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Chapter 1: Introduction
Time 0:00:18 Articles /Documents/Websites The New World Order (1939) by H.G. Wells (insert here: citation for opening quote from The New World Order (1939) by H.G. Wells) Farewell Radio and Television Address to the American People by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 17, 1961. The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association by President John F. Kennedy, April 27, 1961 John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Cessation of the Persian GulfConflict by President George H. W. Bush, March 6, 1991 George Bush Presidential Library and Museum David Rockefeller: Memoirs (2002) by David Rockefeller, pg. 405 Remarks by the Vice President to the Council on Foreign Relations, February 15, 2002




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Articles /Documents/Websites Remarks by the President to United Nations General Assembly, November 10, 2001 Trans-Texas Corridor (TxDOT) National Security in the 21 Century: Findings of the Hart-Rudman Commission Council on Foreign Relations, September 14, 2001 Alex Jones Bullhorns Bilderberg Group, June 11, 2006 Plan Your Visit, Georgia Guidestones Elberton County (GA) Chamber of Commerce Secretive, powerful Bilderberg group meets near Ottawa Canadian Press, June 9, 2006 Elite Firm to Guard Top-Secret Meeting in Kanata Ottawa Citizen, June 8, 2006

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Chapter 2: Roots Of The New World Order

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Dr. Michael Coffman Discerning the Times Convention on Biological Diversity Convention on Biological Diversity, List of Parties Treaties Pending in the Senate (Treaty Doc. 103-20) U.S. Department of State, October 23, 2007 Global Biodiversity Assessment Heywood, V.H., January 26, 1996 (Cambridge Univ. Press) Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis and the Federal Budget Deficit, September 11, 1990 George Bush Presidential Library and Museum The President's News Conference on the Persian Gulf Crisis, January 9, 1991 George Bush Presidential Library and Museum Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the State of the Union, January 29, 1991 George Bush Presidential Library and Museum Ron Paul Goes On The Offensive In Austin ±, May 21, 2007 Babylonian Empire (Map) Encarta Egypt s Golden Empire PBS The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization PBS The Roman Empire: In the First Century PBS Portuguese Empire Encarta Spanish Empire Encarta French Empire Encarta Dutch Empire Encarta British Empire Encarta Russian Empire Encarta




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Articles /Documents/Websites Monte dei Paschi di Siena Barclays C. Hoare & Co. Bank of England Rothschild ABN Amro (Insert here: citation about private intelligence organizations) The Battle of Waterloo BBC, June 9, 2006 The Making of the Dynasty: The Rothschilds BBC, January 28, 1998 Winning: It s All About Information Forbes, October 24, 2005 The Family That Bankrolled Europe BBC, July 9, 1999 Industrial Revolution Encarta The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century PBS Francis Ferdinand Encarta Black Hand Wikipedia (insert here: citation for Rothschild banks financing both sides in WWI) League of Nations -- Encarta America: Freedom to Fascism America: Freedom to Fascism (Director s Authorized Version) Google Video Woodrow Wilson Encarta Treaty of Versailles Encarta The Covenant of the League of Nations PBS, Woodrow Wilson Council on Foreign Relations: History Council on Foreign Relations: Mission Statement Council on Foreign Relations: Board of Directors Council on Foreign Relations: International Advisory Board Sovereignty and Globalisation Richard N. Haas, President, Council on Foreign Relations, February 17, 2006 Fabian Society Encarta Fascism Encarta (insert here: citation for Hitler quote National Socialism will use its own revolution for establishing a new world order. ) The Whitehouse Coup BBC Radio 4, July 23, 2007

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Articles /Documents/Websites Profile: Edward VIII BBC News, January 29, 2003 (insert here: citation for banks (e.g., Lord Alfred Miler) financing both sides in WWII.) History of the UN United Nations Headquarters Council of Europe Statute of the Council of Europe (ratified August 3, 1949) NAFTA Becomes Law CNN Video Almanac, 1993 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Encarta (insert here: citation for James Warburg quote before Congress, February 17, 1950.) Secretive Bilderberg Group to Meet in Sweden Reuters, May 23, 2001 Club Class BBC Radio 4 (Simon Cox ), 2003 The Pentagon s New Map: PowerPoint Presentation (Ft. McNair, Washington DC) C-SPAN, September 4, 2004

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Chapter 3: Bilderberg 2006, Canada

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Shadowy group meets amid secrecy in Ottawa CTV, June 9, 2006 Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group BBC News, September 29, 2005 Elite power brokers meet in secret BBC News, May 5, 2003 Secretive power brokers meeting coming to Ottawa? 2006 These guys love secrecy Ottawa Sun, June 9, 2006 Ottawa Citizen, May 24,

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Bilderberg-bound filmmaker held at airport June 8, 2006 Brooktsteet Hotel (Ottawa, Canada) Building a North American Community, May, 2005 Elite Firm to Guard Top-Secret Meeting in Kanata Ottawa Citizen, June 8, 2006 Augusto Santos Silva, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Portugal

