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1 Property Which Mode creates a property that can contain an un-ordered group Value List Value Group Page List Page
of single value in Rule-Obj-Property instance? Group

2 Property For the Property having the Type ( True or False) , which of the 1 -1 Y All of the
following value entered for the property is as internal Above
representation true.

3 Property Which Property Type allow the property to hold text strings that Text Password Identifier None of
cannot contain tabs, carriage returns, and line feeds? the above

4 Property Which of the following are Optional Fields for Rule-Obj- Property Edit Validate Maximum All of the
Property form ? Stream Length Above
5 Property Which of the following is not the prefix of Process Commander px pw py pz
standard properties?
6 Property A property of which of the following modes is known as an Value List Page List Value All of the
aggregate property? Group Above
7 Model Which rule defines one or more initial properties and property Rule-Method Rule- Rule-Obj- None of
values for instances of a given class that the system can add to Message Model the above
a new clipboard page?

8 When When condition rules can be referenced in which of the activity rules flow rules both (a) property
following rules ? and (b) rules
9 When You can compare the value of one property reference against a 1 0* *
literal constant, or against the value of another property
reference in when rule.The above statement is:
10 Decision Decision table are instances of the which of the following rule Rule-Declare- Rule- both (a) Rule-Obj-
Table type? DecisionTable Declare- and (b) MapValue

11 Map Map value rule is used to create a table of number, text, or 0 1* *
Values date ranges that converts one or two input values, such as
latitude and longitude numbers, into a calculated result value,
such as a city name.Above statement is -
12 Activities Which of the following is not a method? Activity-End Activity-List- Exit- Activity-
Add Activity List-Delete

13 Activities Which method run a Validate rule on a set of properties, Start-Validate Obj-Validate Validate- All of the
typically representing user input? Pages- above.
14 Activities Which of the following method assemble and send an HTML Show-Page Show-Applet Show- All of the
page to a user's browser? HTML above

15 Activities Which of the following method deals with database? Obj-Open Obj-List Obj-Save All of the
16 Activities The calling activity can provide input parameters to the called call-by-value call-by- call-by- None of
activity, or it can share its own parameter page with the called reference page the above
activity.This approach is known as -
17 Activities The system uses rule resolution to: constructs or transfers locate All of the
shares a control to the the above
parameter activity. activity
18 Activities Which method save the contents of an HTML stream as the Property-Set- Property- Property- Property-
value of a property? HTML Set-Corr Set Set-XML

19 Activities Activity rules contain a sequence of structured steps, each of 1 0* *
which calls a method rule or a control instruction such as Call
or Branch.Above statement is
20 Activities To create an activity for a flow, the Activity Type field is set to Utility Connect Assign All of the
which of the following type as appropriate. above

21 Activities Which Activity type is selected to identify activities in a Work- Router Notify Assign Connect
class that can be used to send correspondence?
22 List Which of the following is not the tab of the Rule-Obj-List Form? New Fields History Definition

24 List Which method is used to retrieve data to the clipboard as an Obj-Open Obj-List Obj- Obj-Save
array of embedded pages? Create

25 List The Obj-List method has the following parameters: PageName SelectionPro RuleObjLis All of the
perty t above

26 List The Obj-List method searches sequentially through instances Complete Selected None of Both a
in the database and retrieve specified data to pages in the instances as properties the above and b
clipboard. It returns either: embedded from the
page instances
placed in
pages with
s. Shortcut
contain only
data and
cannot be re-
saved to the

27 Property A property rule has ten modes.How many string -based modes 4 2 3 1
are there?
28 Property A property rule has ten modes.How many page-based modes 3 4 1 None of
are there? the above
29 Property Which mode create a property that can contain an ordered list JavaObjectLis Page List PageGrou JavaObjec
of embedded pages? t p tGroup

30 Property Use New rather than Save As.. to create most properties. After 1 0* *
you save a new property rule (for example, with Save As..) you
can't change the mode later.The Above statement is :

