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Child and Adolescent Mental Health

The future of our country depends on the mental health and strength of our young people.
However, many children have mental health problems that interfere with normal development and
functioning. In the U.S. today, one in ten children suffer from a mental disorder severe enough to
cause some level of impairment.

The mental disorders affecting children and adolescents include the following:

 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, ADD)

 Autism Spectrum Disorders (Pervasive Developmental Disorders)

 Bipolar Disorder

 Borderline Personality Disorder

 Depression

 Eating Disorders

 Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia

Related Information

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Materials for Children and Adolescents

 The Science of Mental Illness: An NIH curriculum supplement for middle school


 Benefits of Antidepressants May Outweigh Risks for Kids

 Tiny, Spontaneous Gene Mutations May Boost Autism Risk

 Adolescent Brains Show Lower Activity in Areas That Control Risky Choices

 Autism Research Efforts Highlighted in Biological Psychiatry Special Issue

Publications/Resource Materials

Read, print, or order NIMH booklets, fact sheets, and other publications on child and adolescent
mental health such as:

Treatment of Children with Mental Disorders

A booklet with answers to frequently asked questions about the treatment of mental disorders in
children—includes a medications chart.

Your Child and Medication

A fact sheet that describes what parents need to know about their children's medications.

More Publications>>


 Clinical Trials

 Preventing Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders: Research Roundtable on Economic

Burden and Cost Effectiveness

 America's Children: Parents Report Estimated 2.7 Million Children with Emotional and
Behavioral Problems

 NIMH-Funded National Comorbidity Survey Replication Study (NCS-R): Mental Illness

Exacts Heavy Toll, Beginning in Youth

 Blueprint for Change: Research on Child and Adolescent Mental Health

 Surgeon General Reports

o Children and Mental Health — Chapter Three from Mental Health: Report of the
Surgeon General
o Youth Violence

o Report of the Surgeon General's Conference on Children's Mental Health: A

National Action Agenda