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Tailoring Design Development and Ideation in

Catering Industry Demands
Fadila Mohd Yusof1, Azmir Mamat Nawi2, Azhari Md Hashim3,
Ahmad Fazlan Ahmad Zamri4, Abu Hanifa Ab Hamid5
Faculty of Art and Design, Universiti Teknologi MARA, 08400 Merbok, Kedah,

E-mail address:,,,,


Design development is known as one of the processes involved through teaching and learning
in industrial design area. This process is important during an early stage of ideas before
continuing to the next design stage. This study was conducted to investigate the comparison
between academic syllabus and industry practice whether these processes are highly
dependent on the idea generation and interaction related to the designer and to the student
itself. The data were gathered through an observation of industry practice during conceptual
design phase and teaching and learning process in academic through Video Protocol Analysis
(VPA) method and interview among industry practitioners via structured and unstructured
questionnaires. The data were analyzed by using N-Vivo software in order to formulate the
result. The findings may possibly contribute to the teaching and learning process especially on
the improvement of industrial design syllabus in order to meet the industry demands.
Keywords: Design Development, Industrial Design, Industry Demands