31 Property Which of the following is not the tab of the Rule-Obj-Property Definition Table Edit Qualifiers Pages and
Form? Classes

32 Property You can use a property in : Activities Decision Lists All of the
Tree above
33 Property You can use a Local List if the Type of the property is 1 0
Password, True or False, Date, or DateTime.The above
statement is:
34 Property Choose Local List as the Type of Table if your property value permanently temporarily Not both b and
is . limited to a limited to a limited c
modest modest permanen
number of number of tly to a
known values known modest
values number of

35 Property For a property which of the following prefixes are reserved as px pz py both a and
user can't change its value? c

36 Property The way to assign a value to a property is A literal A reference A All of the
constant such to the value reference above
as "Red" of another to the
property value of a
(.pyLabel) parameter
on the

Validate- Ticket Validate Model Pages- and- Classes 48 Property To reference a property a __________ notation is used.c.14159 * (@Year( "20 to the .e a.This statement is: 39 Property To refer a property in Rule-Obj-Html use directive: when reference Both a input and b 40 Data Data Tables are created under __________ Class. Rule-Obj.Radius) local variable defined on the parameter page (Local.Par ameterNa me) 38 Property Rows are processed in sequence in an activity. and so do not echo when typed into a browser form. Work- tables Object- 41 Decision Which of the following is not the tab of the instance Rule. Work.b.d all tables e)validate rule 46 Activities Tracer is used to test and debug : activities Declare flows All of the rules above 47 Property Which rule is used for validation of a property value? Rule-Obj. you can evaluate a decision tree using which Property-Map.d. Rule-Obj. so a property 1 0* * that is set in one row (as a destination) may be a source in a later row. having prefix having prefix having having pz pw prefix px prefix py 54 Property Identifiy the special prefix of property that can be changed by pw px py pz user input on an HTML form. Rule.Rule- received from another system) from a format that your Input Output Model Validate application doesn't accept into another format ? .The above statement is: true certain the above extent 53 Property Identifiy the special prefix of property that can't be changed by Properties Properties Properties Properties user input on an HTML form. the above the above DecisionTree 45 Data Data Table Wizard creates a)List b)EditList c)Class d)Property a.Radius * 070430") value of a . Data.c.The above statement is: 57 Property Developers can use the Property-Set method to assign values px py pz both a and to the properties with special prefix: b 58 Property Which rule is used to convert data entered by a user (or Rule-Edit. Both a Rule-Obj- that lists page names and associated classes. Rule-Obj. 56 Property Properties of type Password correspond to the HTML element 1 0* * <INPUT TYPE="PASSWORD" >. 55 Property Identifiy the special prefix of property that can support internal px py pz pw processing.Property. Both of None of Tree method? DecisionTable Map.d a. Validate and b MapValue Classes 50 Property Which of the following are the parameters for the method PagesAndCla ParamListPro Both a PagesAnd Validate-Pages-and-Classes in an activity ? ssesProperty perty and b Classes 51 Property Use this method to request that the system save a clipboard Obj-Open Obj-Save Obj-List All of the page to the database above 52 Property You cannot use data until a property is defined to hold the is completely is true upto a is false None of data.c. Rule-Edit. Rule-Obj. point dot star bold 49 Property This method supports validation of values in a rule form tab Validate. Pages-and. Decision Input Output Pages and Tree Declare-DecisionTree Form ? Classes 42 Decision Which of the following is not the field in the input tab of the Data Type Default Default Label Tree Rule-Declare-DecisionTree Form? Property Model 43 Decision Who creates and maintains decision tree rules typically? process system Administr None of Tree architect architect ator the above 44 Decision Within an activity.37 Property The way to assign a value to a property is An arithmetic A function A All of the operation call reference above (3.

