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My wife and best friend, Rita, acted as my muse by origi- framework and encouragement to pursue the writing of
nally suggesting writing this book by expanding the syl- this book and undertake other academic work in the
labus for my course, “Clinical Neurology for Psychiatrists,” midst of our clinical responsibilities. At the same time,
and then giving me numerous ideas for each future they have grown Montefiore into a vibrant, world-
edition. renowned, patient-centered, urban medical center that is
David Myland Kaufman, MD the teaching hospital of the Albert Einstein College of
I am privileged to have worked with and learned from Our housestaff and faculty-colleagues at Montefiore
many wonderful mentors, colleagues, and patients over Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine and
the years, and am thankful for all they have taught me. I other academic medical centers have reviewed chapters
am especially grateful to my wife Laurence for her love, and in other ways offered invaluable help with this edition:
encouragement, and patience, during my work on this Susan Duberstein, Jelena Pavlović, Gail Solomon, Renee
project and always. Monderer, Jack Farinhas, Jacqueline Bello, Judah Burns,
Howard L. Geyer, MD, PhD Lisa Ferber, and Michael Kaufman. Ms. Meryl Ranzer, Mr.
Barry Morden, and Ms. Ann Mannato captured the sense
I would like to thank Dr. David Kaufman who not only of neurology in wonderful illustrations.
taught me invaluable lessons during my residency train- The library staffs of Montefiore Medical Center Cher-
ing but also brought me into this project and Dr. Steven kasky Library and the D. Samuel Gottesman Library of
Herskovitz (Director of the Neuromuscular Division) the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have graciously
who always pushes me to examine all angles of a problem provided us with modern-day technology information.
and answer medical questions as precisely as possible. Our attorneys, Mr. Jeffrey A. Lowin, of Morris Cohen
Additionally, I owe tremendous gratitude to Dr. Sheryl LLP, and Mr. H. Joseph Mello, of Winston & Strawn
Haut, whose mentorship and support has helped me LLP, provided excellent council.
achieve success in student and resident teaching and per- We also thank our editors at Elsevier, Charlotta Kryhl,
sonal academic endeavors. Ailsa Laing, John Leonard, and Sharon Nash, who have
Mark J. Milstein, MD opened their doors and provided many improvements for
this edition. Finally, our thanks go to the Elsevier pro-
Drs. Steven M. Safyer (President of the Medical Center), duction team for their hard work and dedication includ-
Allen M. Spiegel (Dean of the Albert Einstein College of ing Beula Christopher, Christian Bilbow, and Amy Faith
Medicine), Byram Karasu (Chair of Psychiatry), Herbert Heyden.
Schaumburg (Chair Emeritus of Neurology), Mark David Myland Kaufman, MD
Mehler (Chair of Neurology), and Michael Swerdlow Howard L. Geyer, MD, PhD
(partner at Neurologic Associates) have provided the Mark J. Milstein, MD