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No. F210{

tl January 2A12-14

This Total Crew Cost collective bargaining Agreement is made beiween the vgr.dt/lTF Bsńln and Col'unbul
Shlpmanagement GmbFł This Total Crew Cost CBA is ęnly va|id for vessels which are covered with our lTF
Special Agreemenl.
This Agreemenl sets out the standard termś and conditions applicable to alt Seafarers serving on any German
benelicially ownod flag of convenience slrip in respect of which there is in existence a Speciat Agreęment ("The
special Agr€grnsnt") rnade b€łween the lntemational TraRspoń Workers' F6dera1ion (''The lTF') and the owner or
operator of that ship ("The Company"). This Agreement is deemed to be incorporated into and to sontain lhe terms
and condltions of employment of any Seafaret whelher or nÓt the eompan'y,have entered into individual conlracts of
employment with any Seafarer.
The $peoial Agreęrnent requires the Cornpany (inter alia) to employ the $eafarers on thg terms and.cgnditions of
this Agreement,' and to enlo'r into individual contracts of employmęct with each 8eafaręr inootporating the lerms and
conditions of this Agreernent (]'The lTF Employmant Contraot'). The company has fuńher agreed With the lTF io
cońply with all ńe terms and conditions of this Ęreement. The Company shall furthgr snsufe that signed copies of
the applicableJTF approvod Agreomeilt (CBA) and of tbe ITF $peoial Agreement are avaiiable on board in English.
-Shiprr, -tt"r,ul
Ą. The words "Seafarer", Agreemenfi, '!!TF" and "Company" when used in this Agreement, shall have
the Eańe meaoing as in the $pecia| Agreórńent. Fuńhermore "seafaref" m€ąns any person vńo is emplqyBd or
engaged on works in any capacity to whom this collective bargaining ągreement applies' .''MLC. means Maritirne
Labour Gonvention adoptre€' by lhe General Conference o{ the lntetnational Labour organization on 23 Fe'bruary
Each Seafarer, in accordance With $ 1 (2.) above, shal| be covęred by the Agreement with effect irom the date on
which they are engaged or the date from which the ITF Special Agreement is effective as applicable, \rvbether they
have signed Arlicles or no!, unlil the date on whieh they sign off or if later tbe date until which, in accordance with
lhis Agreement, the Company are liable for the payment of wages, whether Qr not any Employment Conlr-act is
executed between the Seafarer and the company and whether or not the ship Ańicles are endorsed or amęnded to
include the rates of Bay specified in this Agreement.
Eaql]'seafurEf'shatl undcr*ake t]o gerve lhs-oornpany cornpetently and shall,undęrtak€ łhat-they'possess, and Will
exercise, the skill commensurat€ with the certificatos Which thty declare to hold, whioh should be verified by the
The Cornpany shall be enlified to require that,any seafarer sha|l havę a satisfectory pre+mployment m€dical

suestiońĄair€ oń itreii itate of hetliń whicń ńiłi"6ei ięqujiód. Failtjr,€ to do śomay cff€ct h6 Śeaf€ifeis Enfflorńóttt
lQ Qompęngation as per Ańicles Medical Af.ention, sick Pay, Maternity, Eisanility and Loss of Life' The seafar€r
shall be entitled lo receive a copy of the medioa| cBrtifioale issued in resp€ct of such an €xamination'
A Seafar_er shall be engaged for 6 (six) monthę, wtllch period may be extended to 7 (seven) mpnth oI reduced to 5
(five) months for operalional convenience' Thę employmęnt,Ehall be automatically terminated upon the terms of this
Agreement at tfłe first a.rrival of the ship in porł afler expiration of that peńod, orof any other peńod specified in the
ITF Einployment Contr'act, unles$ th6 company operates a perrnanenl ernployment syslem
Companies who are direot employers or.who use sealarer$ recruitmenl and placement scrvices Ęhall ensułe, as far
as practioable, that thą standards laid down in the MLC are met including the requirernent that no fees or visa costs
are borne directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the seafarers for finding employmenti the right forseafarers to
inspecl their employment agreements and seek ad-vice before engagement aod preventing the recruitm€nt or
piacemenl seryices from using means' mechanisrns or lists to prevent seafarers from gaining emBloyrnęnt for which
they are qualified.

5" Each seafarer shall sign the seaments employrnent contractałtached aŚ APPEND|X 4'

P€ge 1 pJ 18 10 łłleTCC cBA bętwęen lTF and Columbur shlpmrnagemgnl smbH

Tłle wages ol eań Seafarer shall be calouląted in accordancs' with this Agleęment as per valid wage scale
attachod Witłl the lTF special Agreement to łhis TCC and the only deduciions fiom such wages shall be as required
by relevani s.tatute as r€corded in the Special Agreemenl and/or deductions authorized by thg Seafurer. The
Seafarer shall be entitled to payment in cash in U$ Dollars (or in local currency, at the Seafare/s option) of lheir net
Wages after such deductions at the end of eacb calendar month. Any net wages nol so drawn shall accumulatę for
the Seafarers accounl and may be dfawn by them at any time vńen the Ship is in poń. Fur'lher, on the ship's arrival
in poń. snd tb€reafter not more frequently lhan every seventh day in the same count.y, the seańarer shall be
enlitled to draw all or pań of the net wages due to them in respect of the current calondar rnonth. For the purpose of
calfillatihg wages, a calendar month shall be regarded as having 30 days.

7. .Ąny $eafarer' shall be allowed an allotmenl note, payable at monthly intervals, of up to 80 ot basic wągeo 'after
allowing for any slatutory deductions.


