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J . 'r:L:ES ·~1 . R.T -1 LL-or~l·· time Champion J u J utsu wrestler uf the- 'U. S, Army ~ l n Scan lc, Was h ~i n gton, on J u 1 Y 4th I~~", Mr. Martell wrestled the [apancse Champion ~ ml broke

Y . una h ~a t is'~ arm in t wen t·y~cigh t secon ds~ M r, '-.1 art e ] 1 \i\;as an

expert bayonet fightcr and spccializeel in n], rht patro worl with [he: \ViJ I "Vest Division (Yll sr ) in World W ~U: No, I ~

. c '\V~~5 wounded shordy hcforc the A . rrnisticc. The RrUC,s,on1e experiences he had in applyrun,M [u [utsu 'rll.a~J.c him resolve to Iorget it an , to . each [I te rules of farur play. 1 irnes and condi ... ricns have rekirul ~td his :fiLJlt ina Harne anJ l-u:. wants to in ..

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Br J L· LlS ,lHAR.l·!~ Lt

ocu late others with ~ffi. rea! 'h,gJtting spirit.

N'I art ell s pen this you rh on ,a l: I]" gc C;JJt le ,a nd horse ranch ~ Ma n r "in tercst ru n ~~. a nd c xc i t j, n~ s( uries arc 'told of h is cal wrestling bull dogging ~ nd horse breaking experiences. I~' e aL['en.:.lcd rnnc] ;)1(1]001, high school, Univer i,ty of Mon tana,

nivers~ty of Minnesota; Advertising School in New York ... i'ty~ He lias bCC~l an executive run a number o - corporat iULlS and is now ir husiness on _.oo,g Island. He has travtJ,t"d extensively in '.uropl"" l\."ia aml .. ur~ h Africu and speaks a number of la Ilg~I,;~~g(S, incl u( I i Ilg S]{JU.x ill nt'~ ian.

~J.e is J poputwr' puhiic speaker, havine spent some ri rne en (~I,~uJt,:~l1'lIl1a tours, Ht: Idu!:s cunxidcrablc "rrhin:!:lf~

\, c are h: ppy to know that hr has unlc: sl cd his d ynamic personality in, :t ~anH': we all shoul t. know 'bet er ant] that he so :rhornugh I Y un.lcrsrands ant1 that will make any ,·,aj) or Na~j hO'] let "Unc 1l,~I" '\,. c have known him for vears and will


rcccmmcnd h im as a fi,ghting partner r n any atrle,

Da n . '7 ( ward s, most decorated I'~'· oldier of Fort U l1C,' and 'I ht: her J in Lowell Thomas' hJrlk ~~T[ is Side of H:eH" speaks cf M;~rteU ~n an autos rap,htd buck [0 him: To Martell, the most versatile man I ] ave ever 111t't-H'B,oy how I would like t, 1 {i',b,h l with yo U some trn me - but not a~,~' inst you.'

T'H,E P'l' l~LISli·ERS

[ 5 ]

M' \RTELL'S'" smM·p·'L1f'F·1I[' 'D' 'U'lIi'U"T"SU

> ,.1: )'.1 1-'.: ".J[ .' ,'," " ,'I. -' ,J!... .:., J :: 1I1_:: ',."

. 'u, [utsu comba is a combination of aJ,1 known types of physical combat developed by man" It is a flt'sh and bone, ma .. n iOI man personal S[[ug,g'te, taken from the methods of a~ 1 lands 3 .. fU:1 from the instincts o:f predatory an irnals,

This :is the only contest where no rules. are ohscr vell; no q uarter as t: ed and none given~,

This instinctive combat is not di .. fficut ro master but it is very d,iffi(u~,~ to get rea] man to violate the rules of civilization. a nd re vert ;['0 k ill er 1 nst in cts ~

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Diogl e , It'" a 't,~. ~ It c. (.'" n' c '0'·. n cl~ ~ ict e l"; t 1= n ~ r Iii'"" on P_;;,1r' it,~ l' n PI'-· y' f- 1m 1

' . ,..JI',. 11;..., 'IL .:J" !Ii... ill '." ," . .' '1k!6 L ' . !".. ~ . C':!i !6 .1, ill, . !6o:liIL ~ I'l U

moods+entirely opposite tOI the .st.ruggle when actually '~n a 6,ght~ [u JU;['SU combat has no rules anti is deci led. only by physically disabling the opposition.

··,v,er)" weakness in ~tna[omy is a vulnerable spot and point 10.£ att ack.

Every trick in subterfuge becomes -air procedure in decoying 0(' misleading an a lversary, Deception is the theme of' operation, sneed the execution,

In a II animal life, it is the su .. rv ru val of the fittest. This does not always mean the strongest, but :t .ose that fit best into the scheme 0' local and irnrnediare condirions. · .•• amoufla,7t! plays an important part in Hesh Ito Hesh combat .. T,I is is of' equal importance for those on defense as those rak i fl,g' the offensi veil,

IUIIJ"r,titt:i,~,n No; 1' .. , Side and fro'nt YIw-iii~S.howins . iea_k p aril:~, of. ,st ItU ctuea ~ a n al'fJ'm,y,~ Com:p ;1'[e t·h,es£ '1;0 ,"(Nil (" ow n bone s~ ru e tu ~e,.,

Stea] th, ambush patience, anticipation ana irnaginat won, are- a'~ I factors in dece tion, .. eterrnination. concentration and

coor lination are factors in building a dependable confidence and ex plosive action.

