Friends, The Home Minister Shri Chidambaramji who represents the Congress government should recall the history

of the chair that he now sits which was once occupied by the Iron Man Sardar Patel who added lustre to it. If he recalls this rightly he would not have thought with such a bad intention to coin an imaginary and false term ´saffron terrorism.µ This accusation leveled by the Central government is not as if it was said in anger at an election rally. But this was said at a very important and sensitive conference of State police chiefs and InspectorGenerals of Police which he inaugurated. And it was therefore a prepared speech. This mischief cannot be dismissed as an insignificant event. The Central Congress government·s home minister has indeed stepped outside the boundaries of the Constitution when he made such an irresponsible statement. By this statement the security forces and the police have been provoked to act in a certain way against a certain class of people. This is an anti-constitutional behaviour. The Central government by speaking about saffron terror has gravely insulted its own parent the Congress party itself. The home minister of the nation should be aware that the Congress in 1931 had established the Flag Samiti whose head was Dr Rajendra Prasadji. And the members of this samiti were great men like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Shri Moulana Azad, Shri Master Tara Singh, Dr Ambedkar, Kakasaheb Kalelkar, Kanhaiya Lal Munishi. The members had recommeded that the national flag of India should be of a single colour and should be of saffron. Then how can the Central Congress government spread canards about ¶saffron terror·? Friends, the present Tri-colour to which we Indians bow has saffron in its unique glory. The Centre must reply to the people of India whether the Tri-colour has turned into a symbol of terrorism due to its saffron colour? Friends, in our thousand years of slavery our great patriots in each time period had been sacrificing themselves under the shadow of the saffron flag. Does the Central Congress government desire that in protecting this country·s heritage those who had sacrificied themselves like Guruputras, Chattrapati Shivaji, Rana Pratap and lakhs of brave Kshatriyas had sacrificed at the altar of saffron terror? Should we heap infamy on the bravery and sacrifices as recorded in our age-old Indian history? Friends, from Vedas to Vivekananda the contribution of our sants and mahants has been eternal as all of them wore saffron-coloured clothes. The saffron-attired young sanyasi Vivekananda had enhanced the prestige of India in the comity of nations. Is this sacrifice of tapasvis like Vivekananda could possibly form part of saffron terror tradition for the Congress government? The politics of votebanks and appeasement has destroyed this country. This canard of ¶saffron terror· has been spread as part of a devious political votebank and appeasement game. The country can never tolerate such dirty political games. Such insult to our great ancient culture can never be tolerated. Youths, rise and awake and demand an answer«..

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