default, MS-Word 2007 inserts a table with a _______ border around each cell.
(A) 1/4 pt black solid line (B) 1/2 pt black solid line (C) 3/4 pt black solid line (D) 1 pt black solid line

26. iPhones and 3G mobiles are another form of _________.

(A) Desktops (B) Laptops (C) Palmtops (D) Mainframes

27. Identify the device shown here.

(A) Flatbed Plotter
(B) Drum Plotter
(C) Flatbed Scanner
(D) Hand Scanner

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12th NCO - Set-A 5

28. Match the names of the early calculating devices with their corresponding pictures.
Column-I Column-II

(i) Abacus a.

(ii) Napier's Bones b.

(iii) Pascaline c.

(iv) ENIAC d.

(A) (i) – d; (ii) – c; (iii) – b; (iv) – a (B) (i) – a; (ii) – b; (iii) – c; (iv) – d
(C) (i) – c; (ii) – d; (iii) – b; (iv) – a (D) (i) – d; (ii) – c; (iii) – a; (iv) – b

29. The application programs that assist the computer by performing housekeeping functions are
called ______.
(A) Assemblers (B) Business software
(C) Spreadsheet programs (D) Utilities

30. In QBasic, by using _____________ in a PRINT statement, the items are printed without any spaces
between them.

31. In QBasic how to accept a Number?

Please enter a number to accept; No$ ACCEPT “Enter a Number”; No$
(C) CLS (D) “Please enter a Number ;”, No$
INPUT “Enter a Number”; No$

32. Which of the following tabs is used to compare two documents in MS-Word 2007 ?
(A) Home (B) View (C) Review (D) Insert

33. To create label in MS-Word 2007, which of the following menu will you open ?
(A) Review (B) Mailings (C) Insert (D) View

34. In Internet terminology, find the INCORRECT match.

(A) Refresh → to refresh the previous page (B) Browser → software to browse internet
(C) Link → to connect to the linked page (D) Stop → to stop the internet browser

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6 12th NCO - Set-A

35. Which MS-PowerPoint 2007 view is displayed in this image?

(A) Notes Page View
(B) Handouts View
(C) Slide Sorter View
(D) Slide Master View

36. First computer used to store values and programmes is ______.


37. How to take a screenshot in MS-Windows?

(A) Bring the Webcam close to the monitor screen to take picture.
(B) Enable multimedia system to take photos.
(C) Use Prt Sc Sys Rq Button from the Keyboard and paste in MS-Word or MS-Paint to process.
(D) Open picture in MS-Paint copy and paste the screen.

38. In MS-Word 2007, the autoshapes set displayed in the given image is called _____.

(A) Callouts

(B) Block arrows

(C) Stars and Banners

(D) Flowchart

39. In MS-PowerPoint 2007, ______ is a ready-made button to move directly on any slide while running
a presentation.
(A) Outline (B) Transition (C) Stop Button (D) Action Button

40. A utility program that displays the on-screen keyboard allowing the usage of a mouse pointer to
type is called _____.
(A) Auxiliary Keyboard (B) Virtual Keyboard (C) Microsoft Keyboard (D) None of these
41. In Windows, the ______ from the Start button is used for executing a file or application directly.
(A) Command Prompt Option (B) Run Option
(C) Accessibility Option (D) Control Panel
42. Which of the following is not a disadvantage of e-mails ?
(A) They can be sent to several people at the same time.
(B) You can receive several unwanted e-mails.
(C) Your e-mails can be read by other people if they come to know your password.
(D) An e-mail account can be created by giving false personal details.

43. A file sent in an e-mail is called ________.

(A) Message (B) Picture
(C) Username and host name (D) Attachment

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12th NCO - Set-A 7

44. DNS stands for ________.

(A) Domain Name Service (B) Domain Name System
(C) Domain Network Service (D) Domain Network System

45. In MS-Word 2007, this kind of tab-stop is used in which all fractional figures are aligned in such
a way that all the decimal points are vertically aligned.
(A) Left Aligned Tab Stop (B) Decimal Tab Stop
(C) Right Aligned Tab Stop (D) Center Aligned Tab Stop

46. In MS-Word 2007, _________ are set for setting the facing pages for double sided documents such
as books.
(A) Header Margins (B) Gutter Margins (C) Page Margins (D) Mirror Margins

47. In MS-PowerPoint 2007, you can animate objects present on the slide by using _______
(A) Slide animation (B) Custom animation (C) Custom transition (D) Slide transition

48. Match the following according to QBASIC.

Column-I Column-II
(i) John G Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz a. To switch between program mode and
immediate mode
(ii) F6 b. String Variable

(iii) COMMENTS c. String Constant

(iv) A1$ d. Developers of BASIC
(v) “SOF” e. Anything text written after the REM
(A) (i) – d; (ii) – a; (iii) – c; (iv) – e; (v) – b (B) (i) – d; (ii) – a; (iii) – e; (iv) – b; (v) – c
(C) (i) – d; (ii) – c; (iii) – a; (iv) – e; (v) – b (D) (i) – d; (ii) – a; (iii) – e; (iv) – c; (v) – b

49. The given image displays a/an _______.

(A) MICR Sheet

(B) OMR Sheet
(C) QR Sheet
(D) Bar Code Sheet

50. In QBASIC, ______ is a conditional decision making statement.

(A) INPUT statement (B) CLS statement
(C) GOTO statement (D) IF-THEN-ELSE statement

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Class 6


Set A

Year 2013

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

2 13th NCO - Set-A


1. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT with respect to whole numbers?

(A) Whole numbers are closed under addition. (B) Division of a whole number by 0 is not defined.
(C) Multiplication is not commutative for whole numbers. (D) All whole numbers are not natural numbers.

2. Match the numerals given in column-I with their correct Roman numeral representation in
Column-I Column-II
(i) 172 (a) CCCLXXXIV
(ii) 209 (b) CDXII
(iii) 412 (c) CLXXII
(iv) 384 (d) CCIX
(A) (i)–(d), (ii)–(c), (iii)–(a), (iv)–(b) (B) (i)–(c), (ii)–(d), (iii)–(a), (iv)–(b)
(C) (i)–(d), (ii)–(a), (iii)–(b), (iv)–(c) (D) (i)–(c), (ii)–(d), (iii)–(b), (iv)–(a)

3. Which of the following numbers are NOT co-prime?

(A) 7 and 15 (B) 30 and 415 (C) 12 and 49 (D) 81 and 16

4. Identify the figure which has five faces, eight edges and five corners.

(A) (B) (C) (D)

5. Which of the following statements is true for a polygon?

(i) The line segments are the sides of the polygon.
(ii) The meeting point of a pair of sides is called vertex.
(iii) The join of any two adjacent vertices is a diagonal.
(A) Only (ii) and (iii) (B) Only (i) and (ii) (C) Only (i) and (iii) (D) (i), (ii) and (iii)

6. What is the difference between 40 tens and 4 tenths?

(A) 36 (B) 39.6 (C) 399.6 (D) 399.96

7. Which of the following symbols make the expression true?

– 230 + (– 420) – 140 + 256 – 78 – 16 + 76 – (– 54) – 650 + 89
(A) > (B) < (C) = (D) Can't be determined

8. Mohit spent 1/6 of his money on a tennis racket, 3/4 of his money on a watch, ` 200 on a book
and had ` 300 left. How much money did he have at first?
(A) ` 5000 (B) ` 7500 (C) ` 6000 (D) ` 12000

9. The given table shows the weights of some marbles. What is the weight of marble P?

Marbles P Q Q R Q R Q Q R S P P Q
Weight in grams 150 70 130 100
(A) 30 g (B) 40 g (C) 20 g (D) 10 g

10. The area of a rectangular garden is 70 m 2 and length is 10 m. If it costs ` 80 per metre to fence
the garden, find the total cost of fencing it.
(A) ` 3240 (B) ` 2720 (C) ` 3981 (D) ` 4280

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

13th NCO - Set-A 3

Logical and analytical reasoning

11. How many unit cubes were added to the solid on the left to obtain the solid on the right?

(A) 14 (B) 12 (C) 28 (D) 10

12. Mohit is facing the police post. What will he be facing if he Library Park
Train Station
turns 270° clockwise and then 135° anticlockwise?
(A) Library
School Mohit Mall
(B) School
(C) Train Station
Community Church
Police Post
(D) Mall Centre

13. Various terms of a letter series are given with missing terms as shown by (?). Choose the missing
terms out of the given options.
A, Z, X, B, V, T, C, R, ?, ?
(A) P, D (B) E, O (C) Q, E (D) O, Q