-:' ~ . _<_1·.1 ;IS a'~'Qra,y S It rnesse n ger' of st ra n re cont: - t SOl

~ 'hese Jl~US [:; ,~,'lc and lessull1s fron cxpcrien ~c ~ln~ [he =-:_,I Jl'frin-, equi limen [ u animal ~ - 'hese senses ~n anima 1 a,IjIC usuaU)' aruu,~,t'l~ hey nd norma 1. 'by M':,X or hun rcr, S,l"ldunl :f:n [he love uf k i h 1I1~," Ferocio ItS ~il'l.inJdls ,~rl',Y }"(JU',g II §JI'I" .es 1'~;Jilll (:1 u.~n other ul,iln.out iJJIUfJ,r~ M,~Jl wi h knnw]tJ,-, e and in~cH,i"J'C-}lc.:

h ~M an ,adl v a ~u : I.~l' over '[ h c: ]~n {]r~ n ~ an i mal ~ _ h l: "' H 1 t h IU\~l hi:ln~,(.·1 i nto ~ Ill' F',i~y wit h h is fuH ~J 'u.::rmina'r~u 1 '~nd runr I lence. Th· I Jb 11l"t: ti \'C is ~ n ki Ii 1" n ~ i m ~ nd s ub~J tJI-\

I\lan can ca~il~' learn the most \"i:t~~~ arn] v rlncrablc p,~ ~~ u[ the human hud" anti the ur:i~iz:Hion of i:hrun:g,s, \~_ 'i[th~11 lhc P,(fIU. i n ~ rn [ r of ~ ~I ucc u con ha - . :, e h a~ Il,lurc :iJn,~ Jt.,in ~w t iun " l--1c l an ~Jt:vc~ - ,~) (I'a Ul wu,rk ·~nll(. II~J, 'II(~ i(U·. ,I I ru n a~ il n,~ units" II,c

r ~n 1 ~ ~t: \"t~~ up ,li \.' l~r~ it Y' by Ir'x( h t n~ TC u nu'"dc, J,,~I ~! ' :11 I c,a n pr- I_

a ua i ) Zt" h i ~ (1 ppuncn 'ts ,a n~J t h crc'b'y a \,'1 lilt fear ant i h t: ('~Ul ( rl~ a ~ c r l'; r h y [~ 1 C ~~L nl e 1) ru "'l:li- U fC" 1. c c ~ n j 'U (~g c v~ h C 1 ~ i t i ~ "' i ~cr t (ji tjll: r en l'~ ~ h~ n at t:_.ck i

Whh these few fw n",jam,nt..l observations it 10: C;l!ii,Y' tu C In ludc th it man is far supe ior to the ~ east ,~u ehc beast's

B- .. ~ po . t~c'nc,c in hirnsel " Th is

ow n I -~ ,m ~'" ) ut man ,~n'U,S'~ Ie re ~!LIC 10- .

cannot be d ne if you, pect .a , 11 ant' ever .lcf 'me o:r a ack t I b successful, ] . ou rni s one, 'try another.

~ f you IJCVl: 1 'l I a g •... ~ l' efcnsc aga in s,t ~_ spec ia ~ lit tack . r tJ_ plausible a , "aiC_·· gainst a InRi, al ,Jcfcns.c-~)~t~S rut ~~ lon '~ 'I ru 1 make ,~t part of [u j"Ut5U C rnbat Ii Th I hest . _" us nnt;~ sorncon ! 'W~l is . uncrio ~o us '~n som . t hings. TI more tools 'we' ha ve the be 'C'F eh - .. Rices we have i

T.I fortify . ourself ~ga~rlst JI y and all types n al[ ac t: a,n,d t . develop a, .. uc It: .. S WI.:! at -ack-,p~1 ':l~'-l~UI not s· nIl arter ylou have r -,ad t-l,i' an h· ve had ; f'1-'\ demonstrations. "= cVtl~~np 13~ rru ny of the phas s ,3, 'Inu can but be sur I to 111"a,S,~t:r those

most i m 1· t, rt ~ nt tal you a:n d [or ylrJiU ,I . - 1 a'~ y zc y ou nw n ,::II na-

tom y an' ~,ppl) the pr inc ~ ,pl, I: (rn en '3 ~ 'I y) 0' ] u J utsu comb: - '" --·ith ian :i' is 3, mental C'o,nditi 11 .. "_' 'i['~ the anima] rul i~ ~n ... stincr, therefore your rnentulity 1 ust develop icon ,JI'ncel I.· 'In ..

1:- en e .. ames, frln the coonlin; lion "Inu.nowlt:'l~ ~t: ~ nJ

vourse Ifiln,t,: skull p'F J:tic~',!

1_' nsider e ch 1111. ,~, r ,g,:,u . .less I[] ::tSI importance . (" you n , It Y tc ,cl, \l'1~'.~lJ new ph: ses,

Kno'w1l~~lh,tl" is a tacror in lea nin~ . '[ [utsu cornbat 'hut

null il prcre 1 u is i,h.:, ~ l~ 'WUI~ f ~1i as it, the wea Sl~! h~t~ an dl ~·11J1(_;'

,~~ps have rnl and so JOI ,mnany other IJrlt:,dlatory anirrurls.

.: no -_ L',d~t: an bl: utilized in many '!,!)" _ ar bt:1'yun( I the' realm 0 ~ nstinct,

c - us h, -; st br wefly ~I na ~ yzt: - he inst ~ n cts or ~c n ~l"~ uf t he killer animal,


[ '? ]

i:'ll~',-' 1 is MtuJtl, bC:C:lU5C of parien -~"I concent :I'r~on Jnd d ~,t.:Et:nCSS, aru I a ~ ru I sy nc h run iz~ t ion u ~I nd w i t h the Jt h er

is, keen ~l1C tu a to st.int searc 1 ru dl ~ lertness

UJ: ~ 11 e un SC;IC'[ 1 ~ I ri 'ngsl

is alwnvs I' med 'ru~ I[U rln glcncl ,a I surr UJ11t~W n gs and rt:'s,p~ In let! ~ t) ~ mrne lint t:] y"'

-~ I· boly 0'( man ~s kep . rect and moves with run, the , im '"II' t ~ ·n· ~ of ~ t· iI1" superst ruct u re . -], · "111 r lin· '1;' W' ru s~ IS ,~rw IIll11 , I rers,

~ JJ IL. I !i:'I ,II, l ~!I_ll j r'L., k.1i Ii __ J~ L j I L!!! _ . '.Ip II _ ~;I _ _ _Ik _ II.: _~~J _ j ,W ~l n ~ _ .. "II

th ~tl~S: ankles, anc toes rc hin red, -_.I'I: -~ hc,1 d, nit: k - n~J hack

b k '~1' "'_,I .. 11 I l-'U· ,}

.nl W ·'r _. ,. I ~ lm~ eu 51 J V."" J" .. IIt:if _l.'~ ,t,fsl~·all()I.lS ,~,' U,IJ'~ .~ ... 'i

The U ))lle- 11~"g ,and arm ,~s h,;)v 3, h'miu,;lli, s,wivcI h ~n, ~I~'~ :. --] ,e h,hll,t!S in r.h,e blt ,r mu 1 lh-' s __ :ml a' ~ he n a -'I rlade

, ..

I L '. . - h- ~." . '-b " 'I 1 I - I 'II "t

m,et j, ,uln" :ICS.. . _,~ 'n you tW'l' [' tOlC ... ~.nu a _lin: r-~ ;lnu . ,OSt: 11 ~'y


l,i,1II ,j- -,;I!~ - H '. 11"1 1< • iii , dl'~'IDil~ Viii"',.

, II. ~ III I_ i~h ,€,gin ,,-,,,1'1" 'i!!l. "

'"11 'U·ulcUJrl- r: . rml ,_~nd I - !i

Ilf .; ''',QI;'itJrJ •• "(I" I~ ...... Ii, m It, fl, hin

]'D -k d, -, ,f'IUl 'hr I

, I ~- ~W; -~ -d, Uin'nil I 1- Y

,it ',~

.orce, i' win re: k, In t li w. -'y -, u can. thr w aU the' lin." s

-h hum" n bo Iy au U operution. lso the: I onls : nil

muscles don't fun ion : SI ,"' anti when ou ~~,[nb,s are twist: L~'I'


1 swi el bin: .. e suchas the neck and spine are very limite I

,n J :1, n, th . I: - '_ : ,i n' t j, n 111 usc le s b ceo mit: u til e s : whit: n I, ~ I' d is, turned beyond '~tSI no -~nJl radius, Tille swivel hin ze in he pcl-i (1,1 d hould .r are . l:t:.ml 1::1",' hinges thar ~U' controlled enir,dy by rnus les, h ·st: !lUI. les •. re lin ired ill ~ivin ~ - he arm ,3 complci e radius ",f action an ,- become v ~ry ' .. eak in the I x ll~ InJ~ -, ,.- rea "to -- Xt; [l1,P l~__,..w hen the arm ,. '--~I

_lrC!i db •. k :11 1 ~111, 0 up srrr i~ht aru! ovc , it . ,rB he ond itt" radius an '-, 'b~'CO,I, lies 1.)3inful an~J subje 't '[01 in'jur,'"1 Y d1 ese ou by r isin~ your arms or tr ill, t . do :I. I, ,J,plir.

