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(SOFT PIANO MUSIC PLAYS) MONTAGUE: Back, Tybalt! Be glad she does not care.
(HORSE WHINNYING) You argue with a child. - Examine other beauties.
(CROWD CHEERING) Turn now and fight - To what purpose?
NARRATOR: Two households, your equal if you dare. Cousin, I pray
both alike in dignity, (GRUNTING) you change your mind.
in Fair Verona, Old Montague doth flourish My child is still a stranger
where we lay our scene, his blade in spite of me! to this world.
from ancient grudge - No! Let two more summers
break to new mutiny, - Enough! wither in their pride
where civil blood SERVANT: before we judge her right
makes civil hands unclean. The prince! The prince! to be a wife.
And so the prince Rebellious subjects! Younger than she
has called a tournament Stop this! are happy mothers now.
to keep the battle Enemies to peace would stain Juliet is my only living child.
from the city streets. the pleasure of a tournament She's the hopeful lady
Now rival Capulets with bitter blood? of my earth...
and Montagues, Throw your ill-tempered weapons ...but woo her, gentle Paris.
they try their strength to the ground... Win her heart.
to gain the royal ring. ...and hear the sentence Now, Peter, sir,
(WHINNYING) of your angry prince. come hither, pray.
Ride, cousin! Three civil brawls, Take this list...
(CHUCKLES) bred of a foolish word by thee, ...of the last and final names,
(CROWD CHEERING) Lord Capulet or Montague, search them through Verona,
(CHEERING CONTINUES) have thrice destroyed bid them come
(WHINNIES) the calm of our streets. to feast and welcome
(SNORTS) If ever you disturb at my house this night.
(SPITS) our town again, Go.
We here declare Mercutio, your lives will pay the price - (PEOPLE CHATTERING)
from the house of Montague, for the offense. - (DOGS BARKING)
our champion. You, Capulet, PETER: Find out those men
And so I bid you all you go along with me. whose names are written here.
enjoy the day. And, Montague, I must first find out
(CHEERING CONTINUES) come you this afternoon. what names he here has writ.
NURSE: Juliet? And now, on pain of death, Pray you, sir.
Juliet, please. all fighting men depart. Can you read?
My lady and my lord (SNORTS, WHINNIES) Aye. If I know the letters
will soon be home - Good afternoon, my cousin. and the language.
with news of - Is it so? Stay, fellow.
the tournament. I thought it should be night. I can read.
Then hurry, nurse. Not much past 4:00. "Signor Martino
Why do you dally so? When I am sad, and his wife and daughters,
Oh, I should so hurry the hours seem long. Count Anselme and his
till my heart gives out. (HAMMERING) beauteous sisters,
Your heart is made What sadness the lady widow of Vitravio,
of sterner stuff than that. lengthens Romeo's hours? Signor Placentio
Your heart is made I lack the thing which, if I and his lovely wife,
of sterner stuff... had my nephew, Count Tybalt,
(JULIET CHUCKLES) it, would make them short. and Lucio and lively Helena,
...that you should laugh I see. You're in love. my fairness, Rosaline."
to see me so wore out. - How was the tournament? What assembly is this?
I keep you fast to make you - It served its turn... A masked gathering tonight
young and strong. launch another at our house.
SERVANT: Here, clash with Capulets. - Who's house?
what about this one? So you must fence with hate, - My master,
- (GRUNTS) and I with love. the great Lord Capulet.
- (GLASS SHATTERS) Love is a harsh tyrant If you not be
Do you not choke to see Lord where he rules. of the House of Montague,
Tybalt bested by a Montague (SIGHS) Love is a smoke, you're right welcome
dog? raised on the fume of sighs, for your help.
Leave it. The quarrel a madness drenched in syrup I bid you thanks.
is between our masters. and choked with rage. So Rosaline sups
The quarrel is between May I not know with Capulet this night.
our masters and us, their men. who it is you love? Do but compare her face
(SPITS) I love a woman. with some I know,
Stop! - That much I found unaided. and I will make you think
(GRUNTING) - Who loves me not. your swan a crow.
Stop! Sweet cousin, say not so, As if there could be
Put down your sword! but may I have a name? fairer than my love.
You know not what you do. Rosaline. I'll go tonight,
Hold up there. Rosaline? but only to rejoice and worship
Turn now, Benvolio, - The niece of Lord Capulet? at the glory of my choice.
and look upon thy death. - The same. Hmm.
Tybalt, I do Be ruled by me Now, stay here.
but keep the peace. and forget to think of her. Heavens, child.
Put up your sword or manage it Oh, teach me how I - What are you thinking?
to part these men with me. should forget to think. - Go, go, go on.
What? Do you draw your sword Love will not Make haste. The guests
and talk of peace? call on you but once, will be long gone
I hate the word nor stay forever ere you are ready
as I hate hell,
all Montagues and thee.
when he comes.
Release your eyes.
to receive them.
What is it, Mother? It sticks me to the ground, PARIS: My lady Juliet.
Juliet... I cannot move. Count Paris.
-'re a woman now. You are a lover. Can I beseech that you will
- (CHUCKLES) Not a woman. Borrow Cupid's wings and fly. pity me enough to dance
Well, (MAN ANNOUNCING and warm my evening
she's nearly a woman. THE ARRIVAL OF GUESTS) with a heavenly smile?
Nearly, but not yet. ROMEO: But should we enter? Keep your unmannered hand
Nurse, I know I start to fear some for lesser prey...
my daughter's age. consequence ...and leave the fair one
I think of her birth yet hanging in the stars to her own device.
as if 'twere yesterday. shall bitterly begin Is that not Rosaline?
I remember, too, this fearful date. Aye, it is she.
one day when she did fall Maybe we should consider Should you not start
and cut her brow, what we do. to make your case?
my husband, rest his soul, I dreamed a dream last night. My case? When you
picked up the child. (CHUCKLES) And so did I. carried me hither,
"Why do you fall Well, what was yours? that I might see
on your face?" says he, That dreamers often lie. I have no case to make?
"You will fall backward In bed asleep, Go, you speak with her.
when you have more wit." where they do dream things The Montagues
And looking up at him, true. in Capulet's domain?
the child said, "Yes." Ha! Then I see Queen Mab Messer Benvolio,
Enough of this. I pray you, has been with you. have you all run mad?
hold your peace. She is the fairies' midwife, He that I stand for has run mad
Yet, madam, I must laugh and she comes in shape no for love of your green eyes.
to think a child bigger Since Romeo is here,
could stop crying like that than an agate stone why is he in need of deputies?
and then say "yes" to Jack. on the forefinger Of course, he means
Nurse, I pray you, stop. of an alderman, to plead his cause himself.
I beg. drawn with a team (SCOFFS) Indeed.
Peace, I have done. of little atomies, From where we stand,
But I must say, athwart men's noses he looks well occupied.
you were the prettiest babe as they lie asleep. (VOCALIZING)
I ever nursed till now. Her chariot The lady Rosaline
If I could live to see you wed, is an empty hazelnut, is well disposed
I'll have my wish. and in this state, but trembles
And that is the very theme she gallops night by night for your safety.
that I came to talk about. through lovers brains, ROMEO: What lady is that
Tell me, daughter, and then they dream of love, who doth enrich
what do you think of marriage? o'er courtiers knees that dream the hand of yonder knight?
- I never think of it. on curtsies straight, I do not know.
- Well, think of it now. o'er lawyers fingers, But Rosaline...
Younger than you who straight dream on fees, Oh, she does teach
are mothers. o'er ladies' lips, the torches to burn bright.
I was your mother, too, who straight on kisses dream. It seems she hangs
when I was your age. Peace, peace, upon the cheek of night
I know it. Mercutio, enough. like a fine jewel
Count Paris wants you You talk of nothing. in an Ethiope's ear.
for his wife and love. True, I talk of dreams, Beauty too rich for use,
Count Paris? which are the children for earth too dear.
So, daughter... of an idle brain So shows the snowy dove
- ...can you love the man? begot of nothing trooping with crows,
- I hardly know him. but vain fantasy, as yonder lady o'er
Then learn to know him which is as thin her fellow shows.
at the feast tonight. of substance as the air But what of your old love,
Seek how you feel. and more inconstant Rosaline?
Study his eyes than the wind. Did my heart love till now?
and read the message there. Much more of this, Forswear the sight.
See... and we shall be too late. I never saw true beauty
...if you can be Come, let us brave our till this night.
happy with him. fears and steer our course. - Sirrah, I must protest.
I'll look and try to like him, Whatever it may prove. - I have a prior claim.
if that is my parents' wish. On, lusty gentlemen. WOMAN: Count Paris,
ROMEO: Should we attempt - (LIGHT MUSIC PLAYING) come dance with me.
to talk our way inside - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) What claim is that?
or sweep past in a crowd Welcome, gentlemen. The claim of love
without a word? Ladies that have their toes that ever must be heard.
Say nothing, unplagued with corns Then shall I take
lest you say too much. will walk about with you. advantage of this turn,
We will not challenge them (LAUGHTER) try my chances
for fear they challenge us. I welcome you all. with fair Rosaline?
We'll enter, Come, musicians play. (LAUGHS)
take the lady's measure, (DANCING MUSIC BEGINS) Now, by the shield
and having taken it, CAPULET: A hall, a hall. and honor of my blood,
depart. Make room. to strike him dead,
MERCUTIO: Nay, gentle Romeo, Methinks we have I hold it not a sin.
we must see you dance. the pick of what's on show. Why, how now, Tybalt,
ROMEO: Not I, Mercutio. They all look hungrier why storm you so?
You have the dancing shoes than a starving dog. Uncle, the man Juliet
and dancing feet to fill them.
My soul is made of lead.
is with is a Montague.
- Young Romeo, is it?
- (APPLAUSE) Have saints not lips, BENVOLIO: Cousin Romeo?
It's him, and holy palmers, too? MERCUTIO: Romeo?
that villain Romeo. Aye, pilgrim, lips that Should I go home
Content thee, they must use in prayer. when all my heart is here?
gentle coz. Oh, then, dear saint, - BENVOLIO: Romeo!
Let him alone. let lips do what hands do. - (MERCUTIO LAUGHS)
You heard the prince's They pray, MERCUTIO: Romeo?
warning at the joust. grant thou, lest faith Romeo?
To harm a Montague turn to despair. Cousin Romeo?
under this roof means riot, Saints do not move, He is wise, and on my life,
and in its bloody wake, though grant for prayers' sake. has stolen home to bed.
our deaths. Then move not... He ran this way.
I would not for ...while my prayers' (SIGHS) I know
the wealth of all the town effect I take. he's jumped the wall.
let any harm beset him Thus from my lips, Let's call him,
in my house. by yours, my sin is purged. good Mercutio.
I'll not endure it. Then have my lips the sin Romeo?
You will endure it, that they have took. Suitor!
for I say you will. Sin from my lips? Madman!
Am I master here or you? Oh, trespass sweetly urged. He jests at scars
You'll make a mutiny Give me my sin again. that never felt a wound.
among the guests. You kiss by the book. But soft, what light through
You will set cock-a-hoop, Madam... your mother yonder window breaks?
you'll be the man! craves a word with you. It is the east,
- Uncle, 'tis a shame! Who is her mother? and Juliet is the sun.
- Go to, go to. Her mother is Arise, fair sun
You shall contrary me. the lady of the house. and kill the envious moon
You are a princox, go. - You mean she's a Capulet? who's already sick
Good my lord husband, - She is. and pale with grief
why are you so hot? And I tell you, that thou, her maid,
He may be hot, he that can lay hold of Juliet are far more fair than she.
but I am hotter still shall have the chinks. (BIRD SINGING)
to see a Montague Oh, my dear God. Wait...
at leisure here. My life is my foe's debt. is my lady.
The Morisca! Know you the man Oh, that she knew she were.
Morisca? my cousin has made welcome? The brightness of her cheek
Why, what a perfect Nay, but he would seem would shame the stars
dance for our amusement. a goodly youth. as daylight doth a lamp.
To find the dance Goodly and deadly. Her eyes set in heaven
that's fit for Romeo, He is Romeo, would give forth such light
we first need to put - hope of the House of that birds would sing
a rope around his neck. Montague. and think it were not night.
Nay, cousin, come, - (GASPS) See how she leans her
tread a length with me, Come hither, Nurse. cheek upon her hand.
and I shall coax you Who is that gentleman Oh, that I were a glove
into company. going through the door? upon that hand
Lead her, gentle nephew, His name is Romeo that I might touch
in a country dance and a Montague. that cheek.
that we may see your The only son Ah, me.
anger is forsworn. of your great enemy. She speaks.
