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 ~ŠŠ iz9 ËZ e  Vl…æ^ŽÚ ‹×rÚ
~g†Ô 2017cŠ @*
( 2018ag â @* ',Æ Z ) 61-62:¢Ô 244-45:{g Ñāœ
yz¬§it aÆVzg ZŠ ZgzZ ( ~Š ZÐZ )9zg 300: Ñ‚Ô9zg 150:{g Ñ{ŠŽñ:7
ǃ9zg 600: Ñ‚gzZ9zg 150{g Ñ °
(Subscription Annual: Rs 300, Per issue: Rs 75)
°Z e O%Z 150: Ñ‚gzZ {g Ñ °°Z ek%Z 40¶gt aÆVzg Zh ~Š ZÐZÆ´ ˜)
σ: Ñ‚°Z e O%Z 200gzZ {g Ñ °°Z e 50¶g Åyz¬§iaÆVzg ZŠ ZāZ# σ
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W ay9zg 500ã½6,ågzZ n7 Å}g Ñq -ZaÆ´ ˜))
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Æ ó( y) zŠg Z ¹F, ÅZg e ¶gaÆ äZj ó[Š Z zŠg Z L 
J)gfÆé~ Z c* âÃ]Z|áZz −¶gˆÆkZ1ì $ Ë Y Å: Zzg ÌÐc ZR,J
rahmaniamirulhasan ~e ðWé~Z ÅyZà `g™ZøÃuÐ ]¬ÅÑÆ−¶ggzZcR Z,
:÷t ]¬´aÆcZR, JX σ * *™Øi Åä™ i6,
Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu ( Hind ), A/c No 0158201000018
IFSC: CNRB0000158, Canara Bank, D.D.U. Marg, New Delhi - 110002

aÆä™Ýq]â¥0Ð ® )÷á Z ÅyZ c*

ä™: Zzg]&
é~ ZgzZ 0091-9212-439448y¯−ÆyZÐ r # ™Vâi ºZ[»
ì YYH‚gZ Ì6,
¹zg ÃÔ Z : ñe Z
110002-‹Š 5ÔE- Z i ƒ Zg Ô 212 Ô yzŠg Z Ô ( y) zŠg Z ¹F
,³Z : ´â
~g ]Z† : DÚ6,
æ°Z† : 8 -iì
(Cell Phone: 0091-9560-432993) ã ×g dZ÷Z
: ` ™ZøÃu
110002-‹Š 5Ô m c*
gŠ ÔiÚ6,?W ÕäG5rZ : ·,
V1nrnÒ ä_e]… 1nÖ 1Ò 1Þ†Ò Ø‘^u Xh] 恅] Z oa^Ú ä‰ 6nÚ ];nßnÒ
21, Whiteleaf Crescent, Scarborough,Ontario,
Canada MIV 3G1, E-mail: hg ZË ËZ e 
Printed and published by Abdul Bari on behalf of the Anjuman Taraqqi
Urdu (Hind), Urdu Ghar, 212 - Rouse Avenue, New Delhi-110002
and printed at the Asila Offset Printers, 1307-08, Kalan Mahal,
Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002,
Editor: Dr Ather Farouqui, E-mail:, Ph: 0091-11-23237722, 23237733
þ ™
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5 ðZzŠÝ°Z & œ tg ZŠ Z
7 ¹zg ÃÔ Z tgz ª
oËßu Ünۍ äÿç+
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eZzg ~Ä5
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61 +Z† 4ÒgzZx ÷ á WVpà
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~h ÛˆÜ U* ± Wq -ZÐ 4ÒWz6,
V6m†m†vi oÒ gu^‘ oËßu Ünۍ
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7^,³jþ Ê… ô ^m
181 sÑZ·± .E
[ÅVzƒ ñÅ:V*¹ÅŠ&çGO*
193 ò»· ÀzŠg ZˆÆÇÏg 0*
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ì:ÀF, ( âgzg ¾x Zg ) { ÷ .Zz
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ˆm憵 Ü׉] ô^m äe
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253 ã¢ÜZ ¼ :xj% m,
,Š c* z6,ÅZ ËZ e — Š *Z}g ø
255 ò†Zgzu m,z6,ÅZ ËZ e
260 Tom Alter The Life & Poetry of Bahadur Shah Zafar (Book Review)
÷… ]ˆ³+
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:~ e ðWé~ Z Å ó[Š ZzŠg Z L„â
aÆ ] â ¥0Ð ® )÷á Z Å}pgzZ,™w‚g Z6,
gzZ 0091-9868659985:b!*ñÆ y ZÐ V â i ºZ [ »
X ,™‚Zg6, :é~ Z
dZ÷Z[» aÆ]â ¥0Ð øÃuÆó[Š ZzŠg Z L
0091-9560432993 :b!* é~ ZgzZ
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{z÷ n pgyTŽ KZ~ *ŠzŠg Z ~g7 r # ™4ÒgzZr # ™m, z6,ÅZX ÇÑ
ÅsÜ~ ïzWgzZög D +zkgŠ/KZ äV,ZXì Vc* ú~Vzk ’ÅyZ
zŠg Z ¹F,³Zg !* kZ ä ëpVOXì Z÷î»yZ6,],Æó ó[Š ZzŠg Z L LÔì
Xì Å7à¹ZÐ+ $YÅ ( y)
Ž Ô»r # ™4Òq -Z :÷ ï÷ á ÚÍzŠ ~}g ÑkZÆ ó ó[Š Z zŠg Z L L
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Æ äsÅ¡ÅyZgzZ ÷ D™7Š !* ug IÐ »2 è ¹Z ë ‰ƒ
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]g ZŠ Z Å ó ó[Š ZzŠg Z L Æ
L m,z6,ÅZËZ e Xì »r # ™m, z6,ÅZ˜Í ZuzŠ
X Zƒ WzI»Mg ‡ÆkZX Š Hw$ +„\zg8 -g » ó ó[Š ZzŠg Z L LˆÆ% e
ÅÌä ,Ügzu£Z wW]g ZŠ Z ÅkZgzZ å ;gƒ ù ÷ á ̬ó ó[Š ZzŠg Z L L
kZˆÆ¶Šx Z øZ Û Æ]g ZŠ Z Å ó ó[Š ZzŠg Z L LÆr# ™ m, z6,ÅZ1¶
L Æh
yZ : e¯ **– −hzZÃ ó ó[Š ZzŠg Z L LX ‰ 7,îæ î—‚x ÓÆ}h +`

yZ1‰ƒÂlzŠ%Ð ]g ZŠ Z ÅkZ {z¬k',zŠ ðÃgzZ ˆ}Š[ ZŽ ¡Å

ÅZX ~Š™Š4Æ, Û WÈYyY äV,Zà 2017m 6gzZ mi: ¡Å
-Z Ð s§Å ó ó[Š Z zŠg Z L L¹Z˜Íï÷
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Xì ]o• Zy

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5q ëZq -Z » Ï0 + i Dp ~g ø ßWx N*
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Š,j »ä™g e @WÐ ÀÆVâ !* i
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ðZzŠÝ°Z & œ


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Ôw ~„LZ [Âtā å ¹ ñƒ D™ ðZk , +Å kZ gzZ å –{ûª ä ~
0Z w9Z à{sÜ:Ðzz Å]ùx ¬ KZgzZ ðZ÷ Åb‹ÔÝz Åt #I
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Vzg ZŠ +$Y‚f {Š ‚Æ~I¹F, È îÂO]ä kZ ¶Å„Š y¶ KÅV ðG $Ozg ! Š Z)gzZ
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Z îÅ
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ag »Ð kzgÉ 7Ð xšg â õ)OGzg ÒZÆ ~I ¹F, ~ zŠg Z X ¶~Š }Š
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Vr’Šg ÇVZzWÅ\g- ā ~Š q :Zt ÃVzI ¹F, ÆzŠg Z ä 4ÒZ # QXì
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Ôå [™ Za [ZCZE Ù Y » b§q -Z~ yZ 6È Ã²āVa 1Ô Š Hƒ ~g ¤[j
Åli ‚™Ö~VÃg !* VƒÇ¸ÅV‡ÆzŠg ZÆV-gE- ‰äV,Z Z®
6,yZhÆ ¢ A & Å ä™s %ZgzZ ™B‚Æ ~Š OZŠp6,[ Š4ÒgzZ
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»Ï0 ¹ÜZgzZ ~y" Ô6fq -g @* ÅVzg ó{ûÔ Z™
ÅzŠg Z ~ äâ i Ë6,Tmƒ: Za ÌôÍÅ Woolfish Snarl kZ ~ Vzû
X ¶gŠ ‡WI¹F,
Å 4ÒX ñWt ‚C Ù b¼ ÌÆ Ïn q -g @*V; Ô7ÂÆ 6f q -g @*
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gzZ ’ W! Š Z [çl Z Wz Å b§q -Z {z´Æ·_Ý è z gzZ i Z0+Z dä [Â
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!Zj »~ .–XyZgzŠÆ¬_LZ äV,ZXì ~gz¢aÆyòÆe $h+].
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„ ò~ [Â +Z q -ZÚÍÐ ¹ ,Zā D™lˆÚÍÆ t · Z z s %Z
Currents and gzZ {ë‰e $h +]
.gzZ C™W, OÐ Ýz Åo ÎKZŽ ÷D W

