Men s & Women s Slowpitch Rules **Unless stated in the SDSU Intramural Slowpitch Softball Rules that follow, the

rules of the Amateur Softball Association will govern intramural 12" softball play. I. The Game A. Game will be 6 innings. However, no new inning will begin after 35 minutes. B. Ten players start the game. A team must have 8 players to start or will forfeit the game to their opponent. C. In lieu of extra innings, the following will apply: A flip of the coin prior to the game will determine the home and visiting teams. Visiting team will start with one-half point. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, the visiting team will win by that half point. II. Batting and Base running A. Batters will begin with a 1-ball & 1-strike count. B. Only the players in the field may bat. However, if a team is playing with 8, an out will be recorded immediately after the eighth-place hitter finishes his or her at-bat. C. A batter who hits a foul ball on the third strike will be declared out. D. The batter is out if he intentionally bunts or chops the ball downward, or throws the bat. E. Batter will be declared out if he steps out of the batters box (umpire's judgment). F. No stealing. A base runner may lead off base when a pitched ball crosses home plate. In addition, a catcher may not attempt to throw to a base to retire a runner who may be off the bag. PENALTY: A balk is called, a ball is reflected on the count to the batter and all base runners advance 1 base. G. Sliding is permitted. If a person goes into a base and doesn't slide causing a collision, the runner will be called out and ejected from the game for breaking up a double play. You have to slide directly into the base. Going out of the way to get the fielder will be cause for an ejection. III. Pitching A. The ball must be delivered underhanded, below the hip with a perceptible arc of at least 6 feet, but no more than 12 feet towards home plate. B. Strike Zone: ball delivered (in A above) that touches any part of the green carpet behind home plate. C. If a team wishes to intentionally walk a batter, they must notify the plate umpire.

IV. General Rules and Guidelines A. Infield Fly rule will be in effect: Runners on first and second base, or first, second and third bases with less than two outs. Ball is hit so that an infielder can make the play with reasonable effort: Ball is live and batter is out. B. Overthrows: On all thrown balls that leave live ball area, one base will be awarded to all base runners from time of the throw. C. Substitution: Once a player leaves the game, he may not re-enter the game again unless there is a case of injury and no other substitutes are available. D. Shoes: No steel spikes are allowed. If a player is found to be wearing steel spikes he will be removed from the game until adequate footwear is obtained. E. Run Rule: 10-run lead after 3 innings shall constitute official game. F. Score: Each team should assist the umpire in keeping track of the score at the conclusion of each half inning. G. Eligibility: See the IM Handbook for specifics. H. Inclement Weather: In cases of rain/snow, the Recreation Programs Office will have reached a decision by 2:00 p.m. day of the contest. Call the office at 688-4724 for schedule confirmation, the hotline at 692-4737, or check the website. I. Sportsmanship; See sportsmanship contract

J. All protests will be handled on the site of competition. A protest may NOT be submitted where a question of the official's judgment is concerned. A protest may only be submitted where it is clear that a definite rule has been improperly enforced or violated. V. Protests Only protests concerning eligibility will be considered after the conclusion of a contest or game, and this protest must be in the Recreation Programs Office by noon of the day following the contest or game.

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