Septemeber 1, 2010 Dear Parents, Welcome to First Grade! I am very excited to have your child in my classroom.

I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning, both for your child as well as for myself. I thought you might want to know a little about who your child will be spending the majority of their day with here at Farrell! This is my 10th year working at Yale Public Schools (8th at Farrell). I received my BS in Elementary Education from Central Michigan University. From there I earned a Master’s Degree from Marygrove College and have just recently completed an extra 15 credits through a program from Colorado State University. I am a native of Capac but now reside in Emmett. My husband and I have four children, Anna (2nd grade), Jack (1st grade), Will (preschool), and Lauren (2). Special Information Classroom Volunteers: I will need a volunteer every morning. On M-Th, I will need help running centers and also with giving Accelerated Reader tests. On Fridays I need someone to just help with the Accelerated Reader tests. If you would like to come in and help out, in any way, please let me know and we can schedule a time for you to come into the room and help. Times can be scheduled on weekly or as needed basis. Discipline: I will be following a plan that is consistent with most classrooms in the building. The plan consists of changing the child’s color if he/she does not follow classroom expectations. Each color change has a consequence. The first color change is a warning, the second is a phone call or letter home to you during recess time, the third is a lost recess, and the forth is a trip to visit Mr. Watson for a detention. Book Orders: I will be sending home book orders on a monthly basis but please do not feel that you HAVE to order from them. The books in the book orders are priced reasonably and more importantly are on your child’s level. If you decide to order books, please fill out the form on the back of the order form and mark the books you have selected (you can go on-line to, use the code GPK3H). If you choose to order, please send in a check made payable to: Scholastic Book Club. For each dollar that is spent for the entire order, I earn classroom points to spend on books and other materials to supplement my teaching strategies. The first book order of the school year offers extra bonus points up to 10x the dollar amount ordered, plus 4000 extra points.

Friday Folders: On Fridays your child will be bringing home a folder that will contain the weekly newsletter, their classroom work, and a spot for you to initial/sign saying you saw the folder. Folders need to be returned on Monday. Planners: Your child will be bringing home a daily planner. The planner is one of the most important facets of open communication between school and home. I will initial it every day and will jot notes about things that have happened in the classroom periodically. Please initial it every night so I know that you have seen it! Thanks! Snack Calendar: I will be using a snack calendar this year. I will send each calendar home at the end of each month. Please send in a snack for the whole classroom on the day you are assigned. If you are unable to provide snack on the day that is assigned to you, for any reason, please let me know! used this system last year for the first time and things ran very smoothly. Please try and send in a healthy snack for the classroom to enjoy. Thank you! Special Classes: The following is the special schedule that we will follow each week. Students will have a morning recess and an afternoon special class daily. Monday-Art Thursday and Friday-Music Tuesday-Technology Wednesday-Physical Education (gym shoes are required) If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via a phone call or note. I can be reached during normal school hours by leaving a message with the office staff, (810) 384-1300, or through e-mail: I check my e-mail often through out the day and will respond immediately. You can also reach me at home at (810) 395-1918 if you have an immediate concern or question after school hours. Thank you,

Erin Kavanagh

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