Obj- Class. Data. Library class ServiceLevel and b the above .Default Rules}:De notation: ) . Property. DB-Name Admin. not 1 0* * validations. none library 'Default' under Pega-Rules Ruleset use the calling efault.square() fault. DB-Table.squa re() 64 Activities Process Commander converts activities to HTML code C++ code Java ASP code code 65 Activities Which method is used to cause the system to end the current Activity-End Activity. Rule. of Rule- DB-Name... else conditions are: tables and b the above 68 Decision A decision task is a shape on a flow rule that references a rule A map value A decision A decision All of the Table of the following types: rule (Rule.square( Rules..59 Property Edit Input instances perform conversions. Rule-Obj. Rule- and later retrieve them. Three classes make it easy to provide DB. Tables Allowed Java Parameter Tables DecisionTable: values s 70 Reports When you complete a report definition which of the following a list view rule list summary both a none of rule is created by the system ? (Rule-Obj.) 71 Reports Which tab contains the link for creating reports ? DashBoard Manage Monitor Process rules Activity work 72 Reports Administrators can define reports on any concrete class derived Rule. Data-Admin. Data-Admin. This statement is: 67 Decision Rules which can capture and present business logic in the form of Decision trees Decision Both a None of Table one or more if. All of the through the method Set-Special Special above method. The called activity receives this page as its primary page. both a and from b 73 Reports Report wizard is used to define custom Both a none of interactive interactive and b the above reports reports 74 Reports Which rule form is used to define a simple custom or personal Summary Summary Summary None of query. View report the above 75 Database Persistence provides a means to easily store objects on disk Data-Admin. who on a development team maintains Edit Input Administrator System Process All of the rules? Architect Architect above 61 Property Activities can modify the value of special properties only Property-Set Property. Data. Connect- persistence in Process Commander:Which of the following ClassGroup/In DB-Table SQL class does not provide persistence? stance of Rule-Obj- Class 76 Database Steps for Connecting Pega Process Commander with External Create an Create an Create an All of the DB: instance of instance of instance above Data-Admin.Above statement is: 60 Property Typically. (Rule- rule type) Declare. Data- class instances? ServiceLevel Class Connect. {Pega. Work. tree rule table rule above Obj-MapValue (Rule. then. None of activity and continue with the next activity on the requestor's Terminate EndTask the above activity list ? 66 Activities The preferred means for passing a single page from one 1 0* * activity to another is to identify the page in the Step Page field of the calling activity. Declare- DecisionTree DecisionT rule type) able rule type) 69 Decision Which of the following are not the tabs of the Rule-Declare. 77 SLA Service Level Agreement is implemented in PRPC using which Rule-Obj.and b the above ListView) Obj- Summary rule type. method 62 Activities Which tab is used to specify the activity type and optionally to Steps Security Paramete Pages and restrict which users (or other requestors) can execute the rs Classes activity in Rule-Obj-Activity form? 63 Activities To call in a Java Method of an activity. rules (Rule.Admin- SQL DB-Name 78 Library/fu A library is a Java library defined through the Library form — an Rule-Utility. both a none of nctions instance of the Rule-Utility-Library class. a function 'square()' in pega_rules_d Pega. Rule-Obj. Activity.

list cannot be used 82 Query List Query List creates an SQL (Structured Query Language) query into the 1 0* * rulebase or into other relational databases supporting your system. object are needed on the clipboard. Rule. Above statement is : 0 1* * nctions 80 Library/fu A function is an instance the Rule-Utility-Function class : which defines makes java which both a and nctions a Java function defines b function accessible C++ from function activities 81 List Which of the following statement for the list rule is not true: A list rule A list rule is When A list rule determines the an instance only a is an properties of a specified class of the Rule. the rules does class) is not test clipboard system adds validated if all user input is messages to properties on the page or fields after "validated" the page are they are first if its value the property. fraction of instance that are copied Obj-List all the of the into embedded class. Declare- on property DecisionT DecisionT values ree class able class performed to allow an automated decision. Rule- series of tests else” clause Declare.79 Library/fu Libraries contain only Java functions. The above statement is: 83 Model How an activity can optionally apply a model to initialize the When an When an When an none value of one or several properties on that page ? activity create activity activity embedded creates a creates a pages of a new page of clipboard known class a known page of a class known class 84 Model By convention. passes the tests. valid. which standard model is available for most standard pyDefault pyStatus pyList none of classes? the above 85 When which of the following options are not available on the selection Jump To Skip step Jump To End prompt dropdown when 'When' condition rule is used in an start Activity activity step: 86 Validation Validation refers to the execution of other tests both a none of of a Validation on the value and b the above rule of properties on a page. . of an List class. 88 Decision Which of the given statements about decision tree rule is not A decision Pictorial Instances Instances Tree true ? tree is a rule representatio of the of the defining a n of “if-then. properties Rule-Obj- pages. entered. 87 Validation Which of the below statement is false: A page (with If a property or These A property an associated page fails this validation on the validation.

