Catcher in the Rye Final Project

Directions: You must choose one of the following options for your final project. Whichever option you choose, your end product needs to include the following things: □ An understanding of the themes from the book and how they are discovered by the reader □ Knowledge of the symbols Salinger used in the novel and what they represent □ In-depth understanding of Holden’s character (both his personality traits and what motivates him) □ An understanding of the situations explored in the book and by Holden □ Documented evidence (direct quotes) supporting your ideas 1. Holden and Depression: Research depression in teenagers, including information about its symptoms and treatment. After do so, look at Holden. Which symptoms doe he exhibit? Use evidence from the story to create a “diagnosis” of Holden. Requirements: Title page, 3 pages typed, proper citations, good mechanics. 2. Holden, Ten Years Later: Write a piece of short fiction in which you join Holden’s life ten years after the story ends. Try, as best you can, to replicate Holden’s unique voice. Write it in the style of The Catcher in the Rye. Try to use what you know of him from the book, along with Holden’s state of mind throughout the novel to guide your predictions. Requirements: Title page, 4 pages minimum typed. 3. The Play List: Make a ten song CD for Holden Caulfield., if he were around today. In a letter to Holden, explain why you are including each of the ten songs on the playlist. Each song should have a paragraph of in-depth description as to why you think he would like it, using evidence you used from the themes, symbols, motifs, and situations that Holden and the novel explored. Requirements: 10 songs (artist/song title) on a CD, at least a paragraph explanation for each, use of lyrics to explain rationale, cover for CD. 4. Graphic Novel/ Comic Book: Choose the most important scenes, in your view, and tell the store of The Catcher in the Rye. The quality of your project will be determined by the following: the extent to which your graphic novel includes the entire story of the novel, the quality/effort put into the artwork, and the inclusion of an introduction in which you explain what you tried to capture in your recreation of the novel (e.g. “I wanted to emphasize the extent to which they reject society and reveal themselves as rebels in the American spirit. I did this because…and showed it by…) 5. Holden’s Scrapbook: Compile a scrapbook of memorabilia that Holden might have collected or come across during the novel. All artifacts must be captioned with where he got it, its significance to him, and the page on which you found it. Think of the images that keep recurring in the novel, the places Holden travels to, and anything he collects. This project will be assessed based on the amount of memorabilia collected and its presentation. As a benchmark, expect to get at least ten pieces of memorabilia.

Create a pre-recorded guided tour of Holden’s New York adventure that will put tourists in Holden’s shoes. and his reaction to them as well as their reaction to him.6. Holden Walking Tour of New York: Imagine a walking tour of New York as seen by Holden. that somehow you were granted an interview with him before his death (Jan. conclusion. This will include your impressions of the author or any interesting facts that you learned from the interview that were not mentioned in your five questions. Salinger with Holden Caulfield in your conclusion.D. how well you communicate Holden’s thoughts and the thoughts of those around him. Requirements: Title page. five questions and thorough answers. however. Ordinary People and Holden Caulfield: Rent the 1980 Robert Redford film Ordinary People. 3 pages typed 7. and worth 100 points. In your write-up for People magazine. Be sure to include special insights for your tourists. you will want to explain what his house looked like. Then you will write your five questions and their answers. or items which act as symbols. and detailing his thoughts and frame of mind at each stop. etc. Finding Salinger: Interview the author: J. HE invited you into his home and promised to thoroughly answer five questions. It is the story of a family struggling to deal with the accidental death of a teenage son. Your product will be scored on how well your tour mirrors the steps of Holden. Lastly. Compare the situations in the film with the situations that occur with the Caulfields in The Catcher in the Rye. Salinger was a brilliant recluse who did not often participate in conversations about his life and work. taking them through his journey from location to location. such as events that touch on the themes. 2010) and it was his first in decades. you will write a conclusion. Requirements: Title for article. How much of Holden’s behavior has been affected by the death of Allie? Compare and contrast Conrad’s grief with that of Holden. if he had any pets. You could even compare and/or contrast J. Your project is 60% of your final. Introduction. Make sure to include who he met at each stop. You are the tour guide taking a group of tourists through the footsteps of Holden during his adventure through New York.D. so take it seriously and put in your best effort! . 8. how he looked when he greeted you. Imagine.

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