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Purpose Calibration Procedure for Differential Pressure Transmitters (FOUNDATION FieldBus Application)

Safety and Standard PPE is required that includes protection against H2S Gas.
References ILD, P&ID, Operation/maintenance manual, and instrument datasheet.

Job Prerequisites 1. Obtain work permits

2. Ensure that work permit / JSA is read and understood in toolbox talk with all involved personal
3. Ensure all PPE requirements are met as listed in work permit / JSA before conducting the work.
4. Ensure the online equipments/instruments are isolated / removed from the system, as per P&ID
given by operations and as per C&E Matrices.

Tools and Equipment 1. Handheld Communicator HHC475

2. Maintenance PC with Endress + Hauser FieldCare Software and CommuBox Interface Module
3. Pair of Screw Drivers (+/-)
4. Digital Multi-meter
5. Rags and cleaning agent (if applicable)
6. 2 2-Way Radios (1 for CCR Operator and 1 for Field Technicians)

Persons Required 1. Senior Instrument Technician

2. Instrument Technician
3. CCR Operator

Applicable Tags 615-LT-3101


Job Procedure Check below following parameters as per P&ID

1. Setup - Device tag
2. Setup - Distance unit
3. Setup - Tank type
4. Setup - Tube diameter (only for "Tank type" = "Bypass/pipe") Enter the diameter of the stilling well
or bypass.
5. Setup - Medium group menu where you will specify medium group ("Water based": DC>4 or
"Others": DC>1,9)
6. Setup - Empty calibration, enter empty distance E (Distance from reference point R to the 0% level)
7. Setup - Full calibration. Enter full distance F (Distance from the 0% to the 100% level).
8. Setup – Level, indicates the measured level L.
9. Setup – Distance, it indicates the measured distance from the reference point R to the level L.
10. Setup Menu and Signal quality, it indicates the quality of the evaluated level echo.
11. From Setup menu, go to Mapping then to Confirm distance menu and compare distance indicated
on the display to real distance in order to start the recording of an interference echo map.
12. Setup - Advanced setup after go to Level and choose which Level unit. Select level unit: %, m, mm, ft,
in (Factory setting: %)

Refer to below drawing for the parameter identifications: