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To the guardian(s) of my newest student, ____________________________:

I am extremely excited to have your son or daughter in my class for the upcoming

semester. As has been my policy in years past, I ask that my students and their guardians

review my classroom rules and expectations prior to instruction so as to avoid any confusion

throughout the year. Also, in an effort to promote the democratic principles discussed in my

social studies classes, I have provided an empty space at the conclusion of this document where

guardians and students can put forth questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations

regarding this code of conduct. All recommendations will be thoroughly considered. If you

desire to contact me at any point throughout the semester, my email address is

Looking forward to a great year!

Robert J. Morrissey Jr.

Social Studies Teacher

Course Title: Civics

Instructor: Mr. Morrissey


Classroom: C319

Class Website:

Free Periods: 3, 8 Lunch Period: 6

Course Length: One semester

Course Description: Civics, or political science, is the social science concerned with
the question of how people govern themselves and their interaction with the political
environment. Civics is a semester course required for graduation in School District U-
46, offered in the senior year. The course emphasizes the decision-making process of
American democracy and explores some of our major social problems. Topics
examined in depth include national, state, and local government, our political party
system, the processes of political behavior, and responsibility of citizenship. This
course is most important to students since they are now able to participate directly in
our democracy at age 18. The state-required examination on the Constitution of the
United States, Constitution of Illinois, Declaration of Independence, and the proper
display and respect of the American flag is administered in this course. It is a
graduation requirement that students pass this test with a score of 60% or higher.

Tentative Curriculum Overview:

 Foundations of Government  Structure of Government
 Active Citizenship  U.S. Constitution
 Political Beliefs  Illinois Constitution
 Elections
**NOTE: Units and Concepts are subject to change based on
teacher discretion, rate of content comprehension, and time constraints.

Classroom Materials: Pen, Folder, Notebook, Planner, Headphones

Grading Policy: Grading practices are consistent with the grading philosophy of Bartlett
High School. Students’ grades will be based predominantly on their performance on
summative assessments (60%), including the final exam (20%). Summative
assessments are defined as assessments of learning that are used to evaluate student
learning, skills acquired, and academic achievement at the conclusion of a defined
instructional period. Mastery is expected on a summative assessment after appropriate
and sufficient instruction is provided. Examples of summative assessments include unit
exams, projects, essays, debates, speeches, performances, etc. Formative
assessments (20%) are defined as assessments of learning that are used by both the
teacher and the student to determine the level of learning against standards,
components, outcomes, or targets. Examples of formative assessments include
quizzes, exit slips, entrance slips, large group questioning, teacher monitoring during
group work, specific components of “daily work” assignments, personal interviews
between student and teacher, etc. Less weight is given to formative assessments
because students are still developmentally in the process of mastering a skill.

Grading Scale: Grade Composition:

4……. Mastery Summative Assessments 60%
3……. Proficient Formative Assessments 20%
2……. Basic Final Exam + 20%
1……. Below Basic 100%
0……. No Evidence

Homework and Late Work: Homework is to be completed in full by the day it is due.
Late work MAY be accepted up to ONE class day after a given due date, but will be
subject to a lower grade. For example, if homework is assigned on Monday and is to be
due on Tuesday, I MAY accept it on Wednesday, but for a reduced grade.

Make-Up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete all homework
assignments missed due to absences.

Reassessments: Students who receive a grade lower than a (2) on an assessment will
have the option to—and are strongly encouraged to—reassess after consulting with the
teacher and subsequently completing all prerequisite formative and practice work.
Students have up to two opportunities to reassess in order to demonstrate content

Participation: Participation is expected by all. This course is designed to be interactive

and collaborative. Participation in activities such as individual work, group work, and
class-wide activities is essential to the success of the student.

Rules and Expectations: See attached. Rules are enforced strictly, quickly, and
consistently to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning. Severe or continued
misconduct will result in detentions and/or referrals to the dean of students.

Tardy Policy: Any student arriving up to 5 minutes late or leaving early will have each
action counted as a tardy. A student who arrives more than 5 minutes late to class
without a pass will be marked as absent for the day, even if they stay for the remainder
of the session.

In-School Intervention (ISI): It is the responsibility of the student to obtain classwork

they may miss as a result of serving an ISI. Students should stop by my classroom and
pick up their assignments prior to the start of first period on the day on which they are
serving the ISI.

Additional Help: If at any point in the semester you feel that you need extra help,
PLEASE COME SEE ME. It is my job to assist students to the best of my ability to
ensure all have a concrete understanding of the material. I will make myself available
before and after school as needed. I will also be available by appointment. The
responsibility lies with the student to seek out for extra help. My door is always open.

Checking Student Grades: Parents and guardians can access students’ grades by
going to > Parents & Students > Infinite Campus. It is highly
recommended that you monitor your child’s grades via this website.
Students will… If rule/expectation is not met… My role…
1. Successfully pass all  Student needs to demonstrate  To allow students to reassess
summative assessments mastery of the material on tests and/or complete test

2. Complete every  Student needs to turn in ALL  Display the homework

assignment on time. homework assignments per assignment on the screen/board
This includes all unit in order to retake the unit at the beginning of each class
homework assignments test.  To remind students to write
down assignments in agendas

Students will… If rule/expectation is not met… My role…
3. Work to their fullest  Student will not meet  To keep grades up to date on
potential and strive to graduation requirements and Infinite Campus
achieve individual and will need to retake this course
class goals
4. Refrain from talking while  Student will receive a warning  To ensure that all students are
the teacher is talking  Continuous violations may able to hear information
result in detentions
5. Arrive to class on-time  Three or more tardies will  To begin class on-time everyday
everyday result in a Dean’s detention  To display the plan for the day
 Student will miss important and present the homework on
announcements and the screen/board
homework assignments
6. Come to class prepared  Student will need to borrow  To let students know ahead of
with a pen, notebook, supplies. time when they need to bring
folder, and planner. any other materials.

7. Refrain from  Student will clean the desktop  To enforce this rule so the
writing/drawing on the immediately custodians don’t get angry with
desktops  Continuous violation will result me
in detention
8. Refrain from checking or  Student will receive a warning  To limit potential distractions in
using digital devices  Device will be confiscated and order to facilitate learning.
during classtime later returned.

9. Turn in their own work.  First infraction: Referral to  To remind the students of this
Cheating/plagiarism will dean, call home. rule often.
NOT be tolerated.  Second infraction: Referral to
dean and suggestion for
removal from the course.
10. Take notes during all  Student should use their  To demonstrate the Cornell
class discussions notes to study for their unit note-taking format
Parent Signature
Please read through this syllabus with your son/daughter. I encourage you to ask them
questions, not just about this syllabus, but daily as we progress through the semester.
I also encourage you to contact me (a tear away contact sheet is provided below) at
anytime if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I look forward to an
engaging semester!

By providing my signature below, I confirm that I have read and understand all of the
rules and expectations of Mr. Morrissey in the upcoming semester.

Student Name: ____________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________________

Questions, Comments, Concerns:

**Return this upper portion to Mr. Morrissey**


Teacher Contact Information

Teacher Name: Robert Morrissey Jr.

Course: Civics

Class Website:


**Tear away this contact information sheet for your records**

Name ___________________

Student Goals:
 My goal for this class is to...

 I will work to achieve this goal by…

 My athletic/extracurricular goal for this year is…

 The college I hope to attend when I graduate…

 The career I hope to have in the future…

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
I have carefully read the syllabus for Mr. Morrissey’s class and will willfully abide by the
contents therein contained. I pledge to put forth my best effort to achieve the above

______________________________ _______________
Student Signature Date