RMK Engineering College EEE Department Interview Questions and Answers (2005-09) batch 1) What is protection?

Why do we use gears? Protection in case of a power system minimizes the damage to the equipment and interruption to the service when electrical failure occurs. Gears are nothing but switching circuits mainly used to switch on or off the system in order to remove the faulty portions (isolate them) incase of any failure. 2) What is recursion? A function calling itself is called recursion. 3) State kirchoff’s current law and voltage law. KCL: the algebraic sum of currents meeting at a junction (node) is equal to zero. KVL: the algebraic sum of electromotive forces plus the algebraic sum of voltages across the impedances in any closed circuit is equal to zero. 4) State the thermodynamic laws. Zeroth law of thermodynamics: When a body A is in thermal equilibrium with a body B and also separately with a body C, then B and C will be in thermal equilibrium with each other. First law of thermodynamics: Closed ∫ dw = J closed ∫ dQ (for closed system undergoing a cycle) For systems undergoing a change of state, Q=ΔE+W , Where, ΔE: increase in energy system Kelvin-Planck statement of second law: It is impossible for a heat engine to produce net work in a complete cycle if it exchanges heat only with bodies at a single fixed temperature.

10) What is control system? It is a device to manage command or regulate the behavior of other device or system. Hence (I^2)R losses will also be less. 6) Why are HV lines used in transmission? In case of HV lines. 1) To start with by mentioning our name. 5) Why do we have capacitors in fans? In fans. *address field-holds address of next node in the list. A number of components are connected to perform a specific function. single phase induction motors are used. Thus fluxes in each phase can interact and makes the fan operate. 7) Market yourself. For the fan to operate.Clausius statement of second law : It is impossible to construct a device which operating in a cycle will produce no effect other than the transfer of heat from a cooler to a hotter body. 4) Then about specific ambition or short term goal. 3) Next to mention about important achievements. interaction of fluxes of two different phases has to happen in turn leading to production of torque. As (I^2)R∝I. 2) Then a line or two about your schooling. Hence a capacitor in the induction motor will split the phase into two as the current in it is always leading. education. hobbies…) 8) What is a linked list? Linked list is one of the fundamental data structures which consists of sequence of nodes containing two fields. 9) What is VSI ? VSI(voltage source inverter) : voltage is the source and it is a constant. current in them will be less. so due to reduction in losses efficiency will be increased. *info field-holds the element in the list. 5) Finally our various interests (extra-curricular activities. .

public: void disp_base1() { cout<<”var1 is”<<var1<<endl. #include<iostream. } } class deri:public base1. If the thumb of right hand represents the direction of motion of conductor. } } }. 12) State Fleming’s right hand rule. class base2 { protected: int var2. then thumb is the direction of resultant motion.11) State Fleming’s left hand rule.public base2 { . If the first finger of left hand represents direction of the field and second finger represents direction of current. 14) Inheritance program in c++. public: void disp_base2() { cout<<”var2 is”<<var2<<endl.h> class base1 { protected: int var1. then second finger is the direction of induced or generated current. 13) State faraday’s law. first finger represents the direction of field. The induced electromotive force or EMF in any closed circuit is equal to the time of rate of change of magnetic flux through the circuit.

17) What is power system analysis? It is the analysis of power system generation. d. functions.C Shunt field M 19) Features of c++. overloading.30). } }. encapsulation.disp_base1(). file handling. d. linked list. 230 V D. data binding. 18) Draw a shunt motor. pointers. Motor: it converts electrical energy to mechanical energy Generator: it converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. structures.20. Arrays. public: deri(int a. d. void main() { deri d(10.int b. } 15) Concepts of c. inheritance.private: int var3. transmission and distribution. var2=b. . 16) Difference between motor and generator. Class. var3=c.int c) { var1=a.disp_me().disp_base2(). polymorphism.

. 23) What are the components in cpu? The CPU (central processing unit) consists of a microprocessor to provide clock signal and memory space for digital data storage. e. floppy drives. java. etc). union and pointers. It is a multi-user operating system. 24) What is an array? An array is a variable containing collection of similar data types. Collection of elements of dissimilar data types is known as structures. It is a derivative of UNIX. Linux is an operating system. e. c++. The primary memory is RAM (Random Access Memory) and the secondary memory is the hard disk (internal or external hard disks such as pen drives. pointers are variables which points the address (or holds the address) of another element (or variable). 26) What is oops? Object oriented programming deals with objects as an entirely where every object works independently holding data in it. Unlike the structure and union can handle only one data at a time.g. The memory is of two types – primary and secondary memory. 25) What is an operating system? An operating system is an interface which brings about effective communication between the user and the hardware (computer).20) Basics of Linux. 21)Difference between structure. The memory space occupied by the structure is the sum of memory space occupied by each element in it but in union it is the memory of the element which occupies more space. They are categorized into linear and non-linear data structure. cd drives. a[size].g. Object oriented programming also deals with object to object communication. Elements in a non-linear data structure do not form a sequence. A data structure is said to be linear if its elements form a sequence. 22) Explain data structure Data structure deals with the efficient usage of memory space of handling data. The major difference between the structure and the union is the memory space they occupy.