the to true. The above statement is: 98 Method Which method Start a connector to call an external Java class. and loading it into the rulebase in the new environment.Property- certain requirements Validate Check Map. Connect Both a Java JMS and b 99 Method Which method Open an instance using a permanent unique key. above Messages 94 Ruleset Moving a RuleSet to another environment means extracting 0 1* * information from the rulebase in one environment. Page-New clipboard page identified in the Step Page column to a user's HTML Internet Explorer browser session. 90 Method Use this method to copy the contents of a source clipboard Page-New Page-Copy Page. RDB-List Handle Open 100 Correspo Which method saves the contents of an correspondence Property-Set. Set-Special Set. Show- XML Property 103 Methods Which method is used to retrieve data to the clipboard as an RDB-List Obj-List Obj-Open None Of array of embedded pages from a Data-table? These 104 Methods Which method is used to ensure that a property value meets Property. Property. Map- Value ValuePair 105 Methods In Page-New Method what should be the value entered in the $ANY $MANY $NONE $ALL NewClass option to create a classless Page? 106 Methods The Property-Remove method removes the property from StepPage Database Both None Of Only Only Page And These database instance 107 Methods The name of the target property to contain the results of the Input Output DecisionT PropertyN evaluation of a decision tree in Property-map-DecisionTree reename ame method is placed in which tab? . associated with that row is returned to the application. Property. Versions. Connect-EJB Connect.The above statement is: 95 Ruleset A rule that identifies all the RuleSets. but do not modify or add instances to these classes. above DB-Table 96 Reports The standard correspondence type email can appear in Html INCLUDE INCLUDE both a none code as : Rule-Obj-Corr Rule-Obj. Create the above 92 Method Which method is used to send an XML representation of the Show-Page Show-Applet Show. Data-Admin.Obj-Open RDB. 89 Decision When Process Commander evaluates a decision table rule at it evaluates If all If no rows All the Table runtime: the rows conditions in in the above sequentially a row table from the top evaluate to evaluate true. Page- page to a new or previously created destination clipboard page. all of the properties. a processing default of the rule result completes value is and a value returned.all ndence stream as the value of a property? HTML Set-Corr 101 Directives Directives are used in rules that support: HTML for HTML for XML for all of these display corresponden SOAP ce processing in connectors or services 102 Methods Which method is used for Stream Processing Show-HTML Show-Page Show. in any RuleSet. data objects Rule-Admin. SuccessCorr email . Remove Rename 91 Method Which method is used to retrieve data to the clipboard as an array of Obj-Open Obj-List Obj. all of the and other parts of an entire application is: Product DB-Name Admin. none of embedded pages. as an aid to debugging.Property-Set Property. and b = HTML = 97 Reports Instances of all these Rule-Report-* are reserved. Property. You may review 1 0* * these instances.Data. 93 Method Use this method to set the value of one or more special Property-Set Property. Obj-Open-by.

