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Mott MacDonald

Interview tips

At Mott MacDonald the quality of our people is a vital asset and interviews are an important
part of the process. They not only help us build on the information we gained from your
application, but also make sure that you are the best match for the team. The interview
format differs for each business unit. Some will involve written exercises or a short
presentation, but we will give you as much information as possible to help you prepare.

Remember, interviews are a two-way process – it is also your chance to establish if you would
like to pursue a career with Mott MacDonald. If you have been invited to an
interview with us, congratulations! Here are some useful tips to help you prepare:

The key to a successful job interview is in the preparation

• The first thing you should do is look over your • We aren’t expecting you to know everything about
application and remember what you told us. Mott MacDonald but you will be asked what
It gave us our first impression of you and if you’ve you do know and why you chose to apply to us.
been invited to an interview it’s because we were Our website will have the most up-to-date
impressed with your answers. information

• If it helps, take notes to your interview. There is nothing • If you’re looking to pursue a career with
wrong with referring to notes but make sure not to Mott MacDonald then you should also have
read directly from them throughout the interview. an understanding of what’s happening in the
industry and how this could affect your future.
• It may sound simple but know your degree. Managers
will be interested in topics you’ve covered and projects • Don’t be afraid to ask questions especially if you’re
you’ve worked on. They will also want to know about not sure about something, it shows you’ve done your
any relevant work experience you have and what research and are genuinely interested.
you learnt. Prepare recent examples that you can use
to demonstrate your achievements. • Remember through this process the interviewer has
three aims:
• Remember that we want to hear about your – To learn if you have the right skills and knowledge
achievements and what your contributions were to for the job
projects and work. Use ‘I’ rather then ‘We’ even – To discover your motivations
if you worked in a team. – To decide whether you will fit into the company
culture and team


Know your strengths and weaknesses
• The only way you can develop and succeed in a role is A useful technique for structuring your answer to competency
to take advantage of your strengths and to improve on based questions is to use the STAR structure:
your weaknesses. One of the ways we predict your future Situation
performance is to use competency based questions and Task required
your answers to these should demonstrate your skills. Action you took
Result of that action
• Be yourself when answering competency based questions
and use real examples, it’s easy to lose track of what Example question:
you’re saying if it isn’t something you actually did. If you Can you describe a situation where you worked in a team?
are prepared, these questions will give you the chance
to describe your prouder moments but you should also We are looking for you to demonstrate
remember times when things didn’t go to plan and how the following:
you dealt with this. ––Outline the situation, your particular role and the task of
the group overall
• When using competency interviewing techniques the ––Describe any problems that occurred and how they were
interviewer will ask open ended questions relating to your tackled eg meeting deadlines
behaviours in past situations and will try to match these ––Say what the result was and what you learned from it
with the requirements of the role. Examples of common
competencies include: communication skills, planning
and organisation, team work and use of initiative.

It’s not just what you say that counts

• Arrive on time and know who you’re going to meet • Be conscious of your hand use and don’t fidget
• Plan your journey with props, such as a pen or notebook, as it can
• Smile – we understand you might be nervous but distract from what you’re saying and make you lose
it’s important to give the impression you’re happy concentration
to be there • Wear suitable business wear but remember it’s not
• Relax and don’t rush your answers, if you need a fashion show
to take a moment or two before answering • Take a copy of your CV and application into the
a question it’s okay interview and use it as a prompt if you get stuck
• Maintain eye contact but you don’t need to stare

Where possible, provide your feedback on the interview within 24 hours either by email or telephone.
You should contact the graduate recruitment team who will pass on any comments to the hiring manager.

Contacting us will reiterate your interest and help you stand out from the crowd.

Finally, be positive and remember we will be looking at how Mott MacDonald

can help you develop and achieve your career aspirations

For more information visit our graduate website