Ž ~ [f H„ tæ6,e $h +] .Xƒ 0Ð yDg ïqÆ Cross Currents
~ ]gß+Z Xì ŠŽñwq¾ i Z0 +ZgzZK» Polemics ~ kZì ;g Y –¼
Ð ã‚ W Hunting Groundª{ Çg DÅWöWÃÃ"ÌË6,e $h +]
!WÃ4ÅV ðG3 Gë C;KZ ±g ÷
! ½& á zŠg ZÆ e $h+]
.āt Zƒ VŒ 1Ôì YY c* ¯
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Æx Z%Z~W~g øX 7aÆ® )÷ á Z~á ‚gÜçËÔ¸ìgÉaÆ
[|Z kZ1Ô Çƒc* W:I[|Zd{¤»[ÂÅ4ÒGÃVÇZæÆ[|Z
Xì YYc* Š „Ê Õ²÷ á Ô7Ê Õgz&ËÌh»g ïZÐÌZÅ
ì tZg ™{yDg »ä™tèkZ Åe $h +]
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-Z~ \g- Åg ZÜZ6,pgØ{Ã[Š ZXì [Š Z „ ó ó[Š ZØ{L L._ÆT
J Û Å~Ie $g ÷ á Z™ƒqzÑÐbÃÆ®} Z',®Žì õg @* D
{È » Pure Poetry W, % iÆ ~I e
Z æLG $g ÷ á Z ~ yàZ ä à i +',Xì ðƒ #
¸n pgg¦s ZÑZ ™{ »g ÖZÆkZgzZ"Š~ÄÔIe $g ÷ á ZÆ÷Z Û X åc* Î
! Š ZgzZ å 3g™g (Z i Z0 +Z » ï E 6X
GG34) ',Å b§q -Z ä V,Z~ yZyÆÄz [Š ZgzZ
gzZ¸ Bó óxø** L LÃ]¬çñ0Ð ugzZ t ÜZ Ô„  (~ ]ïÅ"Š
āVa ~ zŠg Z X¸ B{2Ð V7Šß W~Ž ~g ‚gzZ u 0* b§ÅuñÃ~²÷ á
gîÆ¿áLOgq -Z s ÜÆÏŠi„  (gzZ " $æÔ ~g %^',Å ~I ¹F, $h
e +]
4ÒXì ;g¨ ¸g¦°ZÑZ »[Š ZØ{„Ð qzÑ~kZÐzzkZ ¶~½Z6,
VzŠ** +]
h .‰g ïZ ¸ »yZXì Hg ïZШ: ZI e $g ÷á Z kZ Åe $h +] .ä

Inclusive ª à Ë7 Exclusive » e+].{z Xì ¯ zz Ås %ZÆ yZÐ
ÌZ1Ôì YYHÌs %ZgzZì $ Ë YÅcÐg¦kZÆyZX ÷n pgg¦
Xì Zƒ7(ZJ -
» ó ók‚ Z: ‘Å e $h +].L L[Â KZ ä 4Òˆ Æ M zÆ w‚q -Z
~ÃÝZgŠzªXì c* Šx **» ó óe
$Zzg ~Ä5L LäV,Z&ì Hù ÷ á z ZuzŠ
ñƒyzç~¨z úÅe $h +] .Ž åŒ6,"ŠgzZ „Š y¶ KÅg °Z yZgzZ å
T YY Œ7Ê …ZgzZ VE ZÅ"Šãâ igzZ ãâ iÑ kZ%ÆXgzZ¸
!Åg °Zx ÓyZ~e $Zzg ~Ä5Xìðigq -Ze $h+] .»o ¶Kz[™Æg ÖZÆ
$ŠŽz 4zŠ yK̈Z 5Xì ]g „~²÷
Ôe á zŠg Z h+]
.Ð Tì Š HHt‹ » ôÍ
Æ]Zg¦‰ (New Historicism) ï g @* M mZ xÔ]*—5Ô];
á ï ò}Ž ä 4ÒˆÆ} ^ ,YÆ ]Z W, ZÆ yZ6,[Š Z !gzZ ]Zā! Š Z
tÃ! Š Zāì Š H¬Š ÒZXìgâ »ÏÙg ZŠZÅ[Š ZgzZ]ùKZÅyZ~yQ÷
yZykZJ -u ~(,4ÒX ÷ D Y}g â ~ { Zg Åt :Zá Zz ä™x » » ~i ‚
~²÷ á zŠg Z Å ~œ,(1):ì Œ6,[Z1Z &[ÂÅyZ Ô÷ ìg[x»~
! (3) b) ã—z /‰‰‰]1) 5 (2) ]ZāÆ kZgzZ e $Zzg Å e
$h +].~
X b)Ær šZzg ÖZ‰‰‰¿
Š" Zi WgzZ à"q ._ÆT÷ D™h +Š F, ÅbÃszckZ {z ~ [!* ¬
~œ,ä V,Z~KkZX ÷D YKg Ñ~Vzg zAzZÆ~²÷ áh+] .
t Xì C½Zk ,¦Åwj â 6f 6 q -ZÐ kZì H7)** ©Ž » ~²÷ á zŠg Z Å
-’k& Z ÅŠ"
gzZ ( q Zi WgzZ à"q )g¦~Š â gzZ ]g @* +]
Æh .._Æw¸ÆyZk , ¦
6,kZXì Z8Ð VâzŠ ( q -’I ¹F, )g¦R c* ~Š OZ ÔÏ(Æh +] .
k ¦t X ðƒ Vð; Æ ÒúÅT7eÌt :Z »g¦xkZÆh +] .
wq‹gßÇÅkZ} OÆøZ Û z ]** kZhZzÐ kZgzZœ£ÆyK̈Z6
}g7 (t X ~ ^Å(uÃz {0 + iÆ|g ZuZæF %NgzZ {ë ð•Zq -ZÔì F F6,
kZaÏZXì 71»ŠŽz ~Š OZ c* Ï( c* Y c*¹ÜZÆkZsÜÔì »yK̈Z

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@gŠ `@Å Ï0 + iÐ X÷ ïŠ ð3Š ]ZŠ § {z OY ~ IF,Å
ïGG3ÒO®ÅkZÃÏ0 + iŠ"Zi WgzZ à"qXì îŠ ^Å"Šiq -Z]h +].Ãï GG3ÒO®ÏZXì
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™ƒg D » ~I qVÅ b§q -Z {z ~ˆ X ÷ ïŠB‚ » e $h +] .6,gî~zb 
~ÄÆ wq ‹gß ãK̈Z ǎ ÷ D Yƒ VZ m, /Ð ~I | !*
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¹F, gzZÐzz Åpgg¦È/µgzZ ~Š ÃZ »[Š ZI ¹F, Xì ~gz¢aÆg ÖZ
gzZI wV{zì g Zg – » ~I |TÐzz Åg ®Z6,g¦~¡)q -ZÆ
gÅ»g » þLG × ! Š ZJ
$ §gzZ ` Z' -u~(,~ZÄhZzÐtzfƒ!* g Z î0ªGÒ7Xì Ç)
Ò~ ekZX $ Ë ™7lñZ Û õg @* $h
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"Z÷~ KkZXì
gzZÈ îÂO]ËÃZÄ6 Žì H™f6,gî-»0 Ì F,è ÁÆ~I|5ä4
»Ú Š~w{z} .ÇÆkZÃyK̈ZgzZd ${zgzZ îŠ äƒ7§ZÅbÃ¥
ÅyK̈Z {zÔ Cƒ7g DÅáYg :gzZÒÅnË~I|5Xì C™c_
C1)gzZyK̈Z ~Š OZÔyK̈Z ~¡ªÔì „g òZgJ -[ZŽ C™7tÄkZ
ÿ7Å"ŠiÆyK̈Z}g7ÏZXì Sg~lˆÅyK̈Z}g7{zX yK̈Z
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™ á Ð Blood Aesthetics Å ÷g Ñ ä V,Z Xì C',7„@* à ðà Å
Aesthetics Å ëG 54&ίÎgzZ Type Writer Aesthetic Ô Vehicle Aesthetic
b§¾āì ÅðÅ W, @*
kZÐ ! p~(,ä V,ZXì Ht‹»J - of Silence
“ā @* ìgzWúÐ ùZg f C1))C Ù „ ]1)gzZ®îZzgŠg ÇVZzW~\g-
yZ ÌZ e $h +].VŒ }g ø X ,½Z ,gŠ5Å ]1) Ð ¿kZÆ 6 g z
~ \g- gzŠ t X¸ 7gŠ J - 1922 Ð 1912 Ã[fŽ ì g ezŠ Ð b)
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(1980) X [ Z±c*
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Â÷e ** ™·_ »„~ŠŽz ë¤ /Z ` WpVOXì B bg Ìg ®Z6,}uzŠ q -ZgzZì
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Space X ¶V kgzZ Vâ i ~ sŸZ î0ÏJ 5k!Æ Einstein Xì o‚ » *ZŠ ßÅ
» And Ð yxgŠÆV/zŠXì Š Hc* Š™sp~ Space Time à and Time
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zg °Z LZ~ eÆÎçñgzZ Œä (Gabriel Marcel) Ëg â sE~H
¯g â ÌŠŽz!* +Zûx ¬ kZpÔÅÒÃÅä™yÒ ~ i Z0
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(Phantasma c* gG4
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i ZzW: #År # ™¯c* · −ZzÆyZX ó ó÷ñWr # ™~gŠ ‡dŠ !ƒV¹×
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ÆöÆ– ™
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gzZ ð¸ÒÔ {z Z yQ Åèâ ñƒ Dƒ Nostalgic {zX ˆƒ
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gzZ Drama of Idias sÜóZg e Ðzz ÅTì Š Hƒ Za W, @*(Z q
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8{ c* $Æ™á Ð (Self-realization) ]Z f È Ã²āì @*
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ë —J -hñ{ŠŽñÆ(Fragmentation)ä)UIgzZ (Dehumanisation)
XbŠ ÌÄŠ Ô HÌx »Š ÷á …ä îkZ Xì ÅuîDq -Z ä)}g øgzZ ä
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W[ZÔ { Ë®zZÔ 734Ô7e,
Cell Phon: 9839902690, 9889742811