1 0* * 112 Methods Which method is used to apply an Edit Validate rule to test user Property.None Of keyword? DISPLAY ENABLED OUTPUT These 123 HTML To replace the primary page with a different page (the base With Include ForEach None Of page) throughout a segment of the HTML as an HTML coding These convenience which directive is used? 124 HTML Which directive identifies a part of the source HTML that is to $MODE. Open 109 Methods Which method saves a clipboard page to the database Obj-Save Obj-Open Obj-List All of These 110 Methods Which method is used to call another activity so that the control Call Branch Both None Of after executing that activity does not return back to the calling These activity? 111 Directives Directives are Process Commander extensions to HTML.Anyone None Of instance of which Rule? Section Harness Of these These 135 GUI The Put Into Container in Harness Section is under which tab? Html History Layout 136 GUI Which one is not a valid option for the header in a harness Show. Property. $INPUT. $MODE. Property. None Of representing user input which method is used? Validate Check These 115 Methods Which method is used to Change the class of a page? Page. typically Obj-Validate Property. referencing a flow Flow-Start Flow-End Flow-New Flow- rule. which field Special Condition Input ChangeTy is required in a harness section? Format pe 140 GUI What is not an available option for caption Alignment in Left Right Middle None Of Harness Section? These 141 GUI Which rules are used to define the appearance and processing Activity rules Property HTML harness of work object forms used in your application to create work rules rules rules objects and process assignments? . Both None Of of which Rule? Portal These 129 Portal Where is the MyNews gadget located? DashBoard manage Monitor Process Rules activity Work 130 GUI What is the maximum number of columns in Harness Section 1 2 3 4 that PRPC support? 131 GUI Which Harness form supports users completion of New Perform Review Confirm assignments? 132 GUI Which Harness form display the work objects in display-only New Perform Review Confirm mode. Rule-HTML.108 Methods Which method starts a new flow execution. Validate Set-Message Check 3 113 Methods Which method is used to send a single property value to the Show. Page-Copy Page. Collapsible DeferLoa None Of section? expanded d These 137 GUI Which one is not a valid option for the body in a harness Define Layout Define Include Define section? Repeating Section Repeating Row Rule Layout 138 GUI What do you put in the condition field of the harness section? When name Property None of Any one of name these these 139 GUI To override this with a different HTML Property rule. with no fields changeable? 133 GUI Which Harness form support re-opening an already-resolved New Perform Review Reopen work object? 134 GUI When we are creating a harness section we are creating an Rule-HTML. Property. None Of Change-Class Rename These 116 Methods Which method is used to save all changes to a database? Commit Save Perform None Of These 117 HTML To work with sections or other HTML rules that provide parts of Include Reference With LookUp a form. With If-Else Literal be copied to the generated stream exactly as entered INPUT 125 HTML Which syntax allows the property to be an editable field As Input As Output Both None Of These 126 HTML Which of the following is used for commenting out in HTML? Comment // Include When 127 Portal Which is not a valid Portal Layout? Work. Process. which directive is used? 118 HTML To retrieve a property value from an instance not present on LookUp Reference With Include the clipboard which directive is used? 119 HTML Which directive is used for Looping and Iteration LookUp Loop ForEach Reference 120 HTML Which directive is used for identifying the active property $this Reference this Include 121 HTML Which directive is used to conditionalize the HTML fragment If-Else When Loop ForEach 122 HTML Which directive is the complement of the $MODE-INPUT $MODE.Either 1 or input. Show. Property. Administr None Of managerLayo ArchitectLay atorLayou These ut out t 128 Portal Default Portal layout in the AccessGroup contains an instance Rule-Portal Rule-Obj. None Of browser Property Display Html These 114 Methods For running a Validate rule on a set of properties.

