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week No.3

Registration no:-15BBA0036 Name: S.G.SAI SARATH

Daily record
To-do-list for next
S.NO Date work planned work done Remark day

Study of different Worked on

1 18-12-2017 models of job models of job Articles searching
satisfaction satisfaction

2 19-12-2017 Referring to articles Articles analysis Searching for article

3 20-12-2017 Articles searching Articles analysis

Question preparation
Understood the
4 21-12-2017 patter of

5 22-12-2017

Work completed on 24-12-2017:

1. Study on models of job satisfaction
2. Articles findings
3. Designing related questionnaire
External guide details :B.Phaniraju ,
(Senior manager)
Contact :9666999796