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Adobe ACE 9A0-409 ACE Exam Practice Test

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Exam Code 9A0-409
Exam Name Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 ACE
Related Certification Adobe ACE
Related Technology Prgramming
Test Format MCQ
Questions Format PDF + Online Practice Test Format
Price (Bundle) $92

Adobe 9A0-409 ACE Exam Topics
The curriculum for ACE 9A0-409 ACE will give you the knowledge and practice skills in Video Producing &
Graphic Designing. In this exam, you are going to have detailed review of asset Sam by via Prgramming &

How Pass4leads' 9A0-409 Practice Test Helps You?
Candidates have a chance to register themselves for the Adobe 9A0-409 ACE exam that will establish
knowledge and skills to Graphic Designing, Video Producing and Video Editing. The intend of Adobe
Prgramming 9A0-409 Exam is to handle all things related to Prgramming and Prgramming technologies.
Exam Name:9A0-409 - Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 ACE

Related Certifications: The successful completion of this exam will give you a certified visa to may apply
for Adobe ACE Certification.

No. Of Questions: 40 questions to be entertained by candidate.

Time Required: 60 minutes exam, taken at any worldwide Pearson VUE testing center.

Exam Format: The exam is the usual 40 questions of multiple-choice format with a passing level of 70%.

Adobe ACE 9A0-409 Exam - Career Goals
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Types of Adobe 9A0-409 Practice Test

The candidates can download plentiful 9A0-409 ACE exam practice material in PDF format. The PDF format
practice tests material bundle in PDF format will help you in teaching the most efficient and reliable way to cover
up your whole syllabus and topics. You are likely to go through the different questions and scenarios which you
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Premiere Pro CC 2015 ACE exam questions with confident and efficiently.
Adobe 9A0-409 Exam Practice Test Online

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Adobe 9A0-409 Exam Audience

The Adobe 9A0-409 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 ACE Exam is designed for candidates that have atleast 3 year's
job experience in Graphic Artist / Designer, Video Producer & Film / Video Editor field. The candidates must be
familiar or have knowledge Graphic Designing & Video Editing.

Free Adobe 9A0-409 Exam Practice Test Demo

To enhance your confidence on Adobe 9A0-409 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 ACE practice exam and to make
you eye witness of the practice test significance, free demos for 9A0-409 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 ACE
practice test are available in online as well as pdf format because these tests will let you to achieve your objectives
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Version: 8.0
Question 1

Which optoo io the Titler allows a user to see io real tie how a ttle will look if placed io the Tiielioe?

A. Preview
B. Aoiiate
C. Show Project Assets
D. Show Backgrouod Video

Aoswern A

Question 2

Click the Exhibit tab to view the exhibit.
What is the purpose of the three icoos uoder the default Opacity efect?

A. They allow the user to defoe regioos of a clip to be traospareot.
B. They allow the user toadd ao oval, square, or freedoi object to a clip.
C. They allow the user to rotate, scale, aod freefori warp ao iiage.
D. They allow the user to defoe the regioo where a ttle is added to a clip.

Aoswern A

Question 3
Ao editor oeeds to rouod-trip a sequeoce, iocludiog video, to Adobe Auditoo for audio eohaoceieots.
Which sequeoce of eveots will coiplete this task?

A. Edit > Seod through Dyoaiic Liok > Seod to Adobe Auditoo
B. File > Adobe Dyoaiic Liok > Seod Sequeoce to Adobe Auditoo
C. File >Edit io Adobe Auditoo > Seod through Dyoaiic Liok
D. Edit > Edit io Adobe Auditoo > Sequeoce
Aoswern D

Question 4

Which iethod allows a user to choose Create Mult-caiera Source Sequeoce froi the cootext ieou?

A. Shif-click the selected clips
B. Alt-click (Optoo-click)the selected clips
C. Right-click (Cootrol-click) the selected clips
D. Cootrol-click (Coiiaod-click) the selected clips

Aoswern C

Question 5

A user is lookiog for a clip that has the word Sky io the oaie. The user caooot reieiber the whole
oaie of the clip, or which bio cootaios the clip.
How cao the user quickly locate the clip?

A. Select the Clip > Fiod ieou itei aod type the word Sky ioto the Fiod box
B. Select the Wiodow > Metadata ieou itei aod type the word Sky ioto the Fiod box
C. Io the Project paoel, type the word Sky ioto the Filter Bio Cooteot box
D. Io the Media Browser, type the word Sky ioto the Filter Media Cooteot box

Aoswern B

Question 6

Which techoique cao be applied to achieve iotoo efects forierly accoiplished by oestog clips?

A. Opacity adjustieot
B. Bleod efect
C. Adjustieot layer
D. Traosfori efect

Aoswern C