The ordinary hours ol duly of all Seafarers shall be I (eight) per day, Monday to Friday incfusive. ln the case of day
workers,thoI(eight)hoursshall beworkedbelween06:00and'18:00,MondaytoFridayinclusive Onthese'days
any hours of'duty in excess of the S (eight), and in the case of day workers before 06:00 or afler 1,8:00 shsll be paid
for by overtimg at the rałe stipulated in the ailached Wages scale.
o Or ships with UMS class where continuous watchkeeping in the engine room is not carried outi the engineers
(except the chiof ,engineer on ,ships with 3 or mor€ enginęers) shajl be paid 1/5 of thg hou'rly fate męnlipned'in the
valid wage scale for each hour for UMS watch wbile the Ship is undenłayi i'e, not anchor€d, m,oor€d or grounded'
in these cases the allowance shall be 1l2 of the hourly rata Th'is regulation can be separately regulated betwe€n
the pańies concęrned and must be speeifi€d in the Special Agreement.
10. All hours on duty on Saturdays, Sundays and Public llolidays shall be paid for by overtime at the rate stipulated in
the valid vłag€ scale' except that hour's of lvatchkeĆping shall be ,compeflsated for at the weekday overtime rate.
11. lf the 9ea{arer so dęsiręs these hours may be compęnsaied for by time off in lieu ol payment. ln thal event 3.B
hours oveftime plus subsistence allowance fepresent one days wages.
t2 ,Ąny break during the work period of less than half an hour shall be counted as working time.

13. Overtime snall be recorded individually and in duplicate either by the Master or the head of the deparlment. Such
record shall be handed to the Seafarer for approval every fońnight or at shońer intervals' Bolh coBies must be
signed by the,Mąster andlor head of thę' depańmenl as well as by the seafarer, after which the remrd is final. Qoe
copy shall be handed over to the Seafarer.
14. lf no oveńirne records are ktsp! as required above the seafarer shall be paid monthly a lumpsum for overtirne as
mentloned in the fooinote of tbe valid wage scale without pąudiee to any fuńher claim for payment for oveńirne
hóu}śwo{ked ih exóeśśó{thóśę figuiEś,
Ę !!'ą"hoj|{ey-Ęllę p_!l'ą.saJg'ts-aJ.ęI_ą.sułsąythe followłng_work|ng day shallbę observed as ą hQ|iday' For the tlłis Agreement' the ioilówiń'g oays anatt ue cóiiśioóńa as holida's at ś6aóa iń pbrt-ChńśtińaśD5y,
Boxjng pay, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labour Oay (1' May). Sprińg Bank Holiitay and
Surnrner Bank Holiday, or sudt public,holidays as ar€ agreed upon, having regard to the natiónality of lhe rnajority
'of thecrew męmbers, and detailed in the Special Agreement between the Company and the lTF accornpanying this
Total Crew Cost CBA.

16. Neilher ships crews nor anyone else on board whether in permanent or lemporary ornployment by lhe compąny
shall carry out cargo handting and other work traditionally or historically done by dock workers without the prior
agreernerJt of.the ITF Dockers Union or ITF unions concemed and provicled that the individual seafarer.s voluntiser
t9 carry out $uch dUties, for Which thęy should be adequately compensated, For tha puęose of this c|aus€ "gafgo
handling" rnay include,but is not limited to: loading, unloading,' stowing, unslowing, pouring, tńmming, classilying,
sizing, staeking, unstacking, as well as oomposlng and decomposing unit loads: also servicesin relation with cargo
or goods, such as tallying, weighing, measuring, cubing, checking' reoeiving, guarding, dęlivering, sampling and
sealing, lashing and unlashing.

Page 2 o{ {8 to the TCC CBA between ITF and Colurnbu! Sblpmanagoment GmbH
17. Cornpensation for such work perfonned during the nomal working w€ek, as specified in $ 5, shall be by the
payment of the pre mium ovęńime rate (weekend and holiday hourly' overtime rale as specified-in the column óf the
valid wąe scale) for oach hour or part of an'hour that such worh is performed, in addition to the basic pay' Any
sueh wo.k performed outside the normal working weęk will be compensated at double thE pręmium oveńime rató
(weekend and holiday hourly overtime rate as specified in the column of the valid wage scale) for each hour ot part
of an hour that suoh work is peńormed in addition to the payment of the normal houĄ rate (determined by diyiding
the rłłonthlybaśicby 173} for those hours_
18 Whe'rę a vessel is ina poń where an official trade dispute involving an lTF-affiliated dock'vrp'rkers'union is taking
plac€. neither shlp's crew nor anyone else on board whether in permanent or l€mporgry employment by thó
Company shal| undertake cargo band|ing and oth€r wo'rk, traditlonally and historicatly ooni oy nreńbęrs of thal
unlon which woułd affect the r€solulion of such a dispule, The Company will not t]ake any punitive measures againsl
any seafgrEr who r'espects such dockworkęrs| trade dispute and any śuchlawful act by the Seąfarer shall ńt oe
treatgd aśany breach of tho $eafaref's contract of employment, provided that this act ij lawful within the country it
19. The'owners,undertake to ensure that Seafarers who refuse to perform work traditiona|ly or hiatorically done by docł<
workers will not be,subjBct to any form of victimiaatton or any other detriment.
?4. Any Seafarer shall be entitled to act lawfully in respecting ahy dock workets' trade dispute including but not limited,
to reqpeclng any picket line or complying with ańy lawful oquest not to enter any premiśes, dock, pier or ocean
tarrTłinal, The Company wlll not tak€ any punitive mea$utes against any Sea{arer Mlo respects such óock worker€'
trade dispute and any such lawful act by the Seafańr shall not b€ reated as any breach of thE Seafarels contract
of employment.

21' Any additional hours worked during an emergency directly affeeting the immediate safety of the ship, ile passengęrs
and crćw, of which the Mastershall be thesgle judge, orforsakly boat drill, orwork required togive aśsistanceto
other ships or Persons in immediate peril shall not cóunl for oveńime payment.

