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Ahmed Omar Ahmed Abd El-gwad

Personal Information:
- Date of Birth : 24/04/1985

- Marital Status: Married

- Nationality : Egyptian

- Religion : Muslim

- Military Status : Exempted

- Address : 1 Emam Ibrahim street Hadayek El-Kobba – Cairo

- Phone : 02 24656626

- Mobile : 01095799460 / 01224900380

- Email address :

- Bachelor's Degree in Science

-Ain Shams University

-Department of Chemistry and Physics

-General degree: Good

-Arabic: Mother tongue

-English: Reading, Writing, and Speaking Very Good

Computer Skills:
-Very Good Command of MS Office.

-Excellent knowledge with Internet, Software, and Hardware.

Training & Certificates:
-Occupational health and safety specialist certificate.

-Advanced occupational health and safety specialist certificate from NIOSH.

-OSHA general industry from A.U.C.

-Fire fighting certificate from NIOSH.

-First Aid training from Egyptian Red Crescent.

-OHSAS 18001:2007 awareness and internal audit training.

-ISO 14001:2004 awareness and internal audit training.

-ISO 9001:2008 awareness and internal audit training.

- Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Auditing from A.U.C.

- Design and Operation of Water Treatment Plant from A.U.C.

- Total productive maintenance (TPM) training from Bayan international training company.

- Safety working procedures training from British international center for training and consultations (BIC).

-How to prepare a register of materials and hazardous waste and how to deal with hazardous waste and
methods of storing from ministry of state for environmental affairs.

-Forklift truck operations training from GTSC.

-Occupational health and safety committee members certificate from NIOSH.

-Safety leadership basic behaviors ( SLBB ) training from Keil Centre Limited.

Work experiences:
1- SHE supervisor in Nestle waters Egypt from August 2014 – present

Duties and responsibilities:

• Maintain SHE certificates (OHSAS 18001& ISO 14001).

• Conduct investigation for all incidents(in market for road accidents) & prepare related corrective &
preventive actions.

• Conduct risk assessment to all sites activities & integrate action plans’ results with tracking system.

• Ensure availability of PPE according to PPE matrix on sites & its usage.

• Conduct & lead fire drills & prepare reports accordingly.

• Facilitate & conduct SHE induction training for visitors & other SHE trainings & safety talks to different
teams of the warehouses.

• Monitor on daily basis & generate report for black box reports of drivers performance plus ensure
implementation of preventive maintenance program.

• Follow up the implementation of BBS program & generated action plans.

• Prepare semi-annual statistics & deliver it to labor office & ensure any other compliance

• Assist the Site SH&E Manager in the development of a long term plan to deliver site SH&E objectives.

• Lead Safety, Health and Environment projects to assist in delivery of sites.

• Conduct SHE inspections & participate in audits at other business locations.

2-HSE Officer in Scib paints from November 2012 to July 2014

Work location: 4th industrial zone – 6th of October city – Giza -Egypt

Duties and responsibilities:

• Supervise the safety technicians.

• supervise ETP (effluent treatment plant) technicians.

• Prepare Emergency Plan, conduct Fire & emergency drills, and lead the Emergency
preparedness team in Fire fighting drills and spillages.

• Ensure the compliance with Civil defense conditions.

• Ensure implementation of Work permits in site for maintenance department and


• Induce safety orientation to new comers & contractors & promote safety culture to all
employees in site.

• Review, participate in Risk assessment studies and follow up the recommended actions to
minimize the hazards.

• Follow the environmental monitoring on regular basis& take corrective actions, Prepare
reports to factory Manager on Energy, fuel consumption and generated wastes.

• Make Analysis for the reports & numbers of incidents, near miss, potential hazards and
first aids and take the necessary corrective and preventive actions.

• Implement safety precautions, Safety Operation procedures, Policies& deploy the safe
behavior programs to all workers.

• Carry out daily inspection, Check the routine inspection is carried out to all work, sections
& fire fighting equipments & review the non conformities to follow up the actions taken.
• Ensures that PPE is available for all workers and ensures that workers are aware of the
availability of any special PPE.

• Prepare & update the semiannual statistics (incidences-occupational disease - chronic

disease) to the governmental labor office and follow the biological monitoring to the

• Update the chemical list, MSDS library and classify the hazardous and non hazardous

• Check the waste segregation and safe disposal of wastes.

•Communicate with governmental authorities; the civil defense, labor office and
Environmental affairs for any premises or other documents.

• Responsible for ETP (effluent treatment plant).

3-Occupational health and safety specialist in Wadi Food from October 2011 to October 2012

Work location: Kilo 54 Cairo – Alexandria desert road

4-Occupational health and safety specialist in Arkan for manufacturing and mining from
august 2008 to September 2011

Work location: 10th of Ramadan city