Dcce] tion is ~dway' planned ulon ~ with a positive I. b-

j ctivev Tn h. IUJ to hand cornba the eyes · f Ithe opponent

do most of [he telcgrap 11 ing u the next move, Tl ereforc, it i·~ esscntk ~ t. 11"c1)t '. our · es 3\. _ Y from ,our next objective,

no - tel 'gr~il~ . our ne xt m vc, I possible, deceive lour

opponent b'. . ome subterfu 'lei

.. ··-Id,ml(]u'flal e is ,- ],-\1 ~~ .;~ an es", entia t If ~. ment in I. it h r n


flcnsivc 0,- in defense. I· permits a tast nrul un IX _cc-·,,~ of ..

f nsive, •• 3' -ouR' ". " our I-IW Ii1 1]~ rsont 1 'mJ' VIC-~ as t 1 r. u ~h 1 y

- ,I ' , ' sebal 1 pitcher h :idt: It'~ 1C'-mJ [ be" F'It: ev r tl ro~ 'I

I~ amoufla I ' '- _nd dec ~ ,ti, n rnu t ~ lw :y .. be : ollowed wiEh

li,-l, ning like .. ,'ion,-, . II gain the benefit of startli 'J surprise, _ --I, plod ·t ~. xpl adc !

..... rike nrs ~ .1 wa ys, i -, au are in rouble. Sensit i :-:- - J~ ,(:11;'51

to Si rike '~_,f ~ .. ' 'p r 'L~::' ,~n " tne ... ~- at time ..

(S,e~ Illrmr,ti,"1 J. it up an I in. . -,tl .. t the sam. rim( 'wit], IC'U.r pe,d hand -h' t h:~ ,d . - rail1\h·' in. "f(It: 11'11,~str[_ '" 1;01'2.:) j-he . ~:'-I- -'1- :-llir with knce. toe or grab hy 'h,t ml.

'he r ~', t' lof the nc ,k-.;Q'C E ,I,: .. ppt r hol-

[ 91 ]

[ 1 1

,(lia~lnn:w]iIY across side with side of hand :1 ,'..__....h 3,1)"111

I-_'t-~IOU,I 'f.~ rht"m "irh ln~,:_j"JSI!' bl (J\\! 011 pni n - ~ ,~_: =,' ~-: -~I ~-bc>'h i nd ll~' l\J\l ir and under e: r with ~ ide 0 ] and. -'--' I-in 1:" rl~ as if ,[}IU mean f to break the wit h fi It I tot! I knlCIt; or ,tdho\' HI (S'e,~ lllustratio« '-',)I ~


1'1 t r. I I r~. i,a ~,II '. ~I.. 'i'" ", HI ~ II ,dl II f _. I,Ll d b ~'O .. '1:10 til i 'JjI!O'[

__: IJ _Uy ,.1['0,'-' 0---::-(11 ~n In,' " 'ti' :1:11 - -'" d pl - 1m ..

Twist ;1 rints, twist fI,t:~h pul ~ h. ir IN,JIH clothes, ,~r;l~ ,~n~J twist yuur ) 11~.lln'rn - into pn~i- 'ion, or t. lie - 1 .xt 31Cti :Rrn'tc tf nece s: :y, S. f" (I ll.. [ir'rnl h) rhr wing t hinus in 1'!lP lIllcn 's C?}a:s,. (;e-'

-II' . ) - · 1 , II I' '-~ d- I'

,- . 1 i!l, I,", t '. .' =--!I . II '~', '., .!I

lllusn d/,~(JU 7,,, X[LUl e: ~xp U "


Usually, when caught in at bad hold, you, can, break it by go[,ng with it at a ,great'ff speed than it is applied" '~''- .. ' lever resist." ]f you are caught na .. p.pin.,g-,g'o with the power applied on. you", .Alw,ays remember the weakness of [hie human body and act accordingly=f When a choking hold is applied from behin 1 b,y hands to your neck. Grab the hands, crouch low and throw YOU.f adversary over your head by a bowing down, fast motion, (See Illustration 8),~ Hold his, hands or arms firmly.) When being choked f.ro,m, in front-s-run your arms up in, between your opponent's and throw his hands off~ (S,et: III ust ratio 11. 9) ~ Immedia t e]. y go for' another hold,

,IUud'''iil'ia~ N',).. i,or 'T,hi~, lS, ~:he di:'[E,y- ;h~3.(:k 'OtLiI' ~ldc]('i Rem e In bIn" i~' and gu a,rd }NJ Ut:seU ,~,C C (i,td . n gl,y"

,11,ht$I"~#rJ;;1 N,n~ SOl DOi[]''i: g@'~ e"ched 'when ijrn-ackf.'d f rom, du~ rear, bWi~: ,Ira p arm! 6:rlDl~· ,iJnd ace,

,I,U U:J' t:'f 0 I j',o n N o~ 9ri! G,P[ 'YIOIIlU· ~ flll.S i n b~t ween op'ponenl ~s a ill. d. eClme up hard and ,; mm,edi alJe1y ,0 ~ID ··:O'!(' Ie ,0'", him ~

Ste p back into sidewise stance from a kick a imed at you an,d follow [l~u: foot back and strike, Many rimes the foo-' can be caught ill mid-air as it reaches is limit. When caught

llhutt'fll',i,vg N'o~ 1'.1 ~ You've got him, fumn,de.ufie'd to hi,s, own. we',~p~n. i:1 yO'l)l, do:"'~ h,t:sj ~ are,

IU~u,tTQ't.'ion~ N,(J~ l'IO~ SI,and 's,id,-'w:i!IJ'Ys to avoid 'bedn,g ki, :k~d j fi ~ i ~ a~. 5,1' e hii ,I,nd ~hell i~ t IrOllJ,I'h ..

