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Postgraduate Recruitment and Admission

The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL
25th of February, 2011

Dear Sir or Madam,

The reasons why I am applying for the Specialist Masters program “Operations, Project and Supply Chain
Management” at Manchester Business School are various. In the following, I want to demonstrate my interests
step-by-step and give you an impression about my fascination and devotion for these topics, as well as my
personal characteristics, which will perfectly fit to Manchester Business School.

In general I am very interested in factors which enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of any corporation. As
the overall target of a company is customer satisfaction, the success of a company stands or falls with its
products. Hence, all factors that are directly related to the production, organisation and all kinds of sourcing and
managing supplies are of nontrivial importance in today’s high competitive environment. The comprehensive
and sophisticated management of these factors will directly lead to corporate success (ceteris paribus).

As you can understand from my CV, I have worked in different areas of supply chain management. I have
gathered international experiences in strategic departments and consultancies. As I see my future in these areas,
this is a further reason for applying at MBS. I believe that my background provides me the fundamental
knowledge to start a study in the areas of supply chain management and operations. The various numbers of
projects I worked on and took an active part in, optimised my already strong research and analytical skills.
Furthermore, they significantly improved my communicative abilities and trained my capabilities to speak, right
and comprehend English to a professional level. In addition, working with other people, usually foreigners and
people with very different backgrounds was a main part of my working experience. As working in teams is a
central point in today’s business; I am, due to my experience, very well prepared to be a team player.

Furthermore, this Specialist Master program will provide me with the necessary know-how to continue my career
in the fields of supply chain management. The international consulting internship I did in this area, made me
realise that I would like to continue working in this field, as my insides and experiences were very positive and
highly interesting. Furthermore, everything I have learned is tremendously valuable for me. I discovered
problems in intercultural communication accompanied by intercultural misunderstandings (during my internship
in Brazil). Those impressions significantly improved my ability in dealing with others and taught me that every
individual has its special features. The highly analytical procedures at work and university gave me a strong
research and analytical mentality.

Since I have been in high school I strove for a business career. I gave my best and never lost. As you can see, I
achieved extraordinary A levels (1.4, German grading system) and was awarded the Apollinaire-Prize of the
Robert-Bosch-Foundation and a prize of the commercial high school for outstanding achievements at A levels.
Afterwards, I continued with studying at Germany’s best university for business administration (current GPA: 2.2,
German grading system) and have been awarded the scholarship for outstanding achievements in
my studies, internships and extracurricular activities. In addition to my international working experiences I have
been at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration from August to November 2010 for
my semester abroad (GPA: 1.7, German grading system). Inter alia, I attended a course in supply chain
management and completed successfully with an A (Norwegian grading system). The very interesting topics and
impressions I got are another reason for applying for this master course.

To sum up, my personal pillars of professional and international experiences, an extraordinary education, my
passion and interest for this field and my personality, which is characterised by a high willingness to learn,
ambition and a natural inquisitiveness would fit, in my opinion not only to this course but in general to
Manchester Business School.


Michael Lutz


+49 171 / 1735401 - MICHAEL-LUTZ@GMX.DE