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A Christmas Carol

Part 1
In this episode, you'll get to know Ebenezer Scrooge. Nobody seems to be able to get a kind
word or even a smile out of him.
Listen to what he has to say and, after that, test your skills with our quiz.
This is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a man who loved money and didn't like Christmas. There
he was, on Christmas Eve, in his office. He was k____________ an e_____ o___ his clerk Bob
Cratchit. Scrooge wanted to get every little bit of work from Cratchit before allowing him to
spend Christmas Day at home. Scrooge thought Christmas was a waste of time! Even his nephew
couldn't convince him that it wasn't.
Scrooge's Nephew
A Merry Christmas, uncle!
Bah! Humbug!
Scrooge's Nephew
You don't mean that, I'm sure!
What's Christmas time to you but a time for paying bills without money? You find yourself a
year older, but not an hour richer! What good has it ever done you?
Scrooge's Nephew
I've always thought of Christmas as a kind, fo____________, ch____________, pleasant time. A
time when men and women seem to open their hearts freely. It's never put money in my pocket,
but I believe that it's done me good!
Scrooge's Nephew
Come on, uncle, come and have dinner with us tomorrow.
Scrooge's nephew was per_____________ but the old man wouldn't change his mind. He was in
his usual bad mood when two gentlemen came to his office to ask for a donation to offer
Christmas dinner to the poor. Scrooge worked in the money-lending business. No donation from

Gentlemen, are there no prisons and workhouses, where the poor receive food and
accommodation in return for some work?
We wish we could say there aren't any, Mr Scrooge. Many poor people would rather die than go
to prison or the...
They should die and decrease the sur_______ population. And... well, it's none of my business
anyway. They cost a lot of money, and the poor should go there. Goodbye, sir.
Typical Scrooge! He feels sorry for no-one, helps no-one. With him, it's all about money. He
thought of nothing else. His partner, Jacob Marley, had died seven years before, at Christmas.
Marley was like Scrooge when he was alive. But now he was gone. Or was he?

Who's there? I'm finally home and I want some peace!
Scroooge... Scrooooooge...
What is this? A ghost?! It's not possible! I must be having ind_______________ and seeing
things that aren't there!
Scrooge. In life I was your partner, Jacob Marley.
Marley, is it really you?! And what is this strange metal chain you are wearing? It's made of
cash-boxes, keys, locks, heavy purses...
I wear the chain I made in life. Of my own free will I wore it when I was alive. Is its pattern
strange to you? Or do you wish to know the weight and length of the heavy chain you are
carrying yourself?
Don't say that, Jacob. And why is this happening to you? You were always a good man of

Business!? Mankind was my business. Charity, kindness - were all my business. Why did I walk
through crowds of people with my eyes turned down? I'm here to warn you, that you still have a
chance of esc_____________ my f_______. You'll be visited by three spirits. Expect the first
spirit tomorrow at one o'clock in the morning. And remember what I've told you.
Marley disappeared into the night, flying out of an open window with other ghosts which looked
as mis_______________ as him. Scrooge was sh___________. I'll tell you about the visit of the
first spirit next time.
Question 1: Who is Bob Cratchit?
a) Scrooge's nephew
b) Scrooge's clerk
c) Scrooge's partner

Question 2: Why did Scrooge refuse to donate money to the poor?

a) He didn't have much money for himself
b) He thought they were robbing him and should be in prison
c) He said he paid taxes to support places where the poor could go to and he didn't need to give

Question 3: Why did Marley's ghost pay Scrooge a visit?

a) To wish him Merry Christmas
b) To give him indigestion
c) To tell him he was going to be visited by three spirits

Part 2
Selfish businessman Ebenezer Scrooge receives a visit from the first of three spirits. This is the
Spirit of Christmas Past.
Let's continue the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the selfish man who didn't like Christmas. Last
time, the ghost of his dead partner, Marley, told Scrooge he would be visited by three spirits.
They would give him a chance of escaping Marley's fate. Scrooge was in bed when the curtains
were opened and he saw a face...
Spirit of Christmas Past
I'm the Ghost of Christmas Past - your past. Come with me.
The Spirit took Scrooge through a wall and suddenly they found themselves on an open country
road. The city had disappeared. Scrooge was very excited.
Good heavens! I grew up in this place. That's the river! And... Oh, and I u_____ t___ climb that
He remembered everybody's names. He could see them, but they couldn't see him or the Spirit.
Then the Spirit invited Scrooge to go to the local school.
Spirit of Christmas Past
The school is not quite empty. There's still a child there...
I know! And I know who it is!
There he was, young Scrooge, alone in a room, sad and lonely. But one Christmas, his young
sister came to the school with good news.
Scrooge's little sister
Hello, my dear brother! I've come to take you home! Home forever and ever. Father is much
kinder than he used to be and he sent me in a carriage to bring you. And we'll be together all
Christmas, and have the m______________ time in all the world!
Spirit of Christmas Past
Your sister... She had a big heart! She died when she was an adult and had, I think, children.
Your nephew!

Yes. She was so kind...
Do I sense r________ in Scrooge's voice? He behaved so badly towards his nephew... But time
was running out and the Spirit of Christmas Past had another place to take Scrooge to: a big


Spirit of Christmas Past
So, do you recognise this place?
Yes! I was an apprentice here. Oh! Old Mr Fezziwig! That's my old boss!
Mr Fezziwig
Yo ho ho boys, no more work tonight. It's Christmas Eve! Clear away my lads, and let's have lots
of room here!
The warehouse was tr__________ into a bright ballroom in no time at all. In came a musician,
Mrs Fezziwig and her three daughters, and all the young men and women employed in the
business. It got old Scrooge thinking. He told the Spirit...
Mr Fezziwig had the power to make us happy or unhappy; to make our work easy or hard;
pleasure or pain. The happiness he gave us is as great as if it had cost a huge pile of gold. I
should like to be able to say a word or two to my clerk Bob Cratchit just now.
Is there a change in old Scrooge? Mmmm... Maybe... Well, the m_______ was d________ when
the Spirit took Scrooge to see another Christmas a few years later. Then, the young Scrooge was
starting to look obsessed with money. He wasn't alone. There was a young woman by his side.
Oh, she was crying...

Scrooge's girlfriend
Something else has taken my place; if it can cheer and comfort you as I wanted to do, I have no
reason to cry. May you be happy in the life you have chosen!
Spirit, show me no more. Take me home. Why do you tor________ me?

It was hard for Scrooge to see how his girlfriend left him when he started to fall in love with
money. But the Spirit's work wasn't done yet. He took Scrooge to yet another Christmas a few
years from then. And the gr___________, old man saw her happy with a husband and children -
children who he almost wished were his own. Scrooge was very dep__________ when he got
back home: the kind sister whose son he rejected, the generous employer, the lost girlfriend –
that's a lot to take in! But there were still two spirits left. What would the Spirit of Christmas
Present show Scrooge? Let's see it tomorrow. I can't wait!
Question 1: Who cheered Scrooge up when he was alone at school on Christmas day?
a) The Spirit of Christmas Past
b) Scrooge's little sister
c) Mr Fezziwig

Question 2: Why did Scrooge feel he should have talked to his clerk, Bob Cratchit?
a) He felt he should have been as kind to his clerk as his own old boss was to him
b) When he heard Mr Fezziwig asking them to put the shutters up he remembered he had left his
office door open
c) He wanted to invite Bob Cratchit to his own Christmas party

Question 3: Why did Ebenezer Scrooge's girlfriend leave him?

a) Because she fell in love with somebody else
b) Because she loved money more than him
c) Because he loved money more than he loved her