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D™™f »W Z F, zŠg ZÆVñ** ^‰ ‘ ~ ~ m, ôZ ä V,Z~ Tì Hk ,
Lady Evelyr XìÀF , zŠg Z » Pilgrimage to Mecca )** ^tāì c* C ñƒ
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zŠg Z~Tì –äægp£Zh +zY!£tó óJ -ïEG3Ò¨Ð$ ð:[Š ZgzZ™L L
à Adaptation studiesäg ó!£X ÷‰ ñÑcæLG % i\zgMÆ]&Å
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`gŠ ~á £kZ Ì„  z¿q -Z ÅVIF F6,]&! Š ZX ì J -u¾öR
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k ’ä }Z−{ ó ó'qŠgŠ q -Z »6¢èāñeZ :y{vZ Y ¶ KZ·L L
V1ÂÅyZ0Ð6¢ā2sg ¬»y{vZY ¶ KZ·ä'VŒXì H
z ÌZ ÅVØz»AÅy{vZY ¶ KZ·Ðá ZjÆ6¢èāX ì H7{ ^ ,Y »
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Ð F+−Z ¥Ž ì y*CZ W, @*Zƒ – »Š&C Ù ¤t ó ór# ™ ËZ e L L
Š¼Æ ,gzZ ì F F6,IçgzZ ]Z@xz ]!* ŠÔ ]Ñì CZ f Æ yZ 0
gzZ DÔ ~g ZŠ - Š: Zg Zz&Ô ~Šg^ ãK̈ZÔ ~g ZŠ)f µ ˆZŽ ì @*
$c* ™¤/YZ ÃVƒ U
X ÷n pgmÐ{)z4zŠ[Â
x Z™ Z * Z!£t ''Letter's of Sprenger written to Sir H.M Elliot"
sfÆsg ¬ÃÌZ ÅkZ~ õg @* ã*ygzZ õg @* ÅáZX ì {Š™k , ’» ð,
ÆðZu bæ ÅÇ~â ¤',x »Ž » ä™ *à õg @* Å«zÇ è 2ì Š HHyÒ ~
Ìsg ¬ »ô4Z ËZ eX ì ~ sg ¬kZ™f¿Ì» kZ Ô ZƒŠiuÐ kZ ~º
-ZgzZ ÷ÆÎâ]g @*
q Ž ÷ ‰ K `gŠ K M kzŠˆÆkZÔìz »k ,
Æ yZā÷ yzçz@á{ ~ ƒÅ yDg 6fÆ 6 ÁqgzZKÃÇ
qŠ 4,
ā¸D™H{zaÆð‚gJ -~.–ÆkZgzZ ?¶HÌZ Å õg @*
—‚~g ø
.Z,qÅx » LZÐ~8Š {h
X Ù~ +Š
"Ghalib: Correspondence with the east India Company and
ÆZgzZtg Íz
~ kZX ì!£ {Š™k ,’» 7Œ Û +−Z Ð Queen Victoria"
ÌÐá ZjÆSŨ ¸Ôì `gŠ wq »v Z%z ; M kŨ ¸Ð vc* &
Åg ÃZÆ{ ÷á Š !*
ÔZƒÝq {Z+ÃHè ¸Ð +â õg @* Ô÷ [ ø 7Š]¥ë ZVŒ
D Y } i ZâÐ x Z™Z z x ÅZ {z b§¾Ô ñƒ Ýq Z +Z ¯ à â H¹Z Ð b & Z
kZt# It?ñ þ ƒ]ZpH~kZ~ˆgzZ ¶HÏ0 + iÅyZ¬Ð1857Xìg
X ÷ï÷ á ~á £
~ Tì {Š™k ,’» VZzk,à¦y*t ó ó Flecker'sTurkish PoemL L
¹Z çl4]ZƲ÷ á VŒXì ˆÅWà )Z6,V¸ÅF, ÅkZQì sg ¬¿»²÷ á
Xì ˆÅ[ÌÅiYÃÌZÅkZ ñƒBé:
kg Zæ ~ y*y ó ó Role of Madrasas in Urdu literacy in IndiaL L
ÏZ!£t » ~−{/Ôì H ZŠ Zg ZŠ™ H~ r z Û ÆÏÙzŠg ZgzZ ög D +z ½zŠg Z ä
k Qì Zƒx »d¯zŽÐá ZjÆkg Zæ ´Š~ y*y Xì @* ™cÐ wZÎ
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"Fact or fiction?: The images of the Sufi author in
s§Å 5ß~á £kZXì –ä ÙÎÎc* Ç **Â!£t 10th-12th century"
,ðg !* ™áÐ~œ,ΊXì ˆÅ[Å+ YÃ|ÅVzk ,
y*ZŠ ~ yZgzZ ?ì H|ÅyZ ÷ [™Ð yZ ,k ,’c*ÁŽ J -~œ
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Xì å›E $N¹~yZ÷D™7CŽ Å 5ßöâ õg @* }g ø
ó ó The Horizons of Islam in South Asia: Iqbal and MaududiL L
! †ñƒ n pgÃæÃ]c* „Å ~ŠzŠñgzZ wD Z äg ó!£X ì {Š™k,’»Îäâ c*
gzZ wD Z ) +®} (,zŠ ~ k ,’kZX ì Å ÒÃÅKÄz ¬Z òsZ ~ ¨Z
~ § ZÆ xs ZXì ˆÅ [ÅKÃVñ¤ /u igzZ dgzZ „O ’Å ( ~ŠzŠñ
g ó!£H ZŠ Zg ZŠ™Ž äVzk
, á ÔVzk
’Ï(4zÏ(gzZÔ ~²÷ ,’Å~ŠzŠñgzZw D Z
~ c î0†q ZÃ]ZŠ §z ]‡· ZÆVz®VâzŠ ñƒ D™Šiy¶ KÃg ZŠ™kZ ä
Xì 3g
''The status of Sindhi language in India in comparison to
ÅkZ ñƒ D Z™sg ¬ » y!* i Sä ÂW xâ ~á £ kZ Pakistan"
Å S~ y*y ÚÅ yÎ 0* ˆ Æ kZ X ì ÅWà )Z 6,| # ‚ ã—
t ''Blochi Riwaj in the Wandering Falcon"Xì H7{ ^ ,Y »wq‹gß
ÅxÎg ©Dñƒ D™[Å ` Zzgc !£X ì {Š™k , ’» â c*
ZgñÅ- zi »y*
Wandering Falcon "g » { ÷ á Å£Z Õxj%X ì @* ™ ãZzÃÌZ Å ~È0*
ÆyÎ 0* ,
gzZyZk îjZÐg±ZÆKgāŽ ` cXìã{ ÷
ZÔyj á Åá £kZ
kZÐ wZÎkZ ?ì HÌZ Å ( Ìgq -Z ) NangV;zì ËÎâÆ´ ˜Z
Xì ˆÅc~á £
ZÇ!* Ð}uzŠq -ZgzZ q–]Ñ£x Óï÷ á ~yèg Z kZ¦ù§
z dgzZ ]¤"ë ZX ÷ D™©q Z » VƒU ZÆ ÄpgzZ d $Ô õg @* X÷
ÃMg ‡Ð V- zZi6 P 0Ð £zx £dÆyZgzZ ö ZÎÆ]†! Š Z
~R', X ÷ Æ ÎâdgzZ ±Š }gŠÌ]Ñ£ ~ m, ôZX ÷ D Z™sg ”
{z´Æ{ ^ ,YÆSªy!* iò £Ô]Z W, ZÆ~ŠzŠñz wD Z m<!* +®òsZ
~g ‡Ð¬_Æyèg Z kZX ÷ dgzZ ¯zá{ {z÷[Âèï÷ á ]Ñ£Ž Ì
Æd $z õg @* VzgzZh +]
.ÅR',m<!* $z õg @*
d Å ¨Z ! fz [†Ã
Xì Cƒ/ZzÐ]¬çñgzZVƒUZ