14. If the first half of the English alphabet is reversed and then next portion of English alphabet is
reversed so as 'A' takes the position of 'M' and 'N' takes the position of 'Z' in English alphabet
series, then which letter will be 6th to the left of 17th letter to the right of 7th letter from the left
(A) U (B) V (C) C (D) D

15. Which of the following nets can be used to form the dice given below?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

16. If 'REQUEST' is written as 'S2R52TU', then how will 'ACID' be written?

(A) BDJE (B) 1394 (C) B3J4 (D) 1D3E

17. Rohit obtained more marks than Tarun but less than Kabir. Raj obtained more than Vansh but less
than Harshit. Kabir obtained less than Vansh. Who obtained the highest marks?
(A) Kabir (B) Harshit (C) Raj (D) Vansh

18. If P is brother of Q and R is sister of Q, then how is Q related to P?

(A) Uncle (B) Father (C) Brother (D) Can't be determined

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

4 13th NCO - Set-A

19. In the given figure, the triangle represents girls, the square represents players and the circle
represents married. The portion in the figure which represents girls, who are players but not
married is the one labelled as ______.


(A) A (B) B (C) D (D) E

20. If the positions of the first and second digits are interchanged, then which of the following will be
third if they are arranged in ascending order?
972 526 487 359 251
(A) 359 (B) 972 (C) 526 (D) 487

Computers AND information technology

21. A motion sensing input device by Microsoft for Xbox 360 video game console and Windows PC is
(A) Optical mouse (B) Kinect (C) Joystick (D) Touchpad

22. You have to insert your school logo, your name and your class on all slides of your presentation
in MS-PowerPoint 2010. How should you make sure that the information is added to all slides?
(A) Add this information in the first slide. Then, whenever you add a new slide, this information will be added
to that slide automatically.
(B) Add this information to the slide master. It will be included in all the slides in the presentation.
(C) Add this information in the slide layout. It will be included on all slides.
(D) All of these are correct.

23. What is x86?

(A) It is a type of networking protocol (B) It is a type of a computer processor
(C) It is name for a type of a RAM (D) It is a name of a 4GL

24. Your school library has different types of printers connected to the school computer. One day only
one printer was working and the others were being serviced. That day, when you were printing a
story it was not printing. You called library assistant for some help, and, he did something and it
printed the page correctly.
What did the assistant do – such that the story printed correctly?
(A) He might have rebooted the computer.
(B) He selected the functional printer in the print dialog.
(C) He rebooted the printer.
(D) None of these

25. Which of the following is an incorrect syntax for the PRINT statement in QBasic?
(i) PRINT “text/message” (ii) PRINT “text”, <any number>
(iii) PRINT <any number> (iv) PRINT “text”; <any number>
(A) (iv) is incorrect (B) (v) is incorrect
(C) (i) and (ii) are incorrect (D) All of these are correct

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

13th NCO - Set-A 5

26. Match the following QBasic commands with the output they produce.
Column-I Column-II
(i) PRINT 4 + 5 (a) 1
(ii) PRINT 16 MOD 3 (b) 256
(iii) PRINT 55\11 (c) 9
(iv) PRINT 4^4 (d) 48
(v) PRINT 16*3 (e) 5
(A) (i) – (c), (ii) – (d), (iii) – (e), (iv) – (b), (v) – (a) (B) (i) – (c), (ii) – (a), (iii) – (e), (iv) – (b), (v) – (d)
(C) (i) – (c), (ii) – (e), (iii) – (a), (iv) – (b), (v) – (d) (D) (i) – (c), (ii) – (a), (iii) – (b), (iv) – (c), (v) – (d)

27. Which of the following devices is used for printing high-quality graphics, charts, tables and

(A) (B) (C) (D)

28. Pratik has created a document in MS-Word 2010. He has referred several books and periodicals
while creating the document. He now wants to enter names of sources which he has referred to at
the end of the document, with proper references to the same in the body of the document. Which
of the following should he use?
(A) Footnote (B) Endnote (C) Footer (D) TOC

29. Find the odd one out.

(A) (B)
(C) (D)

30. Given below is a business card which contains a graphical image which is called the QR-code.
What does the QR-code on the card signify?

