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SINCERELY, ME {rom DEAR EVAN HANSEN Music and Lyrics by BENY PASEK JUSTIN PAUL Vocal arrangements by Justin Paul Piano arrangement by Alex Lacamoire and Justin Paul ‘Upbeat Piano Rock, Swing Bhs 198 6 or em Ge s a Ems ce @ wa Kd With pedal s a Em c CONNOR: Weve been too out of touch ‘Things have been sucks that we dot tall that much Comme ana estes ose aga eos think of you each night — Em omy c nip ples ‘moan ~ ing with de = ge ithe clear) JEVAN Iihy would you write that? JARED: Tm just trying to el he truth FBVAN: This needs to be perfect. These ‘emails have to prove that were fectualy frends. Just. dot wet i (coon 4 Em omy c with = out you Has Em oD coNNoR: c wet city JARED: Very specific BAN: Shut CONNOR: JARED: Who says that? CONNOR: parents Lf os before