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Articles /Documents/Websites Mr. Matías Rodríguez Inciarte, Third Vice President, Grupo Santander Bernardino Leon Gross, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Spain Juan Luis Cebrian, CEO, PRISA Siv Jensen, Norwegian Parliament, Progressive Party Viscount Etienne Davignon, Board Mentor, CMi (insert here: 1957 newspaper column(s) by Westbrook Pegler regarding Jekyll Island meeting.) Hotel de Bilderberg (insert here: quote [ verge of a global transformation ] from David Rockefeller s address before the United Nations Ambassadors Dinner on September 23, 1994.) The Rockefellers, David Rockefeller The Rockefeller Archive Center The True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin Telcons Previously Released in Other Nixon Presidential Files, Document 10: Kissinger and Chase Manhattan Bank chairman David Rockefeller, 13 March 1972, 11:12 a.m. The National Security Archive, May 26, 2004 Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations Franco Bernabe The 400 Richest Americans: #107, Henry R. Kravis Forbes, September 21, 2006 World: Americas Holbrooke confirmed in UN post BBC, August 5, 1999 The Nine Lives of Jurgen Schrempp Fortune, January 10, 2005 Donald E. Graham, Chairman & CEO, Washington Post Company The 100 Most Powerful Women: #4, Indra Nooyi Forbes, August 31, 2006 The Queen of the Netherlands, The Dutch Royal House -- Wolfowitz confirmed at World Bank BBC, March 31, 2005 The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005 Online Journal, May 24, 2005 Bilderberg 2003: Versailles, Paris United States Code, Title 18, Section 953 ( Logan Act ) US Gov t Printing Office

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Articles /Documents/Websites Pataki wins third term in New York CNN, November 5, 2002 Did Hillary Clinton Attend Bilderberg Conference?, June 15, 2006 Hillary Clinton: A Bilderberg Presidency Old-thinker News, November 8, 2007 Hillary Confronted on Bilderberg in Oakland, October 12, 2007 Hillary Denies Attending Bilderberg, Confirms Bill Did, November 9, 2007 Wolfensohn to quit the World Bank BBC, January 4, 2005 Tenet: Cheney Staffers Idolized Chalabi Like Schoolgirls With Their First Crush Think Progress, April 30, 2007 U.S. Aids Raid on Home of Chalabi Washington Post, May 21,2004, A01 Chalabi wanted on counterfeiting charges The Independent, August 9, 2004 Alex Jones Bullhorns Bilderberg Group, June 11, 2006 'We know you are evil...' Ottawa Citizen, June 11, 2006 Vaccines: The Deadly Cure The Fluoride Deception: How a Nuclear Waste Byproduct Made Its Way Into the Nation's Drinking Water Democracy Now, June 17, 2004 Frequently Asked Questions about Cancer, Simian Virus 40 (SV40), and Polio Vaccine Iraqi cancers, birth defects blamed on U.S. depleted uranium Seattle PostIngelligencer, November 12, 2002 A Banking Merger for the Books Conde Naste Portfolio, July 19, 2007 How Much Is Queen Elizabeth Worth? Forbes, June 26, 2001 John D. Rockefeller Encarta Full List of Bilderberg Attendees, June 11, 2006 Trilateral Commission Ottawa to host top-secret meeting -- or maybe not Ottawa Citizen, May 24, 2006 The President Under Fire: The Power Broker New York Times, January 25, 1998 Secretive Bilderberg group to meet in Sweden Reuters, May 23, 2001 Barbara Bush Calls Bill Clinton Son Drudge Report, June 17, 2005

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Chapter 4: The North American Union

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Articles /Documents/Websites Baylor Hosts President Bush, Mexican President Fox And Canadian Prime Minister Martin For Historic Meeting Baylor University, March 23, 2005 US, Canada, Mexico pledge new alliance Financial Times, March 23, 2005 Secret Banff Meeting of CEOs and the Defense Establishment : Militarization and the Deconstruction of North America Global Research, September 19, 2006 Committee of MPs to study secret 'Three Amigos' scheme Ottawa Citizen, April 26, 2007 NDP wants secretive North American deal exposed to Canadians Ottawa Citizen, April 26, 2007 Newly Uncovered Commerce Department Documents Detail Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Judicial Watch, September 26, 2006 North America activists plotted 'stealth' strategy, January 30, 2007 Judicial Watch Releases Pentagon Records from North American Forum Meetings Judicial Watch, January 29, 2007 Meet Robert Pastor: Father of the North American Union Human Events, July 25, 2006 North American Border Security Hearing US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, June 9, 2005 United States Northern Command Lieutenant General Thomas R. Turner, Commanding General Mexico: the Pentagon's Proxy Army in Iraq Counterpunch, February 21, 2005 Military considers recruiting foreigners Boston Globe, December 26, 2006 US military may recruit foreigners to serve Christian Science Monitor, December