22. Watchkeeping. al. Śea and, wben deerned nBces€afy, in poń, shall be or.ganized on a three_watoh basis. lt shall be at
tho diŚcretion of łhe Master whioh sea{arers afe put inio watches and which, if any, on daywork. The Master and
Chief Engineer shall not be required to stand watches. While watchkeeping at sea, thę ońcer of the navigational
Watcn'shall 'be assisted by at least a poslęd lookout and at no time, especially during perio'ds of darkness, shall sglo
wałchteeping be undeńałęn.
23. Each seafarer shall have a minimum of 10 hourc rest in any 24 hour period and 77 hours in any seven{ay period,
24. period of 24 hours shall begin at the timę a Seafarer,stańs wgrk immedialęły after having had a period of at'
6consecutive hours off duty.
25. The hours of Iest may be divided into no more than two periods, one of which shall be at lea st 6 hours in length and
the interval between congeoutive pęriods of r€sl shatl not exceed 1'4 hours.
26. The Cornpany shall post aecessible place on board a table detailing the schedule of servioe at 6€a and in port
and the minimum hours of r'est for each posiliqn on board in the tanguagó of the ship'and in Eng|ish.
27' Nothing jn thls Ańicle shall be deemed to impairthe right o' the maslef of a ship to reguire a seafarer to perform any
hours of work necessary for lhe immediate safely of the ship, persons on board or cargo, or for the purpose of

sehedule of h'ours of work 0r hours o' rośt and require a ssafarer to pęrform any hours 0f work necesFary Until the
normal situation has been restored. As soon as pracłicablo afterthe normal situation has been restored, the master
shall ensu're that any s€afarers who have perfonńed the work in a Echeduled rest perlod are provided wth an
adequate period of rest. ln addition, the $TCił requirements covering overriding operational conditions shall apply'
28. A shoń'break of less łhan 30 minutes will not be considered as a period of rest.
29' Emeęency dril|s and drills prescńbed by natiqnal laws and regulations and by intemational instruments shall be
conduoted,łn a manner that minimises the distuńance of rest periods 'and does n'ot induce fatigue.
30' The ąllocatioil of periods of respołsibility on UMS Ships, where a continuous watchkeeping in the engine room is
not canied out' shall also be con'ducted in a manner thal minimises the diŚturbance of rest periods and does not
induce fatigue and an adeq,uate compensatory rcsl period'shall be given if the normal period of rest is dislurbed by
31' Reeords of seafarers daily hours of:rest shall be maintained to al|ow for monitoring of compliance witlr this Artiełe'

Page 3 ol 18 to the ToG CEA bótween lTF and Columbrl. shlpmil.grmołt Gftbl{
e2. The ship shall,be competently and adeguately manned $o as to ensur€ its safe oper:alion and the maintenance of a
three watch system whenever required and in no ,case manned at a lower level lban in accordance with relevant
and applicable international laws, rules and regulitions.
33. tn addition. the manning of each ship shall be detęrmined following agreement betweęn lhe Company and Ver.di'
34. The agreed manning shall not include any tempomry or riding squad workers. Howęver' in cartain ciroumsląnces,
the oompany gńd thę union can agr€e that for a limited perlod temporary riding squads may be used on board
subject to the following pńnciples:
. persons.enggged for security purposes shoutd notundertake other seafare'rs'duties:
'. on|Y specilic tasks authgrizęd by the master can be carried out by the riding squads:
classifiea,tion societies ate to be informed of any survey or struc{ural work carried out in compliance with IACS
uR z'13;
. sguads must be covered by agreerftents in linę wiłh lLO conventions and recommendątions; and
a|| riding
. ńding squads should not be used lo feplace current crew or be used to undermine lTF agreements,
35, The Company shall ęnsure that on board training and familiarization is provided to each seafarerso as to'oomply
fully tvith provisions of the lMo Convention standarcls of Training, Ceńification and Watcfikeeping, 19'78 aś
amend€d (sTcW 95)

35. Where the cornplornent falls $hort of lhe agreed manning, for whafevęr reasonsl the wage$ of the shońage category
shall be paid to the affected members of the concerned depańment. Such shońage, however' shall be made up
before the Ship leaves the nefi port of call' This provlsion shall not ąffegt any oveilime paid in accordgncg Wjlh $$

37 A seafarer shall be ęntitled to immediate medical attention for sicknesśor injury and to dental lreatment of acute
pain and'emergencies, A Seafarer, who is dischatged owing to $ickness or iniury' shall be entitlęd to rnedical
attęntion (inc|uding hospitaliŻation) at th€ Company's expen$€ for as long as such atttntion is required. The
sh'ipowner shall be liable to defray the expense of medical care and maintenince until such time as further nedical
treatmentwould not improve the Seafarers position.
38 ln those cases where. following repatriation, seafarers have to meet their own rnedical care costs' in line with Ańicle
14 ($.), they may submil claims for reimbursement within 6 months, untess there are excepiional circumstances, in
which casę,the period may be extendęd'
39 Proof of cgntinued entillemenł to medica| attenlion shall be by submission of satlsfactory medical lepońs, endorsed,
whęre necessary, by a company appointed doctor. lf a doctor appointed by or ón behałf of the seafarer disagreet
with the asse$sment, a third dbctor rnay be nominated ,iointly between the Company and the Union and the decision
of this dogtor shall,b8 Enal and bindirłg on bo{tl pańies,

40. Whęn g,Seaferer is_ signed off 'and łąąded ąl an!/ port becauge of gickness or injury, their wages sńal| sontinus until
they have bcen repatriated at the Compańy'ś dxflense as speeified łn Ańicle 21, T|'ierśater the SęaTórer shall b6
€ńtiued to eiak pily at a iałó equivalerit tii ttreii basic walias whili thęy lemain śickÓi iniured up tol a maximum of
130 days' The provision of sick pay following repatria1ion Ehail bj subiect to submission óf a valid rnedical
ceńifioate, Without undu€ dęlay, Howełer' in thd case of injury thB sick pay shal| be paid until the injurcd Seafater
has be'en cured or untll the incapacĘ has been deelared to be of a permanenł characlg'. Proof of theircontinued
entitłemenl to sick pay shall bę by submission of satisfaotory medica| ceńificatęs, At the time they leaves the Ship
the Seafarer shall be pald an advance of their sicłt pay for the estimated number ol days cenified by a doclot for
Which they ar€ €xpocted to be sick or injured,

Ą1. Eaoh shall, on lhe lęrmination of emBloyment for Whatever rea$on, be entitled to payment of leave pay as
specified in the wagę scale for eaoh completed month of servicę and plo rata for a shorter period,