I, n d isa rrni n,g you,r opponent ('01 ~ up his hand and break 3J wrist, K ick sh i ns and still mp on inst C'p of eet \\1 ith your lice 1 ~ PIU,U hair only as a- step to' a more damuging phase. Slap face as a step to gcu·in.g opponent opened! U,P £'0-' all attack on at v u] nerable S pOl ..

~f and when opponent draws you up close to l'~inl~~f possible K'O in with h run andl butt him on tilt: nose with your head When yo,u lCC::1l) on a, '[n, an 's back crush him to the ~~fOl1nJ, (S'et1 III ustratlon 2'5) -fo~ lbw ~ h roug h by beating h is head on the : J1' r 0·. HI n,li!" l us h 1#-1, f:'1111-]1;!

_ _ In] - - ~- Ul _ 1'- . ~ I W ~ I!!

'~src'p c lose'r-grasp' h ee 1 a nd toe a nd twist with an you ha ve, (S!ee' lliustrazion 10) .'pponlf:'rU will fan with twist ~ so. reverse [hit:' 't.w:ist~lo this unti] you, hav e incapacitated the limb,

Wh,en an anragonist lifts a heavy object like . _ club 0(' cha i ~ to sw in.g :~t you~ge[ under ,~t on the back swing (St:e' III ustration l I. )~kt:t~,p rnov ing :~ n and ,get on the alert for a vu] n crable Sj)O'[.

Re,'n,(!tn,her~str~,ke immccliarcjy when your opponent has missed, His mind is on l is last act and ),'OU have the aclvantage,

[ ~ ~i ]

I f you a re attack t:d wit h a fl) ing tackle a nd can not side step '~t-',go with it, ,h,rab the head or neck ,m,nt] roll=bend his h(~~d ,L),OVl n '[10 groll'ld so t ha~: fa 11 wi II break ne k ~

[ ~ 7 ]


H-AM'ME'D'-LOC- 'It"'

, I .. ',,,. , , '. ,~n. ,,",. "'. 1ft:

'rrn~r~ock @n ),[0111 (Twisti:n,e; a,['m around back:) come aJl"o,und 'with his[ :po[wer'[O J )0'11 't rr~;s[~ sit a n[dl b,a,1: Ie, ~,n ee 'OPIPO n[e raJ'l wi h you [" opp olsi ee e,n~o'w" 'G e t '1'[O[U1i' ~. ~ bo w over ,k i s w:r,~~'t or,' a i'm, and pfUU YOUII" arm f ~e£ and 11 i I h im wit ~ il with the !ii:lrne motion,

,11.',fu:st,~,;to;n: No .. , J 2,~ T,his ~,s an emeir'ge,ncy measure, but. :i'r ha s ~~ru t h Ollfi,~ f II

When you see opponent aiming tUI strike you with fist or ha nd=-ha ve foot ,read y for ~w k ick to the vita ~ area,

When opponenr arrern p'I~S to - , :1 ind you, dt:fend eyes by turning head [0 01 e side and come in on him just as he throws,

When op portent ,1[~rabISI )~OU 1'),), [1 L c lot hes~,,(l'ra,b 11 is elbow and break his wrist on your bod.y,. (,Se'e lllussranon ]3)~ If such grasps are to your arm or legs roll tOYl3, rd. his humb or roll his rhumb back while you p,'~uflg,e 'in with your' own plans, 'W,hcne'fcr opponent is on his back plunge into his solar plexus with feet knee [or elbow, (Sle,e lllustmtion 6)",

Biting is a good ~J errac tor, bu: nat d isabli rJ,g~ (S[ee 1ll14stru ... tion 11). Scr tehing is usually an advantage to the opponent) as t [lIen } our ha nds are open and vu 'I nernble.