c.Property. Page-Copy Page. and b these 160 Methods Which method is used to evaluate a decision table rule and Property-Map. Privilege-Set Privilege. Page. These target property. tab tab 149 GUI Which of the following rules support the user interface ? Rule-HTML.Property.b. Rule-Obj. All of Section Property HTML. These Messages 153 Methods Which method is used to force validation of the value of all Page-Validate Page-Copy Page. Rule-Obj. This statement is: 144 GUI The literal directive identifies a part of the source HTML that is 0 1* * to be copied to the generated stream exactly as entered. None Of properties on the step page? Check These 154 Methods Which method is used to remove a page from the clipboard? Page-Remove Page. None Of by Declare Expression rules to compute or recompute the Seek-Value Map.d a.c b. Either 1 or Rename Delete 3 155 Methods Which method uses the backwards-chaining facilities defined Property. None Of Messages Copy. Property-Set Property. Rule. None Of Fragment Portal Html These 146 GUI Fragments are useful to hold frequently-needed HTML text JavaScript style All of (CSS) These text 147 GUI Which rules defines the appearance and contents of one property rules section rules activity None Of horizontal portion of a harness form? rules These 148 GUI Which tab is used to define the structure and appearance of History tab HTML tab Layout Section the section portion of a harness form. Rule-HTML.d a.c. Value 156 Methods Which method is used to determine whether a user or Privilege. Either of None Of assign the result to a property decisionTable Map. these These DecisionTree 161 Flow Integrator Task Requires Connect Activity Router Activity Utility When Activity Condition 162 Flow Use the Notify Task to Attach a file Send Create None Corresponde Correspo nce ndence Template 163 Flow Assignment Task can assign a work to operator Worklist WorkBask All the et Above 164 Flow The Assignment Task uses in Assignment Rule to Use Tab:a) a.b. These Fragment 150 GUI Which of the following tools support your evolution of the user Clipboard tool Image Rules All of interface? Catalog Inspector These 151 Methods The method that evaluates a two dimensional map value is Property-Map.142 GUI Who generally creates and maintains harness rules? process system Administr all of these architect architect ator 143 GUI Each time you save a harness rule.d External b) Workbasket c) Worklist d) Operator 165 Flow An Agent can process an Assignment 1 0 166 Flow A Service Level Rule in an assignment is used to: Calculate the Determine Starts an none cost for the whether the activity assignment operator to after a which specific assignment time is routed is interval present or not 167 Flow Local flow Action in an Assignment Can move the Can't move Can't Create a Action work object the work execute new further in flow object further an activity assignme in flow nt . These ValuePair 152 Methods Which method is used to associate a message with a page? Page-Set. Process Commander 1 0* * generates source HTML from your entries on the other tabs of this form.None Of requestor has a specified privilege? Check Grant These 157 Methods Which method is used to Open an instance stored in the Obj-Open Obj-List Both None Of database? These 158 Methods Which method is used to end the current activity? Activity-Delete Activity-Stop None of Activity- these End 159 Methods Which method is used to open an instance from an external RDB-List RDB-Open both a None of relational database. 145 GUI A fragment is an instance of Rule-HTML. Either None Of Value Map.

Wh Action.c.d.b.Alw connector is attached to an assignment is en.d a.b.d.c b.b.c.b.c.168 Flow Spinoff Task in a flow is for Calling a new Calling a Calling an none flow new flow activity synchronously asynchronou synchron sly ously 169 Flow Spinoff Task in a flow can start flow on Current Different New Current as Object Object Object well as Different Object 170 Flow Spinoff Task can create a work item 1 0 True for none Different Object but false for Current Object 171 Flow Split/Join tasks is used (Select the most appropriate ans) For starting a For starting a For To assure sub-flow Collection of starting a that a list Sub-Flows list of of subflow synchronousl subflow starting y asynchro asynchron nously ously are and completed completin to proceed g them with next together part of at the current same flow time 172 Flow Split-ForEach Task is used to Start a Create a Transfer Starting a subflow work object the Collection current of Sub- work Flows object to synchrono another usly flow 173 Flow The list of dropdown values available in connector when tail of Action Action.f Parameters d) Action e)Process f) Explore .e.f b. other connector local action places but as well as cant't local local.e.b.Else ays 174 Flow Its mandatory to set Privilage in Flow Action 1 0 Mandator Action y in certain cases 175 Flow Difference between flow action and local action is (Select the Flow action Flow Action Flow Flow Action most appropriate answer) can show move Action action can Html but local forward the can be have type action can't work object used at of in the flow.c.c.d action Save d) Attach 178 Flow Select the tabs on the Flow Action Form: a) Form b) Action c) a. This option is available on Diagram Explore Process None __________ tab of flow form.d Action Parameters d) Pages and Classes e) HTML 179 Flow Action Tab of Flow Action is used to set the HTML rule file to 1 0 Action be used with flow action 180 Flow To create a work item with a flow.f a.c.e a.e a. but action is local specific to action can an have type assignme local only nt 176 Flow A router task attached with an assignment is executed before after Simultane none connector connector ously with flow action flow action flow action 177 Flow Choose Standard PRPC Flow Actions a) Reject b) Resolve c) a.e a.d.b.When Action.c.d a.b. 181 Flow Choose tabs available on Flow form: a) Diagram b) form c) a.e.d a.