(SCOFFS) My only love sprung Oh, speak again,
If you so order, Uncle, from my only hate. bright angel.
but be warned, To early seen unknown Oh, Romeo, Romeo,
this foul invasion, and known too late. where for art thou,
that you think so sweet, What's this? What's this? Romeo?
shall turn to bitter gall It's nothing. Deny thy father
before the end. (INDISTINCT CHATTER) and refuse thy name,
(ORCHESTRAL MUSIC PLAYS) A somber face or if thou wilt not,
(PANTING SOFTLY) to wear after a ball. but be sworn my love,
Speak, sir. If I am young, and I'll no longer be
You are too grave for one must I always be glad? a Capulet.
who cuts a country dance. No blaggard then, has Shall I hear more
If I profane with cracked your peace of mind? or shall I speak at this?
my own worthiest hand - What blaggard would this be? 'Tis but thy name
this holy shrine... - None I would name... that is my enemy. lips, ...nor let their name You'd be yourself
two blushing pilgrims, be spoken in this house. if you were not called
ready stand to smooth that Cousin, I love thee. Montague.
rough Tybalt, I know it. What's in a name?
touch with a tender kiss. Your honor is as dear That which we call a rose by
(SIGHS) to me as life. any
Good pilgrim, (SIGHS) other name would smell as
you do wrong your hand too And with that warming thought, sweet.
much. I'll take my leave. So Romeo would.
Which mannerly devotion - (OWL HOOTING) Romeo, cast off thy name,
shows in this, - (DOGS BARKING IN DISTANCE) and for that name,
for saints have hands MERCUTIO: Romeo? which is no part of you,
that pilgrim's hands do touch, BENVOLIO: Romeo! take all of me.
palm to palm Can I go home - I take you at your word.
is holy palmers' kiss. when all my heart is here? - (GASPS)
Call me your love, and I'll be heart and mine within my Romeo!
new baptized henceforth. breast. Up and about in early morn.
- I never will be Romeo. But will you leave me I do not look to see
- What man are you so unsatisfied? the young at dawn.
that hides within the shadows What satisfaction Care keeps the old awake
of the night to spy on me? would you have tonight? and wakes them soon,
I know not how to The exchange of your love's but young men sleep
tell you who I am. faithful vow for mine. a golden sleep till noon.
My name, dear saint, I gave you mine Or if they don't,
is hateful to myself before you did request it. and here I'll guess it right,
because it is an enemy to you. NURSE: My lady? our Romeo hath not been
I have not heard you - Madam? in bed tonight.
speak a hundred words, - Anon, good nurse. That last is true,
yet I do know the sound Sweet Montague, be true. but a sweet rest was mine.
of that sweet voice. Stay here a while, God pardon sin.
Are you not Romeo and I will come again. Were you with Rosaline?
and a Montague? I'm afraid all this is (LAUGHS)
Neither, dear love, but a dream. Ah, I pray you were not
if either you dislike. Too flattering sweet playing Satan's game.
Why have you come? to be substantial. Who is Rosaline?
This place is death if any Think if your love be pure, I have forgot the name.
of my kinsmen find you here. your purpose marriage? That's good, my son.
With love's light wings It is, my lady. Where then have you been?
did I o'er perch these walls... Then I will send to you I'll tell you,
...for stony limits to learn my fate, 'ere you ask it me again.
cannot hold love out, where and what time Oh, Father,
and what love can do, we will perform the rite, know my heart's desire
that dares love attempt. and all my fortunes is set on the fair daughter
Therefore thy kinsmen at your feet I lay of rich Capulet.
are no stop to me. and follow you, my lord, As mine on hers,
To see you look severe throughout the world. so hers is set as well.
more frightens me NURSE: Juliet! And how we met and woo'd,
than 20 of their swords. My lady? and how I fell I'll say
(SIGHS) A thousand times, as we walk back.
Look you but sweet, and I am good night. But this I pray:
proof against their enmity. A thousand times the worse, you consent to marry us today.
I would not for the world to miss your light. (GASPS)
they saw you here. - Romeo. Holy St. Francis!
But I would not have missed - My love. What a change is here.
the words you spoke. (SIGHS) Why is she cast off,
(SIGHS) What time tomorrow that you did love so dear?
I blush to think shall I send to you? Jesu Maria!
what you have heard tonight. - At 9:00. What a deal of brine
If I should ask you now - I will not fail. has washed your sallow
for vows of love, 'Tis 20 years till then. cheeks for Rosaline!
I know you would say I have forgotten You scolded me for
aye... why I called you back. loving Rosaline.
...but if you swear, Let me stand here I scolded you
you may prove false. till you remember it. for moping like a child.
They say that Jove does laugh I should forget I'd not believe
at lovers' perjuries. to have thee still stand there, you'd tasted true love's joy.
And will you now remembering how Then scold no more, for God has
call me too fast? I love thy company. taught me now to know true
When had you not heard me, And I'll still stay love,
I should be slow as ice. to have thee still forget, and Juliet has her face.
Romeo, trust me, forgetting any other Speak you so,
and I will prove more true home but this. though she be a Capulet?
than those who play the game (SIGHS) What care I for
with far more cunning wit. Good night, good night. the quarrels of the past?
Lady, by yonder moon I swear Parting is such sweet sorrow. Or rivalries now
that tips with silver Let us just say good night buried in the tomb?
all the fruit tree tops. till it be morrow. Well, well.
Oh, swear not by the moon, Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, If this could carry
the inconstant moon peace in thy breast. all before...
that monthly changes Oh! Lady, come in. ...I think I see a chance
in her circled orb, You will catch a chill. to end the city's strife.
lest that your love prove Would I were sleep and peace, If, as I pray, your marriage
likewise variable. so sweet to rest. should prove sweet,
What shall I swear by? (BIRDS CHIRPING) you'll turn your families'
Do not swear at all, The earth is nature's mother rancor to pure love.
and listen hard. and her tomb. Come... you waverer,
Are we too rash, Within the petal trim and go along with me.
too unadvised, too quick? of this small flower, I'll grant your wish...
No, for this bud of love poison has residence ...and be your wedding priest.
in summer's breath and medicine power. MERCUTIO: Where then
will prove a beauteous flower Boiled and mixed, the smell is our Romeo?
when next we meet. will bring us health. Did he come home last night?
- I promise. - And swallowed? Not to this house.
- NURSE: Juliet? - The result is instant death. I've spoken with his man.
Go and good night, (CLEARS THROAT) Mercutio, there's news.
and let sweet rest come to your Good morning, Father. Tybalt has sent a letter here,
addressed to him. every part about me quivers. is handsome as the dawn.
A challenge on my life. So, to the business. His body...
Which Romeo will meet. - My young lady, Juliet... ...figure, leg, foot
Alas, poor Romeo, - What of her? excel against the finest.
he's already dead. She bade me seek you out His manners might improve,
Why? Who and what is Tybalt, and say... but there is time.
that he should be so sure First, if you should Now... have you dined already?
of victory? do double with her, Not yet.
More than a prince of cats, you will have me But Nurse, I knew
I tell you now. to answer to. all this before.
He fights like a music player, - Nurse, I do protest. What says he of our marriage?
all precision, - I'll tell her. What of that?
and keeps his time Just listen. Lord, how my head aches.
and distance perfect play. She must gain Oh, what a head I have.
With one and two and three, her mother's word It throbs as it would
and in your chest. to make confession break in 20 bits.
He's a gentleman later on today. And my back,
and duelist, Let her but come my back is killing me!
and none who fight him to Father Laurence's cell. It's all your fault
live to tell the tale. There she will be absolved for sending me to town.
Ah, gentlemen. I hope you've and married, too. In future,
helped to cover my tracks. This afternoon, a bride? take your messages yourself.
Where did you vanish to Farewell, be trusty In mercy, pity me!
last night? and commend me to your What says my Romeo?
You gave us both the slip mistress. Can you have leave today,
most prettily. I... There's one thing more. to make confession?
Pardon, Mercutio, What is it? I could.
I was much taken up. There is a nobleman Then, go you from here
At such a time a man in town, one Paris, to Father Laurence's cell...
may lose his grace. who plans to marry'll find a husband...
And more besides. and lie with her. ...keen to make you wife.
Nay, we forgive you, - And does she like him? (KISSES)
for you are Romeo again. - Never! - But not until
Is this not better now She would as soon have lain you've had a bath.
than groaning still for love? with a stinking toad. - (BOTH LAUGH)
Now you are sociable. Her thoughts are all with you, I pray the heavens
Great love will make us as I have taunted her. smile upon this act,
only into fools. - But you should know of him. and do not punish us
Stop there. - And so I do. with later sorrow.
Romeo, there's a letter - And now commend me to my Amen.
come for you. lady. But come what sorrow can,
I fear it is a challenge - I will. it cannot countervail
from Count Tybalt, A thousand times. the exchange of joy
which will not brook Why, my darling Nurse, that one short minute
delay in your reply. what news? gives me in her sight.
- You could soothe his rage... - Tell me you found him. Do thou but close our hands
- Excuse me, both, I prithee. - NURSE: Oh... with holy words...
Cousin? Oh! Oh... ...then love, devouring death,
Where are you going? Good, sweet Nurse... do what he dare,
Romeo! This heavy matter - (WEARY SIGH) it is enough
cannot be ignored! - Oh, Lord, you look so sad. that I can call her mine.
Good sir, Whatever news your bring, These violent passions
I desire some talk with you. cast off your gloom, can have violent ends.
What tired and if your tale be glad, And blaze up like gunpowder,
old bawd is this? then do not punish me in their fiery glory,
And who is he that wears by wearing such consuming themselves
the hated coat of Capulet? a mask of tragedy. and others.
Go to. I would walk I'm so weary, The sweetest honey
a while with her. let me rest awhile. sickens when over-ate,
Will we see you Oh, my bones ache defeating its own delight.
at your father's dinner? after the day I've had. Therefore, be moderate.
Of course. I'll be there. I would exchange my bones Long-lasting love must be.
(MERCUTIO GROWLS) for all your news. Love too fast can prove falser
(LAUGHS) Please speak, I pray you. than love too slow.
NURSE: Dear sweet Nurse, do tell. Good evening
Why was the man so rude? What's the rush? to my dearest confessor.
That liked to use A minute's patience, please! Romeo gives thanks
his tongue to flay Can you not see to see you here.
and wound I'm out of breath? I owe those thanks to him
a poor old woman? Are you out of breath when you with all my heart.
He is much enamored by have breath to say to me Oh, Juliet, if your heart,
the sound of his own voice. that you are out of breath? like mine, is full
And you stand by Is your news good or bad? and you have greater
and suffer such a knave Just answer that. Say either skill than I to speak,
to use me and I'll wait to hear the rest. then tell the joy
at his pleasure? Let me just know that waits us both this night.
If I knew any man if it is good or bad. I cannot tell of
to use you for his pleasure, (SIGHS) Well... what is limitless.
my weapon will be ...I must say They are but beggars
quickly out, I swear. you have good taste in men. who can count their worth.
Now, before God, I'm so vexed That Romeo's face Enough of love talk.

Come along with me. You'll find me good at that, Let's begin.
For we will make short work Mercutio, ROMEO: Mercutio, stop!
of binding oaths, if you'll give me Benvolio,
and holy church the chance. help me hold them back!
shall join two into one. Can you not take the chance, We must stop! Please!
FRIAR LAURENCE: Romeo... or must it be given? Mercutio! Tybalt!
(SPEAKS LATIN) I've sent a letter writ (GRUNTING)
(RESPONDS IN LATIN) to Romeo, whom you consort Gentlemen, for shame!
Juliet... with. Stop this brawl now!
(SPEAKS LATIN) Consort with? (LAUGHS) You know the prince
(RESPONDS IN LATIN) What? Do you imagine us has made his wishes clear:
(CONTINUES IN LATIN) a pair of minstrels? an end to fighting
(SNIFFLING) For if you do, in Verona's streets!
Amen. expect the sharpest notes. Tybalt, good Mercutio, hold!
- Amen. Here's my baton that It is time for peace!
- Amen. shall make you dance. (GROANS)
(HORSE NEIGHS) "Consorts," indeed. Let's away.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) Mercutio, Tybalt, I am dead.
(GRUNTS) this is a public place. Is Tybalt gone
NURSE: Juliet. Either withdraw into with no wound to bear?
My lady Juliet. some private place ROMEO: You, sir, run to my
Scarcely were you both gone and there dispute father's house! Fetch a
and on your way, your grievance, surgeon!
a messenger or else, and better yet, Tybalt!
from Lord Capulet arrived. go home. Romeo!
Your cousin Tybalt Men's eyes were made to look Villain! Dog!
has set forth in such a rage. and let them gaze. If thou art brave,
There's trouble in the offing. I will not budge come settle with me, boy.
Your father bids you hurry for no man's pleasure, I. Have courage, man.
back. Whoa... The wound cannot be much.
I will. - (GRUNTS) No.
Nurse, you go with her. - Peace be with you, sir. 'Tis not so deep as a well,
See her safely home. - Here comes my man. nor so wide as a church door,
Till tonight. - MERCUTIO: Your man? but 'tis enough.
Which is a year away. I do not see him 'Twill serve.
Only a year? in your livery. Ask for me tomorrow, and you
(CHUCKLES) You do not How dare you call shall find me a grave man.
love me, then? a Montague your man! I am peppered, I warrant,
I pray you, good Mercutio, Benvolio! for this world.
let's go. The Capulets are out. - Is something here amiss? Why the devil came you
You are like the man - TYBALT: Romeo! between us?
who snatches off his sword, The hate I bear thee can afford He stabbed me
on a tavern's table, no better term than this: under your arm.
lays it down forthwith Thou art a villain. I thought all for the best.
and vows to have Tybalt, the reason Our best intentions
no need of it. that I have to love thee pave the way to hell.
Till, with the second beer, does much excuse To hell with
he takes it up the appertaining rage the Montagues and Capulets...
and runs his host to such a greeting. ...whose angry war
right through. Villain am I none. has stolen all my days.
Am I like Therefore, farewell. Plague on both your houses.
such a fellow? I see you know me not. (MERCUTIO GASPING)
You know you are Boy! This will not temper He's dead.
as hot a Jack today the injuries you have done me. His gallant spirit
as any to be found Therefore, turn and fight. is among the clouds.
in Italy. I do insist I never Stay here, Benvolio.
Your mood as moody injured you, but loved you Be what help you may.
as a bitch on heat. better than you'll understand, I have some business
Is it so? till you do know the reason. with a new relation.
Why, you'd quarrel with So, good Capulet, No! But, Romeo, stay!
a man for cracking nuts, a name I love as dearly ROMEO: Tybalt!
for the insult given as my own, be satisfied. Let him pass.
to your hazel eyes. A smooth, dishonorable, What, Romeo? Is it cowardice
I've seen you vile submission! that holds you back?
quarrel with a man Tybalt. (SPITS) (GASPS)
for coughing in the street You rat catcher. (GROANS)
because he woke your dog. Will you walk this way? Many have died
And if I did, I'm still less What do you want from me? in this place, Montague.
quick to find a fight than you. Good king of cats, Befriend their spirits
(DISTANT WHISTLING) just one of your nine lives. while you still have time.
By heaven, You have it to spare, They wait to welcome you
here come the Capulets. with eight to use hereafter. with open arms.
And do I care? What, do you dither now They wait for one of us.
Wait over here, to draw your sword? That much is sure.
and I will speak with them. Make haste or I will (GRUNTS)
Good morrow, gentlemen. pluck you ere it's out. (GRUNTING)
A word with one of you. - I am for you. Cousin!
MERCUTIO: A single word - No, Mercutio, I beg you, - We're here, Tybalt.
with one of us? - put your sword down. - We're here for you, sir.
Let's couple it with something. - MERCUTIO: Come, sir. Leave us!
Maybe a word and a blow? Are you ready? (GRUNTING)
- (TYBALT GROANS) when now your news of him but I from this must fly.
- No! is worse than Tybalt's death. They are free men,
MAN: My Lord! My Lord? Worse than your cousin's death? but I am banished.
(GASPING) Indeed. You told me Cease, Romeo,
(WHEEZING EXHALE) Romeo is banished. in your ingratitude.
BENVOLIO: Romeo, away! And that one word is greater You cannot talk
The gods themselves are angry. grief to me than Father, of what you do not feel.
Tybalt's killed! Mother, If you were young like me
- MAN: Tybalt is slain! Tybalt and myself and full of love,
- Don't stand there dazed. Go! all dead and buried. married an hour,
The prince will have your head Stay in your room, red with Tybalt's blood,
if you are taken. Go! and I'll find Romeo. hungry for Juliet
Oh, I am fortune's fool. I promise you but banished from her side,
MAN: Romeo, begone. a husband for tonight. then you could speak
Away you now! Give this ring and I would listen.
(CROWD CLAMORING) to my true knight NURSE: Where is my lady's lord?
(CLAMORING CONTINUES) and bid him come Where is Romeo?
LADY CAPULET: to take his last farewell. Behold him now,
Tybalt, my nephew. I will. with his own tears made drunk.
He was my brother's child. (SOBBING) So is my lady Juliet
See how the blood is spilled What have I done just the same,
of my dear kinsmen. but murdered my tomorrow? blubbering and weeping,
Prince, as you are true, In killing him weeping and blubbering.
for blood of ours, whom she most truly loved, Good nurse, you speak
shed blood of Montague. I have tried and sentenced of Juliet?
Benvolio, who began my own heart to death. Say quick: Does she now
this bloody fight? But if she can pity me think I am a murderer?
Tybalt, here slain, my suffering, She weeps and weeps.
and I was witness how. then were it worth And lies upon her bed, and...
Romeo did beg him to desist. a thousand torments more. and then jumps up and cries
Alas, nothing could stay Disasters follow you out,
the rage of angry Tybalt, like trusty dogs. "Tybalt," and then, "Romeo."
whose ears were deaf to peace. You must be married to My name was fatal to her
But what of the second act? calamity. from the start.
Mercutio lies dead, Tell me the prince's verdict. It kills her, as it killed
and in his grief does Am I to die so young? her noble kinsman.
blinded Romeo entertain Not yet at least. Oh, tell me in what part of
revenge. His judgment has more pity my anatomy does lodge my name,
He is a cousin than you dread. - and I will hack it off!
of the Montagues. He seeks to have you - What?
Affection makes him false. banished and not dead. Wouldst kill yourself
Romeo killed Tybalt. Not banishment. and all the lady's hopes?
Romeo must not live. Be merciful, say "death," Look to your wits!
Romeo killed him. for exile has more terror in Your Juliet is alive.
He killed Mercutio. its There you are happy.
Who is the guilty man look, much more than death. Tybalt would kill you,
in all this grief? Do not say "banishment." but you instead killed Tybalt.
MONTAGUE: Not Romeo, Prince. All he asks is that Take heart.
He was Mercutio's friend, you leave Verona. The prince has altered death
and killed his murderer. It's not so much. to simple exile.
The very end the law The world is broad and wide. Another stroke of luck
would have exacted. There is no world to make you smile.
(SIGHS) beyond the city's walls. Have done with pouting.
This offense means we do now, Just purgatory, torture, Go to your love.
at once, exile him hence. hell itself. Climb to her chamber,
I will be deaf to And exile is kiss and comfort her!
pleading and excuse. another word for "death." But leave before the watch
Therefore, use none. The prince's kindness begins to walk,
Let Romeo leave in haste. is a golden axe to make the journey
For if he's found, that cuts my head off. safe to Mantua,
that hour will be his last. Rude, unthankful boy. where you will live
(CRYING) The prince, in gentleness, till we can find a way
Did Romeo's hand overturns the law! to blaze your marriage,
shed Tybalt's blood? This is sweet mercy, reconcile your friends,
It did. and you see it not! beg pardon of the prince
I weep to say it, 'Tis torture and not mercy. and call you back.
but it did. Heaven is here, Oh, what it is
And now the prince where Juliet lives, to hear good counsel.
has exiled Tybalt's murderer. and every cat and dog You must return
- No. and little mouse, to my lady Juliet.
- Shame on your Romeo. every unworthy thing, Say Romeo is coming.
Blister your tongue! live here in heaven and may My Lord, I'll tell
Oh, what a beast I've look my lady you will come.
been to chide him. on her, but Romeo may not. Say I am prepared
Did Tybalt not first More validity, to be chastised.
stab Mercutio? more honorable state, Here, sir, a ring
Will you speak well of him more courtship lives she did bid me give you.
that killed your cousin? in carrion flies than Romeo. How well my comfort
Shall I speak ill of him And they may seize on the white is revived by this.
that is my husband? wonder of dear Juliet's hand. FRIAR LAURENCE: Be sure
How stupid I have been to rail, I mean, flies may do this, you leave before the dawn. 7
Then make your home it was the nightingale. whoa, whoa.
in Mantua and wait. It was the lark, Please, Benvolio,
I will send you messages the herald of the morn. be a guardian angel to my love.
with all our news. No nightingale. Watch her firmly and gently
ROMEO: If I were not to gain Look, love, as it would do the eye of God.
a joy past joy, what envious streaks do lace I will. I promise you.
I would be sad to leave you. the severing clouds Farewell, cousin.
So farewell. in yonder east. (HORSE WHINNIES)
LADY CAPULET: Why the race Night's candles are burnt out, What is the rush?
to drag her to the church? and jocund day stands tiptoe I pray you tell, My Lord,
Give her time on the misty mountain tops. I will not marry yet,
to mourn her cousin. I must be gone and live, and when I do, I swear
No. We have no time or stay and die. it shall be Romeo, whom I hate,
to waste in sterile tears, I do not think the light rather than Paris,
with Paris restive in the slips is daylight yet. whom I despise!
and soon to be rid of her I am content LADY CAPULET:
if he be not persuaded if you would have it so. Here comes your father.
she is his. I have more heart to stay You can tell him so
I do not think than will to go. yourself.
he is so changeable. Come, death, and welcome. (SOBBING)
Let us not take a chance Juliet wills it so. My girl is like a channel.
with lovers' vows I will lie with you What, more tears?
when Jove does laugh and say it is not day. The level of the sea
at their fragility. (BIRDS CHIRPING) will start to lift
Do you want legal offspring It is. It is. Go now. if much more water flows
from our loins? Begone. Away! from your sweet eyes.
With Tybalt dead Oh, it is the lark Wife, have you told her
and all our line at risk, that sings so out of tune of her marriage plans?
young Juliet with horrid discords I have, and she will have
is the only living course and unpleasant sharps. none of it, I swear.
through which our blood Oh, hurry now. Soft. Soft.
can flow. More light and light it grows! Take me with you,
You know I do. More light and light, take me with you, wife.
Well, then we shall more dark and dark our woes. How? Will she none?
take action when we may (RUNNING FOOTSTEPS) Does she not
and strike while - Madam! give us thanks?
the iron is hot. - What is it? Is she not proud?
MAN: This way, sir. Your mother is soon coming Does she not think her blessed,
Paris, welcome. to your chamber. unworthy as she is,
How does my lady The day is here. that we have brought so worthy
in this sorrowful hour? Be careful and make haste. a gentleman to be her groom?
I would that I might be I shall be gone. Thankful I am,
some comfort to her. Your parents cannot know and grateful for your love,
Tonight, she is imprisoned that I have been part but proud I cannot be
in her grief, of this deceit. of what I hate.
but in the morning, Farewell, my love. How... how-how-how,
I will know her mind. One more kiss, chopped logic.
Wife... when dawn breaks, and I'll descend. What is this?
bid her make ready No. Come this way. "Proud" and "I thank you,"
for her wedding day. I'll teach Benvolio to learn but "I thank you not."
You will tell her on Thursday your news each day. Thank me no thankings,
she will wed the noble count. No, more than that. nor proud me no prouds!
What say you to Thursday? Each hour in each day. Be ready, lady,
My Lord, I wish Thursday Each minute in each hour Thursday morning next,
were tomorrow. is a day for pining lovers. to go with Paris
Thursday it is, then. And amen to that. to St. Peter's Church
JULIET: Come, gentle night. Do you believe - or I will drag thee
Come loving, we'll ever meet again? thither on a rail!
black-browed night. I do not doubt it. - Are you mad?
Give me my Romeo, Nor that we shall smile Good father,
and when he shall die, to think I beseech you on my knees.
take him and cut him out of all these troubles Will you not give me leave
in little stars. in the past. to plead my cause?
He will make the face If God would only - (PANTING)
of Heaven so fine free me of foreboding. - You...
that all the world will be I think I see you, - (GASPING)
in love with night now you are below, - I tell you what.
and pay no worship as dim and pale Be there, Thursday church,
to the garish sun. as dead men in their tombs. or never after look me
(SIGHS) So are you dim, love, in the face.
My husband. in dawn's drab light. - I...
My wife. Our worries make us pale. - Speak not.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) So adieu. Reply not, do not answer me.
(BIRDS CONTINUE CHIRPING) Oh, fortune, fortune, My fingers itch!
Must you be gone? all men call you fickle because My lord, you're in the wrong,
It's nowhere near the dawn. no fortune ever constant be. my lord, to punish her.
You heard the nightingale If that is so, Is that my lady wisdom's view?
and not a lark, I promise. then change again, oh, fortune. Take care.
She sings each night Be fickle now You dice with your place
sitting in yonder tree. and send him back to me. in talking thus.
Believe me, love, Whoa, whoa, whoa, May not one speak?
Oh, will you be quiet, shall be my deliverer. with a kiss.
you fool! Ah, Jesu Maria. And he will carry you
- Now... God joined our hearts in bliss, to some far distant place,
- No, husband, you are too hot. you joined our hands, where all your anguish
God's blood, and death is better shall become pure joy.
it does make me mad! than the ruin of all. Give me the phial
- (SOBS) So bless this blade, and talk no more of fear.
- Day, night, month, year! unless you have a remedy, Then go.
My constant care... and I'll exchange At dawn tomorrow,
...has been to have my honor for my life. a novice will set out for
my only child worthily matched. Daughter... Mantua
And here I find ...I do spy a kind of hope, with letters for your lord.
an educated man but it requires Farewell, dear Friar.
of equal birth a desperate execution. And now, love...
with honorable parts, You have the strength of will ...give me strength.
with fine estates to kill yourself You said it was
and handsome to behold, rather than marry Paris. a modest group of friends.
and what is my reward? Very well. And so it will be.
A puking fool, who answers, You'll need that strength, Peter, what's the news?
"I'll not wed. I cannot love. and I do know a way. Well, we've hired ten cooks
I am too young. Rather then marry Paris, and 20 serving men.
I pray you pardon me." I would jump A quiet marriage leads
Now think on this. from off the battlements to speculation.
Thursday is near. of yonder tower. My daughter has the virtue of
If you will play the bride, Spend the long, dark night a saint, and I would rather
then are you my daughter walled in a tomb, none
and all is forgot. with rotting limbs - had leave to doubt.
If you will not, and hollow, grinning skulls. - (SIGHS)
then you are mine no more. (GRUNTS) Come here, Nurse.
Graze where you will. Or order me to lie My lord?
You shall not house with me. in a fresh grave, Is Juliet gone to
Beg, starve or hang, and hide myself Friar Laurence's cell?
I'll ne'er acknowledge thee, inside the corpse's shroud. She is, to make
nor pass to you Things most hideous confession of her sins.
the slightest thing that's will I gladly do Well, let's hope he may have
mine. to keep myself unscarred found some good in her.
I swear to this, my word, for Romeo's love. She's here.
so help me God! Then go home, be merry... NURSE: And merrier than
(GASPS) ...and agree to marry Paris. when she left.
How can Father speak so Oh, I am in earnest, Juliet. And where have you been,
to a child For I have knowledge my headstrong gadabout?
who loves him better to concoct a mix The holy friar sends
than she loves herself? that will unlock you me home to kneel
(SOBBING) Oh, oh, God. from your present cell. and ask forgiveness
Oh, Nurse, If you but find the nerve for my mutiny.
how shall this be prevented? to swallow it. (SIGHS)
I have a living husband Tomorrow's Thursday. Pardon me, dear Father,
here on earth. Now tonight, I beseech you.
What, should I take make sure you sleep alone. Henceforward,
a second in a lie And send your prying nurse I will live beneath your rule.
and cast myself out of the room. Well said, my daughter.
forever into hell? Lie down upon your bed, If you should find Romeo
(SOBBING) then take this phial... in morbid grief or feverish,
Well, here it is. ...and drink the clouded juice these herbs will
Romeo is... to the last drop. make him well.
...gone, and cannot come back, Soon, soft drowsiness Be sure he's strong
except in stealth will close your eyes. to take the journey home.
at risk to life and limb. Your pulse will cease, But do not fear.
Given that case, and there will be My letter will revive him.
which will not alter soon... no sign of life within you. Give me your blessing,
...I think it best Neither warmth, nor breath, and I will be gone.
you marry with the count. nor roses in your cheeks God speed your path
Speakest thou nor on your lips, and keep you safe from harm.
from thy heart? but stiff and stark (HORSE WHINNYING)
And from my soul. and every sign of death. Nurse, here is the key
Or the devil take us all. And in this borrowed likeness to fetch more spices.
Amen. of a corpse, The cook wants dates
FRIAR LAURENCE: Oh, Juliet, you will continue and quinces for the pies.
I understand your grief. for six and 20 hours, We must a-move on.
I strive and strain and then awake Paris will be here.
to think how I may help. as from a pleasant dream. Get anything we need,
I know your father's So Paris, spare not the cost.
will is absolute on his wedding morn, My lady and my lord,
that Thursday next will come to find his bride get you some rest
you marry with the count. is dead and ripe for burial or you will not survive
Why talk of what must be in the great vault the wedding feast.
which cannot be? where Capulets do lie. What nonsense!
(BELL TOLLING) While I will write I've been up all night before
If you have no solution with news to Romeo. for lesser cause than this.
to my plight, He and I will be there And I know why.
then this knife when he will wake you And look to have

no repetition now. Oh, child. Pardon me, cousin...
A wife still jealous My soul more than my child. ...that I come with
after all these years? Dead are you now. a tale so full of grief.
Why, 'tis compliment enough Alack. My child is dead... And it is so?
to give me cheer. ...and with my child, Then I must hurry. Jack!
- (CLICKING TONGUE) all my joys are buried. I beg you give
- Hmm? Hmm? Oh, come, sir, for shame. yourself some time.
(LAUGHS) And think of her poor soul, You must be riven
(NURSE TALKING QUIETLY) freed now from care with a savage grief
Wife! and safe in heaven's bliss. and need a while to calm
Nurse! Give up your grief and bring your raging thoughts.
- Will nobody obey me?! sweet-smelling flowers Cousin, you're deceived.
- Oh, peace, peace! to lay upon her corpse I know my mind.
Go waken Juliet. with gentle tears. Are there no letters to me
Dress her and trim her. Then take her to church, from the friar?
Pray, bring her down where she may sleep No, my good lord.
to compliment the bridegroom among her kin for all eternity. No matter.
in his choice. The plans we made Go with Jack.
Hmm. for joyful celebration Get fresh water for your horse.
Mistress. must turn instead I'll meet you
My Juliet? to mark our sorrowing woe. by the city gates.
Oh, still fast asleep? Our merry hymns Go.
Come, lady. Come, lamb. to sullen dirges change. (CRYING)
It's time to wake. Sir, madam, (DOOR CLOSES)
Well, you'll profit make ready for our march, Well, Juliet...
from a few hours dreams. to take this lovely child ...I will lie with you tonight.
Tonight, Count Paris to her grave. As to the means,
will have other plans. (LADY CAPULET SOBBING) I will not wonder long.
But if your marriage We cannot know why I do remember an apothecary
will not let you rest, it is heaven's will. who lives not far from here...
just wait ten years. But we must trust in him ...if it is life...
You'll sleep all you want. who orders all. ...where there is
Heavens, Stop! I beseech you, sir. neither gold...
how sound you slumber. In heaven's name. ...nor food...
I must needs wake you. Say now, are you ...nor rest.
Lady. a holy man of God? Hey, there!
Lady! I am a novice, Apothecary!
(SCREAMING) but I serve God, yes. MAN: Who calls so loud?
Oh, no! Have you made study Come over here.
(SCREAMING CONTINUES) in the art of herbs? I see that you're poor.
(SOBBING) - I have. (SCOFFS) There is
(DOOR OPENS) - My son is sick. no crime in that.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I have an errand Nor pleasure, neither.