Page łt of 'tB to th6Tcc cBA betueen lTF and columbuł $hlpm.nagomont Gmbll

42. lf a Seafarer dies through any cause whilst in theemployment of'the Gompany., or rising from the employtnent with
the Company. ino|uding death from natural oauses or d€ath ocourring whilst travelling to or from the veśe|, o[ as a
result of marine ol olher similar peril, the Company shall ,paY the sums specified in the attached schedułe (Annex 1)
to the widowrWdower or children or parents a.nd lo Bach dependent child up to a maximum of 4 (four) undor the age
of 2l. lf the Seafar'erEhall |eave no widow, the aforemęntipnęd surn shall be paid to the Berson orbody ompoweród
by law or otherwige to administęr lhe estate of thB seafarer' The oornpany shall also transpoń at its own expense
the body to Seafarer's home where practical and at the Families' equest and pay the cost of burial sxpenses.
43, Any payment effectecl under this clause shall be without prejudice to any claim for compensation made in law'
Ą4. The provisions of Ańic}e 19'{7,) shall also apply in ths case ofcompensation for Loss of Life - Death in service as
specified in this Arlicle.


s18 '
48 A warlike opel"tions area or high risk zone will be designated by the lTF. The list of EUch ITF designated argas will
be svailable in the ITF's website and amended from time to Ume. An updated list of the Warlike Operatrons areas
shall be kepl on board lhe vesgels and shall be accessible to the crew.
46 At the time ol the assignment the company shall inform the Sealarers if the Vessęl is bound to or may enter any
Warlike Qper.ations area. lf this information becornes known during the period of the Seafaręrs' emp|oyłnent on the
vęssel the Company shall advise the sęafaręrs immedihtely.
4ł lf the vesse| entęrs a Warlike operations.area;
. The Seafarer shall have the rlght nol to proceed to such area. ln this event the Seafarer shall be rEpatriated at
Company's ęost with bęnefts accrued until ,th6 date of 'return to hls/trer home or the poń of engagement.
. The'Seafaręr shall be enti{led to a double cornpensąlion for disability and death.
r The Sóafarer shall elEo be paid a bonus equal to 100% of the basic wage for the durations ofthe ship's stay in a
Warlikę operations area - subject to a minimum of 5 days pay,
r Th6 seafarer shall have the ńght to accept or decline an assigńment in a Warlike opera'tions area withot,t
risking loosing his/her employrnent or suffering any other detrimental effects.
48. ln addition to ar€as of wańike operations, the lTF may determine High Risk Areas and dgfine' on a
basiś'thg applioabte sgatarers' benefts and entitlements, as well as employers'and seafarerst obligationr. ln the
event'of any suÓh designations the proviśionsof Arllcles 18 (1') and 18 (2.) shall apply' The details of any Areas
so designated shall be attached to the 68A and made availabl€ on board the vessel. 'ull
49. |n caso a Seafarar may become captive or otherwise prevented from sailing ąs a result of an act of piragy or
hijacking. irrBspeotiv€ whether such act takes place within or outside lTF designated areas referred to in lhis,Ąńicle,
the Seafałeis employment status and entitlernents under this Agreement shall continue until lhe seafarer'E release
and thereafter until the Seafarer is safely repatriated to his/her homs or place of engagement or until all Compant's
contractual liabilities end. Thesę continued entitlerngnts shall, in particular, include the payment of full Wages and
other contraclual benefits. The Corł:pany shall also make every effoń 10 provide captured Seafarers, with extra
proteotion, bod, we|fare, medical and olherassistiłnce as necessary.

lo' .."Ą'$_"ąąsręr' yĘo5qfłę;1's angjury
99'.ą,.19-9-q'!'9f 9n-'ącci9ę't!_!rsm any_ causę whąlsgevę1whilsl in the emplo ment,of
lhe Cornpany' including aocidęnts ocguńłńó whilś[travettińó'to or-iroń trrE słiiń'ór aśi'ies[ti"dińańńę oi other
similarperil, and wttośębbiliĘ to worł'is rBduoed as a result lhereof, shall receive frłm the'6ompany in ąddition'tii
their sick pay ($ 15 above), a compensation as staled below:

Pago t of tt to the TCC 68^A betueen ITF and Columbus Shipnrsn.gomEnt GmbH
Compensation: a) Masiers and Offioers and ratings absve AB : us$ 250.000
b) Al| Rałings, AB and below - us$ 125.000

Degrce of dlsabllĘ rctc of compensatlon

Ratlngs AB and below Offlcers & Ratlngr abovs AB


ust ust
50 -100 125.000 250.000
4S 62.500 125.000
.lO 50.000 100.000
t0 37,500 75"000
u0 25.000 50,000
10 12.500 25.000

Loss. of pro{ession caused by disability (aeoident) shall bę seouręd by t00 % of thę compensation'
51 , !5 disability 9uffered by the Seafarel shall be detelmined by a doctor appointed rnutually by thę Company and the
lTF' and' the Qompany shall provide disabillry compensation lo the Seafarer in aecordinće włth lhi $rcentage
specified in thę table below which is a-płropriate to this ability. With any differences. inc|uding lęss'than 10%
disability, tÓ be pro-rata.
52. The compensałion prwided under this paragraph lar 1af/o disability shall not exceed UsD 25o.oo0 for ofńoers
(and ratings above AB) and USD for Ratings (AB anł below). witb les$er degrees of disabiłity
compe nsated for pro-rata.
53. PerrnraRent Medicell Unfitness - A Seafarer whose disabłllty, in accordanc€ with s 19 {1.) is assessed at1ot/g or
more under the attached Annex 3 shall, for the purpose of this paragraph be regarded as permanently unfit for
furłher sea seryl.q1l1 and be entitled to 1oo% compensatión, i.e' US$ ż for officers and Ratirrgs
31y_ gapacity
above AB and US$ 125.000 for Ratings and below, Furthermore. any Seafarer assessed at less theil soYo.disabi|iĘ
under the attached Annex_3 but cerłilied as per,manently unlil for fuńher sea service in any eapacity by a doctoi
appointed mulually by the company and the lTF, shall also be entitled to 1ood/o cornp€flsation'
54. Loss of Rank - A seafarer whose disability, in accqrdance vrith s 19 (1.) does not fall within thę terms $ 19 (a'} but
who is dEterTnined by. a doctor appointed rrrutualĘ by the lompany and the lTF to be ab|e to con.tinue- to serv€ al
s9a ę1ly iń h lower catęgory of employment than that in Micłr the $eafarer was senłing al the time of the accident
,should be ęntitted'to the degree of disability compensation awarded in accordance wittri to {2,) enhanced by 50Yo'
For the:purpose of this paragraph there should be two c"ategories of ernploymenl as.follows:
. s€rłior Offcers - Master, Chlef Engineer, Chief officer, Second Engineer
. Ratings - All Seafarere other lhan Officers as above
sb. Any'łałylent effected under paragraphs
mdde in faw.
! 'l9 1, to 4. Ebal| be without pĘudices to any daim lor compensation

