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Bachelor of Science (Pure Chemistry)
 GPA 3.62 / 4.0
 Subject taken : Organic synthesis, Analytical Chem., Quantum Chem., Macromolecular,
Laboratory Safety Management, etc.
 Extra programs and courses:
1. Turn Our Idea Into Business (Plus Social Networking)
2. Implementation of ISO 9001:2008 QMS
3. Personal Finance Management by UTM SPACE


Undergraduate Research Experience in Chemistry SEPT 2011 – July 2012

 Studied different method to dissolve viscous crude oil sample (petroleum).

 Optimized various parameters to analyse heavy metals in crude oil sample by difference
analytical instruments.
 Techniques used include differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) and atomic adsorption
spectrometry (AAS).

Survey in consumption of instant noodles by UTM students Mar 2011

 Focused on developing survey forms to evaluate the local need of instant noodles, particularly for
the UTM students
 Analysed the data by Microsoft Excel and statistic method

Conducted a short briefing to introduce voltammetry technique Jan 2012

 Demonstrated a short briefing to introduce the theory, application, and technique used in
voltammetry technique
 5 participants…attended and gained a clear concept about the technique due to the clear
Pei Hwa Primary School- Relief Teacher JAN 2009- Jul 2009

 Taught primary 2 to 3 in different subject. (Chinese, English, Mathematics, Moral).

 Prepared teaching report for school purpose
 Prepared exam papers for Moral subjects
 Assisted senior teacher in poem recitation competition


Coordinator in welcoming activities for new entered junior student SEP 2010
 Selected and led a committee to run the activities, including preparation, programmes and
 Developed network between each committee members and inspected the progressing of the

Volunteer experience in community services to aboriginal village in Pahang

MAR 2012
 Supported the Committee members in communication with aboriginal villager, identified the
needs of the village and analysed the financial costs.
 Involved in approaching local villages with gender, confidence and courage attitude.(tak tau apa
u cakap)

Representative of Kolej Tun Razak in UTM games-table tennis 2009

 Encouraged team spirit in team players to play and drafted strategy to win the game

Member of Orienteering Club (2010) and Trekking Club 2010

 Participated actively in training, classes and camping that organized by the club
 Responded to the safety of other members in outdoor activities.

Additional Information

 Proficient in English, Malay and Mandarin
 Proficient in Stripping voltammetry, Graphite furnace Atomic Adsorption Spectrometry, UV-
Visible Spectrometer and Infrared Spectroscopy

Computer / IT

 Proficient in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Chem Draw Ultra 8.0 and Chem 3D 8.0
(according to shin, everyone study chem. Will know chem. Draw, so u no need to write)

 Table tennis and badminton- Once a week to strengthen body and mind
 Surfing YouTube – Search especially for the discovery and history channel to widen knowledge
about science history and technology (Hobby boleh tak payah tulis)