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0:57:20 0:57:27 0:57:41 0:57:50 0:57:55 26, 2006 0:58:00

Santa Fe Police Department looking into hiring Mexican nationals Associated Press, May 16, 2007 Top North American officials play down criticism that talks too secretive Canadian Press, February 23, 2007


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Articles /Documents/Websites United States Strengthens Ties with Canada, Mexico US Department of State, February 24, 2007 Council on Foreign Relations Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America President Bush Meets with EU Leaders, Chancellor Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany and President Barroso of the European Council and President of the European Commission, April 30, 2007 US and EU agree 'single market' BBC, April 30, 2007 Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community (June 3, 1991) Profile: African Union BBC, November 21, 2007 African Union troops patrol Mogadishu Reuters, May 1, 2007 Profile: Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) BBC, January 11,2007 The Emerging Asian Union? Progressive Policy Institute, May 13, 2004 International Leaders Propose Asian Union Korea Times, October 13, 2006

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National ID cards on the way? CNET News, February 14, 2005 Real ID Act spurs real concerns Florida Today, May 13, 2005 Are You Ready for Your North American Union ID Card? Human Events, July 17, 2006 Supreme Court backs municipal land grabs, June 24, 2005 Macquarie-Cintra's $3.85 Bln Bid for Indiana Toll Road Approved Bloomberg, March 15, 2006 NAFTA Superhighway RFID Card For US Citizens, July 26, 2006 Toll developer pitches 600 miles of new railway Associated Press, March 29, 2006 Roman Roads Encarta Trans Texas Corridor-Mexico National Highway System & Railroad, January 9, 2007 Trans-Texas Corridor paved with campaign contributions?, July 12, 2006 Trans Texas Corridor: About TTC NHS High Priority Corridors US Department of Transportation, October 3, 2007 Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway Human Events, June 12, 2006

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Articles /Documents/Websites Kansas City SmartPort: America's Inland Port Solution Going for broke Cornyn wants U.S. taxpayers to fund Mexican development, July 13, 2006 Senator ditches bill tied to superstate, July 25, 2006

1:09:17 1:09:20 1:09:24

The North American Trade Corridors North American Forum on Integration It s the Law! Fed Pave the Way to Toll and Privatize the Interstate Highways as Part of American Union, June 29, 2006 President Signs Transportation Act Now with Bill Moyers: Trading Democracy PBS, February 1, 2002 United States Constitution, Bill of Rights Cornell University Law School United States Constitution, Article III Cornell University Law School Perry Signs Comprehensive Development Agreement Dallas Morning News, March 12, 2005 TxDOT, Cintra-Zachry file suit to keep documents secret Fort Worth Star-Telegram, June 25, 2005 The Next Wave in Superhighways, or a Big, Fat Texas Boondoggle? Time, November 28, 2004 Toll Road Giant Buys Newspapers to Silence Critics The Newspaper, January 28, 2007 The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold, October 10, 2001 Austin protest targets toll road 'tyranny' San Antonio Metro, March 3, 2007 Welcome to TxTag Online Smart Growth Online (insert here: citation for highway bypasses of small towns) (insert here: map for the Wildlands Project and the Convention on Biological Diversity) (insert here: map for Biodiversity Treaty and the Wildlands Project) (insert here: map of Official Route Numbering for the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways)

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Articles /Documents/Websites State and Local Fusion Centers Department of Homeland Security, September 14, 2006 Federal Grants Bring Surveillance Cameras to Small Towns Washington Post, January 19, 2006, A01 License plate scanners help find those with unpaid parking tickets San Francisco Chronicle, December 27, 2006 License Plate Tracking for All Wired, July 25, 2006 Technology strains to find menace in the crowd New York Times, June 2, 2004 President Bush Signs Military Commissions Act of 2006, October 17, 2006 Military Commissions Act Does Affect US Citizens, October 22, 2006 U.S. Can Confine Citizens Without Charges, Court Rules Washington Post, September 10, 2005 (insert here: extraordinary rendition map) H.R. 3162 (a.k.a. USA PATRIOT Act ) How the USA PATRIOT Act redefines "Domestic Terrorism" ACLU, December 6, 2002 VIPER Teams Patrol Mass Transit Facilities, Look For Suspicious Individuals Associated Press, December 14, 2005 Tampa uses cameras to scan for wanted faces CNN, July 2, 2001 New York's Subway Riders Face Bag Checks With Somber Tolerance Washington Post, July 23, 2005, A12 Houston police chief wants cameras on homes, streets Associated Press, February 15, 2006 MPs at the Senior Bowl in Alabama, August 2, 2004 Super Bowl security to use sensor fusion to fight WMD threats Computerworld, February 2, 2006 President's Statement on H.R. 5122, the "John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007", October 17, 2006 Bush Junta "Tools Up" To Fight Americans With Civil Suppression Bill, November 3, 2006