56' Shipowners, in discharging their responsibilities to providB for safe and decęnt working cond:itions' shottld have

be rnade_promBtly and in ful|' and there should be no pressure by the shipowńeróińy tnó-iep}#e'itatiłdóiłńe
insurers for a payment less than lhe contractua| amoun{ due under this Ągreement. Wh€re lhe nature of the
per9onal injury makes it difficult for lhe shipowner lo rnake a fUlI payment of thó claim, coneideration to b6 gjven to
the payment of an intel:im amount so as to avoid undue hardship.

lnsuranca Cover
57 Thę.:GgTpany shal| conctude appropńate insurance to ęoyęr themsetves fully against the pąssib|e cantingencios
and liabilities raising from the Ańicles of this Agreement.

1. Repalriatłon shall take place in such a manner that it meets lhe neede and reasonable requirements for comfo'ń of
the Seafarer. The Manager/Owner shall be liable for the mst of maintaining the Seafarer ashore until rep-atriation
takes plaoe.

PagE 6of 18 to the TGG GBA between ITF and Columbua Shlpmanegomen{ GmbH
58 A seafarer shall be entilled to repatriation at the company' expenśe (including basic wages and subsislenoą
aflowance) either to their home or to the place of the original engagement (at the $óafarers opiion1:
a) after continuous s€rvice period on board. always subject to the provisions of 2 ('):
b) when signing off or ting 10 sickness or injury;
cJ when their employmenr i$ terminated owing to discharge by the company;
d) upon thę loss, laying_up. sale of the ship or'change of Management;
e) if the
il'ip t'-": been arrested (whether by a Seafarer or oot) pfovided the Ship has r'erllained und€1 arfęst for
more than 14 days;

0 if the Cornpany have not complied.with the proviBions of this Agreemen't, the Seafarer is enlilled
to claim lh6
outshnding Wages and ta bę repąffią1gd al the Company'expenies;
g) on discharge according to 5 25 (2.) and (3.) betow.
59. Wheł, du1ing the coursa of a voyage, the wife. or in the case of a single man. a parent. falls dangerously ill Whilst
the $oahrer is a'broadi e1ery effoń.will be made to repatriate the Sełarer eoncemed as quiokly!s posóiub' rne
cost o' rcpatńation Wi|l be borne by ihe Company.


60 The oompany shall provide' as a minirnum, acaornmodation, recreational facilities and food and oateńflg services
aceordance With the standards speclfed in Title 3 to lhe draft lLo consolidaled Maritame Labour Conńntion 2006
and shall give due consideration to the Guidetines in that Convention.
61 seafarers shall have accBss to free calls on a one-off basis linked to compassionale Óircumstanoes as per Article 25
62. Additionally, each seafarer may make free use of the ships email system, where one is tiiled, for a reasonable
amount o' iime, as dętermined by the Master, taking accouni of 1he vessels operational requirements, for
communicalion with his family,
63, ln.addition, the Company shall provide the galley With 8ll il'ems of equipmenl normałly requifed f'or
moking purpose'
All iterns of equlprnent shall be of good quatiiy.
6Ą. The accommodation standards should generally meet lhose criteria contained in relevanl ILO instruments relating
crew accommodation.

65. Whilst on paid leave a Seafarer shall be entitled to a dal|y subsistenoe allowano€ according to the Valid wage
When' foodl and/or aecornńodation is noi provided on bóard ih" comp'ny sńail be ręsponsible, lor pfoviding food
acc.ommodalion of good guality ashore.
66, When any_Seafarer sufiers total of. partial.loss of, or damage to'.their personal ef'ects, duę to Whatevef, caus'
ąither whi}st serving on board the ship or travelling to and from the ship, lhey shall be entitled. to Iecover,from tbe
comPpp:tio..1 up to maximum speeifed in the vęlid wagó'scań. The Seafarrl*r stlall cerrity that any
intormation provided with łegard'a1o lost propefi is true to the best of lheir knowledge.
67. The shall take measures for safeguarding property left on board by sick, injur.ed or deceased seafaręrg
and torretmingit to fiem or to thelr next of [in. --: ----
68. may terminate the employmenl by giving one monłhs notice of terminetion to the Company qr the Mastef
of the shiP' eilher inwriting or veńally in the pręsence of a witness (s€e also s 21 (3") above).
69. lf the Seafarer was employed.for a specified voyagę, and if the Voyag'e is subsequently alterod substantially, either
with r6gafd to dur:ation or trading pattern, they sńalibe entitled lo tenńnate their einployment as soon as pośsible.
70 A $eafarer may refuso tg sail into a warlike operalion ar€a (see Ańicle 18).
ł1 A $eafaror may.terminate a curBnt employmeni qontract: when, during the oourse of a voyage it is confirmed that
tfie ,spouse or, in lhe case of a single Person, a parent, has fallen dangerously ill, This'pńvision shal| ałso be
applled with regard to the partner of a seafarer provided lhat this pańner hJs beeń norninatei by the seafarer at fie
trme of engagement as the seafarers next of kin;

72. A seafarer shall be entitled to terminate. their ernplo1menl immediately if the ship is ceńified substandard iR re|alion
tothe.applicable provisions of the Safety of Life at $ea Gonvention (SOLAS) 1974, the InternationalConvention bn
Loadlines (|Lc} 1966, the standards of Training ceńification and Walchkeeping Convention (sTcW) .1995, the
Page 7 of 1a to the T'oC CBA between lTF and colrJmbu. glllpm.n'gęłnont GmbH

I .
International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973, as modified by the pro{oeol (MARpOL) or
substandard in relation to lLo convention Nó. 147. 1976, Minimum standalds in Merchant Ships, as supplęmeńed
by the Protgcol of '1996. ln any event, a ship ghall be regarded as substandard if it is nol in poijóJsion otłne
ceńifoatęs r€guired under either applicable national laws and regulations or ińternationat inslrumgnts'
73, The company shall n_ot be entitled to terminale the ęmployment ot a sęafarer prior to expiry af the period of
engagement (as specified in g 25 (2.)) except only that the Company rnay discharge a Seafarer:
a) upon the total loss of the Ship; or
b) when ths Ship has been laid up for a oontinuous period of at least one month; or
e) uPon the sale of łhe ship, change of Management; or
d) upon th€ miscondu.ct of the $eafarer giving 'rj$e to a lawfuł entitlemenl to digmiss; provided theł in the casę of
dismissa| for misconduct of the Seafarer the Company shall, pńor to dismissal, give written notic€ to the
seafarer'specifying the misconduct relied upon ano in tńe eventihat such notice iśiotgivenis iióresaio the
disrniEsal sha|l be ineffective in terminating the employment of the Seafarer and the seafłer shall be' entltled to.
damages in respect of the unexpired lÓr'n of ths gmployment in addition to the compensation provided fÓr in
number 7 below.
74 A Seafarer shall be entitled to reoeive compensation of two months' basic pay on terminalion of their employment
forany reason except where:
e) 'the lermination is as a resuft of the
e xpiry of an agreed period of service in thęir lTF Employment Gontracl; or
termination is as a result of notice.giv€n by the Seafarer as afoęsaid; or
g) the SBafarsr is lawfully and pr,operly dismissed by the Company as a consequence of the Seafareis own
75,. FÓr the purposes of this Agreement refusal by any seafarer to obey an order to sail th€ Ship shall not amoun!to a
breach of the seafarers employment obligations where;
h} the Ship is unseawońhy of otherwise substandard as defined in s 25 (4') abovei or
i)for any reassn it would be unlawful for the Ship to sail, or
j) tho Seabrer. has a genuine grievance againBt the Cornpany in ręlation to implernentation of this Agreement or their
ITF Employment contract: or
k) the Seafarer refusęs to sail into a vyarlike operations area,

78,. ln the event that a seafarer becomes pregnant duńng the pBriod of ernployment:
l)the Soafarer shall advise the master as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed;

"m) the Cońpany will rępatriate the seataręr as spon as roasonably possib|e but in no cąse later than th€ 261h węek
of pregnancy; and where the nature of the vessel's operatiońs'could in tńe circumstind. ń;;;ou. - .i ń
the first port of calt.
n') . .lhe śęafaręr,shall .bs €ntitled to 1 0o' days basie pay.^

o) the Seafarer sha.ll be afforded priority ln filling a suitab|e vacancy in the sarnę or equivalent pogition witt' in thrĘę
years following the birth of a child should such a vacancy be ayailable.

P e.ro_onal f yf g!!ve eq u tpme nr

77. The'Company s!9]l nrovide the necessary as par l$WllvlO regu|ations protective equipmenł for the use ol
eaeh Sęafarer whilst serving on board. Every pef€on engagedln tbe opirations ahd every otheiperson who may be
exposed t9 thę fisk of injury, poisoning or disease ańsing from th€ operalions should' whóre neoessary, be prwidod
with and shoułd wear:
p) a suitable safćty hg]met cqnśtructed to an apprÓpriate slandard:
q) overalls:
r) wa{erproof; reinforced, safety boots;
s} depending on tlle risk, sufficienl and suitablę protective clothing and equipment, including, but nol limited to:
l) respiratory protective equipment; eye Brotectors; hearing protection; gloyes; welding aprons; safety
harnesses, ropaśand attachments; and buoyancy aids;

Page 8 ot't8 lo the TQC oEA betułeen llF and columbuł shlpmanaggnrgnt Gmb|ł
lll suffcienl and suitable protęctive outer clothing for use by any per€on who, by reason of the natqre of work,
is required to continue workię in the open airduring cold-or hot weath€r, r€in, snow, s|eęt, hail, spray,
high winds or hot, humid conditions.
t)Perqon1l p.rote,ctiv€ equipment should be used on an indlvidual basis and not passed to another pe'rson without
first being cleanęd, serviced and maintained;

u) The' spacę provided for personal safęty equipment should be suń as not to contaminat€ aecommodation or
olher storage. Fer.sonal proteetive equipment should be sgitable for thę purpose and to the required standard,
having regard ofthe nature ofthe work;
V) Where there is ą relevant ceńificate of approval or a national standard or there is an equivalenl inlernational
standard, personal protęctive eQuipment should be to that siandard.
w) $hips shal! be so eguipped, thal survival suits of appropriate size, meeting lMo/soLAs €tandards, shall be
made available for each crew member' The Company shall be responsibłó for eneuring the existen€ of an
ample number of survival suits on board.
78. Lifuboats and Liferafts shall carry reverse osmosis equipmenl.
$hlp -Boerd burlnt*u"
79 The Company shall facilitate the establishrnent of an on board Safety 'and Health co.rnrnittee, in accordanĆe With the
provisions contiained in thę llo Code of PractiÓe on Aceident Preventjon on Boarcl Ship at sea and in Port,'
and aE
of their safeV managament system .. The Cornpany shall provide a link between the Company and those on
board' through the d_esignałion of a pęrson or persons ashore having direct bccess to th; h'lghest level gf
rnanagement '
The Company shall also designate an on board competent sąfety officęr who shallimplemenl the
Corhpany's safe8 ąnd health poticy and program and carry out the insiructions of the Master to:
x) improve ths orews sefety awareness; and
y) invóstłgale any.s-afąy complaints broughl to their attęntiorr and repoń lhe same to he Safety ąnd Health
Committee and the individual, where necessary; and
zi investigate accidents and make the appropriate reoommendations to prevent the recurrence of such accidente;
aa) cany out safety and health inspecliÓns; and
bb) monitor and carry out the on board safety training of $eafarers.
80' Ths Company acknowledges ihe right of the ITF lo appoint or have elected by and frorn ihe crew a safety
repr€sentetive(s). |n carrying out the, rolo of safety r,epresenta{ive, acoess to inforrnation, assłslance and advió
should be provided, where necessary, by the'safety Committee, the Company and lhe lTF. The sabty
repfesenlalivę' shall:
cc) have acc€ss to all pańs of the Ship; and
"dd) be able to participat€ in the investigation of accidenls and near aecidents; and

ee} have.access to all the necessary dggumenlation, łncluding :investigation fepor:ts' past rninutes of the safuty and
Health eommittee,, etc.; and
ff) reóeivó ópprópriżtó ttbining; and
gg) not bę $ilbj69t to disnrissa| or other pfEiudicłe| maa$Jre$ fÓr earrying out func'tions assignocl to the rote of safety
representative and be entitlgd to the same proteetions as the liaisoń r€pr€sentiative.

-sŻl -
8't Ęaeh seafuręr shall be Entitled to Work, tr:ain and'live in an environment free from harassment]and bullylngwhęther
se)(ually, racially or otfięMise motivatćd, in accordanee with, lTF policy guidełines,


82. spiect lo Rational legislątion', (ln order to be covered by this agreement) all seafarers shall noimally be rnembers
of either an approprlate national trade union'affiliated tó the lTF or of tr}e lTF, allocated to the Speóial Sęafarers'
&3. The CÓmpany shall Pay in rgspect of each Seafarer the Entrance/ Membership fe€s in accordance with the terms of
lhe relevani organization,
84. The Company shall pay con{ribrłtions to the JTF Seafarers' lnternalional Assistanc,€' Welfare and PrÓłection Fund in
accordance with the terms of the Speciał Agreemeni'

Page 9 o{ {8 to the TGG GBA betłleen lTF and Golumbur.shlpmanagameńt€mbH

85. The Company acknowledge the rightof $eafarers to participate in union aotiviłies and lo be protected against acts
of,anti.union discńmination as per llo convenlions Nos. 87 and 98
86 The company Ehall arrangę to p€y 10 Verdi the lTF. Adrninistralion Fee of $90 pęr Seafarer per year.

a7' lf the oompany br€aches the terms of tfiis Agreem€nt, the lTF or the Union, for ilself or acling on behglf of the
S6afarers, andlor any Seafarer shal| be entitleó to take such measures against the Cornpany asin"y they deemed
necessary to obtain rędress,


88, The terms'.and conditions of this Agreement shall be rtvi6w€d annually,by the lTF and i'f at any tinrre !h.e lTF and th€
Cornpany mutually agrge on amendmgntg a,nd/or additions io lhis Agreements' such arnenłrnents and ad'ditions
shall be agroad in writing and signed by the pańies and considrred incórporated in the Special Ągr€ernęńt'


89 Tho Cońpany.undęrtake not to dernand or r€quęst any seafarer tó enter inio any documenłs vńereby, by way of
Waiv€r or aĘsignment or otherwise, the' seafarer agrees or promises to acoept variations to the tórmś of ihis
Agreernent or return to the Company, their seNants or agents any wages (including any backwages) or olher
emolurnenis due or to bEcome due to him under this Agreeńent and the comp"ny agróes tirat any śricrl document
already in exiślenceshall be nu|l and'vgid *.
" T::;il*
90, The additional all'owance under the column łlMo'' on the wage scale shall be allowed towards the
onboard training cost of the Company for the Seafarers to conform with the lMo rąulrements in respect
to the srcw convention 1995, This amount shail not be payable to the seafarers.

page l0 of 't8 to the TCC CEA b$tvgeen ITF and Colufirbu. Shlpm.n.{stuont cmbH


Gomponł'etlon forLog* of Llfg
191. to immodiete ne)il of,kin:
2012: $90,S82
2A13: $93,154
Ża14: $95;949
92. to each dependent child under the age of 1g (subjecl to a maximum of 4)
2012 $18,176
2013: $t8t63j
2O-14: $1-9,'190

Crpub Efircb, Losł orDanregr:
93. Maximum - Usg, ułrich inclrrdes cash uB tg gg0s'

f,lemhar*hip Faeł end Representatlonl.

'l . ITF Special $eafarers, Deparfnent

94. lrF Enhance/Administration Fees - US$ 90.00 per position / seafarer per year
95: lTF seafarersr lnternational Assistance. Welfare and protection Fund:
hh) Companyls Contribgtion - US$ 250._ per position p€r year

Page of 18 to the TcC QBA between lTF ahd columbur glrlpmenagołnsnt GmbH
96. The involved in anivłng al manning r€quirements should be considered, p;1or to cołsiderłng, the
numĘrs each type of offioer or rating that rnighł-:bs ńguired' The following nasic conópii t'ave a uea'i'ig ón
Recognlfon and Devolopmint CdtBrla
E*en{al To Ths Tnsk of Definlng ilannlng Raqulrcmentr
97' Among the criteria which have traditionally been Us€d frcr1his puęose are the following:
il) trading area (e.9. [A1J, middb trade lA2J, worldwide trade
[A3 and A4l)
jj) number, size and typ€ of maiń propulsion units (HP/KW, Dięsel or steam) and auxiliarjes
Itk) tonnage {GT)

ll) safety of voyage between porls (e'g. dufation of voyagę, nature of voyage)
mm) oonstruction and technicaf equipment of ship

nn) needs

oo) sanilary regulations
pp) watchkeepin g arangernents
gq) r€sponsibilities in connectlon with cargo handling in póń
n ) medical qare aloard shiB

FuŁthar clffofia
,98. As a re$ult of lhe social eyolulion and the chanqes lhat have iakęn place in the shipbuilding and shipping industńes
and in particular in view of the increasing impj*ane .i'iiui|T-ł are further
criteria'oovemjng the ,mannin9 of thips. consęquently. 'sp"ę[ln
the fołolving tactors should"ńi;ń;";';i';rę
be ądded to those listed in
Artiole 2 a) to i) above:
ss) $afe watchkĘ€p'ng rcquiremgnls .ąn d procgdures
It) Provisions regarding working hours
uu) The maintenance funetion,as it relabs to:
- l) ship machinery and suppoń ąuipment
ll) radio communicalions and radio navigalion equipment

'' Itl) other.eq_qlprnent (inci cargo support ąnd hą6;1nn'"ouipment) and

lĘ navigation and satety equipment
łq human complemenl necessary to ęl]sure
is being tepaired'the function of
lhat while rnalfunctioning autofiatic and ręmole cÓnirol equiprngnt
the controlted equipmgnt will stitl be ivailable to thę vesset, ońi mańu'il
wvvt Pea* worttoad slluations
łx) Th8 hurłan enduraneelhE_elth faotor (manning must ne\ler fall belgw the level ał whioh,the saafarers| rigrht to
good health ónd śafętyis jeopardized)
yy) Adequate'manning to engufe that theship's comp,lement can cope with onłoard emerggnaies
zzl Adeq.uats manning to en$ure that the ship can assist otlrer s'ńips irł distress
aaat On-boardtrainingrequirementsandresponsibillties
bbb) Responsibilities flowing from the need for envirsnrnenlal protection
ccc) obse'vance of induslńal safsty and seamen's welfare provisions
ddd) special conditions geneicted by the introduotion of specialized ships
oeeloonditlons generated by the introduclion of hazardous cargoes which may be explosive, frarnmable toxiq
health-threatening or environ ment-polluting
fff) otherworx r€lated to safety aboard the ship

Page 12 of 18 to lhe Tcc cBA b€lrye8n lTF,and Golumbul $tlpmanag.mont GmbH

gCSiASe and candition of ship
Oparrllonal rnd il{intBnancs Actlvlties

99' shipboard aolivities that must'be caffied out sa that the operalion and maintenanoe of the ship
and its equipment
shall not pośehezards to lives of seafarer's and pagsengers, to properly or to the environmeń.
These activities
include the functions car.ried out by the foltowing dópartme*nts:'
hhh) Deck Department
iii) Engine Department

Ji) Badio Depańmeńl

kkk) Cateńng Depeńment
Thrce-lVatch Syobm {b*sed on en I hour* worting,dey)
100' This sygtem ghall be applied to the deck and engine depańments in
ąll seagoing ships' Neither the Mastel nor th€
Qhief Engineer shall be required to stand watchei, and ihatl not be required to perform non-supełisory work.
1o1. The number qualified personnel on board ships shall be at lęast such as to ensufe cornplianc€
9f włth thę 1995
lnternational Convontion on Standards of Training, eenification and Watcnreeping fÓr
$eafarers and thę 1980
IMCO Assembly Resolution on Frinciptes of $afe lvi'anning.

SafeĘ and Hyglone

{02' Furłlłer,rngre ii will be. nacessary to pay due att$nlion to th€ contributions of
the cateńng personnel towards the
ovoiall safety and hygiene of ships.

lnteńlnkage of Shlpboard AcffvlUee

t03' The fact that al| shipboard aglvitles arę interlinked must be the guid]ng principle governing
the manning
cdngide'alions set forth under -Further Cr:iteria''' above. For example,-safe;łlgatń *''"ot uó
pfopulsion equiBfieni, .stiering gear, radionavigttion or radiocommunication undeńaken if
Eguiprnent i* *iriiiiłii.i^j.
Similarly'the h-ealth of those aboard will dełgrminelńęiravailabiliry to t,n"iión i''ih"-;ńl;u-m;inier necog"ary'for
the safe operation of the- stip. Sea going ships śha|l carry a cońpetenl person in chirgę ot rrleolcł
carg on board
nrsi iń and ńt&J[.!i;itń;
in line with Regulation Vu4 (Mandatory ńinimum requiieńeł1s-rei{ing łó meaicaI
1995 sTcW Conventłon and the applióable Sections]of the sicwćoóe,_Parts A and B '

The Nelwork FaEtor

104. The 'lnetworł* factor i, e. the fact that a}l ships are inlerdependent upon one another
for mutua| assistance must be
kept in mind in cnnsiclering manning requiremenls. The pianning must be aaeqńń ró
un'"i" tn" i"p'oiriiv'li'ńt
s}tip to go' to the aid o{ a shĘ in dlsress' Accordingly, there ńust bę reliabń radio.communińtńns
for aleńing
purposęs to describe its p]jght and what assistance it requires and for coordinating
diśtr'ess,'There must be sufficient competent man'power on board each ship to handle
assistance łor the ship ii
-safe and elfrcient lhe ship's own !łfeboats in a
manner to participate i0 other life_saving procedures,
1o_5._}łinimtłT. -tlgnning re"guirementŚ does noi.mganlł]e minim1łm.Iumb_er_in thę.sense.of.t}le fewe$J 'tęlęra.ble. buJ
mąang lhe minimum nymber lhat will be aoęquitę tor ini saf*ty of the ships, crews and passengercil property and
the environment at all tirnes.
106' Every vessel shall be sufficiently mannEd fnrthe'purpo's€ of preventing excessive
strain upoo the crew and avoiding
or minimizing as far as practicańte the Ńorking of oveńime:

manning regukernęnts on a numeńcal basis and guidelines fońuhteó in acco;danc€ therewlth'

Page 13 of {t to the TCe CBA betweeR ITF and Colsmb!! ghlpm.nag*ment GmbH
Hand. Arm, Shouldor
a hgrl his l*fi nand rs a ń'lht hand- *nd Ytce versa

uf all finoers of one

Pagę t* of.lB lo the Tcc eEA betł'een ltf ald colu'nliu! thlpm.nag6m9n! GfibH
im of,at }paŚt


t0 cm abors
wth 3omswhat ińcercelalidnś

Psge lf of 18 to the TCC CBA belween ITF and Columbur:Shlpm.n.lemont OmbH

Reduciign of Visual po$,,er of one.or both eyes is assessed in accordance with the fołlowing deoińal iabla ói fiaotioń-

Visual power is assessed with the best available glasses,

Loss,of hearing based on speech audiometry: assessed or calculated binaural loss of hearing in dB witlr well adiusted
heańng aid. of hearing baspd on speech.

l'lH:t l'HH:2 l HH:3'| HH:l l }łH:5

HH = tleering handicBp cN = cońmułlication nóndicąp

0 - nn handicip 3 _ Ćonsidgrable hardlcap
| - .s|igłl handicap 4 'savare handicap
?.- rnild to rrrgdiurn handicąp 5 . total handicap

Pag€ of 18 to lhe Tcc GEA between ]TF and lolumbur shlpman.gomant Gńtn

t _
io?śsofdanco w|lh the ebqve rulgs wilh a gupr'i.nprltłY oElililiitłi

Fąge 17 of to tha TQC CBA between lTF and Qolumbur shlpmenagomgnt Gmb}l