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Æo)g fÆg \ZyZX H^ »VzàZÐÑÆä¯ æWg »gzZ W, Z6,h
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~ wq‹gßðƒ r$ +gzZ Å[Åä™{ Ç WÃx ¸Ð ]Ñq YgzZ Ï(k , +p
kZX ~Š (F, Åä™Ýq¹ZÃ7 è Æ]gz¢gzZ e $Š ÃZ ÔÌZ ÅxE~)
$¾gzZ Ýz Ãq
e -’Å yZ Ð T H^û%g e À » [º ä ¦u~ e
s6, Zg !* WgzZ 1888 cŠ Ô 1884 ~g†Ô 1873 cŠ K
~y M n!* ä ¦uX ðƒÝq
}uzŠÆ yZpQ7Š ZŠzg -Åg \Z Vzg e yZX H cg »[º~ 1894
™É ó[º î0%** ^ »V{£Z¦Lä ZwD Z¦~ßñÐ mÆ(1884)[º^ è
~y!* iÏg Ãäãˆ(p⊠»kZX c* Š™pôaÆäâ i {ÒWÃwZjZÆ^kZ
X ðW~ ¿® )÷ á Z «ÅkZÐ ö6,^ ¦ /^k XZ| ¥ /Z~ 1884 gzZ Hk, ’
>gzZ c* M F,
ŠK {g !*
zŠÐZ ä ì ã0* ³ Z· ~ 1973 ˆÆM z sîq -Z
X ðƒãU* )÷
® á ZÅkZx ÈZk, iÆgƒÑ[Š Z ¹F,
˜À~ Vñ** ^Xì ZÇ!* Ð Vñ** ^ îZzgk ,’t Å ZwD Z ~ßñ
Ã~g ‡Ñ»Tì @* Y H7~ ñZc¯6,Ã]×b NŠgzZøo]gzp
wD Z¦~ßñpXì @* ™ ½yâ ‚ »o ]
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mï{ C"ÆyZœÓZ ŦugzZì F F6,Š ZŠzg ÇÅ^Ñ!* -Zk
q ,’tÅZ
Xì ]g „Ðg ôZz
gzZ ¶: ¶K»[‰ÆVzm, ôZ y› îS¯ ) !* B Å 1857
Æ~Š Zi Wk
yZ X ‰ − D ôÐ g ±Z RgzZ CÑç ÔÙçX ñƒg D » o zZ z wZzi
„~¹F, (Åx ¸i»b){gÃè¹ZgzZ}½Z™0}Æx ¸¦u~]Ñq
ÆŠÅuLZgzZ c* Š™zaÆŠ‹zb #gzZ ¹F, Åx ¸ÃŠpä¦uX c* WÃ
KZÉ Hì‡sÜ:ÃVzg ZŠ Z (gzZ dÔK ~g Yá ‚g ÔX,ÛD +ò! a
ŦuX ñƒx¯ëÐ VÍß™x˜x˜~½oÐÑÆä™x ¬Ãq -’z„
bgzgŠ »~
B .–~Š ã Ck,’t ÅZwD Z ~ßñaÆä™·_gNgzZKÃVØz»yZ
Å 1857 É 7)** ^q -Z ¡[º! )** ^ » V{£Z¦L LV{£Zqw– Ôì
ó Xó ì [!* ë Z »y*ZŠ Å Y Z4Åx', y**›ˆÆ„n
Z·¦ÔV{³Z·Yq {z´Æ'~^kZÆJ -gƒÑÐ| ¥ /Z
~g†B22ä ]Z|yZX¸ { Z_Ʀu ( ñƒ^ëLG & ÑÐ ‹Š )vZx Z™ Z·gzZ
X H{gzŠ » {)zgƒÑ Ôg7 kZŠgÍÔ<%Z Ô: ·−LyxgŠÆ 1884 ~gz Û 6 Ð 1884
XKÂH~ i Z ³ZƦuä VIZ YgzZ ! Š Z ÔdÅVzàyZÆ[º
4zŠ yK̈ZgzZ ¬ò ¸Ô ~g ZŠ ZzgIèÔ›z ]p Z Ôš M F, z ½ä¦u~ V5yZ
ÅV52]hzi)}g ‚ä 'X Hwìg ÖZ6,]¬çñë ZgzZ kˆ‰
gzZì c*
Š™ `gŠ~ó** ^kZB‚Ɖ Ü ZœgzZCZz~g7Ã]Ýz]×b vŠ
ó** ^äV{£ZqXì ˆ0ïqÅw~i q Ð Z"t6, CÅs ™zZ¹Z
:÷˜Xì c* Û m,
Šg Z Œ z*Š ]g @* ÐZ6, gîO~sg ¬Æ
}uzŠ ‰Æ[ºgzZgƒÑû%g e ä NgÆyZgzZ¦uL L
{g ! Š~]Zg ¶Z)ë]¬Å^Æ1873X H^ »Vzà
QZ # ~ 1884 ~g†¼ZŠ: ŽÃ»¦uˆÆkZ1÷ ˆ
Úz. Þ ‡6ZwDS ¦~ßñ¹Z ÂZƒ~VzàÆ[º
Š™h+zY {0 + iÃ^kZÆ™A $%)** ^ä T åx=g
Ô ì 0Ð (1884) [º^}uzŠÆ¦u)** ^Ãk ,i
óÐ wÅ m,
z*Š ]g @*
-Z 76,gîÆó**
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ó Xó c
ó e9 Š~©:kZ
( 1979Ô‹Š kî ;òåZÔw:mÔ ìã0* ^»V{£Z¦)
: ÷D ⠁ Û ÐmÆ"zzÅó** ^kZZwD Z¦~ßñ
åHx ZoZ ä~1¸ã!* i[ZŽÆVÁgi +ZgzZ¼ƒ  {zL L
™È ¯Ã]ª“ÆyZö Â~ÔnƒÐíJ
@* -V˜ā
yZ {íf {zgzZì H Zg7 Ãx »kZ ä ~āVƒ &~X Vƒ Y
k0* }÷Å]uZzÆ^kZÇZŠŠ c* ,
x ÓgzZ »Vzk½x ÓÅ
~á ‚gkZà  yZā Œƒ  oä~ n kZ ó÷ŠŽñ
yZ ÌJ-yZ ó¸ : ŠŽñ~ V5yZ vߎ gzZ VzŠ ™ ¦
X ó óVƒ àÆá ‚gkZ=g & +ªÅV5
( 1979Ô‹Š kî ;òåZÔ 4:mÔ ìã0* ^»V{£Z¦)
†Ð y!*i ÅyZgzZ Vzk,½Å¦uÑÝZ »'āì @* Ù ªÐ k½Z kZ
¦uvßgzZá™g (Z ]gßÅ m, z*Š ]g @*tÐ T å* *™pôÃswq -ZYq -Z
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wDSu» 1884~g†23QgñHq -ZÆ: ·−Ð mÆ~0Z W, Z ÅWÅ
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vß1ì Wzw; »w; yIp¤ /Z‰ƒ ¦vßÐ ]Òe $.
gzZ ~ Vzi ZzgŠ Xn :  ~ kZā ñWÐ ]ÒgŠ kZ
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Y :Zz ÃyZg eÑgzZ B:(Ì~ VzæW',ÃVÍß
kZX ‰ :ZzÐ wŠ}½]‹¸ ó ñWÐ wŠ}½yâg Z
ä V,Z ¸ r # ™ V{·Z[Zâ[» ³Z gœÆ >
gzZ Ht]» ~gzWp=År # ™¦~k , ½H',z¿q -Z
X Å„ ZpgŠ ŶŠ)6,ót · Zb!*gzZ ~Šg^ò ¸gzZ½ò ¸L
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n™: ‚āgzZ ¶F, 0Ń  ã½gzZ¸ ‰ƒÐŠp"
ó Xó IòSg (Z"gzZ
(1979Ô‹Škî ;òåZÔ10-11:mÔìã0* ^»V{£Z¦)
~— ~ { óÅyZ Ô¸ n pg wŠqŠgŠgzZ kˆu" aÆx ¸z o¦u
Æ Ëkˆ]!* Ù ðƒ hÐ y!*
C i ÅyZāì zz ¸X ¶~i ZâwŠ ~ KgzZ
Vâ ›ä¦uçO¸ Zz ÌÐ ÆwZziz `z²ÆVñ¸¦u
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Û zz ~Š ã gzZ } × 3WÆ
b #gzZ ¹F, x ¸Ð TÅSŁgÐ ›z]p ZgzZ c* Z™gz!* Ð ÌZz]gz¢
:÷V- p ÖZƦuXnƒy' × Ç6,
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ëÑ** kZ ~ „Š x Z ÅgñZ ò ¸gzZ ¹F, ò ¸gzZ ~Šg^
wÍ ZÐ ƒ » ¹F, Åx ¸~g ø :‰‰‰ì c* àW, +¼ ¹ ä
-gzZ ð« Ãt Îz]zZ° kZÐ ›Å:Wëāìt³%
ó Xó ,™wJÐ3
( 1979Ô‹Š kî ;òåZÔ 14:mÔ ìã0* ^»V{£Z¦)
Divide and Ã7Æ ~g ZG 0*
Å#Ö ÓKZ ~ y*zy ä Vzm,
wŠ Îâ Æ â ›gzZ Vîzy Ð TK Za ]Ñq, ZgzZ Åg (Z Œ0* Å rule
ÔÐäƒx$Ð!* zÅe Û cÅogzZ ñƒu]!*
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¸qéZpƹF, ò!ÅoB‚Æwj â g ZÎpgzZðZ6,¦us§~uzŠ
Vâ ›gzZ VîzyÉ ¸ b‡Æ t · S zŠ ŽZ b!* Æ Vâ ›sÜ: {za kZ
:HGñƒïŠgzi6, ]©: *zŠgzZ›zmïÌyxgŠÆ
ëÔ ÅDø c* ƒ ÅÁŠ Ô Å[º c* ƒ Åy*zy Ô6,}i ÏZ L L
oÏZÔÐ ã0* Æo ÏZÔÐ ZƒÅo ÏZX ÷TgVâzŠ
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»ä™ ¹F, ÃVñ¸VâzŠāÅg ~g !* Š',
: *zŠÔ 4zŠ EÔ›E
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( 1979Ô‹Š kî ;òåZÔ 16:mÔ ìã0* ^»V{£Z¦)
X ¸ T eŠ%Å ó{ i @*È˜É L ¸: b‡ÆÖŠu6,Cg èÑsܦu
!*WLZgzZ Å¿#Ž~)ðWÐ [fä ô „ Ö ZŠgzZ Ïâ ªŠ²
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gzZ[Š Z] G 4X3è}xE ¹æy*zys§~uzŠ Â~Š ¹F,
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46,èâ Ð VE*zyñƒ D™[æ~Hq -ZÆwjZ I~g7 kZŠgÍ
:c* Û X ~Š]úŠ Å óä™Za \W*Š KZgLzZå
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y Ž Ô Ð Vñ¸zŠ yZ Ð V- œ „¸āŽ ~ y*zy o
ÅVÍg ) ,Æ yZ X ÷ Š !* WÔ÷ ˆÅ„~ ÂÆ y›gzZz
Æ Vîzy ñY àȎ ¶: +Z ~gñ** gzZ ¤gzZ Ñ
Ô[ˆ ԍy Ô]Mc* g ÄE x Ó ä V,Zā gŠ T vg ) ,
õÊ ÑzZ ÅyZÐ T‰‰‰Å ¹F, ~ b‚ wg â Ô ;#Ô c à Ñ
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q HgzZ ZëÃTì q Hāce ** ™g¨wÍ Z~A ç
ó Xó ǃ:ÆÃë G»Tì
(1979Ô‹Škî ;òåZÔ121-25:mÔìã0* ^»V{£Z¦)
- ^tÂLgŠzöJ -ä™yÒŠ ZŠzg ÅV5gzZ]hsÜ'¤ /Z
H7 Ð i Z0+Z kZÃøogzZ]×b vŠ Å^ä'p@* Y{g™0Š ZŠzg Dô
-Z ~ bâu ! Š Z)**
q ^t b§kZgzZ ì ˆƒ Za y÷ á ! Š Z ~ kZ Ð Tì
Ì»]Ñçz d $ÅÇkZ…)g fÆó** ^kZXì ‚ rgwűŸZ
:ì HyÒV- ©»øZgƒÑXì ¸è
V]Æ@³Z Å 6 c* Š ð3Š yâ ‚ (ZÃë6,øZgƒÑL L
wÑ6,øZX åZƒZ½Ã ¿Ð VÍßøZÀXì ZƒyÒ~
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-Z~zŠg ZgzZ ~ m,
kZ åŠ Hƒ„ZƒÖ ¸á Zz äƒ~x ª: â iŽ Ô »Vñ»
Vƒ¿z Û ~ _ÃÅîÏ£g( ÁzZg 'r# ™¦ā å –Ìt ~
™t]gzZ NÐr # ™q -ZC Ù ā åÐ]ÒgŠkZxW‰‰‰Ð
Æ ~q yˆZ àŠ r # ™¦ å Yƒ J -V˜ 1 å e**
ó Xó ¸D™grgzZ XÐVÍß6,

(1979Ô‹Škî;òåZÔ184-85:mÔìã0* ó º)**
„B‚ì F F6, Š ZŠzg ÇÅ^Ñ!* -Z)**
q ^tāì [YH™f¬ā 6
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. VŒXìŠ HH7~ñZc!ŠZÌÃ]ÝgzZ]×b vŠÅ^~kZ
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ŠŽñ{Š c* iÐ °»K» ^g7g1'Y ð0* 7]:SÏ
g7gÐZ 6,¯ Š䃊 ® ã½K» ô¸z s
j @* # ( Xì
ó 7~g ZØŠ ðÃ~¶Šg Z Œ Û
g7g èõg @*
( 109:mgƒÑÅXg ‡ß ZÔyZúZ£Zg¼ËZ ei Z ~g ój @* y*ZŠ )
g7gª»zŠg ZÐZÉ ÷ïŠg Z Œ
… â Ìj @* Û j @* g7gsÜ:Ãk,’kZyZúZ£Zg¼
: ÷ ˜ Ô÷
¬ÆzŠg Q{zˆÆ+ â j @* kZ ÅZwDS ~ßñL L
ó Xó ÷DIg ój @* g7g
g7g èõg @*
( 115:mgƒÑÅXg ‡ß ZÔyZúZ£Zg¼ËZ ei Z ~g ój @* y*ZŠ )
qZ »4z] .Åx ¸āqŠgŠq -Zk
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Æ Z 25)]ÃzÄ-Å~â ·−w