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Time 1:19:46 1:19:54

Articles /Documents/Website Bush grants presidency extraordinary powers WorldNetDaily, May 23, 2007 National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, May 9, 2007 Seperation of Powers Encarta


Chapter 5: Blueprint For Extermination


Flaw icon of China s resurgence: Mao Tse-tung (1893-1976) CNN, In-Depth Specials, Visions of China, 1999 Total Dehumanization in China, September 22, 2005 Joseph Stalin Encarta Idi Amin Encarta Fidel Castro Encarta Golda Meir Encarta Adolf Hitler Encarta Holocaust Encarta May Day Parade, Red Square Encarta Elizabeth II Encarta President Bush Welcomes Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the White House, May 7, 2007 Pol Pot Encarta Timeline: Soviet Union BBC News, Country Profiles, March 3, 2006 World War II: Cost of the War Encarta Mao more lethal than Hitler, Stalin, November 29, 200 The Guatemalan Police Archives National Security Archive, November 21, 2005 Guatemalan Death Squad Dossier Uncovered: Internal Military Log Reveals Fate of 183 Disappeared National Security Archive, May 20, 1999 Death Squad Dossier (Color) Naitonal Security Archive, May 20, 1999 The Cambodian Genocide Program Yale University (1994-2006)

1:20:56 1:21:15 1:21:27 1:21:32 1:21:35 1:21:37 1:21:42 1:21:56 1:22:00 1:22:04

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Time 1:23:04

Articles /Documents/Websites The Armenian Genocide: 90 Years Later Turkey Continues to Deny the Extermination of a People Democracy Now!, April 22, 2005 Amin victim found in mass grave BBC, January 28, 2005 Ghosts of Rwanda Frontline, April 1, 2004 Feds Train Clergy To "Quell Dissent" During Martial La Prison Planet, August 16, 2007 Texas Prison Camp Future American Gulag? Prison Planet, January 8, 2007 The Tank Man Frontline, April 11, 2006 1989: Massacre in Tiananmen Square BBC, On This Day (4 June) Tiananmen Square, 1989: The Declassified History National Security Archive, June 1, 1999 OSS In China: Prelude to Cold War (1997) by Maochun Yu Yale University Press (Insert here: US backs Mao against Chiang Kai Shiek b/c Mao thought to be more of a stabilizing force) Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (1966) by Carroll Quigley Address Accepting the Presidential Nomination at the Democratic National Convention in New York William J. Clinton, July 16, 1992 The Quigley Factor WorldNetDaily, February 9, 1998 Rockefellers "Joked" About Controlling The World, December 18, 2007 China: New World Order Litmus Test, April 18, 2006 China steps up one child policy BBC, September 25, 2000 (Insert here: China 1-child policy & Planned Parenthood) (Insert here: China s 1-child policy & UN) China province sets huge fines for one-child rule Reuters, July 25, 2007 China admits women were forced to have abortions The Independent, September 21, 2005 Cases of Forced Abortions Surface in China NPR, April 23, 2007 China victims decry forced late-term abortions Associated Press, August 29, 2007 China Faces Future as Land of Boys Christian Science Monitor, September 3, 2004 China's intolerance of dissent BBC, March 7, 2005 China's Christians suffer for their fait BBC, November 9, 2004 Torture Is Breaking Falun Gong Washington Post, August 5, 2001, A01 Repression in China Worsens Worker Protests Human Rights Watch, August 2, 2002 China's 'reforming' work programm BBC, May 11, 2005

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1:26:54 1:27:13 1:27:19 1:27:21 1:27:27 1:27:31

1:27:40 1:27:47 1:27:58

Time 1:28:04 1:28:10

Articles /Documents/Websites China to 'tidy up' trade in executed prisoners' organs The Times, December 3, 2005 Horrific New Evidence of China Organ Harvesting Revealed Epoch Times, November 16, 2006 UN Reports the Chilling Facts on Organ Harvesting from Live Falun Gong Practitioners Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group, June 11, 2007 Japan's rich buy organs from executed Chinese prisoners The Independent, March 21, 2006 China makes ultimate punishment mobile USA Today, June 15, 2006 Martial Law No Longer On The Horizon: It's Already Here, Part Two, December 15, 2005 Protesting Bush Outlawed At APEC, September 4, 2007 Armed Men Terrorize Schoo, November 1, 2006 (Insert source for the following Henry Kissinger quote: Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. ) A conversation about U.S. foreign policy with Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State The Charlie Rose Show, March 23, 2007 psychopath (definition of) Encarta The Republic by Plato Memories of My Life (1909) by Francis Galton, page 321 Google Book Search Africans in America PBS, 1998 Life on board International Slavery Museum Slaves Packed on a Slave Ship Encarta Malthus, Thomas Robert Encarta An Essay on the Principle of Population (1826) by Thomas Robert Malthus Google Book Search Charles Darwin Encarta The Origin of Species (1859) by Charles Darwin Thomas Huxley Encarta Social Darwinism Encarta Eugenics Congress Announcement, Number 2., The Exhibit Record of Family Faculties (1884) by Francis Galton Google Book Search Eugenik



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1:29:47 1:29:51 1:30:10 1:30:23

1:30:28 1:30:33


1:31:06 1:31:18 1:31:22

Time 1:31:36 1:31:56

Articles /Documents/Websites Pedigree of the Galton-Darwin-Wedgwood Family Racial mixture in royal families (Swedish) Royal deaths and diseases Channel 4 (UK), Good Breeding Natural History, November, 2005 Biometrika, Archive of All Online Issues Oxford Journals, Oxford University Press 40-year-old male twins undergoing anthropometric study by Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer CSHL Digital Archive: Charles Davenport Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives Extends Work in Eugenics [article preview] New York Times, March 30, 1913 Extends Work in Eugenics New York Times, March 30, 1913 Hoosier state led with involuntary sterilization laws IU Home Pages, March 9, 2007 Eugenical Sterilization Legislation Tomorrow s Children (1934) The Internet Movie Database Eugenics Record Office, board of scientific directors and functions Eugen Fisher, Director of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics (1927-1942) Eugenics Play Indorsed [article preview] New York Times, February 27, 1913 State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized ABC News, May 15, 2005 Against Their Will: North Carolina s Sterilization Program Winston-Salem Journal Historic black hospital tied to sterilization program The News & Observer, May 14, 2006 (Insert hyperlink here: Mrs. E. H. Harriman Backs a Gigantic Step in Eugenics Would Curb Defectives by the Hundreds of Thousands Over Series of Years. To Make Race Perfect. Aid of Rockefeller and Carnegie Hoped for in World Wide Campaign. New York World, September 4, 1915) The Foundation of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Medical Research A History of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Medical Research: 1929-1939 Max Planck Society admits to its predecessor's Nazi links Nature, June 14, 2001 German/Nazi Eugenics First Eugenics Congress [article preview] New York Times, July 25, 1912 16-year-old female twins undergoing anthropometric study by Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer

1:32:09 1:32:38 1:32:36


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Time 1:35:20

Articles /Documents/Websites H.G. Wells Encarta Life Stories: HG Wells Channel 4 (UK) The Real War of the Worlds BBC Radio 3, February 9, 2007 Margaret Sanger: Birth Control of a Nation BusinessWeek, September 13, 2004 The Pivot of Civilization (1922) by Margaret Sanger The Rockefeller Clan: A Public Family Time, September 2, 1974 (Insert here: Birth Control and the Negro (1939) by Margaret Sanger) Mein Kampf (1925) by Adolf Hitler Madison Grant The Passing of the Great Race (1916) by Madison Grant Google Book Search Book explores eugenics' origins USA Today, September 16, 2003 Announcement for Louisiana State Congress of Mothers, with news clippings Fitter Families contestants at Georgia State Fair, Savannah American Eugenics Society exhibit at Sesquicentennial Exposition, Philadelphia Bishops Approve Plan to Apply Eugenics to Marriage [article preview] New York Times, March 31, 1912 Sermon #36 excerpt: "Eugenics," AES Sermon Contest 1926, #4 "Eugenical sterilization legislation," in the United States State's little-known history of shameful science: California's role in Nazis' goal of 'purification' San Francisco Chronicle, March 10, 2003 Eugenics in California California State University Sacramento Sterile victims stand up, decry legacy of eugenics Chicago Tribune, September 7, 2006 Virginia apologises for eugenics policy BBC, May 3, 2002 Breed and Weed Seattle Weekly, April 16, 2003 Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927) Carrie Buck Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring (1933) The Biological State: Nazi Racial Hygiene, 1933-1939 U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Yale Study: U.S. Eugenics Paralleled Nazi Germany Chicago Tribune, February 15, 2000 Euthanasia Program U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Nazi 'euthanasia' children buried BBC, April 21, 2002 6 Americans Honored At Heidelberg s Fete UP, June 30, 1936 (at Harry H. Laughlin Shared riches bring wealth of baggage San Francisco Chronicle, June 10, 2007 Charles M. Goethe: His Life and His Eugenic Vision California State University Sacramento Library C. M. Goethe letter to J. Eddy, about German collection of eugenic data, October 27, 1937


1:35:41 1:35:47 1:35:58 1:36:10


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1:37:06 1:37:15


1:38:33 Charles Benedict Davenport Charles Davenport letter to Leonard Darwin about German government interest in eugenics Time 1:38:50 Articles /Documents/Websites Mass graves found at Nazi camp BBC, November 23, 2001 Mass Grave From Nazi Era Found In Ukraine C BS News, June 5, 2007 Child eyewitnesses to Nazi killing fields reveal mass graves of Jews The Scotsman, July 7, 2007 American Experience: The Nuremberg Trials PBS, January 30, 2006 Nuremberg Trials (1945-1949) Library of Congress, Federal Research Division Nuremberg Trials Project Harvard Law School Library Secrets of the Dead: The Hunt for Nazi Scientists PBS, 2005 Our Nazi allies, May 3, 2000 The CIA's Worst-Kept Secret San Francisco Bay Guardian, May 7, 2001 The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG) U.S. National Archives The CIA and Nazi War Criminals National Security Archive, February 4, 2005 Uncovering the Architect of the Holocaust: The CIA Names File on Adolf Eichmann National Security Archive, March 24, 2005 Documents show CIA covered up Nazi war criminals during Cold War USA Today, June 6, 2006 'I was a guinea pig for Mengele' CNN, February 1, 2005 Network of top scientists helped 'Angel of Death' Mengele The Guardian, March 22, 2005 Skeletons in the Closet of German Science Deutsche Welle, May 18, 2005 Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Journal Holding List: Eugenics Quarterly Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library Birth Control Organizations: American Birth Control League Margaret Sanger Papers Project Advertisement for Racial Hygiene, for Eugenics' Book Club, Eugenics: A Journal of Race Betterment (vol II:8), 1929 The Biological State: Nazi Racial Hygiene, 1933-1939 U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Final Solutions: Murderous Racial Hygiene, 1939-1945 U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum That the Society should pursue eugenic ends by less obvious means, that is by a policy of crypto-eugenics, which was apparently proving successful in the US Eugenics Society. The Activities of the Eugenics Society by Faith Schenk and A.S. Parker, Eugenics Review (1968), vol. 60, no. 3 I think we have failed to take into account a trait which is almost universal and is very deep in human nature. People simply are not willing to accept the idea that the genetic base on which their character was formed is inferior and should not be repeated in the next generation. We have asked whole groups of people to accept this idea and we have asked individuals to accept it. They have constantly refused and we have all but killed the


1:39:19 1:39:26


1:39:50 1:39:55



eugenic movement . . . they won't accept the idea that they are in general second rate. We must rely on other motivation. [I]t is surely possible to build a system of voluntary unconscious selection. But the reasons advanced must be generally acceptable reasons. Let's stop telling anyone that they have a genetically inferior genetic quality, for they will never agree. Let's base our proposals on the desirability of having children born in homes where they will get affectionate and responsible care, and perhaps our proposals will be accepted. It seems to me that if it is to progress as it should, eugenics must follow new policies and state its case anew, and that from this rebirth we may, even in our own lifetime, see it moving at last towards the high goals which Galton set for it. Galton and Mid Century Eugenics by Frederick Osborn, Eugenics Review (1956), vol. 48, no. 1 "Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under a name other than eugenics." Future of Human Heredity (1968) by Frederick Osborn, p. 104 American Eugenics Society, dinner invitation, program including Albert Wiggam and Frederick Osborn, New York (circa 1939) Summary of the round table conference held at the New York Academy of Medicine, about the eugenical implications on medical work (1937) Eugenics Research Association, notice of special meeting to change name to Association for Research in Human Heredity (1938) About the Population Council: History Population Council Council History, 1950s: 1957, Frederick Osborn becomes second president Population Council Time 1:40:38 Articles /Documents/Websites The Nazi Scientists of America, November 16, 2005 Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon BBC, November 21, 2005 (Insert hyperlink here: Thomas Watson, Sr. decorated by Adolf Hitler in Berlin in 1937 with the German Order of the Eagle) IBM and the Holocaust (official website) IBM and Nazi Germany CBS News, March 27, 2002 IBM and Auschwitz, October 9, 2002 Code list for IBM Hollerith punch card system used in the Jamaica Race Crossing Study, 1928. "Downey Group Will-Temperament Test," Mico College, conducted by Morris Steggerda for Race Crossing in Jamaica Seaford Town male anthropometric case: photo, measurements, finger prints, Schedule 3, notes; by Morris Steggerda for Race Crossing in Jamaica Seaford Town female anthropometric case: pedigree and inter-marriages, by Morris Steggerda for Race Crossing in Jamaica Sir Julian Huxley Encarta "Eugenics, Socialism, and Capitalism," Eugenics Review (vol. 27), Julian Huxley's comments on heredity and environment "Eugenics and Society" (The Galton Lecture given to the