(LAUGHTER) to perform in Mantua. Now, listen,
Come, is my bride ready - By when? I seek a kind of poison
to go to church? - Before tonight. so powerful that swallowed
Ready to go, Mantua is but two leagues away. in one dram,
but never to return. I'll take you there myself. it stops a man and
My son... (SIGHS) Then show me your drops him in his tracks
...the night before child. before he may but mark
your wedding day, (DRUM BEATING STEADILY) the consequence.
your wife was MAN: Will there be If this be murder,
stolen from you. anything else, sir? the answer's no.
What? ROMEO: No, thank you, Jack. The victim's one
Are you saying she is dead? - Cousin. I have right to kill.
Flower as she was... - Benvolio! I have such mortal drugs.
...Death is now my heir. Welcome. But Mantua's law brings death
My daughter he has married. And with Verona's news? to any man who issues them.
I will die and leave him all. I do bring news. Are you so thin and full of
Life, living, all is Death's. It's true. wretchedness, yet scared to
This day had promised Then spit it out. die?
all my happiness... How does my lady? Famine is in your cheeks.
...and now it shows me Is my father well? The world is not your friend.
such a sight as this? How does my Juliet? You will not find that
Accursed, unhappy, See, I ask it twice. cherishing the law
wretched, hateful day! Then I must answer once... makes you rich,
The worst that ever dawned. say the worst. be not poor,
(SOBBING) Her body sleeps and break the law for this.
Most woeful day. Never was among the Capulets... My poverty,
so black a day as this. the great monument not my will, consents.
I am divorced... that marks their fame. I pay your poverty
...wronged... Juliet is dead? and not your will.
...hated... Only her mortal part. (HORSE WHINNYING)
...killed by Death, Her soul lives on I'm looking for Lord Romeo.
but Death is my future. in heaven's blessed care. JACK: He is gone.
He holds all I love. You know this Gone?
Death that has killed or you heard a story told? And in great haste.
my daughter, I saw her laid inside Back to Verona.
ties my tongue her kindred's vault. What purpose
and drains my eyes That done, I came as quick as I had you with him?
and will not let me grieve. could find a horse to bring me. Nothing now.

You've had a wasted journey. Forgive me, cousin, - Nay, good my lady.
Who can say? for the harm I did. - (GLASS SHATTERS)
I saved a child, There is no reparation Listen now and come.
but failed in my delivery. more than this, I will hide you
God's ways are hard for us that I shall kill the man in a sisterhood of nuns.
to penetrate. who once killed you. Stop, stop,
Benvolio, you can Leaving this sweet corpse not to question why.
come no further. is trial enough. - We must away.
Now take this letter Oh, my love. - You go.
early in the morn My wife. I must bid farewell to Romeo.
and see you deliver it It is time to join you (THUMP IN DISTANCE)
to my lord and father. in all eternity. Stay then,
Farewell, Benvolio. Juliet, why are you until you are at peace.
Let us say good night. still so fair? But linger not.
No. Death that has sucked I'll hold back the watchman.
But... but why descend the honey of your breath I'd kiss my love
into this bed of death? has had no power as yet for one last time.
Partly, I must behold to spoil your beauty. Then follow you at once.
my lady's face. Shall I believe Do not be late.
Chiefly, I'd return this he has a plan in this? WATCHMAN: Who's there?
precious ring to her fair hand That insubstantial Death - (DOOR OPENS)
which gave it me. is amorous, - Who's there? Who's within?
And now be gone. keeping you perfect Just one kiss,
I go, and do not seek for his paramour? in case some venom
to question you. (CRYING) lingers on your lips.
By which you show your love. For fear of that, (SIGHS)
Goodbye, dear friend. I will still stay with thee. Your mouth is warm.
(HORSE WHINNIES) And never from this palace FRIAR LAURENCE:
PARIS: of dim night depart again. I will explain.
Banished Romeo Montague, Eyes... look your last. The boy has come here
who murdered Juliet's cousin, Arms... take your last embrace. at my bidding.
noble Tybalt... And lips... Somebody's coming.
...causing her the grief the doors of breath, Then I'll be brief.
that took her to the grave. be forever sealed Oh, happy dagger.
And now he comes with a righteous kiss. This is thy sheath.
to desecrate the dead. Come, bitter conduct. (GROANS)
Leave them to heaven Come, unsavory guide. There rust...
and attend to me. (SIGHS) ...and let me die.
We needs must fight, Here's to my love. FRIAR LAURENCE:
for you are bound to die. Oh, true apothecary, Patience now.
The very reason thy drugs are quick. We should not disturb
why you find me here. (WHISPERS) Juliet. this holy quiet.
I am Count Paris, JULIET: Romeo. - Show me the way!
and I here defend (PANTING) - Very well, very well.
the grave of she Oh, no. If you insist.
who should have been my bride. (PANTING) (PANTING)
Oh, good, gentle youth, Thus, with a kiss, I die. (GASPS)
tempt not a desperate man. (CRYING): No. No. We know now
Put not another sin upon my No. how this sorrow came about,
head No. and pardon all the players
by urging me to fury. (CRYING CONTINUES) in their end.
Oh, fly hence. (PANTING) Their own forbidden love
Be gone, survive. Oh, no. did murder them.
What? Oh, no. Yet can we take a lesson
Should I buy this proof So pale? from their deaths.
of your concern? My best beloved husband Capulet, Montague.
Or is a Montague afraid lies here dead. See what a scourge
to fight? Not Romeo. is laid upon your hate,
(GRUNTS) My child. that heaven finds means
(GROANS) Not him of all. to kill your joy with love.
(GROANING CONTINUES) Oh, what unkind hour Oh, dearest Montague.
May God bless you, Paris. has brought to pass Give me your hand.
Friar! Friar Laurence! this miserable deed. (CRYING)
- Friar Laurence! Alas, my lady, PRINCE: The sun, for sorrow,
- FRIAR LAURENCE: Who's there? we are overturned. will not show his head.
Benvolio? What brings you here (CRYING) No. And join with all
to me at dead of night? A greater power in grieving for the dead.
My care for one you love. than we can contradict For never was a story
The good lord Romeo, has thwarted all our plans. of more woe than this,
he waits by Juliet's tomb, Come away from death, of Juliet and her Romeo.
all full of woe. contagion and unnatural sleep. (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYS)
Why talk of woe? Leaving my husband (MUSIC CONTINUES)
Say rather joy. to face this alone? (MUSIC ENDS)
and life are in the grave? The watchman. (MUSIC ENDS)
Did he not My lady, come away.
receive my letter? (SOBBING) Read more:
- What letter's that? Unkind! https://www.springfieldspringfi
- (GASPS) To drink it all and leave
Is that you, Tybalt, no drop so I could follow e=romeo-and-juliet
in that mortal sleep? after.
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Kimberly Cornel
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