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Marianne Flanders
Create an Impressive Class Website in... - - Edit Remove 6:24 PM
[teacher resources, teacher success and motivation, technology - Gives great examples and
guidelines for building a classroom website. Uses weebly as practical example. ]
The Benefits Of Creating A Website For... - - Edit Remove 6:23 PM
[technology, teacher resources, teacher success and motivation - Gives guidelines on components to
consider in developing a classroom website. ]
10 Excellent Websites to Create Your... - - Edit Remove 6:18 PM
[technology, teacher resources, teacher success and motivation - Provides various websites for
exploring to build a unique classroom website. ]
Weebly Website Maker - - Edit Remove 6:00 PM
[technology, teacher resources, teacher success and motivation - Easily create a classroom website
and blog. User friendly and provides a great way to communicate with parents. ]
How To Work Smarter–Not Harder–As A Teacher - - Edit Remove 5:56 PM
[leadership, teacher resources, teacher success and motivation - Helping teachers with valuable tips
and strategies to be successful and not face burnout. ]
The Elements Of A Digital Classroom - - Edit Remove 5:54 PM
[technology, teacher success and motivation, teacher resources - Explores the different components
that make up a digital classroom. Gives details and examples for consideration. ]
20 Tips For A More Organized Classroom - - Edit Remove 5:52 PM
[teacher success and motivation, teacher resources, classroom management - Ways to organize your
space and flow for a successful year. ]
Designing for the K-12 Digital Classroom:... - - Edit Remove 5:46 PM
[technology, teacher resources - Exploring how educators in the U.S. K-12 education system are
incorporating new technologies in the classroom to improve teaching and learning. Guidelines and
National Geographic Kids - - Edit Remove 5:40 PM
[technology, teacher resources, games - Informative website that offers content related to science,
geography and social studies. ]
Brain Pop - - Edit Remove 5:38 PM
[technology, teacher resources, games - Paid subscription access to various curriculum content. ]
Fun Brain - - Edit Remove 5:36 PM
[technology, games - Combination of games, reading and math. Fun alternative for teachers to
incorporate in learning experience. ]
Online Safety: A Teacher’s Guide to... - - Edit Remove 5:35 PM
[leadership, technology, teacher resources]
Online Safety - - Edit Remove 5:32 PM
[leadership, technology, teacher resources - This Strategy Guide describes the strategies involved in
ensuring that students understand how to be safe when they participate in online discussion and join
social networks.]
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Marianne Flanders
ISTE Standards - - Edit Remove 5:31 PM
[leadership, technology - The ISTE Standards work together to support educators, students and
leaders with clear guidelines for the skills and knowledge necessary to move away from the factory
model. These are not the typical boxes educators need to check. They provide a framework for
rethinking education, adapting to a constantly changing technological landscape and preparing
students to enter an increasingly global economy.]
Upgrading Differentiation in the Elementary... - - Edit Remove 1:23 PM
[webinar, leadership, teacher success and motivation, student success and
motivation, differentiation - Explore five commonly adopted practices in elementary classrooms that
can impede or prevent true differentiation. In this informative webinar, attendees will gain insights
about each of these practices and learn principles and strategies for "upgrading" to more
sophisticated applications of differentiation. This session will integrate concrete examples that are
applicable to K–5 settings.]
Shifting Our Thinking About Educational... - - Edit Remove 1:20 PM
[webinar, technology, leadership, teacher success and motivation - In this engaging webinar,
attendees will explore how to integrate technology and focus on the "three Cs" of technology
implementation—creation, curiosity, and collaboration. This session will include actionable advice
for educators with plenty of examples of tech-infused lessons to help students meet learning goals
while also developing vital digital citizenship skills.]
Digital Portfolios in the Classroom:... - - Edit Remove 1:20 PM
[webinar, leadership, teacher success and motivation, student success and motivation - In this
engaging webinar based on his new book, Digital Portfolios in the Classroom: Showcasing and
Assessing Student Work, author Matt Renwick shows how digital portfolios—dynamic collections
of authentic information from different media—can capture student thinking and progress and help
clarify assessment data.]
Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice - - Edit Remove 1:12 PM
[webinar, leadership, teacher success and motivation - As a school administrator, instructional
coach, or teacher leader, you know that reflective teachers are effective teachers. But how can you
help teachers become self-reflective practitioners whose thoughtful approach to teaching translates
into real gains for student achievement? How can you transform your schools to have cultures of
commitment instead of compliance?]
With Math, Seeing Is Understanding - - Edit Remove 1:09 PM
[math, teacher success and motivation, student success and motivation - Whether using everyday
objects (like the classroom rug), or graphic organizers (like a tape diagram), visual cues make math
concepts stick. Helping children visualize math is critical to their success in the subject.]
What Makes a Collaborative Classroom Work? - - Edit Remove 1:07 PM
[leadership, teacher success and motivation, student success and motivation - Here are three things
to keep in mind as you build a culture of collaborative conversation. Getting the most out of group
work. ]
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Marianne Flanders
From Punitive to Positive: Flipping the... - - Edit Remove 0:59 PM
[leadership - When principals have to play the "bad guy" role, the respect and authority of the
classroom teacher is undermined. Instead, follow these four tips for turning discipline referrals into
opportunities to connect.]
Super Teacher - - Edit Remove 0:29 PM
[teacher resources - Membership for unlimited resources for K-6 teachers.]
Teachers Pay Teachers - - Edit Remove 0:28 PM
[teacher resources - Resources for classroom and school use. ]
ClassDojo - - Edit Remove 0:27 PM
[classroom management, behavior modification - Website for classroom management and
communication. Great for parents to keep track of students and stay in touch with classroom
activities. ]
101 Report Card Comments to Use Now - - Edit Remove
[report card comments - Creating report cards that leave an accurate record of my students’ performance in the
classroom without degrading their self esteem. ]
100 Report Card Comments - - Edit Remove 0:23 PM
[report card comments - The following positive statements will help you tailor your comments to
specific children and highlight their strengths. Find the right words to keep your comments fresh
and accurate. ]
Grading Smarter, Not Harder: Assessment... - - Edit Remove 9:41 AM
[webinar, assessment, student success and motivation, homework - During this hour-long
presentation, Dueck will address homework, alternative assessment, eliminating late penalties and
zeroes, and the I Know I Am Close multiple-choice approach.]
Capacity-Building: Linking Professional... - - Edit Remove 9:41 AM
[webinar, leadership, teacher success and motivation - In a strengths-based, coaching-oriented
model, Hall shares how we can strengthen organizations by simultaneously bolstering our
individual and collective capacity. This webinar includes tips for school leaders, decision makers,
teachers, and anyone with an interest in increasing educator effectiveness.]
Special Topic / The Case For and Against... - - Edit Remove
[leadership, homework - This resource discusses pros and cons of homework in responding to changing