»yZ1Ô ñƒgÐá ZjÆä·− ÂÐg ±ZÆízŽ ~â ·−w "‚

~ 'Æ Ï0 + i ÅyZŠ !* W[Z ~, ZX Š H0 ãU* WŽ ZI›#x
èíz ly
~Ï0 +i CZf Ų÷ á +F, w=kZÆgzŠ LZÌZ ÅkZ1åNq -g !* -ZāPC
q Ù

ÔzŠg Z ~ d Û èâ Q ;g: *W » Vā °ß~ è⠎ Š !* W[Z X ¶: Á b§Ë
 ( U÷
Ô„ á » :ŠHƒ: ÷ á » »VâZŠ„  (gzZVzg›ZŠÔVAôÔV'Š Z ~ m, ôZÔ ~y
Ð zÆ}Š ZP©!* ~Š !* W[ZeÆTÌ]zŒ U ÷ á »LLgzZª »z U ÷ á »
“J -yÈ#W©!* gzZ r !* zÆ#Ö ´ Å]zŒ gzZÆ Z‰ Ü 1 ~ßñ©!* ™á
e êq -Z Åd $ÅkZXì ¯ze $.õg @* sîÅŠ !* W[ZX ÷ñƒ
V'Š ZÆŠ !* W[Zā7û" It ë @* 7‰ Ü zt »™fÆ Tì wV" Ì
X HW, OgzZzáåÃV'Š ZÆC Ù !* äbøgzZe $œ /%ÅVz²÷ á
~ WÂÅkZgz Z k‚ Z Åq -’I ¹ F, gz Z¸²÷ á I ¹ F,~â ·−w‚
B** gGZ Ô@i ÚZÔt Z Û XÆŠ !*W[Z „¸ ÂIŠ =X H ZŠ Z wzg Áê ä Š !* W!Z
Ð 9E E
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it is to address khursheed akram sahib
i have been receiving ajkal courtesy indian high
commission islamabad. very rich magazine in poetry
fiction. gives me access to contemporary poets and
afsana nigars. usually government publications cant
maintain high standards. in pakistan a great decline
occured to govt urud publications though urdu is our
national language. in 60s mahe nau used to hold the
same position in urdu literature as AJKAL is currently
doing. i would like to congratulate the editorial
incharge on it.
mahmood shaam
x ÅZòŠ » Z‚‚ÆVâ !*ivŠÔˆÆzŠg Zä~~Z’ZÅ]g ZŠ Z U â i LZ
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àSq -Z>Cc* x ÅZ Åk',æä ~ Xì CY ÅÉaÆ x ÅZ wZz¤ /Z
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÷ñc Ô( 1 8 5 7 - 1 9 2 0 ) [† } ÔVƒ Ég Ý Ð yZ ÔV‡z0 +M
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q ¼£ZˆÆkZXn ™7åÐZ {zpå c* Š™ qzÑ **™ÀF,» (Macbeth)
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óZg eÆ(Moliere)|ñäyx™ÞZgâz/·X ÷ïqÆÌZ~Vñ¤ /u
(Maurice „¢ a kgñ Ô ówŠ } ™ ÃL (The Misanthrope) ó\z`Z éL
ugi + Û Ôó]ñÅ; ÃL The Death of Tintagiles óZg eÆ Maeterlinck)
ÐOZ' × úZ Û Ô ót Z 
Û Là The Robbers óZg eÆ (Friedrich Sehiller) æÎG 5_I
zk ’„ ó ( — zg L)Zg e F
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£Z@÷ á ÂHÀF, [x» » (Faust)† ó î ÃL)Zg eÆ Wolfgang Von Goethe)

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x **Æ óc*
z +z6, LÀF,» (Pelleas and Melisande) † ó ' hZ øG
L Zg e
(The School for ówCZg à wjZ ~Š Ló Zg e zŠÆ yi +èä Ý°Z aX HÐ
Æ(1933)óÝzg5gLzZ (1932)í ó !*Ù ªLÃ (The Rivals)Ö
zC ó ÇZg ~Š gLzZ Scandal)
äâ i ÏZ ã½X Š HH nZÐ ! x»~ ð;Š ~ŠÅ ~œ,Ž HÀF, Ð x **
Hv~zŠg ZÐx ** Æó>LÃ (Salome)óx|) L Zg e »yZzhWä~Ü** g »Z~
ÀF,» The School for Wives óZg eÆ(Moliere) |ñä 7Œ Û ha è Â
)Zg e Æ „¢ a~ 1932 ä ðZzŠ YX H ù ÷ á Ð x ** Æ ó ~ç {Ši ½L
Ìä z4íZ3, #W~ˆ & HÀF, Ð x ** Æ ó** Zz **
ñLÃ Princess Maleine
~ß J ´ ‚ØZ†X H ù ÷ á ~ 1978 Ð òŠ » ZzŠg Z ÷Š6, F, ZÆ™ÀF, Ð x ** ÏZ
ä ~Gz ×X H~zŠg ZÐ x ** ÆóZ ùÀ L F,»óZg e q -ZÆg+B** gÈZg ä
Ðx ** Æóêg Z LÃ The Importance of Being EarnestóZg eÆyZzhW
ÅF, Æó (Namik Kemal Bec) , -w¾í** Lä xgu g©Š = ÂHv~ zŠg Z
^ÅzŠg Z Ð x ** á xig Zp+−Z w°LÃ Celaleddin Harzemsah )Zg e
Æ ó{ ÷
óZg e Æ (Jahn Galsworthy) ~Šgz z²Ç yY ä VZzg wÑ ‚ñœÒX ~Š
ÂH «¨ ‡ »zŠg ZÐ x ** Æ(1930) ó¿d $
è  Û Là (The Skin Game) “ ó èE½]Z L
gzZ H «‚c»zŠg Z~ 1923à óâ zZ ó L Zg eÆY‰ PzçG .nI±1!* ä$ +¬Z$ +¬¦
Nathan the óZg eÆ(Gotthold Ephraim Lessing) ó ë5kGLä Ý°Z h·
X H~^Å ó@** L F,
À » Wise
ˆÆÀÏg 0* āì ÌakZÌZ ÅVñZg ex ÓyZ~^ÆóZg ezŠg Z
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óZg e ÒZ ‰ Ü z D™v~ zŠg ZÃVñZg e yZāVÑq Å Ìš M F, ÅVzg ó)Zg e
»kZ]‡zZ ‰ÂŠ H1á ^ö sÜ]‡zZ ‰ªˆ C',~gzŠÐ QÝZÆ
™| # Ùt ~ VÂgßÒZ Ôa kZ Ô‰ bŠ™sp„©Æ©‰ Ü z D™ÀF,
ÀÏg 0* Xì fp â Ð V¹)Zg et c* ìÀF,»óZg e ¾tāì @* ƒx¥Â** 0*
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äâ i Ï QX HÌ76,nZ ¹ZgzZ‘óZg eÐ pŠ CZ f sÜä V2Nƒ
ægpÔIŠ =Ô@™ Z f ԍZ', Z7â ÔšWz6, ÔdëZÔPWyÑÔ@$ +¬~
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h × ¹ZÉ Åš M F,sÜ: űq -Z ä VzÀyZgzZK ì‡ÌÀÆRZ
*gzZ Àã*y ÔÀ~ð6,Ô IPTA „ˆÆkZX ~Š Ìq -’Åä™ì‡À6
s WwjZ D~ˆ gzZ òO Z S -**̬ ~ËÆ q -’kZ X Zƒ ì‡À
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‹Š òŠ » ZzŠg Z 1995·,ó ó` WgzZÀ:ÀzŠg Z L L„
 zÅVñZg eP~ sf
~äâ ik QóZg eÆb§¾ānƒ{ i Z0 +ZtÐ Tì „g YÅ7ЊæÅ
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róZg e zŠg Z Ì~ äâ i kZ ~{ ¾¾Æ ogzZ¸ ñƒK zÊp
É` YK 7B‚Æ ! x»6,nZ J - 1944 ™á Ð 1909 X¸ ìg Y
:ÐVƒŠŽñóZg esf î0<Egq~„  zÌËÅVñZg e
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1909 ›Ô vpÀsßZ PWyÑ PWyÑ Û )…¸
1911 -**
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1927 <Ô^g Wth Z dëZ á Š !*
dëZ ( vZyâ Z ) { ÷ ‚$+
1928 <Ô^g Wth Z dëZ dëZ g ZŒ[x»
1932 Š !*
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nZÆÀ N* ö:WX ÉZh
1940 Š !*
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ö Zh +‡è +‡è ˆÆÅ
1942 Š!*
Wg©Ô6, /‚
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ö Zh +‡è Û Zg ø