of workitem of associate but only different class d with it is with one resolved cover but that is not the case with work folder 189 Flow Decision Table Task uses __________ Connectors Action Status Always When 190 Connector It is required to add _________ at the same place where a Fork Task Always Else Utility Task When Connector is used.182 Flow Likelihood field in connector task (Select most appropriate Determines Gives an Just a none choice) which error if the pictorial connector to sum of represent be checked likelihood ation to first at runtime from all the depict the connectors business originating process from same place is not equal to 100 183 Flow Ticket task is similar to Goto a function a none statement call subroutin e call 184 Flow An operator can start a flow from DashBoard Process Process Manage Tab Work Tab Work Tab Rules tab as well as from activity 185 Flow To create a work item and start a flow from process work tab WorkPool for Workpool as Need to Just need (Select the most appropriate ans) that flow well as the check to check should be work group 'Create a 'Starts a defined in must be work work access group defined for object' object' that flow and check box checkbox referred in on the on flow Access flow form form. connector connector 191 Connector To add two connector sequencially without any processing in Integrator Ticket Assignme Fork between two connectors use Task nt 192 Connector Where you can find the link for a connector wizard Manage Administrator Process DashBoar Rules Portal portal Work d Portal 193 Connector For Rule-Service External External External External Application application applicatio application acts as a acts as a n as well as well as server and client and as PRPC PRPC PRPC PRPC acts acts as Client application as a server Server acts as a client . Group and associate the workpool for flow in Access Group 186 Flow To Edit a flow outside PRPC portal use Edit Flow External Tab Diagram Tab Process Tab Pages Explore present on________ on Flow Form and Tab Classes Tab 187 Flow Privilege can be used in Flows Flow Action Flow as none well as Flow Action 188 Flow The difference between work cover and work folder is (Select Work cover Work Cover Work One work the most appropriate ans) consist of can be Cover is object work items of associated resolved if may be the same with a flow and only if associated class where but Work all the with as Work Folder work multiple Folder cosist cannot objects folders.

194 Connector For Rule-Connect External External External External Application application applicatio application acts as a acts as a n as well as well as server and client and as PRPC PRPC PRPC PRPC acts acts as Client application as a server Server acts as a client 195 Connector Connector Wizard can be used to create connectors of type 1 0 Can Can JMS and MQ create create connector connector of of type of of type JMS but MQ but not of MQ not of JMS 196 Flow The default clipboard page for a work object is pxWorkPage pyWorkPage pzWorkP none age 197 Flow The default clipboard page for a work cover is pxWorkCover pyWorkCove pzWorkC none r over 198 Connector Rules required for connecting to EJB Rule.c. er Admin- JNDI Connect- JNDIServ er 199 Connector Data Mapping concept is used To map data To map an To parse To map between XML file to a an XML property external rule of PRPC file values system and within PRPC PRPC properties itself 200 Connector Types of Connector available are a).c.c. JNDIServ Data- Connect.e a.b.b.e. Connect- and Data.f all e)Corba f)File . EJB and Admin.c.e a.d.d.d.e b.Net b)EJB c)Java d)Soap a.c.b. Rule.d b. Rule- Connect-EJB Connect-EJB Admin. Connect.e all e)SQL 201 Connector Type of Services available a)Email b)Soap c)JMS d)Portlet a. Data.c.b.

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