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Beyond The Dikes - How The Dutch Work With Water

nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462083844 Acqn 27798
Hb 24x30cm 240pp £45

There are few countries in the world where water dominates the landscape and national identity
as much as in the Netherlands. The vulnerable delta is always being taken back to the drawing
board for further adaptation to the water threat. Climate change now instigates a next round of
interventions. The classic battle against the water has been replaced by an approach that
involves working with the water. This publication is the first to show the sheer size of the Dutch
water project and its effects on in the coastal and river landscape. The book explains 30
interventions along rivers and coastlines – projects that combine aquaculture, cultural history,
nature and human use in magnificent water landscapes that are waiting to be explored.

On Honest Design - The Design Works Collection Of Keiji Ashizawa

Garden City Publishing 2017 ISBN 9789869331586 Acqn 27955
Pb 17x22cm 180pp col ills £28

Designer and architect Keiji Ashizawa is deeply influenced by the principles of 20th-century
modernism, carrying on its spirit through user-friendly design in the everyday lives of people.
Whether it be furniture or architectural design, his rational disassembling of objects into smaller
elements reflects shared mutual spatial and structural concepts, despite differences in proportion
and dimensions. Ashizawa combines the Arts and Crafts movement and the design-manufacture
process of mass production in his quest for honest design, viewed through a 21st-century, neo-
modernist lens. This book presents his prolific vision, from furniture and objects to interiors and

Cees Dam On Architecture. Visions And Dreams

nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462084124 Acqn 27788
Pb 21x27cm 128pp 50ills £33.75

According to Cees Dam, architecture is first and foremost a trade, one that has to be learned. It
has a tradition from which it cannot break away, despite the fact that some architects really want
to. Architecture is also an art form, a restrained and polluted art. The architect is meant to
develop ideas alone and intuitively and adapt them to functional and economic laws later. Cees
Dam (b. 1932), an architect as well as professor and dean at the architecture faculty of Delft
University of Technology, published numerous lectures, articles and other texts about
architecture. This book offers his most fundamental texts about the trade of the architectural
designer, design thinking, the sociocultural role of architecture and the position of the architect.

Water Works In The Netherlands - Tradition And Innovation

nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462083868 Acqn 27790
Hb 23x31cm 208pp col ills £56

The Netherlands is not only known for its clogs and tulips, but also for its waterworks. From the
Stormvloedkering (flood barrier) in Zeeland and the Balgstuw (weir) in Flevoland to the new locks
in the Maas River: besides examples of unprecedented technical ingenuity, these so-called wet
infrastructural works are also an integrated part of Dutch public space, and culture. This
publication portrays the diversity and spatial, cultural, and cultural-historical significance of these
works of engineering. The book presents some 50 of the most important waterworks including
extensive photographic and textual documentation.

Alvaro Siza - Ferreira Alves. Casa Beires

A.Mag 2017 ISBN 9788469743560 Acqn 27943
Hb 22x26cm 72pp 52ills 45col £42.75

Casa Beires (1973-76) was built in northern Portugal by Alvaro Siza as a family home, its ochre
plaster, unusual layout, and generous fenestration indicative of the direction his architecture
would take in the coming years. For this book the architect invited Luis Ferreira Alves to
photograph the home after 40 years of inhabitation. No major works or restorations had been
done in the meantime, and although the site has become overgrown and cracks and water
damage blemish many of the interior spaces, one can easily imagine what a grand residence it
once was - and could be again. The soft, filtered daylight and cluttered rooms lend Siza's
architecture a human touch.

Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2017 ISBN 9789187543616 Acqn 28011
Hb 20x27cm 256pp 202ills 107col £38.50

The work of the Swedish architects Fredrik Kjellgren and Joakim Kaminsky represent sustainable
solutions and innovative design at its best. Central to their many projects is the belief that they
can contribute to solving the challenges we face from climate-threats, tecnological development,
and urbanisation. Building a better planet is no small ambition, yet Kjellgren and Kaminsky are at
the same time practising architecture in a disarmingly casual and modest way, thus bringing
together large-scale ambition with small-scale attention to detail. This monograph on their work
summarizes the first ten years of their partnership in the form of a selection of some of their most
important projects, such as Öijared Hotel, Kollastaden School, Lecor HQ, and the Neden area.