(A) The QR-code is the logo of the company. They are into the business of generating QR-codes.
(B) The QR-code contains all relevant information about the company and can be stored in the address book
of a mobile device having a QR-code reader.
(C) The QR-code contains a coded logo of the organization.
(D) None of these

31. Which of the following is NOT a spreadsheet package?

(A) Lotus 1-2-3 (B) Sybase (C) Quattro Pro (D) WingZ

32. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of MICR?

(A) Documents prepared for MICR are difficult to forge.
(B) Banks can process millions of cheques with 100% accuracy.
(C) It can read data even if the document is smudged or crumbled.
(D) It is suitable for inputting large amounts of data.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

6 13th NCO - Set-A

33. Some characteristics are mentioned below.

• A fast method of inputting large amount of data.
• Only suitable for recording one out of a selection of answers.
• Only one computer needed to collect and process the data.
• Used in processing Lotto tickets and surveys.
These characteristics are of a/an ______.
(A) OCR (B) OMR (C) MICR (D) Barcode reader

34. Identify the input device shown in the image.

(A) Wireless mouse (B) Ergonomic keyboard
(C) Braille keyboard (D) Joystick

35. The first digital computer capable of displaying real time text and graphics on video terminal,
which was a large oscilloscope screen, was _______.
(A) Apple I (B) Whirlwind (C) Mark I (D) Cray-I

36. Which of the following is a first commercial computer to use GUI?

(A) Lisa (B) Altair 8800 (C) Apple II (D) Cray-II

37. Identify the given logo.

(A) Reddit
(B) Ddig
(C) Twitter
(D) Tweetmeme

38. Which of the following is NOT a valid name of a variable in QBasic?

(A) LETA$ (B) a%b_c (C) a$b% (D) a12$

39. DVD+R DL is a type of DVD that provides _____.

(A) Two recordable dye layers on a single sided disc
(B) Multiple recordable layers on a double sided disc
(C) One layer to be recorded twice
(D) Both (B) and (C)

40. Woxi Media SmartPod is a device recently launched that ______.

(A) Allows user to browse internet, download apps, play games etc. on TV
(B) Is both a tablet and smartphone
(C) Can be connected to desktop to watch TV
(D) Is a mp3 player used to listen to music

41. A technology by which user can view a media file in real time, without having to wait for it to be
downloaded is ______.
(A) Video streaming (B) Video conferencing (C) Video uploading (D) Realtime video

42. Which of the following is used to change the position, size and formatting of the slide placeholders
to their default settings in MS-PowerPoint 2010?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

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13th NCO - Set-A 7

43. Which of the following is NOT a function of Personalization in Control Panel of Windows 7?
(A) Change the themes and sounds on your computer.
(B) Change your account picture.
(C) Customize start menu.
(D) Hear text and descriptions read aloud.

44. In MS-Word 2010, Ctrl+5 keyboard shortcut key _______.

(A) Sets 1.5 line spacing (B) Sets 5 line spacing
(C) Saves the document (D) Justifies the text

45. Mrs. Pandey, your class teacher is creating a time-table in MS-Word 2010. She is using tables to
create the time-table. While entering names of days, she wishes if those could be in title case, i.e.
the first character of the name be in a capital letter, and that may be done automatically as she
types. You tell Mrs. Pandey that there is a MS-Word 2010 feature which will help her meet this
requirement. How would you help her set this feature in MS-Word 2010?
(A) Review→AutoCorrect options→Capitalize names of days
(B) Select Capitalize Each Word from Change Case
(C) File→Options→Proofing→AutoCorrect options→Capitalize names of days
(D) MS-Word 2010 does not support this option

Achievers' section

46. ________ is a minicomputer, ________ is a mainframe computer and ___________ is a supercomputer

(A) CDC 160A, IBM zEnterprise, Cray-1 (B) Cray-1, CDC 160A, IBM zEnterprise
(C) CDC 160A, Cray-1, IBM zEnterprise (D) IBM zEnterprise, CDC 160A, Cray-1

47. Portable printers usually use _____ printing method.

(A) Laser (B) Dot-matrix (C) Inkjet (D) None of these

48. Duo, Pro-HG, Pro Duo are different varieties of a _____.

(A) Zip Disk (B) CD (C) DVD (D) Memory Stick

49. MRAM is a type of RAM that retains data even after power supply is cutoff, what does ‘M’ stand
(A) Magnetic (B) Magnetoresistive (C) Magnified (D) Mobile

50. What is “pointer trail” feature used for in mouse configuration?

(A) It helps you select pointer shape of your choice.
(B) It helps you track mouse cursors more efficiently on small screens.
(C) It helps in changing the speed of mouse pointer.
(D) None of these


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Class 6


Set A

Year 2014

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14th NCO - Set-A 2

Logical Reasoning

1. Find the mirror image of Fig. (X) from amongst the 5. Select a figure from the options in which Fig. (X) is
given options. exactly embedded as one of its part.

