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Script for Presenting the Awards

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is XXXXX and it is my honor, as the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, to present the Bridges Career Academy Awards.

The Bridges Career Academies and Workplace Connections Program was

developed in collaboration with the Brainerd Lakes Area Chamber, Central Lakes
College, local high school educators, and business and industry leaders. The
Bridges Program provides opportunities for high school students to be college and
career ready for the 21st century’s regional high wage, high skill and high growth

The recipients of the Bridges Career Academy Awards have demonstrated

proficiency in their Academy coursework, along with their dedication to exploring
and participating in real-world learning experiences through comprehensive
programs of study. We congratulate them because they have taken the first steps
in selecting the pathway to their future.

The following students have successfully completed a Career Academy and

today/tonight we are honoring their accomplishment with an official Bridges
Academy Certificate of Completion and a green honor cord to wear at their high
school graduation:

(Read each Student’s Name & Name of Academy)

(Keep a steady/succinct pace)

(Students stand on the Stage until all names are read)

Ladies and gentlemen please help me to acknowledge this year’s
Bridges Career Academy Award recipients.