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Motivation Letter

First of all, let me introduce about my self a little bit. I’m a person who dare to try
something meaningfull and also willing to learn new things. Because the more I learn many
things in this life the more I can feel free to transcend present realities and also reach out for
something new and creative ideas through worldwide perspective comprehensively. Beside that,
I also have a sense of responsibility to pass on what I have learned and to share about what the
future can be.

So, my ultimate goal to join on this program is i’m not only to share the information but also
to create the transformation for everyone on earth through soft skill education such as mind
transformation, emotional transformation and truth application process for natural peak
performance. Therefore, we need to working together for shaping and promoting positive
Indonesian Internationalism throughout the nation and to the world.

A exclusive viewpoint is obsolete once we view the world as a whole interrelated system with
all it’s people as one family. According to Buckmister Fuller thought, he said that you never
change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that
makes the existing model obsolete. That’s why, once again we must moving forward and also
one step ahead for winning globalization with a new way of thinking and small action but
powerfull towards global prosperity for human beings over the world.

What should we respond to face the global challenges? My opinion is adapt to change. If we
wish to progress and solve our problems intelligently, we need to change the way we think about
ourselves and hence the world we inhabit. The symbiosis of the human species and the
synergistic relationship of our place in the physical world confirm that we aren’t separate entities
in any respect. We must show a working social model that is arrived at from this inherent logic if
we expect to survive and thrive in the long term. It’s time to bring this value shift to the world,
unifying the human family with basic perspective that we all share this small planet and we are
all bound by the same natural order laws. Remember, the future of sustaining our species
depends on the actions we take today, the future is ours.