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What is Information.
Information is the data processed for some purpose.
Information can only be considered to be real info if
it meets certain criteria i.e.
1. It must be communicated to the recipient
2. It must be in a language that is understood
3.It must be in a suitable form
4. It must be relevant for achieving some purpose

“ Is any form of communication that

provides understandable and useful
knowledge for the person receiving it.”
The branch of knowledge that deals with the
creation and use of technical means and their
interrelation with life, society, and the
environment, drawing upon such subjects as
industrial arts, engineering, applied science,
and pure science.
Information Technology
“Information technology is a general term that
describes any technology that helps to produce
manipulate, store ,communication information.”

"It merges computing with high speed

communications links carrying data sound and

-Various household devices
Change in Technology
Two different parts of information
-Computer Technology
"Programmable ,multiuse machine that
accepts data-raw facts and figures and
processes or manipulates it into information
we can use ."
-Communication Technology
"Also called telecommunications technology
consist of electromagnetic devices and
systems for communication over long
Benefits of Information Technology

-In communication
-Increase Social Relationship
-In Education
-In Purchasing
-In Agriculture
- In Banking
- In Transportation
Computer is an important
component of Information
Definition of Computer
"A programmable electronic device
designed to accept data, perform
prescribed mathematical and logical
operations at high speed, and display
the results of these operations."
Categories of Computer
Computers are divided into five different
-Super Computers
High capacity machines with thousands of
processors that can perform more than several
trillion calculations per year.
-Main Frames
Water or air cooled computers more expensive
and vary in size from small to medium to large
depending on their use.
Work Station
Expensive powerful personal computers
usually used for complex scientific
mathematical and engineering calculations.
Micro Computer
Also called personal computers can fit next
to desk.
Micro Controllers
Also called embedded computers are the
tiny specialize microprocessors installed in
smart appliances
Types of Computers

There are two types of computers

- Analog Computers
- Digital Computers
Analog Computers
-It recognize data as continuous
measurement of a physical property
-Its output is usually displayed on a
meter or graphs
-Examples are Analog clock, speed of a
car thermometer etc.
Digital Computers
-It works with numbers
-They breaks all types of information
into tiny units and use numbers to
represent those pieces of information
-Every thing is described in two states
either "on "or "off ".
-They are fast and have big memory
Purpose of Computer
#The purpose of a computer is to process
data into information
-Data consists of the raw facts and figures that are
processed into information.
-Information is data that has been summarized or
other wise manipulated for use in decision making
#Hardware and software
-Hardware consists of all the machinery and
equipment in a computer system
-Software or programs consists of all the electronic
instructions that tell the computer how to preform
a task
Basic Operations of Computers

- Input Operation
- Processing operation
- Storage operation
- Output operation
- Communications operation
Devices of a Computer
Input devices
An input device is a hardware device
used to send data to a computer.
- Key Board
- Mouse
- Game controller
- Digital Camera
- Scanner
Processing and Memory
-System Case and Power Supply
-Processer chip for Central
Processing Unit(CPU)
-Memory chip also known as RAM
used for primary or temporary

Main circuit board in the computer

Storage Devices
-Hard disk
Can stores billions of characters of data.
-CD(Compact Disk)DVD(Digital video
Use laser technology to read data
Output Device
An output device is any device used to
send data from a computer to another
device or user.
- Monitor
- Printer
- Speakers
- Projector
- Head phone
Soft Ware
Soft ware are of two types
System Software
Help to perform essential operating task
Application Software
Help to perform specific task
World is a Global Village
Why ????
Uses or benefits of Computer
> In Science
> In Business
> In Education
> In Defense
> In sports
> In research
> In Govt. Etc.
Management Information
Management information system,
or MIS, broadly refers to a
computer-based system that
provides managers with the tools
to organize, evaluate and
efficiently manage departments
within an organization.
Word “Management” identifies special group
of people whose job is to direct the effort and
activities of other people towards common
Management is the process of coordination
work activities so that they are completed
efficiently and effectively with and through
other people.

Planning Organizing Directing coordinating controlling


“ Is any form of communication that

provides understandable and useful
knowledge for the person receiving it.”

Appropriate Date Accurate information Relevant decision

A system is a group of interrelated
components working together toward a
common goal by accepting inputs and
producing output in an organized
transformation process.

Input Process Output


MIS is defined as an integrated

system of man and machine for
providing information to the
operations management &
decision making function in the

Management information system,

or MIS, broadly refers to a
computer-based system that
provides managers with the tools
to organize, evaluate and
efficiently manage departments
within an organization.
Tasks of MIS
Following are activities performed during
information system processing :-

> Handling of volume data

> Confirmation of the validity of data & transaction.
> Quick search & retrieval
> Mass storage
> Communication of information system to the user
on time
> Fulfil the changing needs of information.
What is MIS
Advantages of MIS
> Companies are able to highlight their strengths
and weaknesses due to the presence of revenue
reports, employees performance record etc.
the identification of these aspects can help the
company improve their business processes and
> Information is considered to be an important
asset for any company in the modern competitive
world. The consumer buying trends and behaviors
can be predicted by the analysis of sales and
revenue reports from each operation region of the
>Giving an overall picture of the
company and acting as a
communication and planning tool.
> The availability of the customer data
and feedback can help the company to
align their business processes according
to the needs of the customers. The
effective management of customer data
can help the company to perform direct
marketing and promotion activities.