Fig. (X)
Fig. (X)

C. C.

2. In the following series, how many such numbers are
there which are divisible by 3 or 5, and immediately
followed by a consonant? 6. Select a figure from the options which completes the
M, 19, W, 3, 25, A, 35, 20, 22, 21, 45, H, 47, 48, 9 Fig. (X).
A. Zero
B. One
C. Two
D. Three

3. Which of following option figures will continue the

same series as established by the Problem Figures? Fig. (X)
Problem Figures



C. D.

D. 7. What does the shaded portion indicate in the given

Venn diagram?

4. Six persons Raj, Jiya, Rohit, Bani, Sonu and Mohit

are standing in a circle. Jiya is between Mohit and
Rohit, Raj is between Sonu and Bani, Mohit is to the
left of Bani. Who is between Raj and Mohit?
A. Sonu A. Unbreakable plastic bottles
B. Rohit B. Plastic bottles which are breakable
C. Bani C. Breakable plastic but not bottles
D. Jiya D. Plastic bottles

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14th NCO - Set-A 3
8. There is a certain relationship between fig. (i) and (ii). 11. Find the missing character from the given options, if
Establish the same relationship between fig. (iii) and the same rule is followed in fig. (i) and (ii).
(iv) by selecting the figure from the options which
replaces the (?) in fig. (iii).

146 346 113

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Fig. (i) Fig. (ii)
A. 181
B. 160
C. 164
D. 145
12. Select a figure from the options which will continue
the series established by the Problem Figures.


9. Ayan walks 20 m north from his house, turn right A.

and walks 10 m, turns left and walks 15 m to reach
his grandfather's house. In which direction is his
grandfather’s house from his house? B.
A. South-West
B. North-East
C. East C.
D. North

10. Which of the options completes the given figure


13. A set of three figures X, Y and Z showing a sequence

of folding of a piece of paper has been cut. Select a
figure from the options which would closely resemble
the unfolded form of paper.


B. B.

C. C.


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14th NCO - Set-A 4
14. If MUMBAI is written as ABIMMU, how the word 15. Find the value of ‘?’ in the given series.
MARGAO will be written? E22, J17, O12, ?

Computers and information technology

16. Which of the following is NOT a version of Windows 20. In MS-PowerPoint 2010, while resizing, to maintain
Vista? the height and width ratio of an object, you should
A. Windows Vista Ultimate
B. Windows Vista Starter A. Press and hold the Shift key while dragging
C. Windows Vista Office
a corner sizing handle
D. Windows Vista Business
B. Press and click the Alt key while dragging a
17. Thumbnails allows you to _______.
middle handle
A. Navigate through a long document with the help C. Click a corner size handle
of small pictures of each page D. All of these
B. Line up objects in the document
C. Navigate through a structural view of the 21. Which of the following statements is correct
about virtual memory of a computer?
D. Align the objects A. It is an extremely large cache memory.
B. It is an extremely large secondary memory.
18. Neha is making a Powerpoint presentation for her C. It is an illusion of extremely large main memory.
project. She wants to record the time spent by her to D. It is a type of memory used in super computers.
present each slide so that she can use the recorded
timings to advance the slides automatically when 22. Which of the following types of tablets are best suited
for people who are in research area and need to work
she gives her presentation to her classmates. Which
in harsh natural environment?
of the following options will help her to do this in
MS-PowerPoint 2010? A. Convertible tablet
B. Slate tablet
A. C. Rugged tablet
D. All of these

B. 23. Identify the following.

– I t was introduced by IBM and its primary characteristics
are its capacity and performance.
– I t is a data storage device used for storing and
retrieving digital information using platters coated
D. with magnetic material.
– It retains its data even when powered off.

19. When talking about Networking and Internet, what A.

is a port?
A. It is an external output device. B.
B. It is an input device.
C. It’s the protocol e-mail messages have to be
followed to travel over the Internet.
D. It’s a data connection that allows information
transfer to and from a specific server process. D.