1942 ›Ôî Z Z ðÒ]LZz9Z ~Qg ZŠuZ ì yp »¾t
1943 ‹ŠÔðsZ¯eY àðægBZ†· àðægBZ†· »±ga
1944 ›s WvpÀyz** /Z†Š *Z ~Š !*
Wg©Ò ï»[zZ
1944 ›Ôî Z 6‚ ` Z# k„£ZzZp {Ëi
1944 Š !* , ö:X ÉZh
Wg©ÔyZg » ZŠ Zx) +‡è ö:X ÉZh
+Ô‡è M
1‰K Â76,nZB‚Æ! x» ÌóZg e ]g @* FÆ šWz6,{z´ÆkZ
76,nZ ¹Zāì @* Ya kZÃg » e $Z@ {Š c*
iÐ šWz6,^i +™ » ¿7
ä¯ [x»Ã¿7ÅyZÉ IÅV´pϹ sÜ: ~ yZaÆä™
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$Z@ »óZg e ˎ ˆÅÒÃ{Š c* i}Ð kZaÆ
Åäâ i ._ÆwßZÆ]¡1Zƒ ÂØ{ »ÀCgˆˆÆwZziÆÀÏg0*
…~ VñZg eƈÆÀÏg 0* X à á(ÅkZ ä À}WëÐ VÂgz¢
Æ ÀÏg 0* ˆâ Ìq -’Å ¶Š ã!* Û a Æ o LZ Xì @*
Œ WÃ`  * q-Z
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ïq ÅÌZÐg ±Z Z~ [Š ZzŠg Z ð;Š ,v0* gzZ ¶a Å ~œ,
Ô1Àä q -’I ¹F, gzWxgzZ w=Ð ƒ  Å[Š Z zŠg Z V˜ ~ ð;Š ¶a Xì
Åq-’I¹F, ~ 1936 X c*W~¿x ª » îZ~ VÎ',ðZ’ZÆð;Š ,v0* ÷z
‚Ÿ!* » Indian People's Theatre Association (IPTA) ˆ k',7 Æ Z’Z
-’YÌÃVñZg egzZ c*
»¶Š { ZgÃ~pgzZq W~¿~›~1943#25x ª
n $Zzg ã*y Ø{ā HÌt x » Z (,q -Z ä IPTA X Š Hï=g f W,
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Æ s6,ÂgzŠ' × Å ›Ã 1942 #J ä . $- kZgzZ Å ì‡.$- Å îZ ~ ›
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Ô~ m, ôZ6,µñkZgzZ ðƒÃ 1943 # 25 ÷л «Å îZ~ w; ~h Zzg â Æ›
gzZÔ ŠHH7Ìó ì ó ]%ZtL) L Zg ezŠg Z »k„£ZzZp{z´ÆVñZg e _Z%gzZ@
yi {ÆîZ k„£ZzZpgzZ ~ñhw¾Z|~ e 9ZÔgœÙŽ +Z * Z~÷лkZ
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K 7 {)z ŒgzZóZgeŠ Z®Ñ ÆXNƒ ì‡~ VzàgzZ V2c* gZ
TÔK7óZge[x»Š¼„~V⊠ðZ’Z LZ äîZX ZƒqzÑŸ»äY
ó óyÃîLgLzZó ó~Èy!* iL LÔó} ó yp »¾tL LÔóì
ó $ÆôÂL LÔó óZŠ ZŠ L LÔóì ó ]%ZtL L~
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X ¯gl»q -’I¹F, ā 6Š HW‚Š§„(zÌ~îZÐzz
o‚ »VzŠ§~VªŠ¼g !* Š¼~^!‚ 75 ÆÏ0 +iÅJ -[Zà îZ
c* VZ ZÚ » ä™uÃgzZ wdÃkZ ä VzŠg^ ÔVƒZpÍÆkZg !* Ù pZ 7,**
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ÔY8+‹Wz6,Ôk , àÔÔ ~ËIg+ZgÔgÁ ` Zg ~ð6,Ôk„£ZzZpÔ Z|~ e
Ô#W ` ZgoÔgP×™Ô pZ• ØÔ pZ nÔ6‚ ` Z#Ôö~zg]HÔ>ZC Ùi
g ZŠuZÔ ~gzŽ íZzÔ+−Z [xz$Ô ~g7yÎbzêÔ ~â ·−w‚Ô ¼z˜gg+Zg
bz Ô ð, ÓÔ#W ` Zg oÔIŠ =Äg Ô—ZB** gGzZ Ô ~uu¤ /‚ Ô ~Q
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6ÈÔåP ÞÔ ZáüÔö}ŠzZ Ô ÿº1 Æ } Z Ô6‚ ê GÔ]Š ÿF
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X H ZŠ Zwzgë Ze $.
¦½Z L~ yZ ñƒ ±ŸZ gzZ "ŠŽ ~ ¿7gzZ 2Ô®Æ îZ
aLÔ ( Agit Propp Technique) ó2\z6,ïHE B+GZ LÔ ( Collective Art) ó^g W
k +vLÔ( Flash Back Technique) ó2à øG
5 LÔ ( Shadow Play)) ó Zg e
Back Ground ) ó2 Å ú Æ }Š6 ,c*{Š6,: è L Ô ( Mobile Stage) ónZ
Ýq ÌZ à{ Ã {)z ( Docu Drama) ó ó Zg e ~ m, z*Š LgzZ ( Technique
75LZÐ Z’ZtÉK 74- ±ŸZgzZ"Š}g ‚ãZ ä Àò Zúc* îZXì
gzZ2Ô®Ô qçñgzZ „g^½z^ðƒCg ¦ / Ð i Z Û zÝ;g !* yZgzŠÆ^!‚
:)g fÆîZā Zƒt {Z +Ãq-Z »TK ä kZ ±ŸZgzZ"ŠŠ Z®Ñ~¿7
X ZƒÌrz Û »óZg ezŠg ZÉ 5g ‡zÃóZg e ã*ysÜ
„‰pìg ÝÐ kZgÁ ` Zg ~ð6,~ V⊠ðZ’ZÆ x ªÆ îZ
g (Z Ïu´Ð îZ ägÁ ` Zg ~ð6,ÐäY Å]!* Åä™7îÆgš
Ï0+i 5ÃÀä À~ð6,ā÷ … Y ƒ  ëX Hì‡À~ð6,~1944 Æ™
pÀÏg 0* X c* -Z » vä À~ð6,ˆÆwZziÆVµÏg 0*
Šg¦ * q XŒ
p‰îŠ£zçÃyZM6,ä¾ «ogzZ‰CY Åì‡Ð n¾Å]g ˆV|
Ï( o Z # å: â i {zt X C™„ti Z ³ZÃVzg »®Ì6,äVZ yvÀ~ð6,
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Vzgzi4z] .Å~Š Zi WÅoX åg ezŠÐyZd
~ð6,ÐZ c* ¾Ì¼Ž Ð VIä V,Z X åtت »gÁ ` Zg ~ð6,À
x Ó »X¸ìg}Šx Z]â } .KZg »®Î ZÎ÷z Á~ÀkZX c* +ÅÀ
Š™g 2
X¸TgÌg ezŠÐ])à â ÒZ {zÔakZÔ¸D VZgÁ ` Zg ~ð6, ay
äY ÅÐ n¾Åä™^g0 +ZÆoÃ\z¤ / ÆÀ~ð6,~ V⊠ðZ’Z
ìZæ ÅŠ Zi W **Ññ¢¹ p‰7gŠ ÁϹ ÌaÆÇ } wg à Zz
~ ñZ™Æ } wg6,ä™^Ð } wggzZ ˆƒ y‚ WÂC Ù Å À~ð6,Ð

Š Zi W**ÑñāVa ì ZæX ˆï6,gîxe $¬g Åœ °k ÃVÍßÆÀ~ð6,
XŠ HH { Ç WÐ ŸkZ ÃV°Z } wg} (,x ÓÆ y*y Ôa kZ Ô ¶Å ä
¶~Š™e $Z@tÌÃV2c* g XB‚B‚Æe $¬g~ ñZ™Æ} wg ä ** Ññ
# Z6,çEl4$g ¯6,
X ñY1:LïH3E .-Ú ÅÀ~ð6, ā
(Indian Peoples Theatre)Àø F
Ò&k +&+Z J
-ā²¼ gÁ ` Zg ~ð6,
å óK) L Zg e t ÃWÒà »kZŠ à »¿7«ÅÀ~ð6,X¸ìg Ìgœò ¸Æ
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g ±ZÆäâ ik QŽ Zƒyv»9zgÄÑq -Z÷z ÁÃgÁ ` Zg ~ð6,Ðzz ÅT
7 ðÃÅtØLā L H“  ZŠ',™Èt ä V,Z ÌÃyvkZX ¶¶g ~(,¹Ð
÷1{ Z 9Å{ â q -ZÃVzg »®x ÓLZ ägÁ ` Zg ~ð6,ŠŽz!* Æyvó Xó Cƒ7
gÁ ` Zg ~ð6,pì @* Y c* Š6,äƒ {Z +Ã÷1ā÷ … Y Xë Ât X ~Š6,gîÆ
X H„÷1ŠŽz!* Æ}g Ää
gzZg ó« z** Ôg ó)Zg e ëZÆzŠg Z` {ghZzÐ-i +ggzZyn, z 8À~ð6,
! x»Å Kāì I~ó ó` Zg ~ð6,:` @* uÆÀL L[ÂKZ » ` Zgv- g ó: YZ
Å]!* .Æ x ZúŽ ce **
_ ™xg ¯6,)Zg e (Z q -Z¸ T egÁ ` Zg ~ð6,ˆ Æ
î0ÈŠ n ÒZÐ >|zg yzç LZ {z6,]ïZÆ qçñkZ Xn™ÏÒú
LZ F F6,Wà Zz äƒÐgÁ ` Zg ~ð6,ä |zgˆÆá²q -ZX D™wì
F6,]ïyZ {zāÅlg Z ¦
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îB‚Æ]ÓkW, %NÃ gó Z- Š)
ZæF L Zg e ä#W` Zgg0 +Z b§kZgzZ,™g »)Zg eq -Z
ZczZƛà 1945 ~Z 9)g fÆÀLZ ägÁ ` Zg ~ð6,&~Š}Š ^
} (,Æ yZB‚B‚Æ gÁ ` Zg ~ð6,~ óZg e kZ X H nZ g !* «~ kƒ ;
B‚B‚Æ mZpz x ZúÅTñ3ŠC Ù ŽÆ ~g » ZŠ Z Ìä gÁ ` Zg}Š Zñ™
Æo~VâŠá Zz äW)g fÆóZg e kZX Åö*¹ Ìä Vâ ZŠ„ (
zŠÆíg ¯6, ÆóZg ekZgzZ Zƒ" $U* syWŽ åŠHHC Ù ª˜} .»]** kZÆ„
Hƒ„o „ˆk',

