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From: Douglas Grandt answerthecall@icloud.

Subject: Would my Honorable Senator Leahy support a truly non-partisan energy policy?
Date: December 30, 2017 at 1:59 PM
To: Senator Leahy


Dear Senator Leahy,

In desperation to get Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee (ENR) members' attention to an imminent threat
to the U.S. economy and social stability, I have been pondering what might appeal to every Senator and every
Representative on truly non-partisan grounds.

Let’s get to the bottom line: W.E.C.A.R.E. is a catchy acronym. It expresses what I hope represents your values.

W.E.C.A.R.E. stands for World Energy Crisis Aversion & Readiness Endgame. Read that slowly and carefully.

I so firmly believe that an energy policy that transcends parochial and vested interests is workable. It’s about time!

Given the volatile commodity markets for oil and gas, we are nowhere near energy independence.

Given the financial fragility of the oil and gas drilling, production, refining and transportation, a crisis is imminent.

Given the geopolitical tensions around the world, any surprise flutter of a butterfly wing could bring on disruption.

Are you prepared for the eventuality that declining oil prices will put even the mightiest oil company into bankruptcy?

Are you prepared for the eventuality that spiking oil prices will fatally impact our supply chains and our economy?

Are you prepared for the resulting decline in the financial and equity markets when traders panic and bale out?

Are you prepared for the complete erosion of your personal wealth—every American’s life savings and pension?

Does any energy policy to-date give any consideration to oil and gas other than continuation in perpetuity?

When any disruption of the supply of oil and gas for reasons you have not addressed happens, you will be culpable!

Please exercise your stature to demand that the Senate and ENR Committee openly investigate downside risks.

Please help elevate this issue for the sake of Americans’ wellbeing—so-called Public Interest and National Interest.

What has Congress done recently to fulfill its responsibility and obligation, exhibiting truly non-partisan behavior?

It is time! Please consider W.E.C.A.R.E. — World Energy Crisis Aversion & Readiness Endgame.

I suggest starting by calling oil and gas company CEOs and members of Boards of Directors to testify how they will act in
the Public and National Interest in the face of debt default, insolvency and bankruptcy which requires that they exercise
fiduciary duty. I believe these two requirements are opposing concepts and that their conflict will undermine American
Society unless dealt with in transparent, frank and honest dialogue well in advance of the looming imminent crises.

Sincerely yours,
Doug Grandt
Putney, VT

P.S. Please retract Senate Bill S.1460, which in no way addresses the issues enumerated herein.
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