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14th NCO - Set-A 5
24. Which of the following is NOT a category of 30. Which of the following statements is incorrect
microcomputer? with respect to Windows 7?
A. PDAs A. You can work with open windows, by clicking
B. Tablet computer one of the window control buttons located on the
C. Mainframe computer far right of the title bar.
B. You can share your own resources with other
D. Desktop computers
25. Identify the following. C. You cannot save the search parameters for later
– I t was developed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in
D. All of these
– It is a collection of interlinked pages that can be 31. Which of the following features of Windows 7 is
accessed through the internet. used to connect your computer to a computer that
A. Web pages is remotely located over a network connection and
allows you to access the files available on remote
B. World Wide Web
C. Website
D. Search engine A.
26. Which of the following was a general purpose electro-
mechanical computer developed by Howard Aiken? B.


27. Which of the following is the second generation

32. Which of the following options of Navigation Pane,
of supercomputer under the Blue Gene series by
contains the given set of locations/folders in Windows
Explorer of Windows 7?
A. Blue Gene/L
B. Blue Gene/P
C. Blue Gene/Q
D. Blue Gene/R A. Documents
B. Default Programs
28. Which of the following is NOT a default library in
C. Libraries
Windows 7?
D. Favorites
A. Documents
33. Match the MS-PowerPoint 2010 icons given in
B. Music Column-I with their functions in Column-II.
C. Programs Column-I Column-II
D. Videos
(a) (i) Start slide show from the
29. Which of the following options is used to hide current slide
the current slide from the presentation and it will
(b) (ii) Broadcast slide show
not be shown during the full screen slide show in
MS-PowerPoint 2010?
(c) (iii) Create custom slide show

B. (d) (iv) Start slide show from the

first slide
C. A. (a)-(i), (b)-(ii), (c)-(iii), (d)-(iv)
B. (a)-(iv), (b)-(iii), (c)-(ii), (d)-(i)
D. C. (a)-(iv), (b)-(i), (c)-(ii), (d)-(iii)
D. (a)-(iii), (b)-(iv), (c)-(i), (d)-(ii)

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14th NCO - Set-A 6
34. Which of the following features is highlighted in the
given image of MS-Word 2010?


A. Research
B. Comments 40. What would be the output of the given QBASIC code?
C. Track Changes a$ = "Hello"
D. Compare b$ = "Computer"
c$ = "System"
35. Which of the following features is used to apply a d$ = a$ + b$ + c$
ghosted text behind the content in MS-Word 2010?
A. Watermark A. Strings cannot be added
B. Bookmark B. Hello computer System
C. Citation mark
C. HellocomputerSystem
D. Document mark
D. HelloComputerSystem
36. Which of the following slide layouts is depicted in
41. Which of the following picture tools is applied
the given screenshot of MS-PowerPoint 2010?
on figure 1 to transform it into figure 2 in
MS-Word 2010?

A. Content with Caption

B. Two Content Figure 1 Figure 2
C. Title and Content A. Picture Align
D. Picture with Caption B. Picture Border
C. Picture Styles
37. Which of the following is a CORRECT numeric
variable in QBASIC? D. Picture Layout

A. Hello@ = 50 42. Which of the following key combinations is used

B. Num, A = 10 to bring the gadgets to the foreground of active
C. Num$ = 20 applications in Windows 7?
D. Num = 30 A
A. +
38. Select the odd one out.
B. + G

C. + C
D. + D
43. ______ is the one-touch photo and video messaging
D. app launched by Instagram.

39. Which of the following options is used to add more

animations to an object which is already animated in
MS-Powerpoint 2010? A. Bolt
A. B. Taptalk
C. Snapchat
B. D. Mirage

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14th NCO - Set-A 7
44. Which of the following statements is INcorrect 45. Software Giant Microsoft has unveiled specially bundled
about e-mail? Windows 8.1 tablet for private schools in partnership
A. It is a fast and convenient way to communicate with Acer, MBD Group and Tata Teleservices on
with others via internet. 6th Feb, 2014. This tablet runs on _____ processor.
B. When you receive an e-mail message, you can A. AMD A8 processor
forward it to others without retyping it. B. AMD A7 processor
C. You cannot send an e-mail message to multiple
C. Intel Quad Core Atom
people simultaneously.
D. Intel Quad Core Short
D. A file sent along with an e-mail message is called
an 'attachment'.

