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10, [10-9] JA [by gematria


Operational_window(5-6)_FDeltaC 25-26 The operational window for
Assange extraction from the
Ecuadorian Embassy in London is
Jan. 5-6, 2018.

FDeltaC = Federal Detention Center

Assange by agreement with the
Trump administration is headed to a
Federal Detention Center of
undetermined location. Outside
USA, suggested by “Delta”

Dec. 25-26 references Washington
crossing Delaware.

With Assange returning to the USA,
the Storm Has Begun.

Secured. The path for Assange to return to
the USA has been secured at the
highest level of the U.S.
government, POTUS.

Floor is yours. This is Assange’s opportunity to
drop key files on Hilllary Clinton’s
campaign and the hoax of “Russia
Collusion” developed by CIA (with
help from Eric Schmidt) against

Twitter FW_ Twitter will be forward as mission
goes operational.

Twitter [kill_rogue] Key information will be posted on
Twitter @kill_rouge
CONF_WHITE_WHITE Confirmed: Destination Switzerland