El Croquis 177/178 - Lacaton & Vassal (Revised Reprint)

El Croquis 2017 ISBN 9788488386991 Acqn 28072
Hb 25x34cm 400pp col ills £96

This updated hardback reprint of Croquis is dedicated to the work of Paris-based architects
Lacaton & Vassal. Covering more than two decades of work, it gives special consideration not
only to their methodology and ideals as these have matured through the years, through critical
analysis by Arnoldo Rivkin and Juan Hereros and an interview with the architects, but also to an
extensive selection of exemplary projects. Among the 26 featured works are the Nantes School of
Architecture, FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, Guangzhou Museum, Le Grand Sud Polyvalent Theater
in Lille, housing projects in Paris, Saint Nazaire, Mulhouse, and Bordeaux, plus several private

Aires Mateus - Architecture Faculty In Tournai

A.Mag 2017 ISBN 9788469743577 Acqn 28075
Hb 22x26cm 80pp 45ills 25col £36.50

This monograph details the Architecture Faculty in Tournai, Belgium, recently completed by
Portuguese architects Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus. The project occupies the interior of a
historical city block where buildings from different identities and periods coexist. The new,
elongated building has been positioned in such a way as to bond together each of these
structures and define new external spaces. The architecture connects two streets, integrating it
into the urban fabric in an improved way. According to the essay by Marc Dubois, "The project is
a new spine, a type of implant needed to re-function the site". Includes short texts plus drawings
and models by Aires Mateus.

Arcades Of The World

Seigensha Art Publishing 2017 ISBN 9784861525773 Acqn 27923
Pb 13x19cm 160pp col ills £19

Beginning with the famed old arcades of the European continent, this book journeys around the
globe to the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and North America in search of
the best examples of the typology. Having first appeared in Italy and France in the 19th century,
these shopping spaces with high, vaulted glass roofs that protect from the elements continue to
appreciated by pedestrians in many other parts of the world today. Gathered here are highly
appealing architectural structures that enhance people's everyday experience of strolling or
window shopping in the city.

Radical Utopias - Archizoom, Buti, 9999, Pettena, Superstudio, Ufo, Zziggurat

Quodlibet 2017 ISBN 9788822901330 Acqn 28078
Pb 17x24cm 352pp col ills £46

This volume is published in conjunction with an exhibition presenting the radical architects and
architect groups who emerged in Florence in the late 1960s. It was a period characterised by
crisis in the city, which extended to the wider political and social tension occurring throughout
Italy. The related writings, drawings, and projects produced by these seven actors - Archizoom,
Remo Buti, 9999, Gianni Pettena, Superstudio, UFO, and Zziggurat - have influenced
generations of architects, historians, designers, and artists around the world. For the first time, all
of their theoretical and visual work has been compiled in a single publication, giving renewed
insight into their movement.

Dom Hans Van Der Laan

Architectura & Natura Press 2017 ISBN 9789461400192 Acqn 20855
Hb 22x29cm 204pp 200ills 100col £67.50

'Works and Words', gives a structured overview of the entire body of work of the Dutch architect,
theorist and designer Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1991). His buildings like the Votive Chapel
in Helmond, St. Benedict's Abbey in Vaals, the Naalden House in Best and other of his famous
religious buildings are discussed and illustrated with original drawings, designs and new photos.
This publication gives also much attention to his designs of furniture, liturgical objects and

Van Nellefabriek Rotterdam

nai010 publishers 2018 ISBN 9789462083950 Acqn 27789
Pb 13x23cm 96pp col ills £15

The iconic Van Nelle factory is inextricably linked to Rotterdam's bustling harbour and shipping
industry. Considered a modernist masterpiece, the UNESCO-listed building was originally
constructed for the processing and packaging of coffee, tea, and tobacco. Following careful
redevelopment, the factory is now home to the creative industry and is also opened to the public
as an events venue. Authored by Marieke Kuipers, an international expert in the field of 20th-
century architectural heritage, this volume offers a clear and detailed explanation of the Van Nelle
factory and its origin and design, and acts as a testament to the poetic beauty of steel and glass.

The Civic City In A Nomadic World

nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462083721 Acqn 27792
Hb 17x24cm 240pp col ills £50

We are in the midst of redesigning the world and all its systems as we witness the biggest mass
movement of people, goods, factories, frenzied finance, and ideas in history. Vast flows make the
new norm nomadic. Yet there is a yearning for belonging, distinctiveness, and identity as the
‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ phenomenon enabled by digitization is changing how we interact
with space, place, and time. This is the Civic City. It tries to find a pathway through the major
faultlines, dilemmas and potentials of our time – shared lives, inequality, environmental distress,
and urban vitality. In this book, the inventor of the "Creative City" concept helps us navigate the
evolving urban landscapes and its potential.