Achievers Section

46. What would be the output of the following QBASIC 48. In MS-Word 2010, given window
code, if user enters Rashi, 11 and 6 respectively for appears when the dialog box
each input prompt? launcher in the Styles group of
CLS Home tab is clicked. What are
INPUT "What is your name?", name$ P, Q and R here?
INPUT "What is your age?", age A. P-New Style
INPUT "Enter your class:", class Q-Manage Styles
PRINT "Hello"; name$; "! How are you?"
R-Style Inspector
B. P-New Style
PRINT "You are"; age; "years old"
Q-Style Inspector
PRINT "You study in class"; class R-Manage Styles
A. Hello Rashi! How are you? C. P-Style Inspector
You are 11 years old Q-New Style
You study in class 6 R-Manage Styles
B. Hello Rashi! How are you? D. P-Manage Styles
You are 11 year old; you study in class 6 Q-New Style
C. HelloRashi! How are you? R-Style Inspector
You are 11 years old 49. It is best to download and run the _____ on your
You study in class 6 computer to analyze your system before upgrading
D. Hello Rashi how are you? in Windows 7.
You are 11 years old; A. Windows Live Essentials
You study in class 6 B. Windows Experience Index

47. Which of the following options hold in MS-Word C. Windows Upgrading Analysis
2010? D. Windows Upgrade Advisor

Statement-1 : option is used to switch to a different 50. Which of the following steps is CORRECT to open
a new window that contains the view of the current
currently opened window of same application. document in MS-Word 2010?
Statement-2 : The icon given in statement-1 is available A. View tab → Document Views group → New
in Review tab. Window
A. Statement-1 is true but statement-2 is false. B. View tab → Window group → New Window
B. Statement-1 is false but statement-2 is true. C. Review tab → Window group → New Window
C. Both the statements are true.
D. Insert tab → Window group → New Window
D. Both the statements are false.

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10TH  NCO 

1.  (B)  2.  (D)  3.  (C)  4.  (A)  5.  (C)  6.  (B)  7.  (C)  8.  (C)  9.  (A)  10.  (D) 
11.  (B)  12.  (D)  13.  (D)  14.  (B)  15.  (A)  16.  (D)  17.  (A)  18.  (A)  19.  (C)  20.  (A) 
21.  (A)  22.  (A)  23.  (D)  24.  (A)  25.  (C)  26.  (C)  27.  (A)  28.  (C)  29.  (D)  30.  (D) 
31.  (D)  32.  (A)  33.  (A)  34.  (A)  35.  (C)  36.  (B)  37.  (C)  38.  (C)  39.  (A)  40.  (B) 
41.  (C)  42.  (C)  43.  (D)  44.  (A)  45.  (D)  46.  (A)  47.  (C)  48.  (C)  49.  (A)  50.  (C) 


1. (C) 2. (A) 3. (C) 4. (A) 5. (B) 6. (D) 7. (C) 8. (A) 9. (B) 10. (D)
11. (B) 12. (B) 13. (A) 14. (D) 15. (C) 16. (D) 17. (C) 18. (A) 19. (C) 20. (A)
21. (A) 22. (C) 23. (B) 24. (C) 25. (A) 26. (A) 27. (C) 28. (A) 29. (C) 30. (C)
31. (C) 32. (B) 33. (B) 34. (C) 35. (B) 36. (D) 37. (B) 38. (D) 39. (B) 40. (A)
41. (A) 42. (B) 43. (A) 44. (C) 45. (D) 46. (D) 47. (B) 48. (B) 49. (A) 50. (B) 

12TH  NCO 

1.  (C)  2.  (C)  3.  (D)  4.  (B)  5.  (D)  6.  (D)  7.  (B)  8.  (B)  9.  (D)  10.  (C) 
11.  (D)  12.  (C)  13.  (B)  14.  (C)  15.  (C)  16.  (C)  17.  (D)  18.  (D)  19.  (C)  20.  (C) 
21.  (C)  22.  (A)  23.  (B)  24.  (C)  25.  (B)  26.  (C)  27.  (A)  28.  (A)  29.  (D)  30.  (A) 
31.  (C)  32.  (C)  33.  (B)  34.  (A)  35.  (C)  36.  (D)  37.  (C)  38.  (D)  39.  (D)  40.  (B) 
41.  (B)  42.  (A)  43.  (D)  44.  (B)  45.  (B)  46.  (D)  47.  (B)  48.  (B)  49.  (B)  50.  (D) 

1.  (B)  2.  (D)  3.  (B)  4.  (B)  5.  (D)  6.  (C)  7.  (A)  8.  (C)  9.  (A)  10.  (C) 
11.  (B)  12.  (B)  13.  (B)  14.  (A)  15.  (C)  16.  (C)  17.  (B)  18.  (D)  19.  (C)  20.  (A) 
21.  (A)  22.  (D)  23.  (C)  24.  (C)  25.  (A)  26.  (D)  27.  (A)  28.  (B)  29.  (D)  30.  (A) 
31.  (A)  32.  (C)  33.  (B)  34.  (A)  35.  (C)  36.  (D)  37.  (D)  38.  (D)  39.  (D)  40.  (A) 
41.  (C)  42.  (B)  43.  (A)  44.  (D)  45.  (B)  46.  (C)  47.  (D)  48.  (A)  49.  (C)  50.  (B) 

13TH  NCO 

1. (C)  2. (D)  3. (B)  4. (B)  5. (B)  6. (C)  7. (B)  8. (C)  9. (C)  10. (B) 
11. (A)  12. (A)  13. (A)  14. (B)  15. (D)  16. (D)  17. (B)  18. (D)  19. (B)  20. (A) 
21. (B)  22. (B)  23. (B)  24. (B)  25. (D)  26. (B)  27. (D)  28. (B)  29. (C)  30. (B) 
31. (B)  32. (C)  33. (B)  34. (C)  35. (B)  36. (A)  37. (A)  38. (B)  39. (A)  40. (A) 
41. (A)  42. (B)  43. (D)  44. (A)  45. (C)  46. (A)  47. (C)  48. (D)  49. (B)  50. (B) 
1. (D)  2. (D)  3. (C)  4. (B)  5. (D)  6. (D)  7. (C)  8. (B)  9. (D)  10. (D) 
11. (B)  12. (D)  13. (B)  14. (A)  15. (D)  16. (B)  17. (B)  18. (D)  19. (C)  20. (B) 
21. (A)  22. (A)  23. (D)  24. (A)  25. (D)  26. (B)  27. (B)  28. (A)  29. (D)  30. (B) 
31. (C)  32. (D)  33. (A)  34. (B)  35. (C)  36. (A)  37. (C)  38. (B)  39. (B)  40. (C) 
41. (D)  42. (B)  43. (C)  44. (C)  45. (A)  46. (A)  47. (D)  48. (B)  49. (B)  50. (D) 

14TH  NCO 

1.  (D)  2.  (B)  3.  (D)  4.  (C)  5.  (B)  6.  (D)  7.  (B)  8.  (C)  9.  (B)  10.  (B) 
11.  (D)  12.  (B)  13.  (D)  14.  (D)  15.  (C)  16.  (C)  17.  (A)  18.  (A)  19.  (D)  20.  (A) 
21.  (C)  22.  (C)  23.  (B)  24.  (C)  25.  (B)  26.  (B)  27.  (B)  28.  (C)  29.  (A)  30.  (C) 
31.  (D)  32.  (D)  33.  (C)  34.  (A)  35.  (A)  36.  (C)  37.  (D)  38.  (B)  39.  (C)  40.  (D) 
41.  (C)  42.  (B)  43.  (A)  44.  (C)  45.  (C)  46.  (C)  47.  (A)  48.  (B)  49.  (D)  50.  (B) 
1.  (D)  2.  (C)  3.  (B)  4.  (A)  5.  (C)  6.  (D)  7.  (A)  8.  (D)  9.  (B)  10.  (C) 
11.  (C)  12.  (C)  13.  (B)  14.  (B)  15.  (C)  16.  (A)  17.  (B)  18.  (A)  19.  (A)  20.  (D) 
21.  (B)  22.  (C)  23.  (A)  24.  (B)  25.  (C)  26.  (B)  27.  (D)  28.  (D)  29.  (D)  30.  (A) 
31.  (C)  32.  (D)  33.  (B)  34.  (D)  35.  (B)  36.  (B)  37.  (D)  38.  (B)  39.  (D)  40.  (B) 
41.  (B)  42.  (D)  43.  (B)  44.  (C)  45.  (B)  46.  (A)  47.  (C)  48.  (C)  49.  (A)  50.  (A)

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