Always keep your fist closed and don't leave your t hurnh exposed, Keep your arms close to your ~)iody and, when you strike, strike fas,~,

When you arc lying 011 the grounu always draw your kgs


- - --

_. . .. -----~-----

I U':gJ~!'dlljo fj No';;; ,1 ,~ B eiba: 0 n, I he 'b'OE ~om W'i an" ,advQ n't,a I,e "" y'IOIU 1'to'rk y,o'Ul'Ir' arms and 1,- ,liS i IUD 'Ellie 1P,'[,o. pet' :p I,ace:s,,,

and arms to your body in a position to strike, Always face you,r 0ll,pOnen[,. (~5ee Illustration 1:5,) ~

When your opponent' strikes at you with a dangerous wcapon=-consider it as you, would a baseball and guard youf~


,Il"g dt'atio n ,NOt 16 ~ A "rri~n ~11i1 iru,o 'I h'i8; rdl,a,p'e h .. , powerle 51 oi1l n d useless, It ",a n ttl Olt hoid ;3 h;yd~,~ he: :btl"m,ly,.,

self accordingly, Don't freeze U,P because ,wf }fOU stay relaxed you have an a(:~ va ntagc over' hi m, :R lack h im out or b lind }, i in ii' you cain by" he best. means al hand, but watch 12£$ weapon as if it were a bas ball,

If attacked with knlflt:~d':is,rt'garld the knife and concent rare 011 the arm or wrist '[ III at holds the k ni f.e.. S~O['1 t trust in mid air 'by crossi ng opponen r' s w rist w rut h your arm Grasp opponent's wrist=twist, disarm and keep exploding. "here are a, n umber of disarming h,Qlld s that can be 1 lcvelopc L Th e rn: tin thin.·.·r 'tOI remember is that ~f you 'bend. the' wrist that holds the weapon-eas show n in iJ 1 ustrat iO'BS ],6 and :17,_U'l"'111t:, h'JU1d opens and [I e weapon is released." Don't try to open ~i, hand gently when actually in trouble. Break it :fa:d, and fur~ou;~L

[ ~,H ]


- .

\~ ~

W· r . ~ IIltA" K/"

.~.',-. ~ ... _ ..•..


II'J~·,t,r,dJ~oH' N«: ,t7'~ If fOU musl gr,a,b the t:humlb lP'u't fhe p l\'e'ssu ~e ~Itl, and :b re.illlk W t h,II,ck,.

There are many W'3,yS of killing Of' maiming in [u JU[SU combat, They should be c evcloped slowly ~ Near I Y' every phase Of' hold is, dangerous if carried out, Bones and joints snap much more easily than expected. Do not play rough in prac-

nee _ ll.~.· fill


~ .~

,V- .,~ ... Jj

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~ .

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~ I

The neck break er is illustra t cd. It is executed 'by st riking opponent with hand holding stick so that stick crosses back of neck -'[h.e n grasping other end 10£' stick w ith fr ce hand-s-as illustration ][8~ Do not practice this hold,

If 'you see that your' opponent is breathing heavy=keep art him until hie: weakens from lack of breath an '_. chen. finish. him ofI~

Women should select the holds that suit them best, Do some solo practice and review' t!1C idea in genera] until i[· becomes part of their physical defense plans,

Men, should select the' phases of Ju [utsu combat that suit them best, N aturall y 'we all cannot master every trick in the game, 'W,[: should rn . aster a few $0 that we lean execute them properly at the right t~ me",

'Children 511 ou I,d be' very c areful in, practic in g [u J utsu combat, as they may cause permanent injury to each other. Only' ,3, coward win intentionally injure another person, by foul means. Every part of [u ] ursu combat is 'with disrespect for and in disrcgan] o.f any man-made rules,

.[ 11 ]



l'l,bu,'r,;;dlon No .. .1:.8 .. 'Thw:s [s 'pe'rrha'p,i t.he d~:rd~st 'h,o~d known U) m"iJlll~ .It ~eldom fa~l~ wh,~iiI rU"1QfU~F,~" apipHed" I't: sh'Quld

on hr b'e de m (lIn 61 rared on ~'h,e J I~ P'1l n.a~i s,

Plan vour WO·· r k a- nidi work yo .. ur p. ~ "1IIn· . Y 'au r 'fi rht :. 1111·· "'Ill n

, . ,m" , J '_. c_ ..... , ..• I.: ,_... •. ". ..... . •. , . _ ~ I~"i:m.!, ;__ ..... I., . ,:,' . 1, I, .;j:._1Ii I

to man, Size UJ) .~ he situation, determine your objectiv e and then explode, and keep exploding until you've won,

When the time comes for action, don '£ h'f'sru-ra'te hut demonstrate fast and furious with but one ob' ecr in, mind and [hat is to subdue your antagonist,

On. night work, where th erie are l:~gllrs" a lW'3,} - s turn your back to the light when in. ,3, .fi,ght~ (S'e't! lllustration 19) ~ Keep the 'Il~g:. h t shinin g.~ in 'y.' our 0.· P P··,O:· nen t~'!r eyes,

Ilk ~ m, . ,,"- ~J!&ti· I·,.. . .. _J •• " ••• ' ~ Jll J '\.._. ~iJil!!J

I . .'.. : :.1 t' .

, .

-- - . -- - _.. - - -

- .. _ .. - ---- ~~----- - - -_._--


Remember when hild'~n,g or.' patrolling ~n, the .. 3 .. rk your' ~,ha.d.ow may betray you." In the dark always go for the large and easy-to ... gt:t targets on the human, body. (See lllustratio« 20),p

.11lufl:Talion No. ,;20 .. Sh,~dows are lon1'Y o:n,~ ,of' '~:h@' ,t:hin,srs '~:h,~.~ ma y ~el egl!"B,p,h 'you [' :P rresel1 ce to eh e enem'~';;


I J.l U$,trd ~i'o f,I' No, 1. 9,., "llJ't ,the :1 iJ I,h t ,to y au If' 'b a~'k.