temp. temp=a. What is switch gear? Switch gear is a set of protective devices which are used in the efferent transmission of the power supply.27) Difference between structured and non-structured programming. . 31.&a. printf(“enter the two nos:”). scanf(“%d %d”.b. printf(“the swapped nos are: %d %d”a.&b). What is step up and step down transformer? A step up transformer is used to step up the voltage by reducing the current and step down transformer is used to step down the voltage by increasing the current. } 30.h> void main() { int a. C No class concept in c Top down approach Structure oriented C++ Presence of class concept Bottom up approach Object oriented 29) Swapping between two numbers in c  #include<stdio. a=b. Structured programming Non-structured programming the program is written as a whole The program is made into modules compilation and execution are Here it is non-sequential sequential it is hard to develop when It is easier to develop compared with non-structured programming 28) Difference between c and c++. b=temp.b).

32. houserent=. 33. elseif(gross<=4000) Incometax=. It also prevents ac components. fuses. Why is choke used in tube light? Choke is used to prevent electrical signals and energy from being transmitted along undesired path (or) into appropriate parts of an electric circuit. 35.&basic). inherent to power supply from entering the electronic equipment.net). it also includes devices which provide protection for apparatus connected to an electrical supply. If(gross<=2000) Incometax=0. incometax. what transformer should be used? Inverter is used to convert DC to AC and then a step up transformer to step up 130v to 230v to use in India. getch().25*basic.05*gross. Gross=basic+houserent. void main () { float gross. else Incometax=.circuit breakers. What is switch gear? Switchgear is a electronic apparatus whose function is to open and close circuit. elseif(gross<=5000) Incometax=. printf(“Your net salary is:%f”. Eg.08*gross. . net=gross-incometax. printf(“Enter your basic salary:\n”). } 34.03*gross. houserent. A program to display salary including tax and extras in ‘c’ language. basic. scanf(“%f. If I get 130v from US and want to use India.

What is isolator? It is nothing but a switch which is used for disconnecting a circuit from supply under no-load condition. diodes. It has the ability to execute a stored It integrates number of components set of instructions to carry out user of a microprocessor on single chip. 37. It has more opcodes. 39. motors and so many electrical apparatus and also about the generation of power. 42.Explain power electronics. control and conditioning of electric power by static means from its available input form into the desired electrical output. .36. Why you have chosen this field? As I was interested in learning about the basic concepts in bulb.E). It has more bit handling instructions. What is function and union? Function is a independent segment of a program which performs a particular task for a program. of useful It includes microprocessor. 38. It is derived data type in which data is stored in consecutive memory location. 41. defined tasks. Difference between microprocessors and microcontroller. Power electronics is a technology associated with efficient conversation. so I have chosen this field (E. memory function into a single IC package. Input/output signal lines. Diode is an electronic device which makes an electric current flow in only one direction. Union is collection of data types of different types. It has fewer opcodes. What is a rectifier? It is an electronic device which converts alternating current into direct current. fan.E. Microprocessors microcontrollers It is the integration of no. It has few bit handling instructions. and rectifiers. What is the voltage supply for house? 230v (single phase) 40.

What are the electrical components inside computer? Fan. output voltage remains constant even though input is varied up to certain extent. SMPS 50. Wind mill blades rotate the turbine which will rotate the shaft of induction generator which is connected to main line. . Which is first microprocessor? Intel 4004 48. In call by value data stored in actual argument is copied into formal argument. What are electrical machines and its working? If the machine is motor. If the machine is generator armature conductor cut the field flux lines to produce emf in the conductors. What is voltage stabilizer? To stabilize voltage applied to the load i.. 51. 47. field flux lines interact with armature flux lines to produce net torque. Tell me about the working of windmill. What are rectifier and inverter? Rectifier will convert alternating current into direct current whereas inverter will convert direct current into alternating current. Difference between call by value and call by reference.e. Any change made in formal argument is reflected in an argument. What are the losses in transmission line? Line copper loss. Any changes made in formal argument will not be reflected in actual argument whereas in call by reference the address of actual argument is passed to formal argument is pointer. 45. 49. Can we step-up DC? Yes by using step-up chopper.43. 46. The main line will provide reactive power required for operation. 44. corona discharge losses.

53. How do you rank yourself at c language? I rate myself 7 out of 10 in c.52. . What are identifiers? Identifier is the name given to any variable.

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