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January 2018



Arizona’s JT’s Septic
subtracted services
and boosted revenue in
economic revival


A new generation at Plummer’s Waste Group
expands services, boosts technology and
builds employee training programs PAGE 34

Who Buys A Truck In January?
J&J Services has been in the
sanitation industry for 16 years and
we currently run a fleet of 11
portable restroom trucks. Three of
Someone Who Thinks Ahead.
them are Hino 195 Satellite trucks.
The early bird gets the worm, and $ 79,078
J&J drivers love the “tight” turning
it’s no different with buying a truck.
radius as well as the low “work
station” of the Satellite tank. It Waiting until all the other operators
makes access to water and the want a truck just means you won’t
vacuum hose much easier and I find what you want, or will have to
have been told it results in much wait. 2017 - FORD - 4x4 - 950 GALLON
less driver fatigue. The drivers also
like the portable restroom hauler
rack. This month you can pick your
chassis, pick your tank, pick your
Our experience is that the Masport options, and get your truck delivered
pumps are virtually indestructible ahead of the rush.
and provide ample vacuum for 2018 - HINO - 1600 GALLONS
quick waste extraction. The toilet STAINLESS STEEL
With your truck ordered and on its
wash down system is outstanding
as well. way, you can spend your time
finding new business, finalizing
Thank you again for a terrific
contracts and getting your fleet
product! We look forward to the
day when we have upgraded all ready.
our trucks to the Hino Satellite 2018 - PETE - 4000 GALLON
truck. Think ahead, stay ahead. Call your + FET / FOB Minneapolis, Mn

Area Manager today!

John Biles BOOTH
President/CEO See our full truck inventory on-line at:
4030 877.292.4146


Oakmont Capital Services, LLC

1398 Wilmington Pike
West Chester, PA 19382

Bio Products and Packaging Experts

2 - Minutes
Could Make You 50% More!


“In today’s world, Septic and Drain Maintenance is critical to it’s operation”

Click on Contractors Page:
FREE Private Labeling • Root Control BOOTH
Septic Solutions • Grease Solutions • Drainfield Solutions 4302

Or text to 920-288-2847

4 Pumper • January 2018

IN THIS ISSUE January 2018 Pumper
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added revenue to keep pace with an economic revival. In U.S. or Canada call toll-free 800-257-7222. Elsewhere call 715-546-3346.
Email: • Website:
ON THE COVER: JT’s Septic of Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona, traces its roots to 1994 Fax: 715-546-3786
and has been run by the Taulbee family ever since. Jesse Taulbee is shown stirring
the contents of a tank while he pumps it out using a Mack truck with a Jurop/
Office hours 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday - Friday
Chandler pump built out by Tank World. (Photo by Rick Scuteri)
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28 Building the Business: paid off big after a horrifying crash.
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Great Customer Service Starts at the Top - Erik Gunn
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systems in Jefferson City, Missouri. - Craig Mandli
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34 The Young Guns 96 Product News at or call
A new generation of leaders at Plummer’s Waste Group Product Spotlight: Two steps toward glistening
800-994-7990. Publisher reserves the right
oversee expanding services, boost technology and restrooms.
to reject advertising, which in its opinion is
implement successful employee training programs. - Craig Mandli
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- Betty Dageforde Jim Flory Winnie May character of the publication.
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46 Truck Corner: Should You Go With CIRCULATION: 2017 circulation averaged 23,102 copies per month. This fig-
New Tires or Retreads? 100 Marketplace ure includes all circulation regions (nationwide) and international distribution.
Your budget for new rubber and ability to deal with REPRINTS AND BACK ISSUES: Visit for op-
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50 Money Manager:
What’s Your Best Strategy When 2018 WATER & WASTEWATER EQUIPMENT,
a Business Partner Goes Bankrupt? TREATMENT & TRANSPORT SHOW
If you’re a creditor, keep your cool, pay attention, and Coming in FEBRUARY 2018
don’t expect a miracle. Education Day: Wednesday,
- Erik Gunn SPECIAL ISSUE: February 21, 2018
WWETT SHOW ISSUE Show Days: Thursday - Saturday,
56 Septic System Answer Man: Is It Time February 22-24, 2018
to Rethink Daily Water Use Numbers? n CONTRACTOR PROFILE:
Low-flow toilets and education about conservation Ohio family into the third generation of pumpers Indiana Convention Center,
are driving down water use per capita. So is it time to
Indianapolis, IN
change the way septic systems are sized? Exploring fleet replacement plans
- Jim Anderson

6 Pumper • January 2018

Encore, Encore!
The Best Performer in its class
Fruitland® vacuum
pumps run cooler,
quieter, longer, and
have an average of
30% less operating
costs than other
Play safe.  Only trust
genuine Fruitland® brand
pumps and spare parts.

Anything else is just

Not Very Efficient.

324 Leaside Avenue

Stoney Creek, ON Canada L8E 2N7
Tel: 905-662-6552 / TF: 1-800-663-9003
Fax: 905-662-5412

A Corp/Rooter-Man.......................94
F. S. Solutions...................29, 31, 33 Milwaukee Rubber Products.........48 Sweet Septic Systems, Inc. ..........42
A.R. North America, Inc. ...............98
Walex Products Company. ...........87
Abbott Rubber Co., Inc. ................18
Fergus Power Pump, Inc. .............12
Moro USA, Inc. .............................97 Water Cannon Inc. ........................13
T&T Tools, Inc...............................80
Acro Trailer Company ...................80 Five Peaks ....................................49
Wee Engineer, Inc. .......................63

AMT Pump Company ...................72 FlowMark Vacuum Trucks ............89 National Association of T.S.F. Company, Inc......................65
AP Equipment Financing ..............54 FMI Truck Sales & Service ...........94 Wastewater Technicians .........33 Westmoor Ltd. ..............................37
Tank World Corp. ..........................44 Wind River Environmental Co. .....52
National Truck Center .......................... 9 WWETT Show ..........32, 58, 95, 108
Formadrain ...................................45
Aqua Ben Corporation ..................42 Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction ..100 TankTec ......................................110 Classifieds......................... 102-106
National Vacuum Equipment............. 3 TCF Equipment Finance...............99 Marketplace ....................... 100-101
AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems....94 Fruitland Manufacturing. ...........7, 77 Norweco, Inc. ............................................23
Transport Truck Sales, Inc. ...........59 REGIONAL
Arcan Enterprises, Inc.. ................72 G O ADVERTISERS
Oakmont Capital Services ..............4
Transway Systems, Inc...................5 Midwest Supplement
OMSI Transmissions, Inc..............67
Armal, Inc. ..................................107 GapVax, Inc. .................................39 Truck Country ................................76
(after page 74)
Gardner Denver ............................91 P
Armstrong Equipment ...................52 General Pump ..............................60 TruckXpress ...................................2
Global Vacuum Systems, Inc........26 Pik Rite, Inc. .................................69 Advance Pump & Equipment.......... 3
Plastiflex .......................................43
H TSI Tank Services, Inc. .................70 Marengo Fabricated Steel .............. 1
Best Enterprises, Inc. ...................35
Better Business Bureau ................19 PolyJohn Enterprises.................. 111 Mid-State Truck Service ................. 2
House of Imports ..........................11
Bionetix International ....................94 TUF-TITE, Inc. ............................109
Black Tie Products LLC ................18 I R.A. Ross & Associates NE, Inc. .... 2
PolyPortables, LLC. ......................93
Brenlin Company, Inc. ..................76 Imperial Industries, Inc. ..........21, 73 Rider Agri Sales & Service ............. 4
Premier Truck Sales & Rental ......48 Ultra Shore ...................................72
Bright Technologies ......................80 In the
Round Dewatering BY PRESSURE LIFT Eastern Supplement
C In the Round Dewatering ..............26 Pressure Lift Corporation..............57 V
(after page 74)
J Presvac Systems, Ltd. ................112 Vac-Con, Inc. ................................75
Advance Pump & Equipment..........3
Cam Spray....................................29
J&J Chemical Co. .........................71 Vacutrux Limited ...........................57
RecoverE LLC ..............................70
Andert, Inc. ..................................... 4
K Vacuum Sales, Inc. .......................54
Cape Cod Biochemical Co. ..........60 Ritam Technologies LLC.........4, 100
Vantage Trailers............................79 Marengo Fabricated Steel ..............1
KeeVac Industries, Inc. .................53 Mid-State Truck Service .................2
Chempace Corporation ................74
Keith Huber Corporation ...............81
Key Commercial Corp. .................44 Robinson Vacuum Tanks ..............60
VARCo. .........................................41 R.A. Ross & Associates NE, Inc. ....4
Comforts of Home Services.............52 Kuriyama of America, Inc..............66 ROEDA, Inc. .................................54
Romotech .....................................44
L Vacuum Sales, Inc. .........................2
Vector Technologies, Inc...............72
Crust Busters .................................12 Rush Refuse Systems ..................85
Lane’s Vacuum Tank, Inc. .............47

Easy Kleen Pressure Systems. ....76

Lely Tank & Waste Solutions ........17

Lenzyme/Trap-Cleer .......................4
Sansom Industries LLC ................83 SociallyAccepted
Satellite Industries .................. 14-15

Ecological Laboratories ..................55 Liberty Financial ...........................64

Screenco Systems, LLC ...............82
Elmira Machine Industries ............51 Sonetics ........................................61
Marsh Industrial ............................64
Specialty B Sales..........................66
Engine & Accessory, Inc. ..............42 SubSurface Locators, Inc. ............70
Masport, Inc. .................................25
Erickson Tank & Pump .................92 McKee Tech. - Explorer Trailers ...47 Surco Portable Sanitation Prod. ...27

8 Pumper • January 2018

786-801-9742 | 954-558-0816
3001 EAST 11th AVE. | HIALEAH, FL 33013
1517, 1519, 1520


2011 International 4300 2009 Freightliner M2 2009-2014 International 4400

DT 466 300 HP, 160,404 Miles, Allison Automatic, Detroit MBE 900, 6 Spd, 115,308 Miles, DT-466 245 HP, 120K-260K Miles,
New Heavy Duty 1800 Gal. U.S. Tank, New 2500 Gal. U.S. Tank, New Jurop PN-84 Razor Automatic and 6 Spd. New 2500 Gal. U.S. Tank,
New Jurop PN-58 Vacuum Pump (230 CFM) Pack Vacuum Pump (320 CFM) New Jurop PN84 Vacuum Pump (320 CFM)
$58,000 With 2 Year Warranty $59,000 Starting at $53,000

2010 Freightliner M2 2010 Kenworth T-370

2011 Freightliner M2
Cummins ISC 350 HP, 6 Spd, 258,445 Miles, Paccar PX-8 350 HP, 8LL Transmission,
New 3200 Gal. U.S. Tank, New Jurop LC-420 151,377 Miles, New 3600 Gal. U.S. Tank, Cummins 350 HP, 10 Spd, 308,464 Miles,
Liquid-Cooled Razor Pack Vacuum Pump (425 CFM), New Jurop LC-420 Liquid-Cooled Razor Pack New 4000 Gal. Dump Tank U.S. Tank, New Jurop
New 20,000 LB Lift Axle Vacuum Pump (425 CFM) LC-420 Liquid-Cooled Vacuum Pump (425 CFM)
$83,000 $92,000 $96,000


2007 International 8600

2009 International 4400 2007-2011 International 8600
Cat C-13, 475 HP, 461,894 Miles,
DT-466 300 HP, Allison Automatic, Cummins ISM 410 HP, 10 Spd, 340K-480K Miles, 10 Spd, 13,250 Steerable Pusher Axle,
217,812 Miles, New 3200 Gal. U.S. Tank, New 4000 Gal. U.S. Tank, New Jurop LC-420 New 5000 Gal. U.S. Tank, New Jurop LC-420
New Jurop R-260 Vacuum Pump (363 CFM) Liquid-Cooled Vacuum Pump (425 CFM) Liquid-Cooled Vacuum Pump (425 CFM)
$72,000 Starting At $78,000 $90,000

Jim Kneiszel, Editor
Contact Jim with
your comments,
questions and
opinions at

Is It Time to Raise Your Starting Wage?

You ask a lot of septic service or portable sanitation technicians.
Is it wrong for them to ask more of you? By Jim Kneiszel, Editor

very now and then, I see an ad on a local Craigslist website recruiting
for a septic service or portable sanitation technician. These ads contain
a laundry list of skills and personal qualities you would want someone
Put yourself in any applicant’s shoes, and consider
in the wastewater industry to possess. Here’s a recent example: whether the wage and benefits package offered would
entice you to join the team. If the answer is yes, then
Be part of a winning team: We are currently looking for energetic, loyal,
hardworking people to service, deliver and pick up portable restrooms.
you’re on the right track.

• Responsible for designated route as assigned by route coordinator, holes, move restrooms, lug hoses and climb around a vacuum truck. They
maintaining time and production standards set for routes. have to know the ins and outs of your trucks, trailers, jetters, and portable
• Responsible for the high quality consciousness as set by the company sanitation equipment and maintain everything in tiptop shape. And as they
in order to maintain our “service oriented” goals that set us apart from other learn, they will diagnose problems with systems and make repairs.
portable toilet businesses. And you know that good pumpers often aren’t hired, they’re developed.
• Responsible for the condition of equipment used, reporting specific You make a lot of investments once they join your team. There’s the
problems via work orders and ensuring preventive maintenance by adhering many ride-alongs with your best workers. In time, you’ll send them to train-
to “due for service” schedules as is reasonable and as timely as possible. ing with the National Association of Wastewater Technicians, the Portable
• Constantly strive to maintain safety standards as established and re- Sanitation Association International, your state trade association or local
quired by company policy. health department. You know newbies will be a liability for a while before
• Maintain a clean, stocked work vehicle. they become an asset.
In many respects, the success or failure of your company depends on
Qualifications: the workers you seek through these local ads. Finding good people — and
• Valid driver’s license then building them into great technicians — is maybe your most important
• Clean driving record for last 5 years task in becoming the best pumping company you can be. Qualified and
• Good map reading skills hardworking team members will bring in thousands of dollars in revenue
• Good physical condition - able to lift 70-plus pounds, able to climb in every month for your business. And every year a good worker sticks with you
and out of truck 60-plus times per day boosts your profits and helps build a better reputation.
• Able to work in fast-paced environment and be self motivated
• Drug- and alcohol-free work place THE SIN OF WAGES
• Able to pass DOT physical Knowing all of that, something I often see in these job postings and hear
• Able to work flexible hours, days and weekends on pumper social media forums leaves me wondering. That’s the promised
hourly rate attached to these jobs. There seems to be a disconnect between
Reviewing a list like that reminds me of all of the capabilities a pumper the list of skills and traits many pumping companies want in an employee
must have and the great responsibility that comes along with the job. These and what they are willing to pay promising candidates.
guys and gals hop into a $100,000-plus work truck every day and must follow I’m not referring to the ad quoted above, but I have seen some pumping
countless safety procedures to complete a long list of tasks before returning company ads offering a $15 or $16 per hour starting wage, with no mention
to the shop. The work they do requires training, state certifications and often of other sought-after benefits of vacation time and health insurance assis-
a CDL to operate the heavier equipment. tance. I have seen online forum posts from pumpers who lament that they
offer similar pay and can’t find anyone capable of doing the job … or that
GREAT EXPECTATIONS good workers leave just as soon as they’re trained to pump tanks.
These workers possess savvy customer service skills to communicate
effectively with people all day. They need a certain physical prowess to dig (continued)

10 Pumper • January 2018


2012 Kenworth 2006 International 2007 Peterbilt 378 Call for

Tank Lift and Full Call for 4000 Gal., 400 h.p., 10 spd., $76,000 4000 Gal.,
Rear Opening Door price AC, Cummins ISX 400 Cat, 10 spd. price

2010 Hino 2007 GMC 2006 International 8600

260 h.p., 6 spd., AC, $59,500 Duramax Turbo Diesel, Auto, AC, $53,000 4000 Gal.,
New 2500 Gal., Jake Brake New 2000 Gal., 347 CFM Pump

2006 International 2007 International 8600

Full Dump Tank Call for New 5000 Gal., Cummins ISM, $85,000
Call for information! price 400 h.p., 10 spd., Low Miles

BUY FACTORY DIRECT • 2 year/100K mile warranty on engine, transmission

and rear end for Class 6 and Class 7 vehicles.

MADE IN THE U.S.A. • 1 year/100K mile warranty included on engines for class 8 vehicles.
Sometimes these business owners lash out at the worker who leaves
the company rather than looking inward for the cause of hiring and reten-
tion woes. Simply, I have concerns that sometimes these wages and a lack
of benefits offered by pumpers are not competitive with what is offered in
other skilled trades.
In the strengthening economy, the demand for front-line, skilled and
unskilled workers is growing, while the supply is certainly dwindling. Look
at the lowest rung on the employment ladder — fast-food restaurants. A
number of chains are offering starting wages of up to $15 per hour and HELP
WANTED signs are hanging in windows on every street corner.
These unskilled jobs don’t require the same mental or physical stamina
necessary to be a wastewater technician. They don’t carry with them the
risks of handling pathogen-laden waste or working with high-power equip-
ment and in excavation zones. They don’t come with the great liability of
protecting homeowners’ septic systems and your expensive trucks or driv-
ing a service vehicle weighted down with liquid loads. And flipping burgers
doesn’t require the extensive safety and technician training necessary for
any pumping job.


The bottom line is you can’t pay fast-food wages (or anywhere near it)
Visit Us At and expect to wind up with a quality wastewater industry driver and techni-
The Crust Buster is a septic tank
Booth 5003 cian. It’s certainly not every company, but I think some pumping businesses
need to reset their expectations for pay and benefits in order to recruit and
agitator that, when used on your And Ask About retain the type of workers who will become a long-term assets.
job, will save you time and money. Our Expo Specials If you are currently looking for new technicians — and my hunch is
that almost every pumping company would jump at a good worker walking
Through the use of engineered blades through the door — ask yourself this question: Would you take the job you’re
Be Sure to offering or advise a son or daughter to do so? Put yourself in any applicant’s
and high-power rotation the Crust Buster Request a shoes, and consider whether the wage and benefits package offered would

entice you to join the team. If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track.
creates a “lifting” agitation within your tank.
The industry’s goal should be to attract workers who see pumping or
portable sanitation as not just any old job but a stable, long-term career. We
Now buy all your Crust Informational want young people who are dedicated to learning every aspect of the indus-

Buster products online! DVD! try and eager to satisfy customers. We want them to grow along with your
company and to never have a reason to look elsewhere for employment.
Of course, part of the successful equation for building your crew is cre- ating a fun and inclusive work environment. Another part is running the
best and safest equipment on the road. And it’s great when management
promotes advancement and training opportunities. But in addition to all of
those good things, we need to recognize the broad responsibilities of the job
and pay accordingly through a bigger paycheck and the other benefits that
quality people seek from their employer. ■

Schmitz Brothers L.L.C.

Phone: 763.878.2296
Fax: 763.878.2299


12 Pumper • January 2018

Pressure Washers, Replacement Engines
Pumps, Parts & Accessories 1.800.333.WASH (9274)




3/4" PUMPS









Industry Trained Staff Water Cannon, Un contacto en Espanol: llama al: 1.800.917.9274
available from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
weekdays E.S.T.
Water Cannon
Orlando | Phoenix | Minneapolis | Hattiesburg | Melbourne | Toronto | Bogota is proud to be a
International: 1-321-800-5763 MWBE
Visit the site daily for new, exclusive content. Read our blogs,
find resources and get the most out of Pumper magazine.

EDUCATING HOMEOWNERS Most homeowners will tell you

that they are different and do not
providing actually use 60 gpd, but research
septic records seems to indicate they do.
When George Schooley started Legacy Septic — Onsite System Management Starts With the Homeowner
& Excavation four years ago, he wanted to
do something that would set him
apart from the competition.
He came up with an idea after installing
realizing most customers know a septic
very little about their septic A recent job posting for a
The Maine Association of
systems. Schooley began Site Evaluators — which
providing customers with represents about 150
licensed site evaluators TRAILER-MOUNTED JETTERS
complete records on
their septic systems
— recently assembled a
volunteer day for Midcoast
know your
and giving information Habitat for Humanity in priorities
about their care. Rockport, providing materials Reliability and power rank high on
for a septic system for a home Chuck Lang Jr.’s criteria for investing in Camden, Maine. “A lot of in trailer-mounted water jetters. His
the builds for Habitat for company — Chuck’s Septic Tank,
Humanity have been more Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Grove
in city or suburban centers City, Ohio — owns two trailer jetters
where they’re automatically made by Harben. The company
PRE-OWNED VEHICLES connected to the sewer,” says uses the units primarily to clean
converting Meg Thomson, marketing
coordinator for Eljen of East
commercial and residential lateral
lines, grease-trap drainlines, catch
water trucks Hartford, Connecticut, which basins, and sewer lines up to 6 inches
When Tom Arts decided to invest in a helped with the event in diameter, Lang says.
newer vacuum truck for his pumping
business, A-1 Septic in Rhinelander,
Wisconsin, he looked at the classified CONNECT WITH US
ads in Pumper magazine and found
just what he wanted: a pre-owned, tri-axle 2012 Peterbilt 365 vacuum
emails and alerts want more?
Visit and sign up for Find us on Facebook at
truck with approximately 200,000 miles on the odometer. The newsletters and alerts. Get exclusive content
truck had previously been used for transporting water for fracking delivered right to your inbox, and stay in the or Twitter at
loop on topics important to you! PumperMag
operations in East Coast oilfields.

16 Pumper • January 2018


18 Pumper • January 2018

Relief means
finding a
In addition to enhancing your credibility, here’s
some data on how seeing the BBB Accredited
Business Seal influences the customers of those

you can trust.

businesses who display it.

68 % have greater confidence

to make a purchase

62% purchase products and


45% recommend the business

to their family and friends

Apply Today 29% spend more Trust can’t be bought, but you can Be More

Visible and build trust through BBB Accreditation.
The only thing missing now is you.

To learn more, call 833-4BE-MORE(423-6673) or visit • Since 1979 January 2018 19

COVER Jay Taulbee (foreground)
STORY with his sons, Zeb (left)
and Jesse (center).
(Photos by Rick Scuteri)

In Arizona’s high desert, JT’s Septic
subtracted services and added revenue to
keep pace with an economic revival
By Peter Kenter Profile

F JT’s Septic
or JT’s Septic of Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona, the economic downturn
a decade ago was a chance to reinvent the company and focus its
energies on what it was best at: pumping, inspecting and repairing Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona
septic tanks.
The company was founded in 1994 by Jay Taulbee to install and repair OWNERS: Jay, Julie, Brenda, Jesse Arizona

septic tanks. Located 80 miles north of Phoenix, the business serves sur- and Zeb Taulbee
rounding Yavapai County and adjacent areas. Jay’s wife Julie ran the office. FOUNDED: 1994
Son’s Jesse and Zeb Taulbee joined full time in 1996. EMPLOYEES: 15
The company added a vacuum truck in 1998 and expanded to por-
SERVICES: Septic tank pumping, inspection and repair
table restroom rentals and service in 1999, eventually fielding 200 units.
In 2000, JT’s Septic even began to manufacture its own precast concrete SERVICE AREA: Yavapai County, Arizona, and adjacent areas
septic tanks. AFFILIATIONS: Arizona Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association,
The Arizona housing boom slowly went bust, beginning in 2006. The National Association of Wastewater Technicians
company went into survival mode, reassessing its strengths to ride out the
coming recession. JT’s Septic had already dropped its portable restroom
business, which was operating in a saturated market.

20 Pumper • January 2018

As a new year begins, we have plenty to be grateful for. Special thanks go out to the four Imperial Industries customers who
earned Pumper Magazine’s Classy Truck honors in 2017 – more than any other manufacturer. We’re proud to serve
as an extension of your team, and our feeling of shared pride in your ride simply can’t be beat.






800-558-2945 | IMPERIALIND.COM 4010
Imperial Industries, proudly family owned and operated in central Wisconsin for more than 35 years, is the trusted choice for specialized septic solutions and expert service.
Right: The JT’s Septic crew includes
(front row, left to right) Kyle Parkins,
Lori Savage, Jay Taulbee, Julie Taulbee,
Brenda Taulbee, Ashley Douglas, and
Jose Enriquez; (second row) Richie
Betancourt, Shaun Paloutzian, Jesse
Taulbee, and Oran Kennedy; (third
row) Jamie Mitchell, Alfredo Acosta,
Homer Kennedy, Garrett Richards, and
Brandon Davis; (back row) Zeb Taulbee
and Jim Colwell.
Below, left: Jesse Taulbee inspects
his truck before going out on calls. The
Mack Truck was built out by Tank World
and carries a Jurop/Chandler pump.
Below, right: Ashley Douglas, left,
and Brenda Taulbee review customer
accounts in the office.

staff is
the relationship
builder between
our customers
and field staff.
We educate
“We sold our precast septic tank business and got out of the installation policies, procedures and forms that
business,” says Jesse, who now manages the business with his wife, Brenda. she developed from scratch,” Brenda
“We kept only the pumping business, inspections, and light repairs, concen- says. That same year, Jesse and Brenda every day about
trating on our bread-and-butter business.” started managing the business as Jay their septic
gradually reduced his role to advisor.
systems, but we
JT’s Septic already owned two older vacuum trucks and purchased a INVEST FOR THE FUTURE can only do that
new 2006 Kenworth with a 2,300-gallon steel tank and a Masport pump built Today, the company employs well if we know
out by Tank World. 15 people — five office staff and 10
Inspections became an important source of revenue in 2006 when the fieldworkers — based on a 5-acre site.
what we’re
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality required inspections for any Brenda’s daughter, Ashley, and her talking about.
person transferring a property with a septic system. The inspection doesn’t husband, Kyle, joined the business in
pass or fail, but it provides full disclosure to buyer and seller. Foreclosures 2016. Teen son Braden does odd jobs
and repossessions ramped up in 2008 and saw homes — particularly in and keeps the trucks clean. Son Travis
nearby Prescott — changing hands with regularity. lives in the north part of the state but hasn’t jumped into the business yet.
“We also got some contracts from the federal Department of Housing The company fields three main vacuum service trucks, all Macks.
and Urban Development,” Jesse says. “Each of the tanks in those homes had to “I took a chance and ordered them with automatic transmissions,” Jesse
be pumped out and inspected. If the banks repossessed a property, they shut says. “The automatics give you more stopping powers on the biggest grades
the utilities off. We had to outfit our trucks with generators to provide electric- without touching the brakes and better traction control on loose gravel. The
ity for jackhammers and carry freshwater for the inlet and outlet water tests.” jake brake in the engine and the retarder in the transmission work really
Electric-powered jackhammers are sometimes necessary to break well. We’ll never go back to stick shifts.”
through high desert soil in the area to uncover the septic system. The Macks are outfitted with steel tanks and Jurop/Chandler pumps:
Brenda joined the company in 2012 after learning the ropes from her a 2014 GU713 with 3,400-gallon waste/250-gallon freshwater tank; a 2015
mother-in-law before she retired. “I jumped in headfirst and learned all of the (continued)

22 Pumper • January 2018

2752, 2853
Left: The fleet of vacuum trucks at JT’s
Septic consists of Macks built out by Tank
World and running Jurop/Chandler pumps.
The mini-excavator is from Caterpillar.
Below: Garrett Richards operates a
Caterpillar excavator while Homer Kennedy,
left, and Oran Kennedy work the shovels.

GU432 with 2,500-gallon waste/200-freshwater tank; and a 2017 GU713 with

3,500-gallon waste/250-gallon freshwater tank. All three are built out by
Tank World.
“In two of our trucks, we have a hot dog-shaped stainless steel water
tank suspended inside the waste tank. That helps balance the loads,” Jesse
The Macks are assisted by a 1996 Peterbilt 379, pulling a 7,000-gallon
aluminum waste tanker built by Karymore and outfitted with a Challenger
pump from National Vacuum Equipment. The company’s backup rig is a The company’s additional service trucks include a 2001 Chevy flatbed,
1989 Ford L8000 with a 2,300-gallon steel tank and Battioni pump. and a 2006 Ford Diesel Super Duty and 2017 Ford F-450. A recent addition
The trucks can carry any of four RIDGID SeeSnake L100 cameras and is a 2017 Caterpillar 301.7D CR mini-excavator, used to uncover septic tanks
locators. Inspections are also aided by a Sparvision 200 camera system with and assist in repairs.
locator and cable machine from Spartan Tool.
Residential septic pumping represents the majority of JT’s Septic work,
although the company is working on a five-year contract to pump restrooms
Finding industry friends and pit toilets for the Bradshaw Ranger District of the Prescott National For-
est. Customers are spread out across a large service area, so long drives are
Jesse and Brenda Taulbee, husband-and-wife managers of JT’s Septic, common. “On most of our contracts, we do more driving than pumping,”
have found that operating a septic service company can be lonely. “We Brenda says.
were the only people we knew in the (industry), and sometimes it feels like Mountain cabins offer an extra challenge for pumping and inspections.
you’re facing a lot of challenges alone,” Brenda says. “For some of the cabins, we might have to pull out 400 feet of suction hose to
That changed at the 2015 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment reach the tanks,” Jesse says.
& Transport Show when the couple met Jason and Jaime Kubik, owners of The safety of septic systems is the company’s No. 1 priority. “If we see
Southwick Liquid Waste in Hickman, Nebraska. a system that has a broken lid, we’ll fix it whether we get paid or not,” Jesse
“We kept seeing them in every class we attended,” Brenda says. “We says. “It’s not worth having someone fall into the tank.”
have a lot of things in common: We’re the same age, and we operate com- JT’s Septic dewaters all wastewater it collects under a separate division
panies of similar size. We bounced ideas off each other and shared mar- of the company operated by Zeb: a great alternative to the original drill of
keting tools, disappointments and business highlights. It’s really helped us hauling the septage to Surprise, Arizona, 120 miles away. The wastewater
grow as a company.” is first screened to remove trash and then introduced to a dewatering sys-
The Taulbees and Kubiks have only met once at the WWETT Show but tem supplied by AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems. SNF Polydyne CLARIFLOC
keep in touch through regular emails. polymer is used to separate solids from liquids. Solids are then hauled to
The Taulbees also credit their forward-looking attitude to involvement a landfill, while liquids are dispersed into several large leach lines on the
with professional associations, such as the Arizona Onsite Wastewater premises. The plant can process up to 3,000 gallons per day.
Recycling Association and local agencies, including the Yavapai County
Environmental Services Division. They value mentorship from Jake Garrett, NAWT CERTIFIED
wastewater manager in nearby Gila County. Inspections command an equal share of the company’s efforts with the
“Meeting other people and organizations addressing the same issues remaining 10 percent devoted to septic system repair.
increases your confidence,” Jesse says. “You know that you’re not the only The field crew members are all cross-trained in pumping and repair and
one in the world facing a particular set of challenges. Even your competi- certified by the National Association of Wastewater Technicians to perform
tors can offer great support.” septic system inspections. A team of three typically handles septic system re-
pairs, which include inlets and outlets, risers, clean-outs and baffles. Crews

24 Pumper • January 2018

will also seal top seams against root intrusion MORE INFO
and cut access portals in tanks. AQUA-Zyme National Vacuum Spartan Tool
A few years ago, Jesse initiated a company Disposal Systems Inc. Equipment Inc. 800-435-3866
979-245-5656 800-253-5500
policy to switch out smaller 4-inch filters with
6-inch TUF-TITE filters during all outlet repairs. (See ad page 94) (See ad page 3) Tank World Corp
The pumping crew also recommends TUF-TITE 623-536-1199
Jurop/Chandler RIDGID
risers, lids and filters to make maintenance easier 800-342-0887 800-769-7743 (See ad page 44)
in subsequent visits. “The 6-inch filters are really
helping homeowners because they don’t have to TUF-TITE Inc.
Masport Inc. SNF Polydyne 800-382-7009
service the filters as often,” Jesse says. 800-228-4510 800-848-7659
The company believes in education (See ad page 109)
matched by experience. Even office staff assists (See ad page 25)

with inspections and accompany fieldworkers

on assignments. “Office staff is the relationship
builder between our customers and field staff,”
Brenda says. “We educate homeowners every
day about their septic systems, but we can only
do that well if we know what we’re talking about.”
That principle hit home at education ses-
sions at the couple’s first trip to the Water &
Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport
Show in 2015.
“Those classes opened our eyes,” Jesse says.
“Today, we might, for example, talk customers
through maintenance procedures that will keep
the system running so they can save for a new
system a few years down the line. We’ve also
been developing our website to provide a good
educational resource.”
Following their first WWETT Show, JT’s Sep-
tic developed a company uniform to show a more
professional face to customers. The WWETT
Show also confirmed some principles on which
the company had been succeeding.
“We decided long ago that we would charge
what we needed to charge to provide profession-
al service, regardless of what we saw competitors
charging,” Jesse says. “We need to charge enough
to provide good trucks and hire good employees
so that we can provide superior service.”
The education sessions have proved so help-
ful that the business has reserved spots for crew
members at recent WWETT Shows.
The company’s best advertisement is its
Mack trucks, which the Taulbees call their roll-
ing billboards. JT’s Septic also promotes itself
through Realtor associations and educational
Although customers still continue to ask
whether they’ll install a tank or provide a pre-
cast unit as they did more than a decade ago, JT’s
Septic is thriving on its core business. “We have
friends who do installation, and we recommend
their services,” Jesse says. “We’ve grown by con-
centrating on the services that the market de-
mands.” ■ • Since 1979 January 2018 25

bta Trail
“Bobtail with VOC in stock” ils ers

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can custom build to your size specs.) Pressure Off Loading (The CVS 3100 800-843-0866 • Phone: 936-825-2000
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26 Pumper • January 2018

Fresh Lube™
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Visit us at our booth at
the 2018 WWETT Show • Since 1979 January 2018 27

Kate Zabriskie
BUILDING THE BUSINESS Kate Zabriskie develops
customer service
strategies and training
programs as president of
Maryland-based Business
Training Works. For more
information, visit www.

Great Customer Service Starts at the Top

Follow these people-pleasing steps to land more customers and keep them coming back for more
By Kate Zabriskie

oes your small business have a customer service problem? Too of-
ten, business owners or managers recognize they have a service is- You can’t expect people to deliver great service if they
sue, yet their efforts to address shortcomings fail to solve the prob-
don’t know how. Furthermore, you can’t expect them
lem. In the worst cases, customer service initiatives backfire and motivate
people to do less. to care if no one at the top does.
So, what’s going on? Usually a few things. Typically, there’s an organiza-
tional mindset misalignment, a lack of commitment from business owners
or managers, an absence of recognition for giving great service, or a combi- Great service companies reward service-centric behavior. They don’t
nation of all three. ignore great work or punish people for taking initiative. They value their
employees and recognize that without them, there is no customer service.
SERVICE MINDSET They reward employees by trusting them to do what’s right. They encourage
Great service companies have a service mindset and commitment, and people to find new ways of solving problems. They recognize that a paycheck
they reward great performance. From the top down, management and work- alone is not enough.
ers eat, sleep, and breathe extraordinary service. When thinking about everything that the greats do, it’s easy to get dis-
They have a service mission, and it does more than sit in a frame on a couraged or think your business or department will never achieve true ser-
wall in some conference room. It’s top of mind throughout the organization. vice success. The good news is you’re wrong. While it won’t happen over-
People know it and live it through their daily interactions with customers night, you can take a page or two from the masters to elevate your approach.
and each other.
These companies design processes with the customer’s best interest in JUMP RIGHT IN
mind. Think about that well-known airline that’s so full of love for its cus- What do you do when you realize you’re not so great? Start fixing the
tomers it allows them to cancel flights for full credit on a future trip. Clearly problem with these seven steps:
they believe most their customers won’t book travel they don’t need, and 1. Start by thinking about your purpose. What is it that your organiza-
those who must make a change will eventually choose to fly with them again. tion does? Articulate your purpose. Everyone needs to understand your core
The airline hires people who genuinely love service and are proud to reason for existing and how the actions they take related to service support
live the brand. They constantly retool the customer experience because they that mission.
know what worked well in earlier years is long overdue for a makeover. They 2. Next, think about your processes and how customers interact with
educate, educate, and then they educate some more. They want to make you. Do you have your customers’ best interests at heart? If not, what chang-
sure that the people who represent the brand understand what the brand es can you make to remedy those shortcomings? When your company and
experience is and how to deliver it. customer goals are in harmony, you will have happier customers. Further-
more, it is less likely your people will find themselves dealing with the un-
EDUCATION IS KEY happy, disappointed, or disgruntled.
Great service companies involve everyone in their service culture and 3. Model what you want to see. People work for people. If you supervise
improvement efforts. They invest in their employees and trust them to do others, they are watching and learning from you. If you are disengaged, they
what’s right. Their management team models service-centric behavior and probably are too. On the other hand, if you embody the spirit of service, you
holds others accountable for doing the same. Their leaders participate in probably see elements of yourself in their performance.
education efforts, often introducing workshops, wrapping them up, and ac- 4. Teach your staff what to do and how to do it. You can’t expect people
tively taking part during sessions. to deliver great service if they don’t know how. Furthermore, you can’t ex-
These companies commit to and believe in their staff. Because they’ve pect them to care if no one at the top does. Take employee development seri-
chosen their employees well and trained them appropriately, they treat ously. This means being a champion for training, participating in education,
staff members as the adults they are and give them latitude when solving and coaching for new skills after the fact. Eventually, your people will be able
service problems. to do more, make better choices, and solve problems more imaginatively.

28 Pumper • January 2018

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& Drain Jetting 50
Equipment Do You have a
We Custom Build BOOTH
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STB2712K $
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• Air Purge Valve, 25 Gal
Anti-Freeze Tank and
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with Accessories parts ● Repairs ● maintenance
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Freeze Protection
• 350 Gal Tank with
2" Hydrant Fill

Whatever the problem, we have the solution

5. Hire for service skills. The next time you have an opening, think about
what makes someone great at service in your company and seek those at-
tributes. Don’t settle. You’ll be sorry later.
6. Reward. Even if you have no budget, you can reward employees for
giving great service. Start with a sincere thank you. Heartfelt appreciation
can work wonders. Oem guzzler Vactor Jetstream Consumables and
7. Finally, put your continuous-improvement hat on. Systematically accessories available for all makes
evaluate where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going.

None of these steps are necessarily hard. The trick is to take them. In ● 800.822.8786
other words, to win the service game, you’ve got to be in it. What will you do
©2017 FS Solutions Group
better today? ■ • Since 1979 January 2018 29


From Heavy Clay to Bedrock,

Every Onsite System Is a Challenge
The crew at All Clear Pumping & Sewer have their
hands full pumping septic tanks and installing new
systems in Jefferson City, Missouri

In States Snapshot, we visit with a member of a state, provincial or na-

tional trade association in the decentralized wastewater industry. This
time, we learn about a member of the Missouri Smallflows Organization.

Name and title or job description: Shawn Chilton, owner, and Jason
Jones, project manager
Business name and location: All Clear Pumping & Sewer, Jefferson
City, Missouri
Age: Shawn 39 and Jason 44
Years in the industry: Shawn 12 and Jason 23
Association involvement: The company has been a member of the
Missouri Smallflows Organization for eight years. Jason has been on the
board for 1 1/2 years. Typical day on the job: Shawn: Check- Jason Jones looks on as
ing on job sites to ensure everything is up operator Phil Bailey uses a
Benefits of belonging to the association: Jason: The continuing educa- to par and following up with the custom- Bobcat 435 ZHS mini-excavator
to construct a drainfield.
tion training we offer. We have some new online training that’s going to be ers to make sure they are satisfied with the
(Photos courtesy of All Clear
coming out, which will help installers all over the state. Then, we have an work completed. I also meet with customers
Pumping & Sewer)
annual conference with keynote speakers and multiple trainings in all the regularly to evaluate their situation and give
areas — soils, engineering and installation. them estimates to meet their needs.
Jason: Meeting with the customer and then laying the job out and get-
Biggest issue facing your association right now: Jason: There’s two ting the crews headed in the right direction, directing them for a safe and
parts. One is growth of new membership — you’re always trying to gain new professional installation.
members. The other one is the education, both in having enough instructors
and having enough new education for people instead of being redundant — Helping hands - indispensable crew member: Shawn: We could not
keeping people interested so they keep coming back to learn. do any of this without each and every one of our crew members. They all
bring a level of talent that is unique. You can train anyone to do a job, but it
Our crew includes: takes a certain type of person who wants to do it consistently well. And when
Shawn Chilton, owner we find them, we invite them to be part of the family. In return, we are able
Tracy Chilton, owner, office to leave on vacation and know that we have the best of the best to give our
Coley Peters, office customers a professional, finished product or service and not have to worry
Jason Jones, project manager about what we might come back to.
Robert Sterling, service technician
Seth Hampson, installer/vacuum truck driver Explain your pumping side and its challenges: Shawn: About 30 per-
Gary Buscher, plumber cent of our business is pumping. Some of the issues we deal with are how
Kelvin Lee, installer far away the tank is from our truck for us to be able to pump, educating the
Brad Tagg, service technician, equipment operator customer on how to maintain his or her system, and the rising cost of dis-
Phil Bailey, equipment operator posal at the treatment facility.

30 Pumper • January 2018


Do You have a
Filtration problem?
we have the solution.
Incorrect or dirty filters and bags reduce
Tracy and Shawn Chilton Jason Jones
the performance of your equipment,
My favorite piece of equipment: Shawn: Our Case tractor with a increase job times and cause you to
Bradco vibrating plow. The plow is an attachment for plowing in leach lines burn more fuel.
for advanced septic systems for drip systems. It makes the yard look clean
when we’re done, like we haven’t been there. Check your equipment daily, and if you
need replacement filters or bags call us.
Most challenging site I’ve worked on: Jason: The thing is, it never ends.
I think I meet the most challenging site, and then I meet another one. Every
site has its challenges that
We have the solution.
you have to overcome. We
deal with everything from
4b (stiff ) clay to bedrock
here. Soils are our big is-
sue. You might go down
only 6 inches to 2 feet and
hit bedrock. In our area,
advanced systems are
more predominant.

The craziest ques- All Clear Pumping & Sewer’s pumping rig is
tion I’ve been asked by a vinyl-wrapped 2010 International with a
a customer: Shawn: I get 3,000-gallon steel tank and Jurop/Chandler
a lot of people who say pump from Transport Truck Sales.
something like, “I don’t
12 sites and growing.
know how you do this. I guess it must smell like money.” $10 million parts in stock
If I could change one industry regulation, it would be: Jason: For
time of transfer inspections, I’d like a regulation that all outdated systems parts ● Repairs ● maintenance
sales ● rentals ● training
have to be brought up to code. Right now it’s not required. It’s just between
the two parties. The banks are pushing for (this change), too.

Best piece of small business advice I’ve heard: Shawn: You can be whatever the problem, we have the solution
part of the problem, or you can be part of the solution. It’s your choice.

If I wasn’t working in the wastewater industry, I would: Shawn: I’d

probably be a detective. I’ve always wanted to do that. My friends say I’m
crazy because when they come over, I’ll stop what I’m doing and go watch
Snapped, Murder Among Friends or something like that.
Jason: I took a break from this industry for seven years and worked as a Oem guzzler Vactor Jetstream Consumables and
police officer. That’s what I’d be doing if I wasn’t doing this. ■ accessories available for all makes

- Compiled by Betty Dageforde ● 800.822.8786
©2017 FS Solutions Group • Since 1979 January 2018 31

Your customers count on you to be there when they need
you, to help them get life back to normal. But in your
demanding and fast-paced business world, where do you
find support? Only at your industry’s event. See the newest
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FOR REAL Do You have a
fleet problem?
Upcoming Training & Events we have the solution.
SAVE THE DATES Multiple locations across the country
INSPECTOR NAWT/CPOW Inspector Training to support your Waterblaster and
November 15-16, 2018 Vacuum Truck rental needs!
NAWT/Napa Co, California Colorado Springs, CO
Inspector Training
January 15-16, 2018
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Laughlin, NV January 4-5, 2018
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March 16-17, 2018 NAWT/CPOW O&M 2
San Marcos, TX February 1-2, 2018
Contact Lauren: 817-678-6603 Lakewood, CO
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NAWT/UA Inspector Training
August 27-28, 2018 NAWT/Napa Co,
Casa Grande, AZ
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California O&M 1
March 14-15, 2018 12 sites and growing. Napa, CA | Contact Armeda:
$10 million parts in stock
NAWT/RETS Inspector Training
September 7-8, 2018
Arlington, TX INSTALLER parts ● Repairs ● maintenance
Contact Lauren: 817-678-6603 or email NAWT/UA Installer Course sales ● rentals ● training April 25, 2018
Location: TBD whatever the problem, we have the solution
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Oem guzzler Vactor Jetstream Consumables and

accessories available for all makes

FOR REAL 800-236-6298
For more
information call: ● 800.822.8786
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The Plummer’s Waste Group management team includes

(front row from left) Karen and Richard Plummer as well
as (back row) Rick Plummer, Dan Plummer, Sam Biggio,
Jon Plummer and Ally Plummer. Most of the fleet in the
background was built by Advance Pump & Equipment
and Progress Tank, all with National Vacuum Equipment
blowers. (Photos by John R. Fulton Jr.)

A new generation of leaders at Plummer’s Waste Group oversee
expanding services, boost technology and implement successful
employee training programs
By Betty Dageforde

n 1957, Warren Plummer opened up Plummer’s Today, a similar scenario is playing out at the
Septic Tank in Wyoming, Michigan, following septic service company. Richard, 54, and his wife,
in his father’s footsteps. Over the years, as the Karen, spend much of their time grooming the
business grew, so did his family. By 2007, three of group he calls “the next generation” — sons Jon,
his sons had taken over different aspects of the Rick and Dan; Jon’s wife, Ally; and longtime team
company, all operating as separate businesses — member Sam Biggio. Their youngest son, Brian, is
Richard in septic, Todd in environmental, and Nick a chiropractor. The younger group has already had
in portable restrooms and roll-off containers. (continued)

34 Pumper • January 2018

Building quality Stainless Steel Tanks since 1978

Wishes to all BOOTHS

our customers 5204
for a Happy 5205
and Profitable
New Year

We offer a full
line of parts for
all your needs


All 304 Stainless Steel

Best Enterprises, Inc. Located in Cabot, Arkansas 501-988-1905
800-288-2378 • Since 1979 January 2018 35
Plummer’s Waste Group
Wyoming, Michigan Above, left: Technician Scott DeCheney
uses a tablet computer to update his
daily route to the office staff.
OWNERS: Richard and Karen Plummer
FOUNDED: 1957 Above: DeCheney gets ready to pump
a job using a 6,500-gallon vacuum tank
EMPLOYEES: 48 from Brenner Tank carrying a National
SERVICES: Septic and grease trap pumping, Michigan Vacuum Equipment blower.
excavation, sewer and drain work, waste recovery Left: Jeff Platschorre walks atop his
SERVICE AREA: Western Michigan and parts Fruehauf tanker while loading sludge
of Indiana that is transported to a plant where it is
recycled into biofuel.

Septic, Grease and Excavation

a tremendous impact on the business, Richard says, especially in Jon oversees dispatching for the com-
the area of technology. pany’s 12 vacuum trucks (six for septic and
Revenue is five times bigger and the employee count has gone six for grease), which are 2003-2016 T800
from 20 to 48 since Plummer’s Septic Tank was featured in Pumper Kenworths with 4,000- to 6,500-gallon alu-
in 2007. “It has really helped having the next generation grow into minum tanks, most built out by Advance
the people they are,” he says, “which has helped catapult the com- Pump & Equipment and Progress Tank
pany ahead.” and all with National Vacuum Equipment
Other changes in the last 10 years blowers. “Blowers have more airflow, and they don’t drip oil in the driveway,”
include expansion into a new building, Each Richard explains. Other equipment includes eight cameras and eight loca-
adding a new service line, re-entering an person tors from RIDGID and four US Jetting trailer jetters. Septage is taken to their
old service line, switching from pumps reports on what 10,000-square-foot pretreatment facility and grease to biodigesting plants.
to blowers, hiring a human resources At one point, the company got out of excavation work, but in 2013, they
manager, and integrating and simplify- they did in the saw a need for a small crew to do septic tank replacements as well as wa-
ing many aspects of the business with last week and ter and sewer repairs. Equipment there includes three Kubota excavators
custom-built software. what they’re (models KX018-4, 121-3, U45), one ASV skid-steer, one 2004 Freightliner M2
dump truck with a Henderson Products dump body, and a couple of Ford
REORGANIZATION doing in the F-550 utility trucks.
The expanding business necessitat- week coming up.
ed a name change to Plummer’s Waste We hash things Sewer and Drain
Group to reflect all their services lines Four service technicians provide sewer and drain work for residential,
— septic pumping, grease trap service, out. It can be restaurant, retail, and light commercial customers using RIDGID cameras,
excavation, sewer and drain work, and quite lively. locators, and drain cleaning machines. They also use US Jetting trailer jetters
waste recovery. “We looked at it as we’re but came up with an innovative way of transporting them.
in the waste business, not necessarily RICHARD PLUMMER “They’re mounted inside Ford F-550 four-wheel-drive box vans along
just septic,” Richard says. with all the sewer and drain equipment,” Richard says. “It’s insulated and
Their service territory is mostly western Michigan, although they do go protected from winter weather. We don’t have to back a trailer up a narrow
into parts of Indiana for grease trap work. driveway, and we don’t have to fix taillights on a trailer.”
The service lines now break down this way: (continued)

36 Pumper • January 2018 • Since 1979 January 2018 37
I took everything I learned
Right: Ally Plummer (right)
by doing the billing and
consults with dispatcher doing the dispatching. I told
Jennifer Miller about
upcoming workload. the developers exactly what
Below: Dan Plummer, who
I wanted, right down to every
manages a crew of three screen. They built it just exactly
other mechanics at the
company, removes a wheel custom to what we needed.
to do some brake work on a
Ford E-350 company van. ALLY PLUMMER

Waste Recovery Systems

Technicians Kyle Dalton (left) and
Rick and Sam work with about 20 employees in this ven- Cory Forbes jet a factory sewer
ture — started in 2007 — to provide services for industrial cus- line using a Vactor 2100 truck.
tomers. The majority of accounts are food manufacturers, but
other work involves pipe lining and bulk tanker work.
Numerous pieces of equipment are used in this work such
as RIDGID push cameras; a Mini-Cam PROTEUS crawler camera; reinstate-
ment equipment from Schwalm Robotic USA and Dancutter; a MaxLiner Hiring a human resources person
USA inverter gun; a Picote Solutions Maxi Miller drain cleaning machine; and
Perma-Liner Industries micro-, mini- and full-size inverter drums, continu- In 2012, when Plummer’s Waste Group had 40 employees on board, it
ous inverters, a quick shot inverter gun, and Viper and Maverick steamers. was time to hire an HR manager. Actually, in hindsight, it should have hap-
Vehicles include six eight-axle Fruehauf tankers with 12,000-gallon pened sooner, says owner Richard Plummer. “If I had to do it again, I would
tanks, one Guzzler dry vac truck, two Cusco Turbovacs, three Brenner Tank have had at least a part-time manager once we reached 15 team mem-
6,500-gallon vacuum tankers with National Vacuum Equipment blowers, bers. I didn’t realize how much of my time was consumed with HR issues
and a number of Kenworth T800 day cab semitractors. until it was taken off my plate.”
A recent 30-day project involved pipe lining 11 100-year-old, 110-foot, Jim Cox was hired to handle issues such as compensation, insurance
roof-to-basement drainlines at the Michigan state capitol building in Lan- and other benefits. Another role is seeking qualified talent. “There’s some
sing. The project required security clearance for the crew and needed to serious competition for good people,” Richard says. “I don’t exactly know
work around the legislature’s schedule; it included installing a temporary how he does it, but he’s found us some really good people.” Richard still
outdoor elevator and a good job costing by in-house accounting manager does hiring interviews, but now, he’s number three on a three-interview
Malcolm Cole. process. Cox does the first interview, and the relevant member of the next-
For industrial food accounts, they take food byproducts and off-spec generation management team does the second.
food to biodigester facilities for conversion to energy. They also clean up A critical role for the manager is to be the go-to person for a team
spills inside factories, which requires them to meet Good Manufacturing member who has a concern or problem, whether it’s personal, family or
Practice requirements and U.S. Food and Drug Administration food safety re- work-related. The employee can sit down with Cox and have his undivided
quirements. They have to build a temporary clean room with filtered air and attention rather than, in the past, trying to flag down Richard who’s prob-
negative air pressure, and all equipment must be sanitized with a quaternary ably busy doing 12 other things. It’s not as if the management team wasn’t
sanitizer spray before entering the building. Before demobilizing, the client’s focused on these issues, but the new system works better.
in-house lab will conduct a swab test on the equipment to test for germs. “We’re able to be so much more efficient at giving attention to an issue
and then putting it to rest in a timely manner,” Richard says.

38 Pumper • January 2018

Internal responsibilities have also evolved with the expanded crew: details, Richard and Karen are talking to other business owners who have
gone through the same process to find out what worked for them and what
In the shop did not. The advice has been invaluable, Richard says. “It’s a little of every-
Dan trained as a diesel mechanic and now manages three other full- thing, from ‘it doesn’t happen overnight’ to ‘you have to let them make their
time mechanics. In 2010, the company bought a 5-acre property with an mistakes.’” But they are discovering it’s not cookie cutter, and what worked
18,000-square-foot, 12-bay garage (a former truck dealership), which en- for one company didn’t work for another.
abled them to expand office space and the maintenance, repair, and clean- One piece of advice was quickly implemented: a weekly Thursday
ing facilities. morning meeting involving Richard, Karen and the next generation. “That
They’ve recently implemented a new method of initiating a repair re- has been really good. Each person reports on what they did in the last week
quest. A technician walks up to a kiosk and clicks a few buttons on a com- and what they’re doing in the week coming up. We hash things out. It can be
puter screen. When he hits send, Dan receives an email and the job goes into quite lively,” Richard says.
the repair schedule. “That’s been so much more efficient than the driver just Meetings are common at Plummer’s Waste Group anyway, as commu-
walking in and telling a busy mechanic what he needs and relying on him nication is a high priority. Ally’s team meets daily (10 minutes), each divi-
to go by memory,” Richard says. The system maintains a repair history for sion meets weekly (15-20 minutes), and the whole company meets monthly
each vehicle. (30-40 minutes). Issues get discussed, equipment needs are coordinated,
and cross-division information is shared.
In the office
The automated repair request system was the brainchild of Ally, who IN GOOD HANDS
now oversees the office staff of five. She picked up a degree in graphic de- Looking back over the company’s 60-year history, in some ways things
sign with a minor in web design before joining the company in 2013, where are the same, Richard says. “It still comes down to you go to the home and
she spent time in marketing, accounting and dispatch. One of her first proj- find the tank, get it open, and get it cleaned.”
ects was creating a website that combined three sites into one clean, mo- But in other ways, the company might be unrecognizable to his father:
bile-friendly and easy-to-navigate site. She also started marketing through The tools are more sophisticated, the paperwork is gone, and technology —
Google AdWords, which she says is paying for itself three times over. Then, nonexistent in 1957 — now controls everything. He says it’s the technology
she tackled a much bigger project that would impact the whole company. that’s really helping them grow, and it was the next generation that brought
it in.
GOING PAPERLESS Richard admits he wasn’t always the first to see the need for change,
For a year, starting in July 2016, Ally worked with a software developer but he did have the wisdom to go along with it and let the next generation do
to design a custom program encompassing not only the repair request sys- their thing. He couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
tem, but also dispatching, routing, and scheduling. “Basically from the very He says he enjoys being in the business and gives credit to Karen, who
beginning when the phone rings, this program kicks in,” she says. has worked beside him for 35 years. “It’s a great industry,” he says, “It’s chal-
Technicians carry a Samsung tablet that shows them their schedule, lenging, and it’s a privilege being in it.” ■
gives them a map, provides a digital receipt, and enables them to hand the
customer a record of service or process a credit card payment. The system
stores site maps for every property they visit, so tanks are easier to locate. It
automatically emails customers the day before a service call, and it calls or MORE INFO
texts them when a technician is on the way. Advance Pump & Equipment Inc. Perma-Liner Industries LLC
“I took everything I learned by doing the billing and doing the dispatch- 563-557-0957 866-336-2568
ing,” she says. “I told the developers exactly what I wanted, right down to
(See ad page 3, Eastern & Midwest Supplement)
every screen. They built it just exactly custom to what we needed.” It’s an Picote Solutions
expandable program and will eventually integrate with their QuickBooks ac- Cusco 219-440-1404
counting program and their NexTraq GPS system.
The program has been well received by the staff, Ally reports. “The guys Progress Tank
have adapted because it made their lives easier. They don’t have to rewrite Guzzler Manufacturing 816-714-2600
paperwork, and it takes a lot of human error out of it. It actually went a lot
smoother than I had expected, from having been a very paper-based com- RIDGID
Henderson Products Inc. 800-769-7743
She tested the program for several months and then had a selling job
on her hands to convince Richard to spend the $100,000 it would take to roll Schwalm Robotic USA
MaxLiner USA 864-414-9658
it out. Richard says she sold it by comparing it to the cost of a new truck — 877-426-5948
a cheaper upfront investment and one that, instead of depreciating, would
more than pay for itself by saving time and increasing efficiency. US Jetting
National Vacuum Equipment Inc. 800-538-8464
Richard says over the last few years, his job has evolved to being more of (See ad page 3) Vactor Manufacturing
a coach than a player as he prepares the next generation. They’ve all been in NexTraq
many positions, starting at the bottom and working their way up; and by the 800-358-6178
end of 2017, they will have an ownership stake in the company.
In addition to consulting with lawyers and accountants to work out the

40 Pumper • January 2018




$59900 $23000 BOOTH
5162 REG. PRICE $281.50


FREE 866-872-1224 SOURCE KEY
THRU 2/15/18 1P18
Economical Dewatering Polymer
Grease Traps • Septic Tanks • Municipal & Industrial Wastewater

• Responsive
• Expert technical • Affordable shipping and
sales staff & efficient customer service

Serving customers for 39 years

42 Pumper • January 2018

Introducing Plastiflex’s
New HI-VAC LTW Sewer/Septic Hose
New Proprietary Designed for use on pumper trucks and vacuum
equipment servicing the septic pumping, sewer
Resin Formulation cleaning and marine sanitation markets, the
NEW HI-VAC LTW Sewer/Septic Hose utilizes a
new propietary resin blend and an enhanced hose
15% Lighter profile to provide outstanding service performance
against all competitors in its class.

Offering a 15% reduction in weight, combined

10% More with 10% improved flexibility versus the Original
Flexible HI-VAC design, the HI-VAC LTW hose solution
affords multi-purpose ease-of-use within the
most challenging service environments.

As with all HI-VAC long length products, the

HI-VAC LTW hose is the ONLY hose in its class
to use Over-Molded Cuff to Hose assembly.
This means all cuff to hose connections are
factory fused joints requiring no glue or other
polyweld processes which are susceptible to
cracking and leaking.

Only Available in multiple sizes and in the

traditional yellow and black or NEW
Over-Molded Safety Orange and Black, the

Cuffs in Its Class HI-VAC LTW Sewer/Septic hose is

now the suction hose of choice where
flexibility, ease of use and leak-free
cuff performance are required.
Multi-Purpose Use

To order or learn more about HI-VAC LTW products,

contact Kelly Robinson HI-VAC Market Manager
(423) 534-2044 | • Since 1979 January 2018 43

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If you are having difficulty getting the Credit you need call Jim Thomas.

Toll-Free 877-333-4539 •

Commerical Equipment Financing

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5000 gal tank Hydrojetter Lids for Risers
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Ronnie Tamez
TRUCK CORNER Ronnie and Jennifer
Tamez are owners
of First Call Septic
Services in Battle
Ground, Washington.
Send your Truck Corner
questions to

Should You Go With

New Tires or Retreads?
Your budget for new rubber and ability to deal with occasional blowouts may be determining factors
in your decision on how to keep rolling down the road By Ronnie Tamez

t’s an age-old question in the world of trucking: Should I buy new tires or
consider retreads? In case you haven’t heard a blowout on the freeway
First, I should explain what a retread tire is for those who might not at 60 mph, it really sounds like military artillery going off.
know. There’s a part of the tire that rarely gets talked about. It’s called the
casing. That’s the sidewalls, the bead (where tire meets the rim), and the
The loudest boom I have heard.
tread. The tread is what wears off as we drive. Federal regulations state that
we have to change a tire when the drive tire tread depth reaches 2/32 of an also had drivers experience blowouts. And in case you haven’t heard a blow-
inch or the steer tires reach 4/32 of an inch. To save on tire costs, retread out on the freeway at 60 mph, it really sounds like military artillery going off.
companies offer to take your used cases and put a new tread on them. The loudest boom I have heard.
We get the die-hard answers: “Never put a retread on my truck” and Plus when the retread blew, it ripped out air lines, mudflaps, and com-
“Always buy retreads.” pletely totaled the taillights and panel that houses those lights. So, whatever
The ones who say to never put a retread on a truck claim that retreads money I was saving by choosing retreads over new tires, well, it just got spent
are nothing but problems, citing many examples of truck drivers stuck on on bodywork and shop repairs.
the side of the road waiting for a tire guy to come put a new retread on the
truck. In most cases of blowouts, the truck has damage done when the re- I WENT NEW
tread comes apart at highway speeds. One day, I decided to stop buying retreads. As each tire wore out, I
The ones who advocate for always buying retreads state that they have would buy a brand new tire. One by one, they wore down and I would re-
had the same problems with new tires as they do with retreads, so they just place them. But the last retread on the truck just had to go out in a flame of
buy retreads. glory. My driver was behind the wheel when it blew out. He spent more than
an hour on the side of the freeway waiting for the new tire.
PRESSURE CHECKS The tire dealer we use has a buyback program. If we purchase a new tire
But the key is to frequently check and maintain tire pressures. How of- and we keep the casing looking nice by not damaging it by hitting curbs, he’ll
ten should you check? Tire industry folks will tell you to check your tire pres- buy the casing back. He then uses this casing to sell retreaded tires. I think
sures weekly. But remember that federal regulations require us to thump we get $100 back when he changes them out. He’ll have a company retread
the tires daily with a hammer. Now, whether using retreads or new tires, tire them, and he’ll sell it to a truck owner who wants retreads.
pressure must be maintained to get the best tire wear and longest life. When the retread did all of that damage, we decided to never put a re-
I can share my own experience as a pumper. When I started First Call tread on a truck again. We had our last blowout in November 2015, and this
Septic Services, all I could afford was retreads. Retreading tires can run was the last retread tire. Is this luck? Is this coincidence?
about $250. New tires can run about $500. Which tires will get the most Our tire dealer wants us to rotate the tires every few months to get even
miles? That’s up for debate. In my experience, retread tires have left me wear on all the tires and then they can all be replaced at the same time. I
stranded with blowouts. don’t know about you, but I sure never want to replace all 10 tires at the same
I only ever had about five tires make it down to 2/32 of an inch tire wear time. I can come up with $400 for a single tire easier than $4,000 for 10. Plus,
before blowing out. I have lost count over the years of how many blowouts my steer tires are very expensive at about $800 each because of the weight
I’ve had, but my guess is about 15 tires. We don’t gauge wear by miles but and DOT weight restrictions. So with that in mind, we don’t rotate tires. We
expect about 1.5 years out of a set of tires. With each blowout, I have not been just run them and whatever tires get down to the tread depth requirement
able to reach my tire life expectancy, often losing a tire about 3 to 4 months for change, we change.
early. But to this date, I have had zero blowouts with new tires. In our state, drive tire tread depth is allowed to get down to 2/32 of an
I ran retread tires for many years. And I have spent hours on the side of inch before change is mandatory. If I see anywhere from 3-4/32 of an inch,
the road waiting for a tire changer to show up and put on a new one. I have we schedule it. We don’t take chances waiting any longer.

46 Pumper • January 2018

Steel Tanks Aluminum Tanks
Polished Aluminum Skirting and Tool Boxes

• 2018 Hino,
1900 Waste, 400 Fresh, COMFORT
Diesel ...............$105,000
• 2018 Dodge 5500, • 2018 Ford F-550, • 2018 Freightliner, • 2018 Ford F-550,
1000 Waste, 300 Fresh 950 Waste, 300 Fresh, 1500 Waste, 500 Fresh, 950 Waste, 300 Fresh, • Fully self-contained
• Fully self-contained
..............................$77,000 Diesel ..................$76,000 Diesel ...............$102,500 Gas.....................$69,200 • Low floor
• Low
floor- easy
- easy access
4x4 ........................$82,500 Diesel 4x4 ...........$81,500
• 2018 Dodge 5500, • 2018 Ford F-550, • Carbon• steel
Carbon outersteel
outer shell
• 2018 Ford F-550, 950 Waste, 300 Fresh 950 Waste, 300 Fresh, • Fabricated
• Fabricated
steel frame steel frame
950 Waste, 300 Fresh, .............................$79,000 Diesel ..................$78,000 • Dedicated
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utility room utility room
Gas......................$67,200 4x4 .......................$84,500 Diesel 4x4 ...........$83,500 • Heated• and
/or airandconditioned
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All Truck Manufacturers Now Available • Commercial
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trailer chassis
trailer chassis
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Portable Restroom Trailers • Stainless
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• Water •saver
Water faucets
saver faucets
8 Restroom • Low flush
• Lowporcelain
flush porcelain
toilets toilets
13" Tires 10 Restroom • FRP institutional
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interior surfaces
interior surfaces
2-Unlt 2-Unlt
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plus stall
stall options
23" High 14 Restroom
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Call about our new design to haul handicaps Used trailers
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soapy water.
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LANE’S VACUUM TANK, INC. • Self-closing
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& towel holders.
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tank tank
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holding� tanks. �
• Commercial
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• Paint and
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and branding
options available.
options available.
• Locking• Locking
utility cabinet
utility with
with diamond
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plate doors
• Mirror •& Mirror
Lighting & Lighting
We also have balancing beads placed inside the tires. These are special
beads that balance from the inside. When I first heard of this, I was skepti- PORTABLE
cal. But my Mack had an unbalanced tire on a steer axle with rims that QUALITY
made balancing impossible. I would get to 45 mph and vibrations would ExplorerExplorer
safety bysafety
by securing
directly securing
most sizes
of sizes
toilet skid
of toilet skid
come up to the steering wheel and get worse with speed, but they would to the specially
to the specially
carrier slats
on slats
the trailer
on thebed.
trailer bed.
go away at about 60.
My tire specialist suggested balancing beads. When they were added,
the truck drove like I was cutting butter. Smooth through all speeds. At that
point, I was a believer and put them in every tire. Remember that you may
not feel vibrations in a tire, especially in the rear tires. If your rear tires are
having a minor vibration, you may not be able to feel it up in the driver’s 12 -Tollet
12 -Tollet
ShownShownhere. here.
seat. But your suspension will take the abuse, and suspension components We haveyourslze
We haveyourslze
... 1-24 ... 1-24
and bushings will wear out. A $25 bag of balancing beads becomes cheap
insurance. Manufactured
By: By:
Plumas Sanitation SatelliteSatellite
Plumas Sanitation Industries
Golden, Golden,
McKee Technologles
McKee Technologles CO CO Portola, Portola,
CA CA Minneapolis,
I’ve also seen technology where you can link dual tires together at the Elmira, ON (303) 526-5370
Elmira, ON (303) 526-5370
(530) 832-0370 (800) 328-3332
(530) 832-0370 (800) 328-3332
valve stem to ensure that your tires on the dual are at the same pressures. I Island Johnny
Johnny LLC.
Steve Bale
Steve Ted Hoover Elton Tamplin
Ted Hoover
Ent.Bale Ent. Elton Tamplin
understand the why behind this, but I don’t ever want to have one tire get a Shelton, Shelton,
WA WA Apopka, Apopka,
FL FL Crossfield,
AB ABMansfield,
(360) 426-6697
(360) 426-6697(407) 709-8175 (866) 587-7262
(407) 709-8175 (254) 379-1384
(866) 587-7262 (254) 379-1384
nail, go flat, and take the other one with it. I want to be able to limp it back to
the shop for a new tire.
So what’s the verdict: purchase retreads or new tires? It’s up to you how
the the
in Sanitation!
in Sanitation!
Toilet Transport,
Toilet Transport,
you want to run them. I can only speak from my experience. If your compa- Handwash
Water Stations
Water Stations
ny is new and money is tight for a long time, start with retreads. The upfront
cost is less expensive. If you never experience blowouts or problems, keep BOOTH
on running them. If you start having issues, then it may be time to order
new tires. ■
5319 1-866-457-5425
1-866-457-5425 • Since 1979 January 2018 47
Truck Sales & Rental, Inc.

$24,500 $129,500 $129,500 $139,500



$49,500 STARTING AT $182,500 $169,500 $9,000 EACH

7700 Wall St., Cleveland, Ohio 44125

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Hose | Couplings | Valves | Pumps | Vacuum Accessories | Rubber Products | Safety Equipment 800-325-3730
48 Pumper • January 2018
With three manufacturing plants spread across the USA, we
make sure every Five Peaks® portable restroom is consistently
built with toughness and durability in mind. You can always be
confident that they can always handle the biggest crowds, the
hottest weather and the most demanding construction sites. Plus
we fill them with standard features that no one can compete with
for quality or price. Our goal at Five Peaks®
is to make sure that our restrooms are
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Get the BEST in portable sanitation.
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Erik Gunn
Based in Racine,
Wisconsin, Erik Gunn
writes for magazines
on business and
other topics.

What’s Your Best Strategy

When a Business Partner Goes Bankrupt?
If you’re a creditor, keep your cool, pay attention, and don’t expect a miracle By Erik Gunn

our business is humming along when one day you get the news that a and lawyers representing the key parties in court, starting with the debtor
key supplier — or perhaps one of your biggest customers — has filed company. They’re followed by employees whose wages have gone unpaid
for bankruptcy. You’re just a bystander in all of this courtroom drama. and certain government taxing authorities.
How could it affect you?
If you’re lucky, your supplier has delivered your most recent order and BACK OF THE LINE
doesn’t owe you anything. You only need to find a new vendor to take its place. Last in line are unsecured creditors. Most likely, that’s what you are,
Or, if it’s your customer, you can be thankful if they’ve paid your last whether you are providing a service to the business in bankruptcy or you are
bill in full and carry a zero balance on your books. You simply need to figure that company’s customer.
out whether they plan to keep going and will still want your services — and Unsecured creditors have the smallest chance of getting back what the
whether you’ll consider them a reasonable risk. If not, you merely need to go debtor company owes them. “There’s of-
out and find new customers. ten little or no money to pay general, un-
Life is seldom so smooth, of course. So what do you do if a supplier or
The instant secured creditors,” Combest says.
customer goes into bankruptcy court and owes you money? the petition is When the debtor is flat broke with
Attorney Christopher Combest is a partner in the Chicago offices of the filed with the court, no assets to speak of, that’s called a “no-
Milwaukee-based business law firm Quarles & Brady. Combest practices in asset case,” Combest explains. Barring
the firm’s restructuring, bankruptcy and creditor’s rights group and works both
automatically a stay some unexpected turn of events, you
with creditors and debtors in bankruptcy as well as other insolvency cases. goes into place that won’t see a penny of what you’re owed.
Everyone’s circumstances are different. No matter what you read here, is a bar against all “Don’t throw good money after bad,” he
consult your own trusted legal and financial adviser before taking any action suggests. “Just write it off as a bad debt
that would affect your own business.
creditors. It prevents and move on with your life.”
But if there’s a short bottom line to Combest’s advice, it might be this: virtually all actions that By the way, this is just as true if the
Don’t panic, pay attention, follow the rules — and don’t expect miracles. may be taken against debtor isn’t a business but an individual
For either a person or a company behind the financial eight ball, bank- or a household. In fact, he notes, “by far
ruptcy court really is the court of last resort. It helps put things in order for
a debtor on account the vast majority of bankruptcy cases that
everyone, but if you’re a creditor, don’t count on getting back all you may of a prebankruptcy are filed in this country are individual hu-
be owed. obligation. man beings filing Chapter 7 cases” — most
of them are no-asset cases in which there’s
TWO CHAPTERS Chris Combast nothing for unsecured creditors at all.
Business bankruptcy comes in two flavors — Chapter 7 and Chapter But some businesses, even those fil-
11— that are named for the section of the federal bankruptcy code that de- ing to liquidate under Chapter 7, might have enough assets to pay unsecured
fines them. creditors something after everyone ahead in line has gotten paid.
“Chapter 7 is what we call the liquidation chapter,” Combest says. “A
company that files Chapter 7 is essentially throwing in the towel.” FORMS AND DEADLINES
When a company files under Chapter 7, the court appoints a trustee When companies file for bankruptcy, they complete a list of every
whose job is to collect all the company’s assets, turn them into cash (by sell- person or business to whom they owe money. If you’re one of those credi-
ing company property, inventory or equipment), and then see that creditors tors, chances are the court will know. And if there are funds available to pay
are repaid in the order in which they’re entitled. them, unsecured creditors will be asked to file a “proof-of-claim” form with
First in line are secured creditors — lenders who have collateral against documentation — invoices and other relevant paperwork — of what you are
the company’s debt, such as lien on the debtor’s property. The collateral is owed and why.
sold, and those creditors are paid from the proceeds. “It’s more and more common to have a third-party claims agent to take
Next in line are the trustees, who get a fee for administering the case, claims, organize them and keep track of them,” Combest observes.

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The court sets a deadline to submit claims, and those deadlines are rock
solid. It’s critically important that you don’t let any mail or notices from the
court stack up on your desk unread. “If you miss a deadline, you may be out
of luck in getting your claim paid,” he warns.

Chapter 11 is known as “the reorganization chapter.” Companies opt for
that route when they plan to stay in business, perhaps by selling their assets
as a going concern or by reworking their balance sheet and dumping some
debt. Unless there’s evidence of fraud or other egregious mismanagement,
the existing management typically manages the bankruptcy process instead
of an outside trustee.
In that situation, you’ll have to decide whether you want to keep doing
business with the debtor. It might be tempting to simply drop a customer in
Chapter 11 bankruptcy — and if there isn’t a long-term binding contract, you
can do that. But consider this: If you’re providing goods or services to a com-
pany while it’s in Chapter 11, the bills for that work will actually take higher
priority than the ones that were outstanding before the debtor went to court.
To be sure, Combest notes, “There’s always a little bit of risk in extend-
ing credit to a Chapter 11 debtor.” So if you do decide to keep doing business
with your customer in Chapter 11, you may want to tighten up procedures
— demanding payment upfront, for example, setting a shorter payment
deadline, or at least collecting your out-of-pocket expenses (for supplies,
say) upfront.


One thing you can’t do once a business is in Chapter 11 is sue for an old,
unpaid bill.
Suppose you provide your customer with a service, send the bill, never
get paid, and then the customer winds up in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. “The
instant the petition is filed with the court, automatically a stay goes into
place that is a bar against all creditors,” Combest says. “It prevents virtually
all actions that may be taken against a debtor on account of a prebankruptcy
That means you can’t sue. You can’t send threatening letters. You can’t 5322
hire a collection agency to go after the customer. Even if you have already
sued before the bankruptcy petition was filed, your suit is frozen — you can’t
pursue it any further. In fact, if you tried to take any court action against the
debtor, you could wind up in court instead.
There’s a reason for that strict rule, Combest says. The whole point of a
Chapter 11 bankruptcy “is to give the debtor breathing space to reorganize
and restructure their business.” Having to fight off old or new litigation de-
feats that purpose.
That doesn’t mean you just have to suffer in silence. You’re within your
rights to contact the customer and ask how you can work things out mutu-
ally by joint consent. But take those words — mutual and consent — very

Follow the procedures, don’t hassle a business in bankruptcy, and nev-
er ignore notices from the bankruptcy court or from the debtor, Combest
But how can you avoid the whole mess to begin with? The best rem-
edy is the most basic: Stay on top of your accounts receivable, pay attention
when any customer gets too far behind, and keep your ear to the ground.
“Monitor the account before it goes into bankruptcy,” Combest says.
“If you know it’s in financial difficulty, enforce your remedies as quickly as
That way, you’ll never have to see them in court. ■ • Since 1979 January 2018 51

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Jim Anderson, Ph.D.
SEPTIC SYSTEM ANSWER MAN Jim Anderson, Ph.D., is an emeritus professor
at the University of Minnesota Department of
Soil, Water and Climate and recipient of the
pumping industry’s Ralph Macchio Lifetime
Achievement Award. Email Jim questions
about septic system maintenance and
operation at

Is It Time to Rethink
Daily Water Use Numbers?
Low-flow toilets and education about conservation are driving down water use per capita.
So is it time to change the way septic systems are sized? By Jim Anderson, Ph.D.

s household water use decreasing?
A couple of months ago, I read an interesting article in Pumper that The per capita average has dropped to under 60 gallons,
referred to a study on household water use, stating it had (on average)
decreased since 1999 by about 22 percent. It’s worthwhile to discuss some
so maybe now is the time to reassess the per capita
of the implications this study may have for our industry. So, I looked up the number for design purposes.
executive summary of the study conducted through the Water Research
In the design of any onsite sewage treatment system, two important es- percent. Interestingly, the toilet continues to be the highest single water-
timates drive the overall system component sizes: the estimated daily water using device at 24 percent of daily flow. From my perspective, this is sig-
usage and the long-term acceptance rate of the soil. Understanding both of nificant because two decades ago, the toilet comprised about 40 percent of
these numbers and how they interact is the key to good system design. the daily flow. So, the efforts to reduce the gallons per flush seem to finally
A couple of notes are important to keep in mind. First, a 1999 study was be paying off.
used to establish the water-use comparisons and reductions. The 2016 study
involved twice as many households and a broader array across the country. SMARTER HOMEOWNERS
The households looked at were on water utilities: the numbers were derived Hopefully it also means people are not using their toilet to dispose
from their data on households. The study did separate out outdoor versus of extraneous items like cigarette butts, condoms and sanitary products. I
indoor use through a survey subset. have taught a lot of classes over the years and have said since 1991 that I was
hopeful we would see the toilet contribution drop due to better low-flush
FEWER USERS AT HOME toilets. That seems to be happening.
When we have looked at household water use in the past to estimate One other aspect of the study was faucet use, and one key point was that
daily flows, one of the questions has always been: How much of the total flow the amount of faucet use did not change whether or not a dishwasher was
numbers are due to outdoor use such as lawn watering and car washing? present. To me, this indicates that if people have a dishwasher, they are pre-
This study made that distinction. washing the dishes before they go into the dishwasher. While the dishwasher
The range of household water use was 120 to 479 gallons per day. Indoor use per cycle has also dropped, the prewash or rinse has not. This is an area
water use per household fell from an average of 177 to 138 gallons per day — where educating your homeowner about water use habits could make an
a reduction of 22 percent. The average number of persons in the household impact to reduce use.
fell from 2.77 to 2.65 people. As always, looking at averages can sometimes From a water use estimation to determine system design, these num-
be misleading because there are both higher and lower numbers. If median bers are also interesting. One common method (though, not the only one)
figures are used, it means that half the numbers are higher than the median that was established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is to use
and half are lower. 75 gallons per person per day along with the number of bedrooms to come
Of more interest to me were the per capita (per person) numbers, up with an estimated daily flow. An important assumption of this method is
which showed a reduction of 69.3 to 58.6 gallons per person, a 15 percent that two people occupy each of the bedrooms; the per bedroom flow esti-
drop from 1999 to 2016. This improvement was attributed to increased ef- mate is 150 gallons per day. The estimate for a three-bedroom house is 450
ficiencies for clothes washers and toilets. There was a 36 percent reduction gallons per day.
for clothes washers from 1999, a reflection of the mandated increased ef- In 1999, the per capita average of 69 gallons per day is right in the ball-
ficiency in the 1990s. park with the 75, so it may not be a bad number to use. The per capita aver-
For the toilet, the average number of flushes per day of five remained age has dropped to under 60 gallons, so maybe now is the time to reassess
the same, but gallons per flush went from 3.65 to 2.6 — a decrease of 29 the per capita number for design purposes.

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The average number of people per household, though, in both 1999 and
2016 was less than half the six people that are used in the design method.
Again, this is average, so there are a number of households where there are
in fact six people present. Since the number of bedrooms and the per capita
numbers work together, if the per capita number is dropped to 60 gallons
per day and we stick with the two persons per bedroom, then the design flow
number drops from 450 to 360 gallons per day for a three-bedroom house.
This would affect both tank sizing and size of the soil treatment area.

As an industry, we should work with EPA, state and local regulators to
see if now is the time to make some changes to our water use estimates. ■ • Since 1979 January 2018 57

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MSW Buyer's Guide Fall 2017.indd 1 8/4/2017 9:26:44 AM • Since 1979 January 2018 61
RULES & REGS Rules and Regs is a monthly feature in Pumper.
We welcome information about state or local
regulations of potential broad interest to onsite
contractors. Send ideas to

California Moves Toward Toilet-to-Tap

Wastewater Recycling
By David Steinkraus

ecause it contains 12 percent of the country’s people, California sets hasn’t subdivided it since buying it 30 years ago. But, prosecutors say the
standards in many ways. Now, it will work on a standard for potable land is legally comprised of four lots and say Ferebee’s system is on a lot of
use of recycled water. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed AB 574, which 12.22 acres.
directs state agencies to develop regulations for direct potable reuse of re-
cycled water by blending it with raw water in the pipes leading into a water Indiana
filtration plant. Although it will be more expensive, the Fort Wayne Plan Commission
Under the new law, by 2021, the California State Water Resources Con- insisted that a new Dollar General store connect to municipal sewer. Dur-
trol Board must adopt uniform criteria for augmenting raw water with re- ing a public hearing in September a representative of the Zaremba Group,
cycled water, and it requires the board to establish a framework for the regu- an Ohio-based development company, said the cost of extending the mu-
lation of potable reuse projects by June 1. The law builds on a previous one nicipal sewer by 370 feet to reach the property would exceed the cost of an
that directed the water board to establish rules for recharging groundwater onsite system by 150 percent. The company asked for a waiver from the
and adding recycled water to a reservoir. At the same time, the law prohib- requirement for municipal sewer, according to the Journal Gazette. The
its the board from adopting criteria if its expert advisory panel determines planning staff rejected the suggestion of a waiver. It said the city’s zoning
there would be a threat to public health. ordinances and comprehensive plan say municipal sewer is the preferred
Supporters of the law pointed out the need for California to develop option and that allowing this exemption could set a precedent for future
alternative sources of water to serve its population in the face of recurring commercial projects. The zoning commission agreed with the staff report
droughts. and denied the waiver.
“California is a world leader in potable reuse, using highly purified re-
cycled water for drinking-water purposes. The use of recycled water for non- Minnesota
potable uses, such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, is already well- After a lengthy examination of onsite systems, it appears they are not to
established and has been regulated for decades in California,” says Rep. Bill blame for pollution in about 25 lakes in Todd County in central Minnesota.
Quirk, D-Hayward, who introduced the bill in the Assembly. The county is about 124 miles northwest of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area
This year, the city of San Diego announced plans for a multiyear and and has 118 lakes. The septic system inventory cost almost $812,000 and in-
multibillion-dollar project to add recycled water to its reservoirs. The first cluded five grants from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources,
phase is now being designed. When completed in 2021, it will produce 30 says information from that agency and printed in The Osakis Review of Alex-
mgd. The second and third phases are projected to be in place by 2035 and andria, Minnesota.
will produce an additional 53 mgd. The total 83 mgd will be about one-third Inventories targeted phosphorus-sensitive lakes. Less than 5 percent of
of the city’s water supply. Currently, the city imports about 85 percent of systems on 2,329 properties were out of compliance during the examination
its water supply from the Colorado River and the river delta that feeds San that lasted from 2011 through 2016. Test results on another 12 percent of
Francisco Bay. properties were still pending while 83 percent were in compliance. “Lake
Some San Diego wastewater will be recycled for nonpotable uses such Osakis is polluted — 7,000 acres of pea soup,” says Chris Arens, Todd County
as irrigation. The rest will be sent to reservoirs but first will go through anoth- land use planner. “The thought was that one of the large contributors to that
er water purification plant using ozone, biological activated carbon, mem- was the septic systems around the lake because it’s highly developed.”
branes, reverse osmosis and UV equipment. But, the inventory showed otherwise, and in one case, it killed an idea
to build a large wastewater-collection pipe around one lake. In Todd Coun-
South Dakota ty, an onsite system inspection is triggered by a property sale or a building
After two years and a five-hour trial, a county official was found guilty permit, but the inventory convinced some people to willingly upgrade their
of violating county zoning rules for operating an onsite wastewater system onsite systems.
without an operating permit. The ordinance requires systems to be regu-
larly pumped, inspected and issued permits. When the trial was over, the Maryland
judge ordered Pennington County Commissioner George Ferebee to pay a For a second time in a year, the Harford County Council is consider-
$200 fine. The prosecution says Ferebee was in violation because his system ing legislation to relax rules on what can be built near onsite wastewater
was on a lot smaller than 40 acres. Lots of that size and larger are exempt systems. The county is about 36 miles northeast of Baltimore and includes
from the ordinance. Ferebee claimed his land totals 250 acres and that he shoreline along Chesapeake Bay. The legislation would remove a ban on the

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construction of swimming pools, outbuildings, driveways or additions that ers opposed to one, the responsibility has fallen to citizens. So, the county’s
intrude into the area designated for the onsite system. This could mean the League of Women Voters scheduled a panel to inform citizens about onsite
drainfield or land reserved for a replacement, reports The Baltimore Sun. The wastewater systems and how they should be maintained. County commis-
county health department would be empowered to grant waivers to the rule sioners voted down an attempt to form a committee that would have looked
at its discretion, and the department supports the legislation. at onsite system issues with the possibility of enacting a point-of-sale rule.
“We have looked at the impact to public health, the environment, and Tom Fountain, director of the Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department,
in certain situations we feel that it would be OK for a waiver to be given and says he is worried about vacation rental homes that are often occupied by
to allow paving over a system and their future repair areas,” Julie Mackert, more people than the onsite system is designed to handle. One commission-
director of environmental health, said during a public hearing in September. er says real estate agents, not the county, should take on the responsibility of
In the 1970s, the county tightened regulations for onsite systems, but ensuring inspections.
in recent years, a succession of administrations and county councils have
relaxed those rules, saying they infringed on property rights. Washington
The county that voted to repeal a fee for onsite wastewater systems
Michigan has backtracked a bit. Thurston County, which surrounds the capital city of
Support is building for point-of-sale inspections of onsite systems in Olympia and borders the southern end of Puget Sound, had enacted a $10
central Michigan. It’s part of a plan to reduce bacteria levels in the Chippewa fee to fund management of onsite systems. The fee became a campaign is-
River, which flows for about 90 miles and joins other rivers that drain into sue, and last year two county commissioners were seated who opposed the
Lake Huron. Most recently, the city of Mount Pleasant agreed to the point- fee. It would have affected about 42,000 property owners.
of-sale inspection rule proposed by the Central Michigan District Health Now the fee is back, but not all the way. The county commission unani-
Department. The rule must be approved by commissions governing all six mously approved fees for onsite systems in the Henderson Inlet Shellfish
counties in the health department district and would impact a small num- Protection District. Revenue will fund the district’s work plan for onsite sys-
ber of properties. A transaction tax of $300 to $500 would be imposed at the tems. From 1984 to 2005, the state health department restricted shellfish
time of the inspection. A local real estate agent calls this a money grab by the harvests in the inlet because of contamination by fecal coliform bacteria.
health department. He says real estate agents always recommend an inspec- There will be a $10 charge for each additional residential onsite system on
tion at the time of sale and says the rule would do nothing to improve the a property, and there are higher rates for larger, nonresidential systems. On
water quality of the river. average, most property owners will pay $40, although some will pay $100 or
In Leelanau County in northwestern Michigan there is no rule specify- more, reports The Olympian. About 6,700 onsite systems will be affected by
ing when a septic system must be inspected, and with county commission- the ordinance. ■ • Since 1979 January 2018 63

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Pumper James Penner was the rare small-business owner who carried personal workers’ compensation
insurance in addition to covering employees. And it paid off big after a horrifying crash. By Erik Gunn

n mid-2016, James Penner, the owner of AA Septic Service in Clayton, I was home for a week, and then I was short of breath. I went back to the
Indiana, was heading back to the shop on a rural road after completing hospital; they thought maybe I’d gotten a blood clot in my lungs or some-
a pumping job when disaster struck: Another vehicle — the driver thing. (Instead, doctors found) my left lung had been punctured by the ribs
apparently unaware that Penner’s 10-axle Mack vacuum truck was crossing that were broken. They did surgery: They deflated a lung, put a patch on my
his path and had the right of way — T-boned the Mack’s front end and lung, and then had to file off the ribs so they would quit puncturing it. I was
knocked the front axle completely out from under the truck. in the hospital for two weeks the second time for the punctured lung and the
The vacuum truck flipped onto its side and rib issues.
spun around three times in the middle of the road,
striking and toppling two telephone polls. When Pumper: How did having workers’ compensation insurance help
it came to rest on the driver’s side, Penner was you during this time?
trapped in the driver’s seat, where he had to wait Penner: If I hadn’t had workers’ compensation, it would have just been
for an hour and 45 minutes for a rescue crew to get devastating. The first three days in the hospital there was more than $66,000
him out. (Altogether, expenses ran into six figures).
Severely injured, Penner — the second-gen-
eration owner of the business — was off work for Pumper: How long were you off
eight months. What saved him and his company I just can’t the job?
was workers’ compensation insurance. Although Penner: Eight months. The first two
imagine that
he had to buy it for his employees, as the owner, he months, I had to get my ribs and all that
wasn’t required to get coverage for himself — but James Penner there’s somebody stuff healed. But once I got so I could
he did anyway. can be reached at out there who’s function again, then I went to physical
“It’s something that nobody plans for,” Penner therapy for my knee and for my ankle —
underinsured or not
says. “It’s the little things. … You pay the bills for three days a week for six months.
what you expect, but you never really anticipate needing it. There are a lot of insured. The bottom
things that are eye-opening that you don’t think about.” line is when you walk Pumper: You had purchased
As it turned out, the workers’ compensation coverage may have saved workers’ compensation insurance for
out that door every
Penner’s business and preserved his personal savings. That’s because the yourself as the owner and one of two
driver of the car that hit him was underinsured and the bulk of his bills were morning, you don’t or three principal workers. How did
ultimately paid for through the additional coverage he took out. know you’re having that coverage help you?
A year after the crash, Penner spoke about his experience and why he Penner: It paid absolutely every bill
coming home.
believes every business owner who must buy workers’ compensation insur- 100 percent with no deductible, no out
ance for employees should get personal coverage as well. – James Penner of pocket. They paid me a salary. When
I went to a doctor’s appointment, there
Pumper: What happened after your accident? was always an (insurance company)
Penner: They got me in the ambulance and took me to the local hos- nurse who went with me. She got me to the best doctors and nurses every-
pital. I went by helicopter (to a larger facility). That alone was like $31,000. where because she was always there. When I had to get an MRI, three hours
They operated from midnight until 3 in the morning. later I was getting an MRI. They paid everything.
The knob on the truck radio went through my skull. I had like 200 stitch-
es on my forehead and my arm, I broke my clavicle, and all my ribs on my Pumper: A business has to have workers’ compensation for employ-
left side were broken. My right ankle was fractured, and my right knee had ees, but is it unusual that the owner/operator carries personal workers’
stretched ligaments. I was in six days from the initial accident, and then I comp coverage?
came out and they decided they needed to set my clavicle. Penner: I could have opted out of it, but thankfully I didn’t. It would

68 Pumper • January 2018

have been devastating if you stop and figure eight months of lost wages. been far better off.
(The disability policy was through a different insurance carrier than the
Pumper: Why did you decide not to opt out? principal carrier that supplies most of his other business insurance). I was
Penner: It was probably the people who sold us the insurance. They just totally shocked at how difficult it was to collect. Clearly I was laid up and
said it was not that much more, and you need coverage on yourself as well. I paid all those premiums; I should be entitled to what they said. But that’s
I figure if I’m buying insurance for the guys, I need it for me as well. We not the way it worked.
buy all of our insurance (from one vendor). It comes with an umbrella:
they cover the workers’ compensation, liability, the truck insurance — it’s Pumper: Are there other advantages to workers’ compensation in-
a package deal. surance?
Penner: Workers’ comp is all tax-free. The checks that I got every week
Pumper: Once you made the claim, did your rates increase? were tax-free as well as the benefits at the end. It’s been a lifesaver for me. I
Penner: Not at all. Because you’re in a pool, it doesn’t go against you. couldn’t imagine anybody who didn’t have it. I’m a happy camper, and with-
out workers’ compensation, it would have been stressful.
Pumper: What advice would you give readers who are thinking When somebody’s hurt, you need to follow whatever the recommenda-
about buying personal workers’ compensation coverage? tions are, and you need to follow through with all your appointments. We
Penner: It’s just a no-brainer. There’s so much liability and things are were never late for an appointment, we never missed an appointment, and
so expensive that you can’t afford not to have workers’ compensation. And they took that into consideration that we were doing our parts to try to get
the same way with the insurance you buy. Cover yourself well so that you’re better. Therefore, we got whatever they thought we needed.
not dipping into savings or having to sell assets to pay bills or medical bills I just can’t imagine that there’s somebody out there who’s underinsured
or just be able to live on. or not insured. The bottom line is when you walk out that door every
And then the other thing: I actually have disability insurance. For what I morning, you don’t know you’re coming home. We all assume life goes on.
paid in disability for over a 10-year period, I only received back about 50 per- One thing like that just opens your eyes; you’re not guaranteed tomorrow.
cent. And to collect your disability insurance, they wanted my tax returns, When you leave that door, you tell your wife you love her because that might
my corporate tax returns for the last three years. Every month, they had to be the last time. You don’t know. ■
have a doctor’s statements; they had to have all kinds of documentation.
I wouldn’t recommend the long-term disability. If I’d took the $300 a
month that the disability was and put it in a savings account, I would have • Since 1979 January 2018 69



P.O. Box 8136, Cranston, RI 02920 Amanda Hensarling Baytown, TX
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Everyone knows Imperial makes the highest quality pump trucks. And now we’re making them more affordable than ever with our new Imperial Baseline™
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Imperial Industries, proudly family-owned and operated in central Wisconsin for more than 35 years, is the trusted choice for specialized septic solutions and expert service.

Fiedler’s Your Pumping Specialists

Royalton, Minnesota

wners Ted Popp and Jeff and Cindy Tiemann added this red 2013
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mplete S
rce FFor
or A
LL Your
Your Needs
Ne Group). Exterior features include top and rear manways; rear work lights; air
valve-operated unloading via cab or outside, custom tool boxes; polished
Septic • Grease Trap • Drain Lines aluminum rims and tags; and a quad locking differential. Interior features
include AC, stereo, two-way radio, GPS and leather seats. Graphics were
Private Labeled Packets/Liquids
bioFORCE™ MAXX provided by Joe Pfannenstein Signs. The driver is Art Betker, and the truck is
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DRAINFIELD TREATMENT! pits and flammable waste traps. ■

Private Labeled at
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Your Classy Truck submission must include your name, company
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Call for our including tank size, cab/chassis information, pump information, the
BIOFORCE™ CUBES/BLOCKS company that built the truck, and any other details you consider
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vanes, bearings and castings.

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VacuStar WR
Fruitland Pumps…Reliability Redefined.
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If you would like your wastewater trade association added to this list, send contact information to

Serving the Industry

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Alabama Onsite Wastewater Association Indiana Onsite Waste Water Professionals Association Nebraska On-site Waste Water Association; 334/396-3434; 317/889-2382; 402/476-0162

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Arizona Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association New Hampshire Association of Septage Haulers; 928/443-0333; 515/225-1051; 603/831-8670

Arkansas Granite State Designers and Installers Association

Arkansas Onsite Wastewater Association; 603/228-1231
Kansas Small Flows Association; 913/594-1472
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Kentucky Onsite Wastewater Association; 530/513-6658; 505/989-7676; 855/818-5692

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Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater Long Island Liquid Waste Association, Inc.
Maine Association Of Site Evaluators; 720/626-8989; 631/585-0448

Connecticut Maine Association of Professional Soil Scientists North Carolina

Connecticut Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association North Carolina Septic Tank Association; 860/267-1057; 336/416-3564
North Carolina Portable Toilet Group
Delaware Maryland Onsite Wastewater Professionals Association; 443/570-2029; 252/249-1097
Delaware On-Site Wastewater Recycling Association North Carolina Pumper Group
Massachusetts; 252/249-1097
Florida Yankee Onsite Wastewater Association
Florida Onsite Wastewater Association; 781/939-5710 Ohio; 321/363-1590 Ohio Onsite Wastewater Association
Michigan; 888-294-0084
Georgia Michigan Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association
Georgia Onsite Wastewater Association Oregon; 678/646-0379 Oregon Onsite Wastewater Association
Michigan Septic Tank Association
Georgia F.O.G. Alliance; 989/808-8648; 541/389-6692
Minnesota Pennsylvania
Idaho Minnesota Onsite Wastewater Association Pennsylvania Association of Sewage Enforcement Officers
Onsite Wastewater Association of Idaho; 888/810-4178; 717/761-8648; 208/664-2133
Pennsylvania Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association
Illinois Missouri Smallflows Organization
Onsite Wastewater Professionals of Illinois; 417/631-4027 Pennsylvania Septage Management Association; 717/763-7762

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Tennessee NATIONAL Onsite Wastewater Systems Installers of Manitoba, Inc.
Tennessee Onsite Wastewater Association; 204/771-0455 Water Environment Federation; 800/666-0206 New Brunswick
Texas New Brunswick Association
National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association of Onsite Wastewater Professionals
Texas On-Site Wastewater Association; 800/966-2942; 506/455-5477; 888/398-7188
National Association of Wastewater Technicians
Education 4 Onsite Wastewater Management; 800/236-6298
Nova Scotia; 713/774-6694 Waste Water Nova Scotia; 902/246-2131
Virginia CANADA
Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association Ontario; 540/377-9830 Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association
Alberta; 855/905-6692
Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association
Washington; 877/489-7471 Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services
Washington On-Site Sewage Association; 877/202-0082; 253/770-6594
British Columbia
WCOWMA Onsite Wastewater Management of B.C. Saskatchewan
Wisconsin; 877/489-7471 Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater
Wisconsin Onsite Water Recycling Association Management Association; 608/441-1436 British Columbia Onsite Sewage Association; 877/489-7471; 778/432-2120
Wisconsin Liquid Waste Carriers Association; 608/441-1436 Canadian Regional
Manitoba Western Canada Onsite Wastewater
Manitoba Onsite Wastewater Management Association Management Association; 877/489-7471; 877/489-7471 • Since 1979 January 2018 79


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Sludge Pump Sludge Flow Meter
Polymer System Discharge Conveyors
Wash Water Booster Pump
Touch Screen Controls Parts • Repair • Complete Pumping Systems
25-50 GPM Dewatering
Fits 20' X 10' Floor Area

Phone: 269-793-7183 Fax: 269-793-4022

127 N. Water St., Hopkins, MI 49328 Made in the USA • 417.862.1758 • Fax - 417.862.8084 • Springfield, Missouri

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Mobile Septic Receiving Station
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• Convey one-way or
• Geared motor, directly
two-way, straight-Line,
or up and down inclines. flanged to the pump AND AGITATORS
Smooth, textured and • Pin joint sealed with • Housing can be completely
cold temperature belting elastomeric boot drained
• 90° suction housing flange • Low angularity connecting • Mix while dewatering.
available. • Agitate fast,
• Choose from a wide rotation rod
• Stator has gaskets • Standard ANSI connections • Move septic and grease transfer fast, load fast.
variety of conveyor interceptor waste with • Handles sand grit and
lengths, widths, speeds • Hardened steel, hard sized to ensure no ‘dead
chrome plating rotor zones’ allowing complete ease from underground slurry type materials.
and load capacities. storage tanks. • Pit depths of 3 - 12 ft.
• Convey large volumes • Enlarged suction housing drainage
PROVEN • Rugged, dependable • Works with above and 3333 Up to 500 GPM
of material to storage
PERFORMANCE equipment back by U/M
015- 045- 045- 065- 065-
below ground storage 4444 Up to 1580 GPM
facility or load into 300SD 600SD 620HD 900SD 920HD
In Ag Industry manufacturer written • Great for transferring to 6000 & 8000 PTO Up to
transport vehicles. Flow Rate
for 68 Yrs warranty. (Water)
GPM 26 88 88 132 132
land application site. 3500 GPM.


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Sewer and Drain Maintenance

By Craig Mandli


The DM55 from Duracable has a contin- MAINTAINER
uous-weld frame constructed from an alu- Eco-Drain Drain Maintainer from Bio-
minum alloy the maker reports is as strong netix International contains microorgan-
as steel. The sled design allows service tech- isms capable of degrading a wide range of
nicians to operate the machine in either a animal and vegetable fats, oils, and greases under aerobic and anaerobic
vertical or horizontal position. To help protect the conditions. The citrus-fragrance powder contains biological nutrients and
operator, the unit’s electrical wiring runs through the frame. The winch hook stimulants that, when applied on a regular basis, reduce the accumulation of
on the frame makes it easy to lift the machine with a loading ramp or crane. grease in sumps, drains, and traps. Regular use keeps floats clean, prevents
It can fit four different styles of 26-inch reels with open-spoke metal or en- emergency blockages, saves on line jetting, lowers grease disposal costs
closed polyethylene drum options. Depending on which reel is used, it can and reduces odors. It is formulated and packaged for direct use in drains
run 110 or 150 feet of 11/16-inch cable. 877-244-0556; and grease traps in restaurants and commercial buildings. For maximum
drain maintenance effectiveness, pouches should be mixed with lukewarm
water and the liquid poured down all floor drains, beverage tower drains,
GENERAL PIPE CLEANERS and back sinks as the last step in a nightly closing routine. 514-457-2914;
The Power-Vee drain cleaner from General
Pipe Cleaners has a simplified feeding system that is like
having an extra hand in tight and awkward places. Squeeze the lever and CHEMPACE SEWER FOAM
the cable feeds at a rate of up to 16 feet per minute. The unit unclogs sinks, Sewer Foam high-foaming sewer and drainline cleaner
tubs, toilets and laundry drains ranging from 1 1/4- to 3-inch diameter and at and degreaser from Chempace — when combined with
a distance of up to 50 feet. The automatic feed adjusts to take any cable from the high-pressure water of a jet truck — is designed to
1/4 to 3/8 inch without tools or additional parts. The optional ergonomically clean all types of grease and organics. The foam incorpo-
balanced Handy-Stand turns the unit into a practical countertop or floor ma- rates a long-lasting bacterial treatment to assist in solids
chine. The unit has quick-change cable cartridges and a Dyna-Thrust bearing and odor reduction. It is noncaustic, concentrated at 2
system to reduce bearing wear and extend tool life. Its Flexicore cables are ounces per gallon, and safe for all pipes and jet trucks.
made of heavy-gauge wire coiled tightly around a 49-strand, aircraft-type wire 800-423-5350;
rope, and they are heat treated. 800-245-6200;


Earth Works Water Treat 10 from Green Way
Products by PolyPortables is a ready-to-use
ARCAN ENTERPRISES bacterial formula designed to speed sludge
SEPTIC-SCRUB breakdown in wastewater treatment plants and
Septic-Scrub chemical additive from Arcan Enter- drainline management. It can be used as a pre-
prises is designed to help remove sludge that builds treatment for blocked lines prior to jetting to im-
up and sticks to the stone in a drainfield, pit or sand prove clean-out performance. In addition, when used in a routine preven-
mound to rejuvenate the drainfield. According to tive maintenance program, it will coat the walls of drainlines, reducing or
the maker, it works in the first 24 hours after application. It can serve as part preventing the buildup of grease and sludge, reducing future problems, and
of a maintenance program. It works with all types of systems, is safe to handle minimizing repair costs. 800-241-7951;
and is environmentally friendly. 888-352-7226;

84 Pumper • January 2018



The CUES MPlus+ XL push system is designed for OF KINGSCOTE CHEMICALS
easy operation with an all-in-one setup and flexibility INSPECTION DYE
by quick removal of the control unit to be used sepa- Concentrated leak inspection dyes from
rately. It includes a coiler configuration and pan-and- BRIGHT DYES - Division of Kingscote
tilt camera for mainline and larger pipeline applica- Chemicals dissolve rapidly in water and
tions up to 500 feet. It integrates video observation provide a vivid fluorescent color detectable in murky water, sewage or ef-
coding, observation coding interface and digital recording into an easy-to- fluent. They can be used to validate sanitary and septic hookups; identify
use package. The lightweight system includes large, durable wheels for por- leaks, infiltration and exfiltration in plumbing connections; and perform
tability and a balanced footprint for stability. It is manufactured to handle septic inspections to identify leachfield issues as well as sources of con-
rigorous field use. 800-327-7791; tamination in wells. They are safe, nontoxic, biodegradable, and certified by
NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use in and around drink-
ing water. They are available in fluorescent yellow/green, red and orange,
MYTANA MFG. MS11-NG2 and nonfluorescent blue. They come in tablet, liquid or powder form.
The MS11-NG2 midsize inspection system from MyTana 800-394-0678;
Mfg. has USB for recording and storage. The system
is suitable for inspecting 3- to 6-inch lines with the
choice of 150- or 200-foot pushrod. The unit has a 64 GB
internal drive as well as two onboard USB ports and a 32 ELECTRONIC LOCATORS
GB removable USB drive. The one-piece design is light-
weight with a carrying handle. The color camera head is
self-leveling with a built-in 512 Hz transmitter for locat- SUBSITE ELECTRONICS
ing trouble spots, even in cast-iron pipes. 800-328-8170; UTILIGUARD
The UtiliGuard utility locating system
from Subsite Electronics uses ambient
R.S. TECHNICAL SERVICES (RST) interference measurement to automatical-
QUICK PEEK ly scan the surrounding area for noise and recommend the best frequency
The Quick Peek all-in-one, fully portable video inspection among 70 options. To help users make more accurate locates of obstructed
system from RST is a compact, lightweight solution for utilities, it measures distances (depth) both horizontally and vertically to the
drainline condition assessment in lines 2 to 10 inches in di- utility. To ease use, the system has an intuitive, six-button, multilanguage
ameter and up to 300 feet long. The unit includes a 7-inch, operator interface and a high-contrast LCD display to ensure visibility in all
bright, LCD, handle-mounted monitor equipped with a conditions, including direct sunlight. A dual-output feature allows users to
sun shield/screen protector that can be positioned for a connect the transmitter to two utilities at once, and the system is Bluetooth-
comfortable viewing angle. Easily accessible monitor con- enabled to simplify data transfers. Its rugged housing with an IP65 rating
trols include power mode; aspect ratio (screen size); menu; protects against dusty, dirty, and wet conditions, and it has 100-hour trans-
and set buttons for color, brightness, contrast, tint and volume. mitter and 30-hour receiver battery life. 800-846-2713;
The side-mounted AC/DC power source houses controls for all
camera functions and provides a camera test terminal, AC/DC
input, video/audio output, keyboard input and a condenser microphone with SUBSURFACE INSTRUMENTS
an on/off switch. It has a high-resolution, low-lux color camera; AC/DC input; AML SERIES ALL MATERIAL
keyboard for annotation; video/audio output; microphone; and is fully locat- LOCATOR
able with 512 Hz in-line transmitter. 800-767-1974; AML Series All Material Locators from SubSur-
face Instruments use modulated, powerful 2.45
GHz ground-penetrating, UHF radio waves to
RIDGID SEESNAKE CS6X locate subsurface objects. Using technology that
The RIDGID SeeSnake CS6x is a Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth- was developed for lunar exploration, it locates
enabled digital monitor that streamlines drainline materials indiscriminately, including PVC, PE,
inspection reporting by automatically generating metal, wood, cable or pipe. It will work in clay, wet soil, snow and stand-
reports for easy delivery from the job site. It streams ing water. Man-made objects with a straight edge create a change in density
and records inspections to a designated phone or tablet or permeability from surrounding materials, which causes refracted radio
using the free downloadable iOS or Android companion waves to be detected by the AML. The highly sensitive dual left and right re-
app. The monitor can be mounted to the SeeSnake Max ceivers activate a laser indicator that highlights the buried object’s position
rM200 docking handle for easy transport and storage. It on the ground. It includes GPS plotting and tracking, and it has 32 sensitivity
has a water-resistant keyboard for direct control of cam- settings. 855-422-6346;
era and monitor functions, and one-touch image recording for fast, ef-
ficient documentation of inspections. 800-769-7743;

86 Pumper • January 2018



PIPEMASTER The all steel H16-14-16 Series portable hose reel from
The Hammelmann Pipemaster Hannay Reels is ideal for pipe cleaning, drain clean-
is a manually operated, high- ing and high-pressure applications in both residential
pressure hose rotating system. It and light commercial applications. Designed with a quality
is used to remove both soft and swivel joint and a tension brake, the series can accommodate
hard deposits from the insides of pipes and pipelines, including those with pressures up to 5,000 psi. It includes manual rewind and a Velcro hose strap.
bends and vertical sections. A high-pressure supply hose is fixed between It is built to unique customer specs. 518-797-3791;
the pump and the rotary joint on the hose-rotating unit. A second hose is
connected to the rotary joint and runs via the deployment unit into a protec-
tive hose leading to the positioning device at the work piece. The rotation of REELCRAFT INDUSTRIES
the second high-pressure hose around its longitudinal axis is affected by a SERIES CTJ
chain drive from a pneumatic motor to the rotary joint. The rotation speed Series CTJ hose reels from Reelcraft Industries
can be smoothly adjusted with throttle check valves. Actuating the control are designed for medium-duty applications for 200
lever of the unit causes the hose to start rotating, which in turn produces feet of 3/8-inch I.D. or 150 feet of 1/2-inch I.D. high-
the forward motion. The hose deployment unit is mounted on a sturdy base pressure hose up to 5,000 psi. Hand cranked with a bal-
plate and includes the height-adjustable control lever to deploy or retract anced brass swivel and brass inlet, the reel is the prod-
the hose. 800-783-4935; uct of lighter-weight components and forward-thinking
design. Reels in this family have a corrosion-resistant, powder-coat paint
and a drag brake to prevent despooling when the reel is not in use. 800-444-
The Ripsaw rotating turbo nozzle from Hydra-Flex blasts a
0-degree water stream at up to 3,200 psi while rotating at a high
speed to provide an 18-degree cone of cover-
age. Its cone-shaped flow pattern is ideal MECHANICAL/CHEMICAL ROOT CONTROL
for potholing applications. The heavy-duty,
high-impact nozzles are constructed with
stainless steel housings and tungsten carbide DUKE’S ROOT CONTROL
wear surfaces to withstand harsh environments and RAZOROOTER II
provide long life. Repair kits are available for extended life and lower operat- Diquat-based Razorooter II root-
ing costs. Select from traditional coating (blue) or upgrade to the heavy-duty control herbicide from Duke’s Root
coating (green), a formulation designed for use in extreme environments. Control is registered by the U.S. En-
Greater impingement allows users to complete jobs faster or use a smaller vironmental Protection Agency for
nozzle size while getting the same impact as nozzles with higher flow rates. controlling nuisance tree roots in san-
952-808-3640; itary sewer collections systems and
received a classification of “evidence of noncarcinogenicity for humans.” In
2014, the EPA further approved an amendment of labels to lower the sig-
STONEAGE WGR nal word from “warning” to “caution.” Crews insert a hose from manhole
SWITCHER to manhole, preparing to fill the affected sewer pipe with herbicide. The
The WGR Switcher from StoneAge foam is released, compressing against pipe surfaces and penetrating cracks,
provides the ability to run a single joints, and connecting sewers. Roots are killed on contact, decay naturally
sewer jetting tool in either pulling and slough away. Application is designed to prevent root-related stoppages
or cleaning mode without removing for two to three years. 800-447-6687;
the nozzle from the pipe. When the
pump is idled down and brought back to pressure, the tool will switch the
water flow between two patterns of jets. This allows the tool to switch be- LENZYME/TRAP-CLEER
tween pulling and cleaning, reducing the time and water usage required to FOAMING ROOT CONTROL
make multiple runs with different nozzles. The pulling/flushing jet pattern Foaming root control from Lenzyme/
directs maximum power to the rear jets to pull or flush debris backward. The Trap-Cleer has double the active ingre-
cleaning/descaling jet pattern directs power to the side jets for cleaning de- dient dichlobenil of previous solutions
posits and cutting roots. The two-tools-in-one unit navigates pipes 8 to 36 and a latex base, designed to help it stick
inches in diameter and handles pressures up to 5,000 psi at up to 100 gpm. to roots longer. It is easy to apply and
970-259-2869; provides a slower foaming action to coat the entire pipeline and eliminate
fast-foam-over messes. 800-223-3083;


88 Pumper • January 2018



The Lumberjack cutting nozzle from Nozz- The S906M1-Ak root/tap/pipe cutter from
Teq is a low-torque, high-speed cutter for Southland Tool works for recycler units. This
use with high water pressures. It is effective a t process improves hydraulic performance and elimi-
cutting roots but is also commonly used nates internal corrosion. Advanced kinetics improve
to remove grease, tuberculation, protrud- the friction coefficient, which reduces drag, saves wa-
ing laterals and other buildups. Because it’s low-torque, ter and increases productivity. In testing, units have been left
it’s unlikely to cut through host pipes. The bearings are sealed, grease-lubri- weeks without oil and show no signs of corrosion. Since recyclers can have
cated, water-cooled, and largely maintenance-free, according to the maker. 50 micron-plus particles, the user only needs to open the motor, remove the
Water-cooled bearings are long-lasting and don’t need additional lubrica- particle and wipe down internals to keep working. It is available for lines
tion. The cutters rotate at a minimum speed of 10,000 rpm with flow rates from 6 to 30 inches in tail nozzle sizes, for hoses 3/4, 1, 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 inches,
from 10 to 250 gpm at varying pressures. They operate in pipes from 3 to 48 and for flows from 40 to 170 gpm. 714-632-8198;
inches. All models clean with chain links that have optional cutting blades
for severe blockages. All models come with a propelling jet housing and
some have tow rings. 866-620-5915;

Picote Solutions Premium Chains include end SOLUTIONS DIVISION,
couplings that will burrow into blockages and a U- EVERLOC+
shaped carbide design that wraps around the chain The EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve
link for twice the contact area along the pipe walls fitting system from REHAU, Building
compared to Standard chains. All of this makes the Solutions Division, includes 1 1/4-,
carbide longer lasting and the cleaning process faster. 1 1/2- and 2-inch diameters for commercial plumbing and hydronic pip-
They are powered by high-speed milling machines that have the cable spin- ing applications. Designed for use with RAUPEX PEXa pipe, the system uses
ning inside sheathing along with safety clutches that are safe and easy to use. both polymer and lead-free brass fittings and power tools to make secure,
Used together, they are made to grind away all debris that easily rinses down reliable connections. 800-247-9445;
the pipe. They are available in Original for heavy-duty cleaning and Cyclone
for lightly cracked or brittle pipes; they come in 1 1/4- to 12-inch sizes. 219-

Chemical root control from RootX is a long- BOSSJET MAX
term solution to pipeline root intrusion. BossJet Max jetters from Amazing Machin-
It stunts new root growth without damag- ery offer versatile hose reel configurations:
ing the pipe, clearing pipeline roots that no reel, a fixed reel or a 360-degree stainless
can cause blockages and sanitary sewer steel pivoting reel, and a mounting bracket for
overflows. The chemical won’t harm water an optional remote hose reel for indoor jetting.
treatment systems and is registered with They come with Honda, Kohler, Yanmar, or Van-
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for both sanitary and storm guard engines, with or without electric start. Pump options
use (EPA Reg. No. 68464). Simplicity of application enables crews to per- include Cat, A/R, and General, with pressures up to 4,200 psi and flow rates
form root control on demand or as scheduled preventive maintenance. up to 5.5 gpm. The frame is powder-coated, 1.5-inch, tubular steel, which
800-844-4974; wraps around the engine and pump for protection. Each unit comes with a
laser nozzle and washdown accessories with a 50-foot leader hose. 800-504-


90 Pumper • January 2018

Wittig RFL„102


Come see the new Gardner Denver

Wittig RFL102
Comes standard with: Ideal for:
■ Integrated check valve ■ Restaurant grease traps
■ Integrated four-way valve manifold ■ Septic tanks
Cesspool pumping
Movable oil tank for remote mount

■ Oil well service

■ Sludge removal
©2018 Gardner Denver. All rights reserved.

JETTER The TURBO FOG Division of King-
The Groundhog Jetter from Easy Kleen scote Chemicals M-45 is a versatile,
Pressure Systems is designed to blast lightweight, portable, self-contained
through clogged pipes. It is an effective, smoke generator that’s capable of produc-
environmentally safe way to clear sewer ing dense, voluminous white smoke using leak-proof liquid
pipes and lines using 12 gpm at 3,000 psi, according to smoke cartridges. Each cartridge can be replaced in seconds,
the maker. It is compact and easily transported in a pickup truck or van with even while the unit is operating, for uninterrupted smoke production. No
trailer options available. The heavy-duty steel frame is fully welded, powder- additional smoke bombs or pump garden sprayers are needed for addition-
coated, and drilled and tapped for rugged durability. Housed in the 2-inch al test time. The Briggs & Stratton-powered, turbine-type blower weighs 45
steel tube frame is a 200-gallon water tank, constructed of 1/2-inch poly with pounds and creates a discharge velocity of over 75 mph and 2,000 cfm. It
level sights and 16-inch cover. It has a 27 hp, Kohler gas engine with acces- continues to work under pressure in up to 5.75 inches of water. It is available
sible breather and 10-gallon fuel tank, General Pump with gearbox drive, with a plumbing conversion kit. 800-394-0678; ■
12-volt hose reel with 300-foot 3/8-inch jetter hose, hose guides, swivel and
foot pedal control, emergency shut-off valve and an hour meter. Optional
remote features include hose reel in, motor off/speed control, and pressure
on/off. 800-315-5533;

The ZipDrain Jetter Attachment al-
lows users to easily clear overhead
drain clogs. It is a clean system that
contains the splashback from hydro-
jetting and allows for easy draining
into a receptacle or vacuum truck.
The jetter head and hose are also contained within the system, so they can-
not leave the sewer line and cause damage to the surrounding area. Routine
hydrojetting maintenance is easy, and all the water used to jet can easily be
pumped back through the sewer line afterward. The attachment can be used
both in conjunction with and separately from the ZipDrain overhead drain-
ing system. 888-594-7372;


The 5E Electric Smoker from Superi-
or Signal is designed to connect to any clean-
out or inspection port to smoke test an entire Thanks to General Biodiesel
system in a few minutes. Smoke testing can
be an effective technique for finding the sources of odors and many other
& Gordon Truck Center, Seattle
faults throughout a building’s plumbing, laterals, septic system and leach- 700 gallon alum tank, Masport HXL4V Plug & Play
field. The unit gently pushes smoke throughout the system to find cracks and Others Available, Check Our Website
leaks and quickly identify problems. The unit comes with an 8-foot industri-
al-grade flex hose. 800-945-8378;


92 Pumper • January 2018


New Year, New You...nit

say hello to our newly redesigned special needs portable restroom

We have some big New Year’s

resolutions coming to life in

If you’re ready to join a

company with vision, that thrives
on innovation and is constantly
pushing product design, you’re
ready for PolyPortables, LLC.

Let us help your sanitation

business grow.

Portable Restrooms | Hand Wash Stations | Deodorizers | Cleaners

PolyPortables, LLC.
(800) 241-7951 or (706) 864-3776 • Since 1979 January 2018 93


Portable Toilet Service Trucks

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Vacuum Truck Parts & Accessories
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FMI Truck Sales & Service
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Dewatering Unit
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Platform • Hydraulic Trailer

We do one thing to perfection —

Dewater Liquid Waste!

Disposal Systems
Call us at (979) 245-5656 AVAILABLE
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in 24 hours
»No waiting, Equipment is in stock
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our dewatering facilities

Don’t settle for less ...

demand the best – ADS

94 Pumper • January 2018

Who will be at the Industry Event of the Year? Everybody.
You can meet them all at the Spartan Tool Kick Off Party
and the WWETT Show Industry Appreciation Party.
Meet industry leaders. Get to know business owners.
Hang with old friends. Make new ones. WWETT Show
2018. It’s the place to be.


Explore the Marketplace for tools and
resources you need for your business

Education taught by some of the best and

brightest in the industry

Events to network with your peers - or just

kick back with friends.


The Baseline Series of truck-mount-
ed tanks from Imperial Industries
are available on Ford, Ram, Freight-
liner and International chassis and include aluminum and steel models in
capacities of 980 to 6,500 gallons. The series offers a straightforward, stock
pump truck, eliminating customizations and enhancements, and concen-
trating on heavy-duty performance. 800-558-2945;

RESTROOMS The step-in compartment from Vacall - Grad-
One of the best ways to market your portable restroom business is to make sure all Industries for its AllExcavate hydroexca-
units in use at high-attendance special events are always clean and smelling fresh. vators provides protection from inclement
To accomplish that, you need the right kind of cleaner. Thetford reports the com-
weather. The standard heater compartment
pany’s two-step ProFresh process will do the trick.
is roomy, has floor drainage, racks to hang
The first step of the process involves applying Washdown Cleaner & Active De-
odorizer, designed to clean, degrade waste and eliminate foul odors. According to dry clothing, and another dry rack to store the high-pressure hand gun and
Julie DuPei, the company’s product manager of chemicals and accessories, the first extensions. Options include larger compartments. Along with LED lighting,
step is a blend of cleaners, fragrance and deodorizers that degrades odor-causing the cold weather package includes extra insulation, heated cabinets for the
waste and eliminates fecal, urine, smoke and garbage odors. hose reel and water pumps, and boilers to heat water for more effective hy-
“This is the step that really gets into the crevices of the portable restroom to droexcavation in frozen ground. 800-382-8302;
eliminate odor-causing waste,” she says. “I guess you could say it’s our first line of
cleaning defense.” VACTOR NEXT-
The cleaner is designed to continue to work long after the fragrance is gone. It is GENERATION HXX
designed for use on the interior and exterior surfaces of portable restrooms, hard- VACUUM EXCAVATOR
surface floors, in and around dumpsters, septic system pumps, garbage trucks, and
Vactor’s new HXX vacuum excava-
sewage treatment. It is available in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon buckets, and 1-gallon
tor maximizes legal payload and
jugs in several fragrances, including bubble gum, mulberry, cotton fresh, cherry,
lemon and cinnamon. improves operational efficiency.
The second step of the cleaning process is Thetford’s Fragrance Enhancer & Odor The placement of the debris body and water tank ensures equal weight
Eliminator. It is designed to refresh fragrance and absorb foul odors to keep rest- distribution on the axles, regardless of how much water is in the tanks. The
rooms smelling fresh long term. PrecisionFlow water pump system features a single-piston design capable of
“I guess you could call step two more of the finishing product,” DuPei says. “Once higher flow and pressures than a triplex water pump system for production
your units are clean, this is the product you apply to help keep them that way.” and reliability. The vacuum system is rated at 6,200 cfm and 28 inches Hg,
The product works by physically bonding with foul-smelling molecules, prevent- and the water pump system is rated at 30 gpm and 3,000 psig. Water tank
ing them from circulating into the air. According to DuPei, the company performed capacity is 1,200 gallons, and the debris tank has a 16-cubic-yard capacity.
extensive research and field tests before bringing the process to market. 800-627-3171;
“We worked on this one for close to two years,” she says. “It took a lot of experiment-
ing and working closely with portable restroom operators to come up with the ideal for-
mulation. We are very happy with the result.” 800-354-4135;
Inline Controls from Franklin Electric
are compatible with both Franklin Elec-
HANNAY REELS 1000 SERIES tric and Little Giant pumps, and they
COMPACT MANUAL REWIND REELS include five pump starting and control
The 1000 Series from Hannay Reels is a compact devices that pair with a variety of submersible
manual rewind reel built for a 1/4-, 3/8- or 1/2- or surface pumps, up to 20 amps, to provide or boost the system’s overall wa-
inch I.D. hose. This lightweight reel has an E- ter pressure. The product family offers various forms of system protection,
coated frame and is ideal for air, pressure washing, including dry run, deadhead pumping, over amperage, locked system and
washdown and spray operations. With an adjust- over pressurization. They also offer a daily motor rotation start, which starts
able cam-lock brake and exterior mounting holes, the motor at least once every 24 hours to prevent system locking, as well as
the series offers easier installation while handling pressures up to 3,000 psi and an automatic restart feature in case of an unexpected trip or fault. 260-824-
temperatures from 20 to 400 degrees F. 877-467-3357; 2900; ■

96 Pumper • January 2018


New regional manager for

Presby Environmental announced
Charles Ray joined Presby Environmental as regional
manager for the Midwest. His responsibilities include dis-
tribution development, training and market support that
provides impetus toward clean water. Additionally, Ray is
responsible for communications between Presby and all
Charles Ray
regulatory agencies to maintain consistency and compli-
ancy. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1990 from Ball State Uni-
versity, specializing in marketing and telecommunications.

Muncie Power Products

announces new director
Muncie Power Products announced its new senior
executive director of people strategy and general counsel,
Damon Elmore. His responsibilities will include oversee-
ing acquisitions, strategic planning, human resources,
Damon Elmore succession planning and adult learning.

Hannay Reels launches new website

Hannay Reels launched an updated website,, featur-
ing a mobile-responsive design with improved navigation. It also offers new
tools to assist with the online buying process.

Hino Trucks announces new facilities

Hino Trucks announced its plan for a new assembly plant in a facility
close to its current one in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. Planned to be op-
erational in early 2019, the plant will also house cab assembly, an operation
currently conducted in Japan. The new plant will be four times the size of
the current plant.

SJE-Rhombus announces new manufacturers rep

SJE-Rhombus added FTI Sales of Elgin, Illinois, as the new manufactur-
ers representative for its standard control product line in northern Illinois. ■


PUMPER profiLe
May 2013
® Owner Jeff Rachlin records data
STORY from the Jet Inc. control panel
on a drip dispersal system.

(Photos by Jack Ramsdale)

TM February 2013 PUMPER profiLe

oN locAtIoN
A Watchful
Y Pennsylvania’s OnSite Management grows its

COVER Owner Jeff Rachlin records data

STORY tHe JoB: Oregonfrom
the Jet Inc. control panel
locAtIoN: Sweet Home, Ore.dispersal system.
on a drip maintenance contract business to provide quality,
tHe PRo: Buck’s Sanitary
by Jack Ramsdale)
routine care for customers’ septic systems and build
a more consistent revenue stream

A Watchful a Bow
<<< Susie Sieg, of Buck’s Sanitary Service,
unloads a Satellite Industries Maxim 3000
PORTABLE RESTROOM OPERATOR Pennsylvania’s OnSite Management growsrestroom its
at the Oregon Jamboree.

A Watchful
(Photos by Peter Krupp)
May 2013 maintenance contract business to provide quality,

At theroutine
oregon care for customers’ septic systems and build
more consistent
the crew revenue stream

By Ken Wysocky
the teaM

at Buck’s Sanitary Service
Lisa and Scott Weld, owners of Buck’s
provides service that sings

Sanitary Service in Eugene, Ore., have a
BY BettY dAGeFoRde staff of 10 — an office worker, yard worker,
o improve cash flow, operate more efficiently,
part-time mechanic and seven drivers. lower prices, and boost customer loyalty while
By Ken Wysocky Lisa works in the office answering phones fending off competitors, OnSite Management Inc.
and managing the creative and marketing in West Chester, Pa., employs a simple and inexpensive
side while Scott fills in on everything tool: maintenance contracts.
Pennsylvania’s Jeff Rachlin
from management to running routes to Jeff Rachlin, who owns OnSite Management along

o improve cash flow, operate more efficiently,

A Watchful
maintenance. Five people worked on the
serves clients with thorough
lower prices, and boost customer loyalty while with partners Bud Baroni and Derald Hay, says the
Oregon Jamboree along with the Welds company has been using maintenance contracts for about


In An
fending off competitors, OnSite Management Inc.
in West Chester, Pa., employs a simple and inexpensive
and their three children, Maren, 9; Milah,
13; and Sten, 17; who are accustomed to onsite system maintenance 10 years. Slightly more than 20 percent of the company’s
5,000 or so accounts have signed maintenance contracts,
tool: maintenance contracts.
helping out at events. Page 16

a Bow
Jeff Rachlin, who owns OnSite Management along and that number continues to grow.
with partners Bud Baroni and Derald Hay, says the “The rest of our customers just haven’t reached that
“The very day we found out we’d

company has been using maintenance contracts for about teachable moment yet, where they’ve just had a major
10 years. Slightly more than 20 percent of the company’s have to move our shop, somebody repair or watched the previous homeowner go through
5,000 or so accounts have signed maintenance contracts, a $10,000 to $40,000 system replacement,” Rachlin says.
the crew at Buck’s Sanitary came through the door and said,

and that number continues to grow. “They figure ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Everyone learns
‘Do you want to buy Buck’s back?’
provides service that sings “The rest of our customers just haven’t reached that

differently … but usually, cost is a big influence.”
teachable moment yet, where they’ve just had a major It was really a door closing, door
for oregon
Pennsylvania’s Music Festival
Jeff Rachlin repair or watched the previous homeowner go through opening, all in the same day.”
OnSite Management – which tests, designs,
inspects, installs and services septic systems in a four-

Page 10 a $10,000 to $40,000 system replacement,” Rachlin says.
serves clients with thorough “They figure ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Everyone learns
Scott Weld county area in southeastern Pennsylvania – markets the
contracts to new customers after installing a system, and
onsite system maintenance
differently … but usually, cost is a big influence.”
coMpany history to existing customers, but only after their system passes
OnSite Management – which tests, designs,
an inspection.
Page 16 inspects, installs and services septic systems in a four- In April 2012, Lisa and Scott Weld

2013 EXPO SHOW ISSUE county area in southeastern Pennsylvania – markets the
contracts to new customers after installing a system, and
bought Buck’s — for the second time. Their
first crack at it was in 1995 when Scott’s
Rachlin says maintenance agreements benefit both
customers and customer
the company. attention Profile
Entertainment: Just an ‘Ole Boy’ Page 16 | Expo Eats: 10 to Try Page 38 | Attractions: Tip a Frosty Mug Page 30 father heard the 20-year-old business was drivesFor Alberta
customers,Septic Systems save money in
regular inspections
to existing customers, but only after their system passes
an inspection. having problems. The family made an offer the long
Page 26 run by detecting small problems before they
OnSite Management Inc., West Chester, Pa.
February 25 - 28, 2013, Indiana Convention Center to the founder and operated it for four
Rachlin says maintenance agreements benefit both lead to costly system failures. And customers appreciate
customers and the company. Profile years as an add-on to their trash and septic
service business. In 1999, when Weld’s
making smaller quarterly payments instead of receiving
OWNERS: Jeff Rachlin, Bud Baroni and Derald Hay

Starting At
For customers, regular inspections save money in one large pumping bill. The contracts effectively enable
the long run by detecting small problems before they OnSite Management Inc.,
father West
retired, Chester,
they sold it toPa.
a national
them to amortize the cost of tank pumping over the life of the contract,
EMPLOYEES: 9 Pennsylvania
SPECIALTIES: Testing, designing, inspecting,

solid waste company. Weld went to work
lead to costly system failures. And customers appreciate which runs for three years. Furthermore, they end up paying less for service ★

Starting At
FOUNDED: 1997 for that company, then 10 years later tried installing and pumping septic systems
making smaller quarterly payments instead of receiving

OWNERS: Jeff Rachlin, Bud Baronihisandhand
Derald Hay at self-employment in the because the company can schedule pumping routes more efficiently.
again SERVICE AREA: Southeastern Pennsylvania
one large pumping bill. The contracts effectively enable

Starting At
For OnSite Management, quarterly contract payments generate more

EMPLOYEES: 9 trash business. A few challenges
Pennsylvaniacropped AFFILIATIONS: Pennsylvania Septage Management Association, National
them to amortize the cost of tank pumping over the life of the contract, consistent cash flow, as opposed to one pumping fee charged every several
SPECIALTIES: Testing, designing, up,
but they turned out to be fortuitous,
which runs for three years. Furthermore, they end up paying less for service ★ Association of Wastewater Technicians
Personal customer
cleanliness meansattention
success for because the company can schedule pumping routes more efficiently.
installing and pumping septic systems
says Lisa Weld.
(continued) WEBSITE:
SERVICE AREA: Southeastern Pennsylvania
drives Alberta
North Septic
carolina’s Systems
teS Group For OnSite Management, quarterly contract payments generate more
AFFILIATIONS: Pennsylvania Septage Management Association, National
26 18 consistent cash flow, as opposed to one pumping fee charged every several
Association of Wastewater Technicians
years. In addition, contracts give customers a built-in motivation to stick

(continued) WEBSITE: (continued) with the company. (If a customer moves, the contract is transferable to the
new homeowner; if the new owner doesn’t want it, the old owner may get

a credit for work not performed, or might owe the company money if the
payments made don’t equal the value of the work performed.)

years. In addition, contracts give customers a built-in motivation to stick

Let’s roLL
“It takes them out of the market,” Rachlin explains. “When they have a
with the company. (If a customer moves, the contract is transferable to the
problem, they know they can call someone who’s familiar with their system,

new homeowner; if the new owner doesn’t want it, the old owner may get Eight times, Sunday through Wednesday, a caravan of three trailers
made the hour-long drive up Interstate 5 from the company’s yard to the
instead of looking through the Yellow Pages or going on the Internet to
a credit for work not performed, or might owe the company money if the
“It’s easier to send a driver Jamboree site to deliver units. Two of their 15-year-old company-built find someone. Plus, it keeps their price down because the biggest cost for
payments made don’t equal the value of the work performed.)
trailers held 16 units each and a third trailer carried 20 (also company-built, It’s like a car, in that if us is getting out to a job and back. So if we can schedule, say, six houses at
“It takes them out of the market,” Rachlin explains. “When they have a to pick up toilets if they’re

problem, they know they can call someone who’s familiar with their system, using an Explorer receiver from McKee Technologies, Inc.). The company you’re educated and you a time, it helps us be more efficient, and we can pass those savings on to
used service vehicles to pull the trailers. know it needs oil changed at certain the homeowners.”
instead of looking through the Yellow Pages or going on the Internet to all in one spot. I probably
Weld tried a new approach for the removal process. Sunday night
find someone. Plus, it keeps their price down because the biggest cost for intervals, you’ll do it. The same thing is
us is getting out to a job and back. So if we can schedule, say, six houses at spent a little bit extra labor, and continuing Monday, the team pumped and moved all units to a single coMMon-cents strategy
staging area, which he felt simplified the job. “It’s easier to send a driver to true with septic systems. Once they’re It’s like a car, in that if
a time, it helps us be more efficient, and we can pass those savings on to Rachlin says he settled on the idea for maintenance agreements when
the homeowners.” but at least you don’t pick up toilets if they’re all in one spot,” he explains. “I probably spent a little educated, customers will follow an HVAC contractor tried to sell him a maintenance plan on a new system in you’re educated and you
bit extra labor, but at least you don’t have to send somebody with a map to
up with service intervals. his home. “I figured if they can do it, why can’t we?” he says. know it needs oil changed at certain
coMMon-cents strategy
have to send somebody go to this campground, get these six, go to another campground, get these

Rachlin says he settled on the idea for maintenance agreements when

eight. Then you start leaving sinks behind and the (handicap unit) doesn’t - Jeff Rachlin intervals, you’ll do it. The same thing is
with a map to go to this fit. It’s just a logistics nightmare trying to get the loads to work out.” During Here’s how the contracts work: In Field services technician Dave
an HVAC contractor tried to sell him a maintenance plan on a new system in the week, they grabbed units as schedules permitted. exchange for quarterly payments, OnSite Burgess gets ready to measure true with septic systems. Once they’re
his home. “I figured if they can do it, why can’t we?” he says. campground, get these six,
custoMer education
Cloud Computing Management performs two inspections a the solids level in a residential
septic tank.
educated, customers will follow
Here’s how the contracts work:goInto another campground,
Field services technician Dave
keepin’ it cLean
Rachlin adds that educating customers is an Raises Productivity Sky-High year, which includes a pumping, if needed.
The technician checks the solids level
up with service intervals.
exchange for quarterly payments, OnSite Burgess gets ready to measure Jamboree organizers required someone be on site and available by important part of the company’s marketing and
Cloud Computing Management performs two inspections geta these
solids level in a residential
septic tank.
radio at all times so Weld, his son and another member of the team stayed in ^^^ Satellite Industries Tufway
Oregon Jamboree, complete with
contract sales are
lined up and ready to go before the
efforts. and the structural integrity of the tank above the liquid level, cleans filters, - Jeff Rachlin
installinathe front ofwe
units. flushes the laterals, and hydro-pressurizes the system once a year. If a tank is
Raises Productivity Sky-High year, which includes a pumping, if needed.
The technician checks the solids level Scott Weld
a motor home at one of the campgrounds. Vacuum truck operator Dave Wilkerson (left) and
Venue units were serviced each night fromtechnician
11 p.m. Dave
to 2 Burgess
a.m. Atreturn
6:30 hose onto the company’s
“After system, out and do
an orientation,” he says. “The more they know,
The paper trail used to bog down some aspects of operations at OnSite
Management Inc. in West Chester, Pa. But that changed dramatically when emptied, a technician also checks its structural components.
and the structural integrity of the tank above the liquid level, cleans filters, a.m. they started in on the campground units, 2007 Volvo around
finishing vacuum truck, built out by Advance Pump &
9:30 a.m. the better off we both are in terms of prolonging the company went to cloud-based data storage, which greatly improved “Early on, we were going to do maintenance intervals three to four times
Equipment Inc., after pumping a septic system.
During the day, they pumped out 20 RVs and 19 holding tanks — 10 at the the life of the system. If it’s designed, installed productivity by providing companywide access to documents – even for custoMer education
The paper trail used to bog down some aspects of operations at OnSite flushes the laterals, and hydro-pressurizes the system once a year. If a tank is a year, but we’ve found that twice-a-year intervals are more cost-effective,”
two shower facilities and the balance for the food vendors. and maintained properly, we believe it should last employees on remote work sites, says Jeff Rachlin, one of the company’s Rachlin adds that educating customers is an
Management Inc. in West Chester, Pa. But that changed dramatically when emptied, a technician also checks its structural components. Rachlin says.
indefinitely. And the more confidence they have in co-owners. important part of the company’s marketing and
the company went to cloud-based data storage, which greatly improved “Early on, we were going to do maintenance intervals three to four times Five service vehicles were used: A 2010 Peterbilt 335 and a 2008 As a bonus, homeowners that sign maintenance contracts get billed at
productivity by providing companywide access to documents – even for professionaL
International 4300, both Background heLps
built out by Progress Vactruck with 1,500-gallon us, the more likely they’ll continue to be our customer in the future. It’s all As an example, septic system inspection reports that used to be contract sales efforts.
a year, but we’ve found that twice-a-year intervals are more cost-effective,” regular hourly rates for after-hours emergency calls, Rachlin says.
The company freshwater
developed aluminum
its own contract
tanks;and inspection
Isuzu forms. The about building trust and relationships. available only in paper form are now scanned as digital .pdf files and Vacuum “After we install a system, we go out and do
employees on remote work sites, says Jeff Rachlin, one of the company’s Rachlin says. <<< The Buck’s team includes, from
latter task wasn’tTruck
as daunting
a 2001 FTR from
Technicians fill out and leave behind a copy of a truck operator
checklist soDave
theWilkerson (left) and
co-owners. As a bonus, homeowners that sign maintenance contracts Workmate/FMI Sales &as it maywith
Service sound, Rachlin says,
an 850-gallon because of his
waste/350-gallon “Basically, I’ve found that it’s like a car, in that if you’re educated and posted on a remote server employees can access via home computers, technician Dave Burgess return hose onto the company’s an orientation,” he says. “The more they know,
left, Milah Weld, Susie Sieg, get
Joshbilled at involvement withtank;
professional homeowner knows when the inspection occurred,2007 the condition
Volvo vacuum oftruck,
system built out by Advance Pump &
As an example, septic system inspection reports that used to be Wooley, Sten Weld, Scottsays.
Weld and freshwater steel and two organizations
2000 Internationaland networking
4700s built with
out byothers
Lely you know it needs oil changed at certain intervals, you’ll do it,” he adds. “The laptops and smartphones. The company pays a minimal monthly fee for the better off we both are in terms of prolonging
regular hourly rates for after-hours emergency calls, Rachlin in the industry.Inc. Hewith
belongs to the Pennsylvania Septage Management same thing is true with septic systems. Once they’re educated, customers components and whether repairs are needed. If it’sEquipment a seriousInc.,
afterstaff ers a septic system.
available only in paper form are now scanned as digital .pdf files and Eric Brownrigg. Manufacturing 750-gallon waste/350-gallon freshwater steel tanks. the service, he says. the life of the system. If it’s designed, installed
Technicians fill out and leave behind a copy of a checklist so the Association, sitting on the organization’s education committee. He will follow up with service intervals.” send out a letter and/or make followup phone calls.
posted on a remote server employees can access via home computers, All have Masport pumps. “It really helps after normal and maintained properly, we believe it should last
laptops and smartphones. The company pays a minimal monthly fee for homeowner knows when the inspection occurred, the condition of system also teaches courses technicians take to become certified septic system
Waste was transported to the company’s yard each night and transferred
After pumping a tank and performing a 20-point inspection for a new business hours or on weekends,” I used to figure that if Rachlin declined to disclose the price of the quarterly contract fees, indefinitely. And the more confidence they have in
the service, he says. components and whether repairs are needed. If it’s a serious issue, staffers inspectors. In addition, he’s a member of the National Association of customer, technicians leave behind a completed inspection checklist,
to a 20,000-gallon tank. From there, another pumping contractor picked up Rachlin says. “If I need records, I don’t you could access any but professionaL
notes it’s a direct function of how much
Background time technicians spend on-
heLps us, the more likely they’ll continue to be our customer in the future. It’s all
“The“It very
reallyday we found
helps out we’d have to move our shop, somebody
after normal send out music
country a letterfestival.
make followup phone calls.
Wynonna Judd said yes and the festival Wastewater Technicians. a thank-you bag with a company refrigerator magnet that displays have to run back to the office and get site – a fiTh
gure the company got a better handle on over
came throughhours the ordoor
on and said, ‘Do I you
weekends,” used to fitogure
want buy that
Buck’sif back?’ It has Rachlin
top talentto ever
In price
2012, ofthethe quarterly
9,000 contract
residents welcomedfees,
the waste and disposed of it by land application.
“Being a (certification) instructor allows me to stay on top of the latest essential contact information, a brochure that explains how to take care information within two e company developed its own contract and time. “Our customer
inspection forms. The about building trust and relationships.
information. Plus, it helps me talk more checklists show us solids-content
a door“If Iclosing,
need records, opening,you
doorI don’t could
all in the sameaccess
They quickly but notes
40,000 it’s aAugust
visitors direct 3-5,
function how much
most of whom camped time
Judd was backspend on-
to help inspection techniques, and belonging to NAWT keeps me abreast of things of a septic system, and another brochure that provides details about the latter task wasn’t as daunting as trends … which
it may sound, help says,
Rachlin us better predict
because of his “Basically, I’ve found that it’s like a car, in that if you’re educated and
have toatrun
jumped theback to the office and get
chance. celebrate
site thethe
– a figure Jamboree’s
company20thgot anniversary,
a better handle along with time.
on over Rascal“Our
Flatts, Dierks
customer saMe
going onBut different
nationally,” he says. “Our forms continue to evolve over time as new maintenance contracts.
intelligently to customers if they call me minutes, you were when a tank willwith
involvement needprofessional
to be pumped,” he says. “Th
organizations andat,networking
in turn, allows
with us to
others you know it needs oil changed at certain intervals, you’ll do it,” he adds. “The
information within two after hours.”
Today their Plus,business
it helps meistalkexclusively
more portable restrooms, serving the Bentley, the
checklists showCharlie Daniels Band, trends
us solids-content and enough… whichperformers
help usforbetter
22 shows on
predict technologies emerge
In one sense, andwas
Weld employees
an old pro – and even
at this customers
event, so it was– “pretty much Check out a video with Jeff Rachlin As another example, Rachlin pretty efficient. (Cloud schedule
in thevisits to other
industry. Henearby customers,
belongs which boostsSeptage
to the Pennsylvania efficiency.”
Management same thing is true with septic systems. Once they’re educated, customers
intelligently toWillamette
100-mile-wide customers if they callThey’ve
Valley. me minutes,
got about you
Satellite Industries two stages.
when a tankOther attractions
will need included beer
to be pumped,” and wine
he says. “That,gardens,
in turn,merchandise
allows us to suggest
businesschanges. Forhe
as usual,” example,
says. On thethefrequency of our visits
other hand, (forand scope had
the size talking about the OnSite Management cites something as simple as a computing) knocks Association, sitting on the organization’s education committee. He will follow up with service intervals.”
after hours.” booths and a kids’ zone.nearby
The event is held in a no-facilities,
boosts effi20-acre
ciency.”park-like maintenance intervals)over
changed significantly changed because
the years of customer
— their input.”
first year, they brought in 60 eQuipped for thetechnicians
Work take to become certified septic system
units — gray Tufways and Maxims (and pretty a few whiteefficient.
ones for(Cloud
weddings, and schedule visits to other customers, which operation at materials list for a septic system also teaches courses After pumping a tank and performing a 20-point inspection for a new
As another example, Rachlin
green units for their University of Oregon tailgating; “quack shacks,” they call setting near the edge of the picturesque town. unitsSelling
for onecustomers
venue and onfour
the campgrounds.
idea of “That was the most difficult ^^^ Milah Weld helps out her father’s crew, keeping restrooms and hand-wash
installation. Rachlin puts it on the
it down to literally Technicians
inspectors. In use the company’s
addition, he’s a member four ofFord the pickup
Nationaltrucks to doof
Association customer, technicians leave behind a completed inspection checklist,
them after the Oregon Ducks mascot),computing) knocks Freedoms
cites something as simple as a regular
thing formaintenance
me,” he“Soeasier if they’ve
I had to get my act together.” He quickly got his stations stocked with soap and paper products at the Oregon Jamboree, includ-
several ADA-compliant eQuipped for the Work ing these Wave sinks from Satellite Industries. server where it’s easily accessible seconds, depending on inspections,
Wastewater and they can perform minor repairs during the inspections.
Technicians. a thank-you bag with a company refrigerator magnet that displays
materials list for a septic system
and wheelchair-accessible Liberties — it andown to literally
Ameri-Can Engineering Crowd By Technicians
the nuMBers use the company’s four Ford pickup trucks to do just
around it.a “You’ve
major expense,
got to justlike a your
scratch Owner Jeffand
head Rachlin
kick it in gear and
to a work crew. So if a crew finishes Along with the pickup
“Being a (certifitrucks,
cation)OnSite Management
instructor allows meowns a 2007
to stay on topVolvo truck,
of the latest essential contact information, a brochure that explains how to take care
installation. Rachlin puts it on the go. We didn’t
system stop moving
replacement, someone ■ (right) prepares to
all weekend.”
or heard the Internet speed.
Pleaser restroom trailer, and two smaller Comfort Station trailers from
server where it’s easily accessible seconds, depending on inspections, and they can perform minor repairs during the inspections.
The company brought in 265 units (20 Maxims, 10 Freedoms, 20 else’s story of problems uncovered in a inspect a septic a project early, they can access the builtinspection
by Advance Pump & Equipment,
techniques, and belonging Inc.toand
keepswith a 4,000-gallon
me abreast of things of a septic system, and another brochure that provides details about the
Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. About 50 percent of their work is Along withone
the pickup trucks,
to a work crew. So if a crew finishes
the Internet speed. trials. Liberties, Standing RoomOnSite Management
Only urinal unit, andowns
the abalance
2007 Volvo truck,
Tufways), time-of-sale septic system inspection.
tank as vacuum materials list for the next job and get - Jeff Rachlin aluminum
going ontank and a he
nationally,” Demag-Wittig
says. “Our forms RFL-100
continue pump made
to evolve bytime
over Gardner
as new maintenance contracts.
special events, including,
they can in 2012,thethe U.S. Olympic track-and-field built truck operator Dave MORE INFO
a project early, access threebyrestroom
Pump &and Equipment,
73 hand-washInc. and equipped
stations (half with a 4,000-gallon
Satellite Industries started instead of coming back to the Denver; a J-3000
technologies Jet Set
emerge andportable
employees pipe cleaner
– and made by –General Pipe
even customers
materials list for the next job and get aluminum
“The bottom line is that Wilkerson evacu- Check out a video with Jeff Rachlin
- Jeff Rachlin Waves fromtank and a Demag-Wittig
the company’s inventory, theRFL-100 pump made
rest PolyPortables,
Alongs Advanced Containment Masport, Inc. Progress Vactruck office to retrieve a hard copy. Cleaners/General
suggest changes. Wire Spring; a the
For example, GenEye pipeline
frequency inspection
of our visits (for and locating
started instead of coming back to the Denver; a J-3000 Jet Set portable pipe cleaner made by General Pipe
maintenance is cheaper compared to ates the contents. Systems, Inc. 800/228-4510 800/467-5600 talking about the OnSite Management
Making connections rented from a colleague). replacing a system,” Rachlin says. “If we “It’s hard to quantify (productivity and profitability gains),” he system, also made
maintenance by General
intervals) Pipebecause
changed Cleaners; a RIDGIDinput.”
of customer SeeSnake pipeline
office to retrieve a hard copy. Cleaners/General Wire Spring; afive
GenEye pipeline inspection
800/927-2271 operation at
The Welds Some 115 units, including handicap-accessible, were and
set up locating
at the replace a system during a real-estate transaction, the buyer continues. But he says the crew no longer has to spend valuable time inspection camera;
Selling and a RIDGID
customers on the NaviTrack
idea of Scout sonde pipe locator.
“It’s hardlive
to in Sweet (productivity
quantify Home so they’ve always
and profi hadgains),”
tability the hometown
he system, also made by General Pipe the
Cleaners; a RIDGID searching for records.
advantage main venue — a few at bus stops, hospitality center,SeeSnake
and parking pipeline
lots, sees what the seller is going through – it’s a great teaching McKee Technologies - Satellite Industries regular maintenance
The company is easier
also relies on ifa they’ve
2007 Volvo tri-axle dump truck, a Mack
continues.forButtheheJamboree and Buck’s
says the crew hashas
no longer done it since
to spend its beginning
valuable time in
inspection camera; “With 5,000 customers, and sometimes working on 10 to 20 accounts
in largeand a RIDGID NaviTrack Scouthand-wash
sonde pipestations,
locator. were Ameri-Can Engineering Explorer Trailers 800/328-3332

We provide
1996. They feel but the bulk banks, along with six to eight point,” he says. “They can see that with a maintenance
searching for confident
records. they’ll retain the work as long as they provide good 574/892-5151 866/457-5425 just incurred
single-axle dump atruck,
major expense,
a 25-ton trailer a byOwner
likemade EagerJeff RachlinTrailers, a 25-
placed the four also relies
corners of on
the afacility.
2007 Volvo tri-axle
The crew dump
placed thetruck,
ACSI atrailers
Mack contract, they don’t have to worry about that any more. It’s as at a time, the cloud makes information management much easier and
and a5,000
reasonable price.
customers, and sometimes working on 10 to 20 accounts (See ad page 27)
ton system replacement,
trailer made by Rogers or Brothers
heard someone
Corp., a 2011 (right) prepares
PC 160 to
excavator made by
single-axle dump
near the stage fortruck, a 25-ton trailer
the performers and themade by EagerEngineering
Ameri-Can Beaver Trailers, a 25-
trailer in close to flush and forget as you can be.” (See ad page 46) convenient,” he concludes. “I used to figure that if you could access any inspect a septic
at a time, the cloud makes information management much easier and else’s story
Komatsu Ltd., aofCT322
problems uncovered
compact track in a made
loader by Deere & Co., a 420D
thetrailer made by Rogers
food court/beer garden,Brothers Corp.,
along with theaurinal
2011 PC 160 excavator made by
unit. It also helps that consumers are becoming more aware Lely Manufacturing, Inc. Workmate/FMI Truck information within two minutes, you were pretty efficient. (Cloud computing) tank as vacuum
convenient,” he concludes. “I used to figure that if you could access any time-of-sale septic system inspection.
the Main withinevent Komatsu Ltd., a CT322 compact track stations
loader made 800/334-2763 PolyPortables, Inc. Sales & Service knocks it down to literally seconds, depending on the Internet speed.” backhoe/loader manufactured by Caterpillar Inc.truck and a 2012
operator DaveE35 compact
information two minutes, you were pretty efficient. (Cloud computing) Thirty units and six hand-wash were by Deere &
arranged inCo.,
420D of the importance of septic system management, especially 800/241-7951 800/927-8750
backhoe/loader manufactured excavator “Th e bottom
made by Bobcat line Co. is that Wilkerson evacu-
In the it down
early to’90s,
when seconds,
Home cameon theup
with speed.”
an idea to help at a smaller, adjacent venue. byTheCaterpillar
rest of theInc. and a 2012
inventory wasE35takencompact
to 23 as more municipalities and/or states require septic system
excavator madeThirteen
by Bobcat Co.were rented to individual campsites. inspections before a home is sold. (See ad page 33) maintenance is cheaper compared to ates the contents.
fund civic projects, this little town asked a big star to perform at their first campgrounds. units (continued)
(continued) replacing a system,” Rachlin says. “If we
replace a system during a real-estate transaction, the buyer
sees what the seller is going through – it’s a great teaching
point,” he says. “They can see that with a maintenance
Reprinted with permission from PRO™ / February 2013 / © 2013, COLE Publishing Inc., P.O. Box 220, Three Lakes, WI 54562 / 800-257-7222 /
contract, they don’t have to worry about that any more. It’s as
close to flush and forget as you can be.”
It also helps that consumers are becoming more aware
of the importance of septic system management, especially
as more municipalities and/or states require septic system

Sizes: 24" x 30" & 36" x 45"

inspections before a home is sold.

reprint options Order through

our website
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$27,000. 2. Mobile rotary sludge thickener New and used terralifts for sale starting at
West Texas portable toilet rentals & sep- package $29,000. 3. Sludge Mate dewater- $20,000 used and $38,000 new. Financing
tic business for sale. 30+ yrs. in business. ing box $19,000. 4. Clement roll-off trailer available. Call John at AerraTech 413-298- 2013 Peterbilt with a Cusco 3,600-
150 PolyJohn toilets, 5 handicap toilets, 5 $9,000. 5. Thickened-sludge applicator 4272. (PBM) gallon OmniVac, DOT-certified unit.
handwash stations, 1 trash trailer, 30 holding trailer $17,000. Contact Mark Scott at
(Stock# 6131C)
tanks, 3 trucks (all running daily). Call 325- (P03) Terralifts - New and Used. Financing avail-
656-6007. (P01) able for qualified buyers. For more infor-
FOR SALE: Two (2) Andritz 2.2-meter belt mation call Dick Crane 800-223-2256 or (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) PBM
Septic business for sale, New York water- presses, unused after complete refurbishing for electronic brochure. www.
shed. Includes trucks and equipment. 20+ to Andritz factory specifications throughout. (PBM)
years with same phone number. $250,000. Dyer Equipment Co. 970-454-3784, Ault, CO 1984 Mack R686ST with a 1999 Keith Huber (PBM) or (P01) Dominator 3,000-gallon carbon-steel, dump
HAZARDOUS type, DOT, vacuum tank unit. (Stock# 1165C)
National Grease Recycling Inc. Let us For Sale: 1.2-meter Roediger Tower Press (888) VAC-
teach you how to recycle restaurant’s waste, belt press with RSDT. Good condition. No WASTE UNITS UNIT (822-8648) (PBM)
fryer grease and oil (yellow grease) only. Big control panel. $29,900. Ashbrook Aquabelt
$. Over 30 years experience, will guide you gravity belt thickener, 2.2-meter with con- JET VACS
through complete process from collection to trols and hydraulics. $25,000. Hycor Roto-
processing to marketing to end users. Don’t shear wedgewire rotary screen, stainless
lose your trap business to competitors that steel, 3'x 6' drum size. $10,000. Call Ecopac
offer both services. We also buy cooking oil, Equipment 315-422-6315. (P01)
unprocessed, anywhere in the country. Call
Sludge Mate Flo Trend dewatering box is de-
for information. References available - many
signed to dewater - grease trap waste, sep-
success stories. Dewey Walker, 813-704- tic tank waste, digester sludge, alum sludge. New 3,200 U.S. gallon, carbon steel,
6599 or 813-758-2552. (PBM) Also includes PolyMate polymer mixing and DOT certified, 407/412 vacuum tank, 2002 Vac-Con combination jet/vacu-
injection systems. $28,900 Call Rite-Way dump type with full open rear, door and um truck, 12-yard debris body, 65gpm Franchises avail-
Services 606-877-2670. (P02) a Presvac PVB 750 vacuum-pressure @ 2,500psi. Hydroexcavation pack-
able with low flat fee. New concept. Visit
pump installed on a 2017 Peterbilt 348 age. Extendable boom. 130,013 miles,
website or call 1-800-700-8062. (PBM)
cab and chassis. Four (4) units available. 11,469 hours. Comes equipped to work!
Start your own septic service business Submit your classified ad online! ........................................ $35,000 OBO
in Florida! For more information call 931- (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) PBM 989-892-3011, MI P01
248-1284. (PBM)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m – I T ’ S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E

102 Pumper • January 2018

Western Equipment Finance, a bank-
owned direct lender, is committed to con-
tinuing to help you prosper. All equipment
types, new or used; we have the best rates
and terms you deserve. App-Only Financ-
ing and credit decisions within an hour. Call
Vac-Con industrial machine mounted the team you can trust, Jim Stekl at West-
on a pre-owned 2006 Sterling cab and ern Equipment Finance 701-665-1647.
chassis. $59,000. (Stock #8593C) (PBM)
2007 Dodge pumper/jetter truck. New 6-speed transmission and clutch. 1,000- Complete Portable Toilet service
(888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) PBM
PORTABLE RESTROOMS gallon dirty. Newer tank, pump motor truck mount units (turn-key), mount-
and pump. 190k miles. Pumps strong, ed on your truck or ours. Tool boxes,
1999 Sterling L9501/Vactor Model 2110. 4,000 used portable restrooms for sale. Up- nice little truck! ...................... $22,500 dual work stations, dc10 washdown
19,800 miles. 2,560 hours. CAT C10 engine. dating our fleet to the new Zenith portable 773-491-6093, IL P01 pump, reversible vacuum pump, hose
Roots 824 PD blower 16". 10-yd. debris restrooms from Sansom Industries. Prices reel, set up complete, toilet racks avail-
body. 1,200-gallon freshwater with 80gpm range from $125 - $325. Call Jim Reisinger able. 1100 waste/400 fresh: $21,000,
jetter. Tank partially collapsed. Best offer @ 314-776-4000. (PBM) 1700 waste/600 fresh: $23,500. Any
over $30,000. 706-798-8080 (P01) custom options or sizes available!
TexLa Services
2007 Aquatech B10/1500: CAT 335hp (EPA PORTABLE RESTROOM 936-641-3938
04) with Allison automatic transmission. HAULERS Check us out on Facebook! P01
88,000 miles. 1,400 hours. New Roots 624
blower, 8” x 19’ extendable boom, pump-off Laxi Taxi Hauler - goose neck holds 26,
option, internal tank flush, 6-function joy- brand-new tires. $4,500. Call 325-653-4975 Two (2) A++ 2010 International
stick. Excellent condition. KLM Rentals Inc. or email (P01) 4400s. Each truck 33,000 GVW with less
617-909-9044 (PBM) than 215,000 miles. Both trucks 1,500
waste, 500 water. Trucks are immaculate
Jack Doheny Supplies Inc. offers a full range PORTABLE RESTROOM and well maintained. Only $55,000 each.
of late model combo units and DOT industrial TANKS 850-944-5536, FL P01
vacuum loaders. Call us @1-800-3DOHENY.
(PBM) NEW flat pickup & delivery tank, 700-gallon
waste/200-gallon freshwater. Hauls 6 units. 2005 Ford F550: 6.0 Powerstroke
JETTERS-TRAILER Liftgate, Honda/Jurop powered. Call for pric- diesel, 205,679 miles. 150 fresh/300
ing. 337-315-0692 (P01) waste Imperial aluminum tank. Honda
5.5 GX 160 pump motor. Stainless body.
Carries 4 toilets. Email for more photos
PORTABLE RESTROOM or call for more information ... $15,000
574-896-5424, IN P01
and used restroom & shower trailers ready SPECIAL $105,000 - New 2018 Hino
The Industry’s Most Versatile Trailer
for immediate delivery. Sales and long-term 268, aluminium 1,900-gallon waste/400-
Jetter! Model# HJ2TA1030HW, tandem
rentals. gallon fresh tank, toilet-septic combo,
axle trailer, 35 hp Vanguard 10 gpm @ 3,850
1-877-727-3621 (P02) HXL-75 Masport pump, rack, hitch, heat-
psi, 325-gallon water tank, 300' hose, Gen-
ed water valve, washdown pump.
eral pump. Fully loaded! List $36,995.
On sale for $32,995. (2) Wells Cargo 7X5 skid units. Climate con- Call Rodney Lane
trolled, Dyson dryers, under-floor waste tank. 270-832-3793 P01
800-213-3272, PBM
105-gallon water tank, 3" discharge, forklift
pockets, 7' interior. Used sparingly at PGA
events. Excellent for permanent/semi-per-
JETTERS-TRUCK manent placements. Minor exterior cosmetic
repairs needed. Serious inquiries contact
1974 Ford F-600 jet truck 23,000 GVW, John, Will send pictures & 2007 Ford F650: CAT C7 motor, Alli-
1,650 psi, 65 gpm. 300 CI industrial engine more info. Sold as-is. $18,000 for both. (P01) son automatic transmission. 2,000-gal-
for pump with 500 ft. of hose on truck, reel lon, stainless-steel, three-compartment
plunger, Myers pump. Works well. Great 2 Decons, 28' Tonto, 18' Royal, 2001 ASCI, tank. Heated valves, dual side service,
truck for sewer and drain company. $5,000. 16' Presidential, 26' Presidential, portable toi- 2011 Ford F550 diesel, auto., 2WD, two-unit toilet carrier. Fiberglass skirt-
801-807-8335 (P01) let hauler trailers. 315-437-1291, NY. (PBM) new aluminum 650w/300f vacuum tank, ing, hot-water washdown and Masport
Conde SDS6 pump. pump. 300,xxx miles, truck runs and
LEASE/FINANCING drives. .................................... $25,000
PORTABLE RESTROOM Call JR @ 720-253-8014, CO PBM Bruce 631-767-9404, NY P01
Quick and easy financing for new or used
equipment — without all the headaches.
Credit is not an issue. We have working 2014 Isuzu, FMI Workmate 1050, 122,646 2007 Isuzu with Progress slide-in 400/200, 2014 International pump truck, Flow-
capital available for commercial equip- miles. All service records from purchase date 143,594 miles. All service records from pur- Mark aluminum 1,850-gallon tank, 62,000
ment purchases $10,000 to $2,000,000. included. $42,000. Please contact Jason for chase date included. $33,000. Please con- miles, $85,000; 2007 International 4300
BSG Services - Call 866-259-5370 or email more information:; tact Jason for more information: 208-467- 1,350-gallon, 265,000 miles, $37,500. 256- (PBM) 208-467-0089 (P04) 0089; (P04) 757-9900 or (PBM)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m – I T ’ S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E • Since 1979 January 2018 103

TRUCKS Sansom Industries hiring sales personnel, 2001 ESP Roll-off trailer: Two (2) container
Pumper Truck for Sale: 2015 Ford F550, 4x4, preferably with sales experience & skills for roll-off trailer good brakes, tires, frame. etc.
96,000 miles. 900-gallon tank (600-gallon a new line of portable restrooms. Southwest KLM Companies 617-909-9044 (PBM)
waste/300-gallon water) with PTO pump. region. Call Clyde @ 314-277-2873. (PBM)
Asking $47,900. Please call 518-622-3353
for any more information. Pictures available GapVax, Inc., a nationally recognized manu- SEPTIC TRUCKS 2016 Peterbilt PB348 3,000-gallon
on request. (P01) facturing business, is seeking a talented,
highly motivated individual to fill a full-time vacuum pumper/ dumper. Keith Huber
Sales Position in the Midwest (Iowa based Dominator Series III. Less than 4,500
Portable Toilet Truck: 2008 Ford F550, 4x4,
preferred) region. GapVax is the leading miles. ................................. $145,500
V-8 diesel, automatic. 232,000 miles with
new engine at 158,000 miles. 225-gallon manufacturer of industrial and municipal Call Sandy 681-207-3079
freshwater, 650-gallon waste water. Can vacuum units and hydroexcavation units or 239-849-0363 P01

haul 8 toilets. Still used everyday, want to in the United States. We provide the most
update. $34,000 OBO. Text 989-737-1920 reliable, comprehensive, and efficient mo-
for photo. E-mail (P01) bile vacuum units in the industrial and
municipal markets. Specifications of the
2002 GMC rack body truck w/liftgate, position are listed on our website, www. Turn-Key Vacuum Tank Units: 3,600-
300/100 tank, 130k, carries 4 toilets., click on the Now Hiring link in gallon, unit mounted on your truck or
$10,000 OBO. 860-377-9292 or email the left hand column. Send resumes to or ours; $23,500. 2,500-gallon truck units; (P01) or 575 Central Avenue, $20,000. 1,500-gallon truck units;
Johnstown, PA 15902. (PBM) $17,000. Self-contained vacuum skids,
2013 International 4300 with 2,500-
2008 Ford F750, 1,500/500 tank, 190,000 1,000-gallon; $11,000. 2,500-gallon
gallon vacuum tank. Progress tank with
miles. Runs great. $29,000. 321-228-0611. painted tanks ready to mount; $13,000.
Orlando, FL. (P01)
PUMPS PortaPotty trucks and any custom op-
aluminum bed, new PM 70A Moro pump,
new tires. Mileage 128,500. 322cfm.
Buy & Sell all makes and models, new & used tions or sizes available!
6-speed manual. .....................$70,000
2018 Hino 268A cab & chassis, 25,950 vacuum pumps & high pressure water pumps, TexLa Services
GVW with a new 1,600-gallon portable and good used replacement parts. Call for an All Star Pumping 636-240-7863
toilet service unit. (Stock# 13762) www. inventory sheet and save. www.Vacuum P01
Check us out on Facebook! P01 (888) VAC-UNIT, (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648)
(822-8648) (PBM) (PBM)
2011 GMC Sierra 3500HD: Duramax die- NVE vacuum pump, 3” transfer pump and
sel, auto., 4WD. Flat bed, new aluminum high-pressure washdown pump. www.
vac tank 400w/200f, Conde pump. www. (888) VAC-UNIT Call JR. @ 720-253- (822-8648) (PBM)
8014, CO. (PBM)
RENTAL EQUIPMENT 2001 International pump truck,
PORTABLE SHOWER 1,500-gallon tank, Masport model
Liquid vacs, wet/dry industrial vacs, combi-
TRAILERS nation jetter/vacs, vacuum street sweeper & HXL4 pump, 300,000+ miles. Many
Attention large outdoor events promoters catch basin cleaner, truck & trailer mount- 1992 Kenworth, CAT engine, single additional parts available. Located in
and seasonal campgrounds requiring show- ed jetters. All available for daily, weekly, axle, good tires, transmission, 704,000 Many, Louisiana. ....................$25,275
ers, sinks and hot water availability: FOR monthly, and yearly rentals. VSI Rent- miles. 2,200-gallon septic waste tank. Call 318-256-0605 or
SALE: Two (2) 40-ft. shower containers. 14 als, LLC, (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) Storage bins under bed, 2 water stor- Toll-free 1-866-512-0979 P01
shower heads per container, handicap ac- (PBM) age tanks, access port in back, baffle in
cessible. Trailer and accessories included. tank, Masport pump. .............. $25,000
For pictures go to 2016 Acro Vacuum Trailer: Stainless steel Contact Jeff 270-678-1970, KY 1991 Ford LN9000: 425 CAT, 8LL trans,
712-428-6143 or cell 712-880-1250. (PBM) 6,000 gallon, DOT certified double conical or P01 4,800-gallon vac tank, Battioni vac pump,
with air-ride suspension. Aluminum wheels Dietrich knife system. $20,000 OBO. Tim
New 4-stall shower trailer and new 4-sta- all positions, full hose trays, OSHA walkways 309-275-7070 (P01)
tion shower combination trailer available and railings. Vacuum pump option either hy-
now! Call National Restroom Trailers for pric- draulic or self-contained. KLM Rentals, Inc. 1998 Ford septic truck with 3,500-gallon car-
ing. 877-727-3621 ext 101. Buy now, avoid 617-909-9044 (PBM) bon-steel vacuum tank. CAT 350hp with Fuller
the mfg. delays in 2018. Save big on 2017 8-speed transmission. Rebuilt Presvac PV750
model and receive the year-end tax credit. vacuum pump. Ready for work. $37,500.

877-727-3621 ext 101. (P01) KLM Rentals Inc. 617-909-9044 (PBM)

Two (2) 12-stall/dressing room American 2014 Freightliner M2 automatic, 110,000k,

shower trailer units and 2001 International AVERAGE MONTHLY 3,800-gallon aluminum 2-compartment tank
4700 potable water truck, 41k miles. Excellent CIRCULATION 2005 Sterling 9501, MBE 460, 450hp, w/heated valves, Wittig 150 vacuum pump,
jetter. $104,995.
condition. Located in Tonopah, NV. $85,000 for RTO-16908LL transmission, air-ride sus-
package. 775-482-6841; Email for pictures: pension, 80-gallon fuel tank. 483,573 or 715-425-1025 (P01) (P01)
23,000+ miles, 3,200-gallon septic tank, locking
differential. Stock # 528A-16. ...$45,900
Selling septic truck and a septic tank stake
truck with 16-unit carry capacity - $12,000.
Submit your classified ad online!
READERS! Allen @ 800-236-2044 ext. 4104, WI P01
1,100-gallon capacity International septic
truck - $15,000. Location: Brighton, Michi-
gan. Call 810-217-4639, ask for Bart. (P01)
P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m – I T ’ S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E

104 Pumper • January 2018

2008 International WorkStar septic pump
truck. This truck is loaded and is ready to
work. 205,000 miles. The truck is an auto-
matic with a 3,600-gallon aluminum tank,
225-gallon freshwater tank with power
washer/jet rodder. New batteries, nearly-
1997 Freightliner, N14 Cummins, runs new tires, 200 feet of 3-inch hose with new
everyday. 5,200-gallon aluminum Im- cam-lock ends. National Vacuum Equipment
2016 Peterbilt PB348: 2016 Peterbilt perial tank, 7 yrs. old. Challenger 406 506 Challenger heavy-duty vacuum pump.
2007 Pre-Emissions International, pump. Available March 1st. $39,500 OBO LED running light. Tagged and inspected.
348 cab, 3,000-gallon tank pumper/
NEW 2,500-gallon steel tank, NEW Asking $80,000. Please call 325-864-5127
dumper/hazvac tank. Keith Huber Domi- 608-219-1026, WI P02
vacuum pump system. 215,000 miles, or email (P01)
nator Series III. Actual mileage 4,718.
10-speed, 330hp Cummins, engine
REDUCED TO $140,500. Located in West
brake. ................................... $57,000 1995 Mack CH600, 4,300-gallon vacuum
877-296-2555 PBM tank. $25,000. Contact Eddie Freshwater
Call Sandy 239-849-0363 P02
678-939-2725. (P01)

2014 International 4300: DT466, under

CDL. 109,000 miles. New 2,000-gallon alu-
minum vac tank, new Jurop PN84 vac pump. Call JR. @
720-253-8014, CO. (PBM)
2011 International 4400: DT466,
2006 International 7400, Easton/ 230hp, auto., 124,000 miles. New 2,500- 2011 International 4400: DT466, 230hp,
Fulton 10-speed transmission, DT570 gallon steel vacuum tank, new Jurop auto., 95,000 miles. New 2,500-gallon alu-
motor with 285,000 miles. Newer tires, 1999 Sterling tri-axle, CAT C12, PN43 317cfm vacuum pump. minum vacuum tank, new NVE607 386cfm
drop tag axle, 3,600 waste/200 fresh 40,000 on major, 18-speed. 20K front, vacuum pump.
tank. ...................................... $64,500 46K Hendrickson air-ride rears, dual non- Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM)
Call JR @ 720-253-8014, CO PBM
steerable 20K tag axle (3 years old). 2003
Call Tom 330-562-8300, OH P01
Jays 5,500-gallon all-aluminum tank, 1995 Freightliner, Detroit diesel, 13-speed,
Wittig 150. 3 heated jackets, stainless 1989 International 9370 3,600-gallon vac- 3,365-gallon vacuum tank, Masport W75
100-gallon heated freshwater tank. 2 big uum truck. 400 Cummins, 18-speed trans- pump. Call JR
tool boxes. Available in April – Must see! mission. Jurop 700cfm pump. Full-opening @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM)
608-626-3371, WI P01 rear w/dump ram. $30,000. Call Joe 775-
691-1403, NV. (P01) 2004 Freightliner FL70: 1,200-gallon unit,
low-entry cab with a van body and liftgate.
1989 International 9370 3,600-gallon vac- (Stock# 4101V)
uum truck. 400 Cummins, 15-speed trans- (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) (PBM)
mission. Jurop 700cfm pump. $20,000. Call
Joe 775-691-1403, NV. (P01) 1989 Freightliner with a Presvac 3,500-gal-
1998 International, DT466, 9-speed. lon, carbon-steel vacuum tank and a PV750
2012 International 7000 Series: MaxxForce vacuum pump. (Stock# 9382V) www.vacu-
3,500-gallon tank w/hoist, Battioni 350hp, Allison transmission, pusher axle.
pump. Only 46,663 miles. Clean, rust (888) VAC-UNIT (822-
4,300 US gallon steel tank, NVE 500cfm 8648) (PBM)
free, good tires. ..................... $25,000 pump. Transway system 3” suction, 4”
Call or text Dave 2011 International 7600, MF 13, discharge. Side-mount toolbox, work tray Pre-owned 3,000 U.S. gallon, carbon-steel
612-221-6355, MN P01 430hp, Fuller RTO-16908LL transmis- in back. 72,000 miles. Garaged all year. vacuum tank with a Masport H75W vacuum-
sion, air-ride suspension, 80-gallon $90,000. Call 860-628-7355. (P02) pressure pump installed on a 2000 Mack
fuel tank. 201,403 miles, full lockers, CH613 cab and chassis. (Stock# 8498C)
4,500-gallon septic tank with blower. 2013 International 7500, 130,000 miles. (888) VAC-
New engine with prime 1-year, 120,000- 4,000-gallon aluminum tank, NVE 607 UNIT (822-8648) (PBM)
mile warranty: Engine, after treatment, vacuum pump. 3000 RDS Allison automatic
transmission & rears. Stock # 679A-16. transmission. $86,000. Call Ron 815-405-
.............................................. $109,900 0962. (P02) SERVICE/REPAIR
2004 IH 7500, 295,000 miles, 340hp, Allen @ 800-236-2044 ext. 4104 Septic/grease pump truck w/1,200-gallon Dynamic Repairs - Inspection Camera
8LL transmission. 4,000-gallon alu-, WI P01 tank and Jurop pump. All equipment includ- Repairs: 48 hour turn-around time. General
minum tank, Wittig RFL 150 pump, ed. Maintenance records available. $16,000. Wire, Ratech, Ridgid, Electric Eel, Gator Cams,
500cfm, heated valves. ......... $45,000 Also available: 6,500-gallon storage tank.
1991 Kenworth T800, CAT 3406B, 13-speed, Insight Vision, Vision Intruders. Quality service
630-584-9494, IL P01 $3,000. 903-701-0813 (P01) on all brands. Rental equipment available.
air suspension, 3,000-gallon tank, hoist,
Jurop R260 vacuum pump. 3" valve & 6" For more info call Jack at 973-478-0893.
2017 Freightliner M2, 1,800-gallon septic/
2010 International 4300 DT466 with a new air-control dump. 36" rear door. Located in Lodi, NJ. (PBM)
grease. More info at
2,450-gallon steel tank, new Jurop R260 Central MN. $25,000. 320-212-9908 (P01) sUE87S7hA. Larry Towner 770-241-0989;
pump, and good tires all around. Manual (P01) SLIDE-IN UNITS
transmission. Only 137,000 miles. Truck will 1999 International 8100, M-11 Cummins,
be done being built in about 2 weeks, but a Twin-screw, 2,700-gallon, Masport HXL400 One-owner daily drive 1998 Ford F8000, NEW 650-gallon (450/200) slide-in unit.
deposit will hold it for you until it is complete. pump. Heated collars, 3-stage tank hoist, Caterpillar motor, 2,500-gallon tank, Masport Honda & Jurop powered. Set up and ready
$48,750. Text for pictures. Located in Central Excellent condition- RUNS GREAT. $30,495. water-cooled pump. Photos upon request. to go. Delivery available. $7,250. Other sizes
Arkansas. Caleb @ 281-914-1192. (P01) Call/text 712-431-6081 for pics. (P01) 864-444-7316 (P02) available. 337-315-0692 (P01)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m – I T ’ S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E • Since 1979 January 2018 105

SLIDE-IN UNITS 2002 Keith Huber portable toilet service 2005 Peterbilt, 150,000 original miles, pre- Guzzler Classic - 2007 Mercedes Guzzler
tank, 700 waste/350 water. (Stock# 602SV) emission with Wallenstein mounted pump. Classic - 2007 Sterling Guzzler Classic -
2009 LMT 300 PT Potty Tank: 300-gallon unit (888) VAC- 2006 Dragon trailer with dual 6" lever 1996 Ford L9000 KingVac - 1999 Interna-
with 9hp Honda GX240. Used little. 2-inch UNIT (822-8648) (PBM) valves, Garnett flow meter. 10-speed Cum- tional 5,500-gallon vacuum tanker - (2x)
hose and reel included. $2,000 OBO. 717- mins, 370hp. $95,000 OBO. Call 302-841- 1981 Progress. Call Tom at 423-892-8335.
887-2550 leave message. (P01) 0323. (P02) Visit
TOOLS for more information. (P01)

T&T Tools, Probes, Hooks: Probes feature VACUUM LOADERS 1999 Peterbilt 378 triaxle with a Presvac
steel shafts with threaded and hardened tips. Powervac 5300, 3,250-gallon carbon steel,
The insulated Mighty Probe™ tested to DOT, industrial vacuum loader. (Stock# 4387V)
50,000 volts. Top Poppers™ open manhole (888) VAC-
covers easily. Free catalog. www.TandT UNIT (822-8648) (PBM) Phone 800-521-6893. (PBM)

Crust Busters: Portable, lightweight ma- WANTED

chine, guaranteed to mix up septic tanks and We are looking to purchase used equipment,
grease traps! Save time and money! www. such as portable toilets, half-high toilets,, 1-888-878-2296.(PBM) 2003 Guzzler Ace, 5,500cfm, 27”
and restroom trailers. Please contact Lance
Hibon blower with Fruitland 500 pressure
at 561-346-9296 or
offloading pump. Also 2,000psi wash-
Frac Tanks from Geneva Equipment (P01)
Delivered to your door. 500 bbl. (21,000 TOYS down system with 150-gallon poly tank.
gallons) portable frac tanks. 1,000+ CAT 435hp engine with Fuller 8LL trans- Wanted to Buy: Vactor 2100s and late model
Septic pumper and vacuum die-cast toy
tanks available. Epoxy lined. mission. 46k rears, 20k front. Work ready. Guzzlers. Cash. Phone 800-336-4369. (PBM)
trucks: In your choice of colors and logos,
Call 855-202-7872 several cabs available. Call 877-450-2100, KLM Companies
or 617-909-9044 PBM
write to Granite State Collectibles, PO Box PBM 440, New Ipswich, NH 03071; or www. (PBM)
Cheap, Used Vacuum Tanks - Late
model, lined, steel tank sale! 4,650-gal-
lon: $9,500 and lower; 3,500-gallon:

$12,500. Also: Low-price, plug-and-play 1999 International Guzzler vacuum
pumps -- Masport, Fruitland, Jurop, NVE. excavator: Totally refurbished, purchased
Call 269-751-5167, MI PBM new for Big Dig Project. 27" blower, CAT
Imperial Vacuum Trailers: In stock, engine, auto remote. Special noise-sup-
6,000- and 6,300-gallon aluminum single-
pression equipment. Tri-axle. High-pres- CIRCULATION
compartment Imperial vacuum trailers.
Call Kyle
sure wash-down system - 300-gallon
water tank. $79,500 OBO. Also available REACHES
800-558-2945 Ext. 424 PBM
1997 Ford Guzzler vacuum excavator -
same features as 1999 International.
2002 Acro 7,000-gallon vacuum trailer with
Fruitland 500 vac pump. Ready to work.
No washdown system. $79,500 OBO.
617-212-0162, MA P01
$35,000 OBO. Call 419-358-1936 or email (P01)
Very good, used, late-model vacuum
truck tanks. Over a dozen 110 bbl. J&J 2012 Dragon 5,460-gallon carbon-steel
and Dragon tanks available. Asking
$7,500 each with pumps. Tank and truck
vacuum tank trailer. (Stock# 3901C) www. (888) VAC-UNIT
FILL a job opening
packages are also available. Located in
Throop, PA.
(822-8648) (PBM)
BID OUTan upcoming job
Call Bill 570-347-5125 P01
contracted services offered
Vacuum Tanks - New: Sizes from 1,000-
4,300 gallons. All complete! Delivery avail-
SUBMIT YOUR SELL used equipment
able. Contact
Jerry: or 800- CLASSIFIED AD OBTAIN a position wanted
721-2774. (PBM)
150-gallon, heavy-duty steel tank. Was used

for pumping smaller grease traps. Fits in the

back of a full-size van or high top. $500. In Pumper magazine and on the web.
Dan 920-585-9924, WI (P01)
P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m – I T ’ S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E

106 Pumper • January 2018

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108 Pumper • January 2018
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on Full Cartons!

Fits most commercially 4 Horizontal

Safety Screws Vertical Safety
available: Screws

• Risers
• IPEX PVC Ribbed Pipe
• Corrugated Pipe



Tuf-Tite® Riser
Concrete Keepers™

Secured by 6 Vertical and 4 Horizontal Foamed-in Permanent Holds up to 70 lbs of Concrete Water-TITE™ Vertical and
Safety Screws. Screws Included. Polyurethane Gasket. for Added Safety. Joint Horizontal Safety

4” Effluent Filter and 4” T-Baffle™ 6” Effluent Filter and 6” T-Baffle™

86 ft. of 1/16” filtration area. 244 ft. of 1/16” filtration area.
EF-4 Combo 18
Increases time EF-4 Combo Increases
between filter Includes Filter,
4” Effluent Filter EF-4 time between EF-6 Combo 6” Effluent Filter EF-6
Includes Filter,
cleaning. Housing and One-piece effluent filter fits in 4” filter cleaning. Housing and Bushing One-piece effluent filter fits
Sanitary Tee. in 6” T-Baffle™.
4” Sch. 40 &
SDR-35 • Injection molded PolyPro 4” Sch. 40 &
• Injection molded PolyPro
• Simple to install
• Simple to install - Easy to clean
• Easy to clean

4” Sanitary Inlet/Outlet T-Baffle™

Injection molded T-Baffle™. COMPONENT
6” Sanitary T-Baffle™
COMPONENT ANSI/NSF Injection molded T-Baffle™.
800 GPD
• Injection molded T-Baffle Standard 46
ANSI/NSF COMPONENT • Injection molded
ANSI/NSF Standard 46 • Fits 4” Sch. 40 and SDR-35 pipe
Standard 46 1500 GPD
Standard 46
• Simple to install ANSI/NSF TB-6 Housing • Fits 4” Sch. 40 and SDR-35 pipe
Standard 46 • Simple to install
TB-4-18 Housing • May also be used as Inlet &
TB-4 Housing 12/carton
• May also be used as Outlet Tee
Outlet Tee
with Solids Deflector
SD-4 Gas/Solids
Gas/Solids Deflector Deflector

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Portable Toilet Service
> Bright Aluminum
> Water Tank: 500 US Gallons
> Waste Tank: 1500 US Gallons
> Jurop PNR 72 Vacuum Pump
> 150 CFM @ 15" HG
> Flojet Wash Pump: 5 GPM @ 50 PSI

Septic Pumping
> Carbon Steel
> 4800 US Gallon Tank
> Presvac PV750 Vacuum Pump
…is our Trademark

> 400 CFM @ Free Air

> 350 CFM @ 15" HG
> Max Vacuum 27" HG Continuous
> Max Pressure 35 PSI

Portable Toilet Service
> Stainless Steel 304 Construction
> Water Tank: 420 US Gallons
> Waste Tank: 420 US Gallons
> Masport HXL3F Vacuum Pump
> 90 CFM @ 15" HG
> DC10 Wash Pump: 40 GPM @ 40 PSI
> Heated Valves And Insulated Cabinets

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