X¶Zœu** ŠgŠ hÐVÇZ÷ÅwŠÆgÁ `Zg~ð6, ó óyòL) L Zge »À~ð6,
sÜÆ òŠWáZz äWÃÐ\ Æ ypÆ }uzŠ q -Z gzZ „n Å Ï0 + i ãK̈Z {z
Æ~¤ /]g¸z OáZz äƒ~ y *yŠZiW~ iZ0 +Z W, $.ä PwÑXå
÷q -Zƒ ëā¶ˆÅÒÃŶŠx t)gfÆTH7~AkZÃøo
yZ)ZgetX $Ë wZe7s ”~VߊÆyZÔ$ Ë ™7„ÃVߊÆyK̈ZuuðÃgzZ
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h × ]ÑqÐzzÅTì Š HH7Ã]ÑqyZÆo~kZā¶„g YðCtzz
ÆgÁ `Zg~ð6, ìZæÅŠZiWxæ1Z**
6, ÑñgzZz1wÑC Ù ZŽ~ˆX÷M hƒ[Zy 
à 1948 ~Z 15 g !* «Ã gó Z¼LgzZ ˆÅ Za ]gßÅäYK nZÆóZg e kZ
„6, gîÆóZge[x»gzZq -ZÆÀ~ð6, )ZgetXŠ HH7~kƒ ;ZczZÆ›
Æ [ºˆ Æ kZX Š H0 [!* ëZ q-Z » õg @*Å ÀzŠg Z ~ y*yÉ 7
ÐkZŽ B7! x»{z6,nZÐZpZƒg » ó ó CƒW L) F6,]ÑqÆVz`
L Zg eF '
ÔÄpz d $h +].z *ŠˆÆkZX ¶ðW~{Æ VñZg e` YK 7¬
ãK̈Z »ì > Z',Ã}uzŠ q -Z ÔŠ § ~„ » ±5gzZ ±ãZ6,ÔbÃäZ6,6
æÃb)‰¶Š ßF, Ãu¿uG, } OÆ-÷ á zÏŠ ‚gzZbzgtgzZµÔ` Z' ×
B‚Æ[@* z[W ãZ6,Qg !*-Z äíg ¯6,nZ ÅT Zƒg »gó »¯ )
q L Zg e™ÄgÃ
g(Z3Zg »wZŠZ…āÑZe ÌW, Zt6, xZúäóZgekZXÅÝqdzŠZŠ Å+ø**
gî¬ÃäZ6,È »ä™wJÃ6ā¸ÆwìkZgÁ ` Zg ~ð6,Xce* *™
³»¿DpgzZ Yq -Z ~pµpì ¿~¡ Â~pXì 7bŠ™uF, 6,
Xì Cƒ
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Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts { z ~ 1954 XbŠ xZ ÌøZ ÛÆ
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óVƒ Ç JŠ W L)Zg e »gP ×™Ô ( 1949) ~h îÆ ôÂÔ ( 1948)g k» ]zŠ „÷ á LL
»wŠ ¬áZØzÔ ( 1949) óóŠ) ,
L Zg e {Š™k ’»—ZB** gGzZÔ ( 1949)zh ÄÔ ( 1949)
ó ]‚LÔ( 1958) ó~h ÇÅèLÔ ( 1954)gó Zi !*
b /W LÔ ( 1949) ó]Zgq
{¤ -Z ÅyŠ) L Zg e
ó »ÃÔLÔ ( 1959Ô 'The Feminine Touch')Zg e Ïzg ) }
¹ ó Š6,g ZŠ à YLÔ( 1959)
ó[˜Z z 0gL âZge »÷ ¸WÔ(1960) óá ]à Zi%LÔ( 1960) ó´MLÔ( 1959)
3÷ á z Ô ( 1962) "The Good Woman of Setzuan" )Zge »6 ',Ô(1960)
The Shoemaker's Prodigious Wife Ô ( 1964 ) óæZgæL)Zg e » ]Š
The Importance of )Zg e » yZz h W Ô ( 1965) Federico Garcia Lorca
Ô( 1965) Servant of Two Masters » ãz−Íßg » Ô( 1965) Being Oscar
Ô( 1973) Šó â ZŠ î **
gñwZOx ** »Vƒ Ç LÔ ( 1972) ó¶g ‚ »Xg Z LÔ ( 1969) ˆ ó }÷L
Ô( 1975) gó a kZŠ yl LÔ ( 1974)I ó w0* ]6,™ VLÔ( 1974) óð¸g egzZ ó YZg L
ó~h Ç Å èLÔ ( 1 9 7 6 ) gó a ãYLÔ ( 1 9 7 6 ) óZg ;Ç„÷ á LÔ ( 1 9 7 5 ) ó]l x Zg F, ZL
óYøZ F,‚ ¸LÔ ( 1979) óð!* }÷ á Åg7 V˜ { ÷ á LÔ ( 1979) ó+g ¯gŠ ·LÔ ( 1977)
-Z LÔ ( 1985) óã¹%Z Å âC
q Ù LÔ ( 1980)¤ó ‚yÎLÔ ( 1980) óyZŠgz » ~-Š LÔ ( 1979)
÷ ìgNŠ LÔ ( 1988) óÔŠ LÔ ( 1988) ó{¤ / ù » x Zg L ñLÔ ( 1988)tó g eZ ** zgŠgzZ
óæZg ZæL Ô ( 1994) óuvLÔ ( 1993) óö 7» Âg Ñ CZ »- Š x » LÔ ( 1990) ó2
` Zg LÔ (2002) óZƒ ~C Ù i LÔ ( 1998) ó]H ó7 / yg ZŠ )LÔ( 1998) ó G 4hI4XLÔ ( 1996)
®z d$Š ZgzZ]†yZ äV,ZX ÏA(gz¢~yZÃVñZg e {)z (2006)ó• g
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Sons of Babur ÝZgŠ X ˆƒ „ : â ï EL Ò¡kZā HÀF,b§kZ¼ ~zŠg Z ä
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dz™ ðG "ŠÀ
3OG W (Socialogist) ~,÷ á `  ~ß @*-Z ~ ð;Š Å 1930
Cƒ õg @* ~)ë õg @*Ù ā Hì‡wßZ * q
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ä (Benedetto Croce)
Ü z ÌËÆ` ÌËëª(All history is contemporary history)ì

