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Job Plan Target Cooling Water System (Trains 1-3) including Water Tank

Purpose Calibration Procedure for Temperature Transmitters (FOUNDATION FieldBus Application)

Safety and Standard PPE is required that includes protection against H2S Gas.
References ILD, P&ID, Operation/maintenance manual, and instrument datasheet.

Job Prerequisites 1. Obtain work permits and authorizations

2. Ensure that work permit / JSA is read and understood in toolbox talk with all involved personal
3. Ensure all PPE requirements are met as listed in work permit / JSA before conducting the work.
4. Ensure the online equipments/instruments are isolated / removed from the system, as per P&ID
given by operations and as per ESD C&E Matrices (if applicable).

Tools and Equipment 1. Handheld Communicator HHC475

2. Temperature Calibrator/Signal Generator (Resistance, mV, direct temperature)
3. Pair of Screw Drivers (+/-)
4. Digital Multi-meter
5. Adjustable Wrench and set of spanners
6. Rags and cleaning agent (if applicable)
7. Teflon tape or liquid sealant
8. 2 2-Way Radios (1 for CCR Operator and 1 for Field Technicians)

Persons Required 1. Senior Instrument Technician

2. Instrument Technician
3. CCR Operator
Applicable Tags 603-TT-1188, 603-TT-1190, 603-TT-2188, 603-TT-2190, 603-TT-3188, 603-TT-3190, 604-TT-0124
604-TT-0125, 607-TT-1130, 607-TT-1133, 607-TT-2130, 607-TT-2133, 607-TT-3130, 607-TT-3133
609-TT-1153, 609-TT-1154, 609-TT-2153, 609-TT-2154, 610-TT-1114, 610-TT-1116, 610-TT-2114
610-TT-2116, 614-TT-0103, 614-TT-0104, 615-TT-3102, 615-TT-3103, 615-TT-3106, 615-TT-3107
Work Scope Temperature Transmitter PM Task

Visually inspect unit for damage [ ]

Check element condition, installation, connection leads [ ]
Check transmitter voltage [ ]
Check sensor condition by measuring output mV or Ω [ ]
Inspect for any water ingress [ ]
Do temperature simulation while instrument in OOS mode [ ]
Check indicator functionality [ ]
Check inspect instrument cable condition [ ]
Check transmitter overall functionality [ ]

Work Completion Task

Ensure all procedures were done and executed as per PM checklist [ ]

Clear and do area housekeeping [ ]
Put transmitter online and inspect for any leaks [ ]
Verify all mechanical isolations are back to operating condition [ ]
Clean the instrument from any dirt and check readability [ ]
Close and complete work permit after task completion [ ]
Inform all personnel regarding work completion [ ]