1:41:07 1:41:11


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Time 1:45:39

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1:46:00 1:46:09







Minutes: September 12-13, 1994 The National Security Archive Count of Subjects in Radiation Experiments Is Raised to 16,000 New York Times, January 20, 1995 Time 1:48:47 Articles /Documents/Websites Newscast's Chemtrail Investigation Reveals Dangerous Aerosolized Compounds, January 8, 2008 Millions were in germ war tests The Observer, April 21, 2002 US planes sprayed Wiltshire with Sarin The Times, October 10, 2002 Hidden history of US germ testing BBC, February 13, 2006 In the Name of Science: A History of Secret Programs, Medical Research, and Human Experimentation (2003) by Andrew Goliszek EPA rule loopholes allow pesticide testing on kids Baltimore Sun, September 15, 2005 AIDS Drugs Tested On Foster Kids CBS News, May 4, 2005 Guinea Pig Kids: How New York City is Using Children to Test Experimental AIDS Drugs Democracy Now!, December 22, 2004 Former Holmesburg inmate recalls 1960s tests: 'I thought I went to hell' Associated Press, December 2, 2007 Acres of Skin: Human Medical Experimentation Democracy Now!, June 11, 1998 Acres of Skin: Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison (1998) by Allen M. Hornblum Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton. The Impact of Science on Society (1953) by Bertrand Russell, pgs. 49-50 Human species 'may split in two' BBC, October 17, 2006 Impact of Science on Society (1953) by Bertand Russell Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. The Impact of Science on Society (1953) by Bertrand Russell, p.50 Antidepressant Use By U.S. Adults Soars Washington Post, December 3, 2004, A15 CDC: Antidepressants most prescribed drugs in U.S. CNN, July 9, 2007 Some Experts Say Too Many Women Prescribed Antidepressants KNTV, NBC 11 (San Jose, CA), December 10, 2007

1:48:50 1:48:53 1:49:06


1:49:24 1:49:28



1:50:09 1:50:30 1:50:49



Two Out of Three Foster Children in Texas on Psychotropic Medication WOAI, NBC 4 (San Antonio, TX), November 11, 2004

Time 1:51:42

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1:52:08 1:52:14 1:52:31





1:53:53 1:54:04


1:55:00 1:55:05


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1:55:54 Time 1:56:01

1:56:05 1:56:40



1:57:24 1:57:45



1:58:20 1:58:46

1:59:09 1:59:51 2:00:00 2:00:06 2:00:11


Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy National Geographic News, January 25, 2005

Time 2:00:22

Articles /Documents/Websites The rice with human genes UK Daily Mail, March 6, 2007 UM Researchers Warn of Seed Contamination Bangor Daily News, February 19, 2002 Edible HIV vaccine breakthrough, April 12, 2002 Crops 'widely contaminated' by genetically modified DNA, February 23, 2004 GM crops created superweed, say scientists The Guardian, July 25, 2005 Warm-up acts Philadelphia Enquirer, July 1, 2007 SOS: Live Earth Time to tax carbon Los Angeles Times, Opinion, May 28, 2007 Sun Blamed for Warming of Earth and Other Worlds LiveScience, March 12, 2007 The truth about global warming - it's the Sun that's to blame Telegraph, July 17, 2004 Jackpot Alert: Cameron de Rothschild? E! Online, June 11, 2007 On Top of the World Outside Magazine, June, 2006 Top Global Warming Advocate: Jupiter & Saturn Closer To Sun Than Earth, July 9, 2007 The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills To Stop Climate Change (2007) by David de Rothschild David de Rothschild interview Tavis Smiley, June 22, 2007 Globalists Love Global Warming, March 28, 2007 Gore takes warming warning to Congress MSNBC, March 21, 2007 Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says National Geographic News, February 28, 2007 Bright sun, warm Earth. Coincidence? National Post, March 12, 2007 SUV's On Jupiter?, November 16, 2006 Former V.P. Al Gore at Senate Environment & Public Works Cmte. Climate Change Hearing C-SPAN3, March 21, 2007 Tax on Carbon Emissions Gains Support Washington Post, April 1, 2007 The Century of the Self BBC 4, Documentaries, April 29 May 2, 2002 The Merchants of Cool Frontline, 2001

2:00:41 2:00:55 2:01:09 2:01:40 2:01:44

2:01:56 2:02:01 2:02:31


2:03:04 2:03:17

2:03:24 2:03:29 2:03:49


Chapter 6: Post- Humanist Agenda


Articles /Documents/Websites

2:05:41 2:05:54

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2:06:16 2:06:31 2:06:36

2:06:39 2:06:44








US group implants electronic tags in workers ± Financial Times, February 12, 2006 "The elite who occupy the commanding heights of digital reality are suicidal nihilists. Suicidal nihilists know that there is no longer any substantive purpose to their willing. But they would always prefer to go on willing than not to act at all. They can very happily ally themselves with a notion of nuclear holocaust or perfect exterminism . . . ." ± Arthur Kroker in Mondo 2000, Issue #11(1994) Way New Leftists ± Wired, Issue 4.02 (February, 1996)
Articles /Documents/Websites




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Campaign ±, November 2, 2007 Ridge reveals clashes on alerts ± USA Today, May 10, 2005

Chapter 7: Bilderberg 2007, Turkey

Time 2:11:14

Articles /Documents/Websites Location Of Bilderberg Group Meeting Unveiled, May 31, 2007 Bilderberg 2007: Agenda and Participant List, May 25, 2007 Interview with Jim Tucker from Istanbul, Turkey, Site of Bilderberg 2007 Alex Jones Show, May 31, 2007 All in the Family, June 25, 2006 Perry off to secret forum in Turkey Dallas Morning News, May 31, 2007 First Friend Washington Post, January 27, 1998, Page E01