õg @*Xì @* ƒ¸g^ I ZÐ ‰ Ü z LZ}g ø»kZ ,™·_» õg @* ÅUÌËgzZ
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„ CVâzŠ X ÷ ìg ~zq xšg â gzZ Positivism ~ |{
-Z }~ õg @*` āì I6,g¦kZŠ ã
q CÅVâzŠgzZ ÷tà (Materialist)
Zz6,gîåwÒZ °ëÐTì V©~(Objective Reality)|èzc
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kZ â Zy ë, z,zÇñY@* ƒ†ŸZ~DgzZ]â ¥~g ø‰‰p÷7
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XìÝ¬gzZ„ÑÔn" Ôy!* -
+Z Å õg @*ä Leopold von Ranke cgñ ð` ~ ~œ ,ÞZ
ñÈ Ì` WëÐ TgzZƒ e„ h +÷á **™4ÃTÅ «p° Positivist
(History tells us as it really ó óåZƒHÝZgŠāì CC… õg @ * L LX ÷ñƒ
»p p6,Ã õg @* ~ p ÖZ kŠ yZ ~ zŠg Z gzZ õ0*~ y!* i ð` X happened)
c* C 7cgñ…~ p°kZāì Ôg¨Xì "6,gîåtà Positivist
å** ]â ¥k0* Æ ðgñ c* cgñāì et X å Zƒ HÝZgŠ ~ õg @* ā DC
b§~g7 ÃÆZ Å õg @* {zÐzz ÅTƒ Š HH: 7Ð b§ 9ÃyZ c* Vƒ
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Positivist kZX ÏñY {g 7öRÅ õ?XEz — Ë~
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~œ,ƒg VZ ~ \zg- ÝZgŠ ?ˆƒ 4ZŠù b‚~¬_Æ õg @*
©: kZX Zƒ »g Z » Positivism ~©:Ƭ_Æ ]gŠˆÆkZgzZ
}g !* ÆyZgzZì Cƒèzc|C Ù Å]gŠāVY å öG Ð5ÅŠ À»bÃkZ~
º™yâtëJ -á²Eq -Z }Xì YYHÁÐ Á× W× WÃõ?XE -I
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tgzZì wÍnµ c* ì wÍ~ÝZ }iā÷` VJ -|kZ ë Zƒ†ŸZ
:Ðgî¬ë¤ /ZÃ~gzŠyxgŠÆ0 +egzZ}iXì 䘊¤ /Æ`gÎŽì „}i
CgŠ„6,¯ ÅDåkZX @* ƒ: e** Wá :Zz™ ŸV;zÃ8 -Z›g Wðß Â… Y
Xì @* ƒe** CtÐ,™ ƒ @* ÷~Àá ZzäWÜÁ
ÏZ Ì~ õg @* gzZ ` ā µ aÎt Å V>¬Æ xEY~ ~œ,ÞZ
gzZì YY àµz—" J -yZgzZ~ ]gŠā‰÷"ë›èzcÆÎâ
Auguste Comteã !* Æ(Sociology),÷ á `Xì e** ™yÒ»wÆ`
܉zá Zz äWÆ` gzZì 9{Š c* iÐ Mathematics D*t »yZā å¢Ã
õg @*~xEYX b§ÅxE CgŠì YÎ{ i Z0 +ZÇÇ!* » ƒ @*',á Zzäƒ~
X ZƒÀ» õg @* 4‚ b§kZgzZ Îäƒg ÑÌ»
J {zÃbó‚s§Å õg @* gzZ ` āì£zGq -Z »xšg â
~ Positivism X Å Ìb & Z ë Z ¹ ~ Positivism ä xšg â Xì c* Wá
ÃbÃ~xšg â Ô å@* Y3g6, R~uzŠÃp"~yZgzZ ¶CY~Š ßF, Ãë›V˜
Xì xiÑ·_~©:Æ(Class sturggle)4z] .C4Ãë›gzZ ˆ~Š ßF,
èzcV© ~ õg @* gzZ ` āì "wßZ ~Š ã C» Positivism ~ xšg â p
s %Z Ë~ ä0*
— c* VJ-ðCkZ Å ë›Xì x » »V>¬„ lˆÅë›
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ÆxEYgzZxE CgŠHā c* W™½ZwZÎt~VÇ;Š ~y WÅ~œ,
YY H·_Ð j§„q -Z » XyZ HgzZì YY ¬ŠÐÄq -ZÃ}p
ë›Y b§Å ë› CgŠā Î äƒkCt?÷ïŠg Z Œ Û tó‚ë&ì
CƒVð; ÆVâ K̈ZðÅë›YX ÷M hƒ: ÷êÐ õ?XE -I
Åy!* Ù É Dƒ 7"pq
iC -Z ¡~ yZ X ÷ Tg Dƒ sp> Þ CÙ t gzZì
©:ñƒs$ +Ž ÷Dƒp{Š c* iÐq -ZÆÂC Ù ÆkZāì Cƒ„Îâ
hƒ7äe~g £{zƬ_Æõg @*
M c*` akZÔ÷Tg Dƒsp~
4Ð}uzŠ »q
c* -Zt X $Ë ƒ7~', Z',~ VâzŠ yZX ÷ DƒÆxE CgŠŽ
Xì ?Š ÅäƒZÐ}uzŠq -ZÉì 7: e»äƒ²
ÌË„ VâzŠ xšg â gzZ Positivism s§q -Zāì ]!* ïFi8FwŠ q -Z
Æ< Ø è ð|6,gîm{< Ø è ä V,Z s§~uzŠ ÷ ³ #ÆQè c* Ø è
¬Ðƒ  g¦ » ð» Z ò Z ¸ÑZ Î Ã õg @* X ÷ K ÌwJ2 zG}g ‚ ¹
Xì @* ƒÂ„Ð è%Å Z} .§ZzC Ù » *Š~g¦kZX åZƒ¤ /YZ~< Ø è ð|
»ƒ yZ~è%Å Z} .p÷D WÃZ] .Ð}uzŠq -ZÃVâ K̈Zë]uZzƒ t
ìg .}Xì ÇÌ» ðCuZzg !*
C» Z} «~< Ø èð|Xì mZ÷~:W
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 {z´Æ á|Xì c* Š™ ãZz à s ~y WgzZuZz ä Z} .Ð y!* i ÅT
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t ˆ Æ xOŠ ð|X σ _™wJÃá|x ¸ ãK̈Z ågzZ ǃ [ Û A s¬
X ñƒ[_ .Ì~xsZ£zGVâzŠ
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Ý¬Ž ðCuZz (2) Ôìz » ð» Z kZ õg @* Å õŠO8 C
Ù gzZì ð» Z „q -Z õg @*Å
X σì@¬Å ðCuZzkZˆÆ4z] .D(3) gzZ ;ì
DZÎ{¤q -Z6,¢ kZÆxšg â Positivist ä yÒÆdz™ðG " ŠÀ
6,(Å¢ kZXì! Ž ì Zƒ Ö s èzcuZz q -Z ~ õg @* ā c*Š Î y¶
»pgzZ ë›ÆkZgzZ H{g ÷ á Zs§Åg ZŠ™ñƒ s$ +ÚÆõg @* ädz™
gzZ ¥)Æ ðC]g @* ~ kZ X ÅN @* Å ä™·_~©: àSÆ yZ
gzZ å mÅ}Š6,Æè⠎ å6,wq™ƒ: èâ ¾¯ »T åÇ» äƒ VÍ ** Í
ZÅèâ ~ TìsW{z „ wqX¸ Tg s$ +‰Ü zCÙ „gzZ©:ÆT
ì 3 Zg {z ¸ Xì Sg Cƒ~ wq ðÅT å{z èâ X ÷ Cƒ¤ /YZ ,k , ¦
4 $
à ¯ÿG6, gîm{ (Post-modernism)i§gîÆD]g@* ñƒDg¦ /Ð V˜
ÌZ ðÃÅë›èzcV˜ñƒ¦gxŠJ -bÃ…Æ(Michel Foucanlt)
Ù gzZì Cƒ (Construction)y
C -Z ~g¹C
ó Lq Ù Ô y ÒC Ù ó|C ÙL É CY {g 7
zy—VÇ» ZIèà õg @* KZë¤ /ZXì @*ƒŠ°** Ñ~• wÃV¸Y~y ó L
~kZÉì 7^Ñc* s~\WLZtÂ÷Ù ŠÐbÃÆ—VÇ» Z›
ѸX ÷T e9 Š ZƒJ~VÇ» ZÁÃ` Æwq LZëāì V©Ñt
Xì [_.~Ú Š~VÇ» ZÅ]Z f c* ¡Ã õg @*
Ã@* ƒ t · Z~ yZgzZ ÷ 75~}g !* ÆmÆwqgzZ èâ ðgñ
:„ LZÆkZÉ 7™ Î*»wqÃèâāì wìtÂs§q -ZX ;g W7Ì
/VZ~k B Å]g ¸'ā,Š™qzÑ Itë¤ /ZaÆwVÔce 9 Š~©
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Ù kŠ ._Æ yZāVYÐ −7Ì{Šƒ Ú ZÐZ ócgñÆ b‚ LY â
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Ìe $×Å~Šñgg3, ayJŠ6,id}g øÃV>¬x,ZXì 2~4z]
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Xì Ýq
™á wZΎ äZ äY Ôì ™Zì eāì Ço¢q -Z Ìs§~uzŠ
ñW™½Z~ ‰ Ü z „ LZ Ô ` „ LZ}g ø ƒ {z ÷ D Y~ lˆÅèâ ë
èâ Xì Zƒú~ „wqwZÎ »t £Æ&Zp~ ` ~èâ }X ÷Dƒ
V5gzZ¡på „~ V5` C Ù ~ èâāVÑqQ c* X Zƒ7g¨6,kZ~
ÐQÃèâ ~©:ÆT Zƒ »g Z~ ~œ,ÞZ » ~g¹Å4z] .3WÅ
Å]ñÔ õg @* Å4zŠˆÆŠ XZ Å (Psychology) lZDX Š H36,ÐÃ5q -Z
½Ô Å]c* Ãs$ +Æ+M Z²gzZ āZŠ%ÔÇÆ[Z±Ô õg @* ÅV ðG $Ozg s$ +s§
X å7e~ è⠎ ì ;g Y Hg¨~ wq 6,b) ƒ  yZ ;õg @* Å kƒ gzZ
úw‚Vzg ZD Ù …lˆÅkZāVÑqì ãZ6,~œÛÌZ Âõg @* Å Ecology
Xì CYá
» «z Ç è Ôy*y *ŠÔ„Å ‰ Å y*y :B wVgzZ q
Ü z ~ õg @* -Z
[ KZ ä (James Mill) ÿ L¾¬ Ð ƒ
$  „t ;y*y h +].gzZ y*y
ÔÇzy ÃV”&ä kZ V˜ ¶Å m, ?~ The History of British India
Ð ~ ]c* õ Z µ Z~ äâ i LZ ÿ$LX¸bŠ yZÄÆÇß',gzZÇ›
gzZ *ŠÇ è ~wìÆkZX åò q » (Utilitararian Ideology)tÃIe $Š ÃZ
Ù ÔVz%gzZ åwzgë ZЃ
Vzg ZD  »yDgIèÆ{ ÷ ~y*yÆ«zÇ
á Š !* è
gzZ å³#çH .O·» VÖè VâzŠ {z Xì CY ãT „ Ð g¼Æ < Ø è õg @* Å w‚
ñƒ ~ wq ~ ÃÅ kZ X å 8 Š Ð ]g ›{Š c* i }ÃxOŠ zy ÌÐ xsZ
¹F, ™òÐ 6 } ô` „6,¯ Å aÎgzZ}g ZŠ Zh +] .gzZ »g Z }ÔŠ XZ ³‚
Ö Óß',ÐZŽì Š
# H{gxzøÐ ¹F, kZ y*y ~ ~¢q)ÅyZXì Y™
~Çð|gzZ›Ôzy„Å õg @* äkZāìzz¸X ðƒÝqˆÆx ªÆ
]c* Š !*Wâā ì ]!*ï Fi8FwŠ X Å Æ VÇ» Z ß',gzZ ›Ôzy Æ™ :
ä V,ZgzZ ðWI?Št Ìþg â wg »³#gÐÐ ƒ  Æ(Colonialism)
X ÅÌe $×ÅkZ
;g Yc* Šgzi6,¬›zyZ # ~q -’Å ~Š Zi W~y*y~ ~œ,
»yZÄ6 kZāVÑqXh .gzZ «z Ô *Š :Š
+] HH «yZÄ*ÄkZ ʼn Ü z Âå
[ÂKZäShanley Lane-Poolecgñm, ôZq -Z~1903wEZ¬Ðƒ 
Å kZgzZ „ Ð yZÄÆ [ÂpÔ H~ India Under Mahomedan Rule
W~ˆ¹ƒ Ñ$
X c* +tXì Ñ$ +7¼gzZ {z´ÆyZÄā åC Ù ªtÐãZzg
£~¬_Æõg @* åW,Z Z÷ »bÃ~Š Zz ` q -ZZ # ˆÆ~Š Zi W
À»bÃkZX Î äY ¬ŠÐÃÅ4z] .C4à õg @* gzZ à á ä 6(Å
X ZƒÐ Social Background to Indian Nationalism[ÂÅ ð(Š‰g W‰} Z
ì_Æ õg @*ã*y ä [ ŠyZ X¸ Sociologist Ð c ð(ŠWz6,
}uzŠ FÆkZgzZ Ht‹C4 »g ZŠ™ò ¸Æq -’Å~Š Zi W~T c* Š hñ*q -Z
b ¶Z »¬_~©: C4ÏZÆxšg â à õg @* Åy*y *ŠXK¤ /YZU
E- !
An Introduction of the Study of Indian [ Â KZ ä ö ‚Ã ~ e ~ e
c* Mathematician q -Z \WX¸ 7cgñgzZ& Ì öE -!‚ÃX H~ History
&gzZ ÑÅ uØZ ^ Zªä V,Z ~ [ KZ X¸ Statistician m<!*
,Y »V5ZÆ`  ã*yÆäâ i *Š™ Uy·ŠÐÇ,¨iÆäâ i
xä Ôyò~ y*yÆÇmX c* Š w$+{n »¬_Æõg @* äT1
~Š ã CÆ` h™ UzÂÐ VCg8 -g ÅyZgzZVƒ÷ á Š !*xÁÐ yZgzZVƒ÷ á Š !*
iÐ {Š c*
{Š c* CÅT H¤
iÐ Îg ¶„Š ã /YZg ZŠ™: {»kZgzZ H·_»‘J e
c* Vâ DgIèÆyZÔVçZy gzZ VçpÅVƒ÷ á Š !*
~¬_kZX ** ™Ýqw¸
»Çq -ZŽ ¶Ã6,Äc* ‘J e åkZÉ ¶7„Å äƒgz$ c* o¢Æ yZ
ÅeÏZ Indian Feudalism[ÂÅ âÑöZg WX å@* Ù ªÎâÅkZ c*
™C g ZŠ™
sîq -Z6,XVƒ [™ `gŠ nZ ‹Z LZ6,g¦Æx²eA+& +Z~X ¶~š /q-Z
X Cƒ 7ÁÌZ Å[ kZ ŠŽz!* Æ ]ŸZ ‹Z pXì _ƒ c ò Z ¸ÑZ Î
ÌZ¹ Å ð» Z Å 6 ~¬_Æõg @* Åy*y J -ð;Š Å 1980Ð 1950
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‚ {Š éhI±N}Š ÌwŠ ÐQ Ôì wŠ ß {z

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‚ {Š Zg S " ì Ì ^ Ä"
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( œZg ) ~g©x" ³
Ü׳Îþ Øôa] 1Ò c…^ۍ Œ]

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Aligarh, UP @g ‡z[»
Department of Urdu, Jamia Millia Islamia,
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025. +zY−{ËZ e
Deptt. of Urdu, Jamia Millia Islamia,
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi - 110025 ~†ZgzuËZ e
Asst. Prof. Deptt. of Urdu ,
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XìˆÅ ìG ztůI M F, T~}gÑ{ŠŽñ þ
M F,
á }pÐK
O„ è ZÐK ÏQ÷ñƒù÷