Ii) nd ,come 10 ut 'igh t ~ ~A"

When car ry ing a st ick use it with determination as you, would your hands, Hit the vital spots by clubbing or ]Iabb,w'n,g' .. When O,p[lOn'en t has a gun that is operating ,and you " re cornercd start '. hrowing thinus at him. Throw anything that s handy, Fake ,3, throw ~f necessary. Your best defense is to ~·~er. the wcap,on., Blood curdling yells will freeze or slow up your enemy, It wil help in side trucking his b,est plans,

[ n kicking [lie feet from, under an opponent, kick h is ankle on the' side to which he leans, (See Itiustrasio» ."1<1) '"

[ 2' ~ ]

--------_. ---- -


, '_ .1 n:n }fLU u II;;:' ~"in, ~'~I._. n, k ick his _ ee w ir l~ k,ut h uf rUlm rs 3FU.1 he 'wiU come i',OWll~

25 J

'~H' '1-

'-' .' '. -'

~:F yo'u ,Llouh' fa~1 tugctbt'r rjn~ your Ic'gs up and 1~It:C'll '-k~ ki

, ···L"lng,~

,- lW~'Y5 tak ~ ,i (~,\ ant _~c of snlrud objects such n walls, post', Of. -'~Ub'~L,U5~1 'Y,our 11:110," .nt against tl ern h~lrd ~r bring the • ,b}-'c! against y nir O]lpOnCn ~ (",~,e' ltlnstratic» 11'2 .. 25) ",

llll~ ~~ t,r_ 1';,,, nl . e, ,I ,'", ,( £ )tID Iill 11. '~I' n 'tiD I, p o~~: 11,.'i n d '.. 1lI ,_' "~h ,~ '~I, I!"

olLIQ abjl 'C'I j 'blirid. hlim1;1 ..•. D,-,'n :Iril,rd~

IUIIUI~I"'I -'~on '\ 'ill~ :21'." . ~- . f rr In :n-Ib- r -:hi" :iUUI 111", lin wh n ,'Dld , , "'i UJI niip

';YOUr[! Oip"'lln~!~ I"~ lh i, < lU hrdn I~v ~ylln htim

. ''''hl"n two men ~_re :~t(ackcI~J 'hy . 'n~ m~n separate s- lll~m'one ca n atta lit f-~ m the rear E

Wll ~'n one mnn is ,a tile' IC" hv two, b~~ck in '0 a corner


._-_._- .. _- ._---------- . _._----_. __ .. - ._--- -_._._-_._-_ ... - - - -- - - -_.- -------

-turn, arourul f~ls' ~Ull:1 Y'OU \\li I have a b~.JJ h ire h around his neck, Pull him U]I on ' nur .hUIU~d, rand strnn It: him in ,0

iscl r.:

nUIIS~, ,t;SS surnc i[ ~un~

or a g a ins t I., \i a ]I ~ s l11:u,:~ U,I _. on e n- a t i In e, or u ~ e 10 n c a ~ ash i It: 1,1, nga · n st diu: of hi · r, - U1i ~.1 an open ~1' i J P- esen t s itself,

J' u . LI ~ ~ U c (JI n h,t t r :~ y t em [,' ,I I( n am e 'W e h a v Ci g rn, v e n [u ~ I U~' t ~ i r [ j l: ;~ [ :l r i, C '~~ p rae' ic: cd j n t 1 e an i m a'~ kin g d on b y man ~ nd beast.

11C question rna, arise in YOl_f mind about you,~zc~ - hat d, ies nut rnn k e a L uc h d iJ I," (len .e as i wall Ill. eem " ; mr 11 ~ ten at fas,tt:f ~ ar ~ 'men ar :S longL.:'r' L nd 5,~O'\fl r, bu t hoth

\- W H (,~ ,,'I~ in w 'I ien you ~ i[ the ru - v i t.~ 1 I 0'(5" ~ on ~I wor ry about

heir ~ iz 1'_' usr : i 111 ru ,"" vu'l ne uhle rot and explode. I 'he \\'CrlSC_ gets the rabbit and d I.' wolf gets t~lc shc'cp or the ron the luec', by deter ination and explosive action,

... urn~,·,1. ';~S nruglll lei, ptur ,_ -~ fry .. ,llnaU piece .. f rop~ about Jour [cct ~Idng-ont end in each hanld,-:_jJp,ronch ur op,pon ... tnt frc m [h ear, trow the '.] t: over and . ound tis head,

[ ,2:6 ]

'0 _ !01'n~"i: . '11 !UI'P - ndl I '~IIU~

r 1_ YI_r)ft,l~ i 111,' -"_ i~h i1n -lJjl-11" dl~l: _lFmi 1i111."~i'DniO [.....]