2:14:08 2:15:24 2:15:44

Extras: Battle For The Republic


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Time 0:02:51




0:04:05 0:04:21




0:04:54 0:05:19


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Time 0:06:08

Articles /Documents/Websites History of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest (HSTAA 432): Lesson Eight, Settlement of the Oregon Boundary Question (1818-1846) University of Washington History of the Russian Settlement at Fort Ross, California Parks and Recreation in Sonoma County Jefferson s Big Deal: The Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jefferson s Monticello Six National Flags Flown Over Texas University of Texas Libraries About Texas: Six Flags of Texas Texas State Library and Archives Commission Lakotas: Feared Fighters of the Plains, April 2001 The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold, October 10, 2001 Unocal Settles Landmark Human Rights Case with Burmese Villagers Democracy Now!, December 16, 2004 Bechtel s Water Wars CorpWatch, May 1, 2003 Bush Amnesty Plan Raises Immigration Concerns Fox News, January 8, 2004 Bush pushes guest-worker program CNN, March 31, 2006 Senate immigration bill would mandate national employment verification system Computerworld, May 18, 2007 North American Union driver's license created WorldNetDaily, September 6, 2007 Univision 23 (Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX) Invasora, 99.7 FM (San Diego, CA) L.A. now in Mexico?, April 25, 2005 Foreign Government Manipulates US Domestic Policy With Help of the Bush Mafia and Their PR Cronies, April 14, 2006 Fox hires lobbyist to sweeten U.S. views on immigration L.A. Times, December 28, 2005 Bushite NeoCons Responsible For May Day Immigration Protests, May 1, 2006 La Raza 97.9 (Los Angeles) raza = race gente = people

0:06:12 0:06:35



0:06:55 0:07:00 0:07:07 0:07:20



Clear Channel Radio s Multi-Market Spanish-language Programming Initiative Attracting Greater Share of Radio Listeners in 2005 Clear Channel Radio, Press Release, September 14, 2005 Latino media give marching orders Chicago SunTimes, March 29, 2006 Illegal immigrants say local law enforcement doesn't care if they're here legally or not WAVY-TV, NBC 10 (Hampton Roads, VA), April 30, 2007 Home Loans for Illegal Immigrants KFSN, ABC 30 (Fresno, CA) Embracing Illegals Business Week, July 18, 2005 Bank of America eases credit card rules International Herald Tribune, February 14, 2007 Articles /Documents/Websites Border Fence Co. Execs Sentenced For Hiring Illegal Immigrants KNSD, NBC 7/39 (San Diego, CA), March 28, 2007 Illegal Hiring Is Rarely Penalized Washington Post, June 19, 2006, A01 May Day Immigration March in Seattle TNT Photojournalism, May 2, 2006 Video: Bloody uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico Raw Story, October 31, 2006 Presidency of the Republic: Vicente Fox, Biography Mexico convicts former anti-drug czar BBC, February 23, 2000 "Los Zetas" Draw Concern Of U.S. Government KOLD, CBS 13 (Phoenix, AZ), June 3, 2005 Former DEA Agent: Mexican Commandos Killing In South West US To Protect Bush Drug Cartel, June 9, 2005 The Secret Border Wars, August 16, 2005 Mexican incursions inflame border situation MSNBC, February 7, 2006 U.S. Ambassador Issues Advisory Message To Americans Regarding Increased Violence In Mexico Embassy of the United States in Mexico, September 14, 2006 Fox to talk migration in U.S. visit El Universal, November 1, 2003 APD Presented "Ohtli" Award from the Mexican Government City of Austin Wells Fargo to Accept Matricula Consular Card as Identification For New Account Openings Wells Fargo, Press Release, November 9, 2001 Testimony of Steve McCraw, Assistant Director of The Office of Intelligence, FBI Before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims on Consular ID Cards (June 26, 2003) Wells Fargo to Offer Cards to Undocumented Customers Visit ends without agreement The Daily Texan, November 7, 2003 U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 953: Private correspondence with foreign governments When Alex Jones Confronted Vicente Fox (November, 2003), July 28, 2006



Time 0:08:11

0:08:15 0:08:24 0:08:50 0:12:01 0:12:14

0:12:19 0:12:27




Vicente Fox Talks Immigration Reform with News 4 WOAI WOAI, NBC 4 (San Antonio, TX), May 25, 2007 World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz shakes hands with Mexico's President Vicente Fox at the Presidential Residence of Los Pinos World Bank, April 25, 2006 Wolfowitz To Attend 2007 Istanbul Bilderberg Meeting, April 10, 2007 Bilderberg 2007: Agenda and Participant List [including Paul Wolfowitz], May 25, 2007

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