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1 Project SJK (T) Taman Sentosa, Klang 4 PPM Frequency 1M/Y

2 Asset Group/ Mechanical/Fire Fighting/ 5 Work Order No

Category/ Hydrant
Description 6 Date

3 Asset Label No 7 Estimate Time


Item Checklist Yes/ Remarks

1.0 Monthly
a. Repair or replace damaged or missing components of
pillar hydrant and nozzle.
b. Retighten any loose fastening.

c. Observe the sluice valve gasket for sign of deterioration

or leakage, replace if necessary.
d. Open sluice valve and test water flow.

e. Retighten if required packing gland & fitting.

2.0 Yearly
a. Inspect Painting and condition. Re-paint if needed.
Notes/ Comments

Spare Parts Used

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