II~ - , ~ ,

., \!, ru __

I H f. ,:.uJJ ", t 1 un 1 C ,~U) I Co: - i L_ :1'~ i nth is

~~ n l t J h (J ~ ,'~,~ y 1 C] 1, ., -, u ~ ~ I ru d I I a ~~

'. r t rh ~ pLbl'~I'u.:rs,. ""t us [urn our em mies' wetu 1(' '1

r I J.

lndi: n wrest lin ,- -~h '. j lder v restl runH~[" (~I as catch . 'In

, ,h

J a U t 1 n· n n : ~ 11 III s or . fl ~ s t r n,' J ,11"1) r I r .se n t I I m ~

u JUt-'IU~ r· no rul ~ · n'll-~ rc h l'a li~ip'~~11 t 'uJJs '. hit ...

,u j ts hi. ~ ers . nul q u ~

Pal' t i . II.! U f ll: n

S I]I()'( S ,". I~ U· ~ - t I I

oc b ~ .• , .p r ~~'I ntl

unt ~I ~1'U in [in tivlc'_ y k now [ ie vulnc: ahlc unlLlf str _ t U I: I • nll the: \u ~-, t' '_



,'a ~I·

. - he m a tc r i. 1 I U ru ai B 'Id here i n has h t: e n w · t l " nan I rn U u s,-

t 3 CI I r. j m '~. c t l -. -". ,~1 n d . lc nl on ]" [i' 1 n ' · ~ i v C' I I . U' ba I~ a n I,

u its i< ll over me ri a,

r" 1.ary P JI'~ ~

· tc'U j

. u i s Ji u- , [ . .,,: 1 h i C' - u t b "

"~I U l ic ~ I'h, aut hor is, a

lis .n · 11 l u J u'l su,

r i ~ - , " .' , r l' uxi 1 .. mernl er has hal~ Mr,

:t is , ']1 if l 'n 'I, d to -·1·, ': 11 111" kin I, lurt it

selvc i (I I _II" level Uil rr

t •

h _ 11 .

( U' ..

~. .

n u I;'U 1 \1 l:

S l r p u S .. cd hv (I In' t ~ rt~' V I .. I S·- • , t

r 1, in' .- i· r c - , . u: C .' lL ~ · _ u ~ 'I, r' h [

\\ a ' It h t ~I j n .l

IT h l.l h ~ 1 n t'~ S I J f In n ~,[ i\ [11 ~ r 'i c a n s a IF • ~'" r a i n 1." I I H1H I s ~ n c ~ r u n ~'l ~d '[ hat I h· ("an It;"r t rrn f ;']t ~I un h l:',: d ) t'u 'I lie n ~ ot he : ountries, . in, -I on,l, , It, nmj. h,,- s .~ 'm n 0'11 l~ an . 1 11'" sports h'L\'1

J SI \;-\' ill! 1 i u· h 11 m f ~ar'l i In Sl], ir·f 'r~ .'uu

~~rl --"I n;lrru' I ~~ man '" ~['h ~t nile luh ur not

It P J 11 U I. a ' chi is w ,i· [ I~ Sr • ( Jill \\ (~U ~ ,. ~ ~ . ,"IS, -' II' t ~ 1 i' [ ) ( n ( [~"

t U ~ ~" h III 01 U 1 l"l ke . Ul a' L w ~ 't h

,'wH lim · pr . ~1Jr 1 have a dl . ur

l'ri S . J'rist I r I-.t:gi ~ '"


_ f J_ ~. m


. I

: l \' f · pprcJach yuur Uj 'p~nc"n

~ t ':j ~1 ~ ~ U 11 till .! n u · m • rc ad, t (J nu y U II r

. fJ l r t I U I 11 an d t n r ~~ a I I· I- Hi l ou

"I S . II J I - '.

!rr~'(r I luuu us ir i,- a hoc t hi'. I _'ilU il] ,-. 'II

wi I .~,~dc: uf han i u lpUS'~'tl· tu III" umb, lJ se ~ his me I h ud \ 'h ,"n

ILl il nil, · r a I ~ It a ~ ~ pu L u \ t V ~tr" h· '( ~ dl n ~ I ~ n ~. ,. n w 3

~ IU - ri ~ ~. ~ U 1 I n he ~ I r on _ ~ It 1 . r U ~t'l ~ Ii '_ u r It j n ~,~,

-_-- ----

-------- -~---

- --_ .. _-

, r 1 ,F JHJ , h is . • '\1\ i H ,
. u 1- Ul .' ~ .. 'I 1 ~ 1 'I It I I, . In-
·1.1~,·d n n l - ~ ·i L: 1 <PI r .1 ] I also 1 ·
• • i
rUf • 'I d
a .. ~)nl T - ULIJ" UPPI' l"~ ~ IC~ P() • .~ s
. _,,:II!! I r 'I I h ,".. 'A' ·

b,j nds ' . d


I' as


. .

c xm I·

.,nd ~I. rad


III [' ~. v,

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