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▪ Experienced Controller with demonstrated success in managing the financials for multi-million dollar
▪ Proven ability to establish financial procedures and systems and work closely with auditors resulting in
clean and accurate record-keeping and reporting.
▪ Thorough and exact financial management, ensuring continued positive cash flow and credit ratings.
▪ Able to implement procedural improvements, integrate financial and accounting software and ensure
continued cost savings and compliance.
▪ Strong analytical and research skills resulting in cost savings and increased productivity.
▪ Background in a variety of industries with ability to acclimate quickly to new environments.
▪ Strong writing skills
▪ Proficient in QuickBooks, Advanced Excel, Word and several proprietary accounting programs.


NOBLE GIFT, Cedar Grove, NJ Dec. 2015 – Oct. 2017

Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for the financial management of a $15 million design and import company of jewelry boxes, gift
bags and other accessory items.

▪ Updated and rejuvenated the company’s OIP accounting program so that it is completely reconciled and
operating as it should. Discovered tens of thousands of dollars in errors throughout the accounting
system caused by double payments and unused credits
▪ Hands-on manager involved in all business decisions of the company – reviewing all documents, writing
up opinion pieces for ownership to review on such matters as our company’s non-compete policy for
employees, the employee handbook, choosing the company’s commercial insurance policies, and various
legal issues.
▪ Responsible to service and correspond with all foreign vendors for, and including, wire transfers, credits,
shipping instructions and order status.
▪ Main contact with our bank regarding any and all bank issues – the company’s mortgage, the BBC form
for the commercial loan, daily reconciliations, and wire transfers in and out of the account.
▪ Manager of the accounting staff
▪ Manager of Human Resources – responsible for payroll of our 55 employees, health insurance liaison,
create rules and policies regarding days off and other employee-related issues

ACOLYTE DESIGNS, LLC, Perth Amboy, NJ 2008 – 2015


Responsible for the financial management of a $5 million design and import company of LED lights for use in
the floral industry.

▪ Handled all financial responsibilities including processing $300,000 in monthly payables and $250,000 in
receivables using QuickBooks.
▪ Provided daily cash flow, profit margins, inventory levels and actual sales vs. projections reports to CFO.
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▪ Human Resources manager - processing payroll for 12 employees and was contact for health insurance
and any employee/employer problems
▪ Reconciled 3 bank and 2 credit card accounts monthly; resolved any outstanding issues
▪ Created and managed annual budget; consulted with sales staff and CEO to ensure accuracy of forecasts,
expected capital expenditures and strategic goals.
▪ Developed and maintained Excel spreadsheet to accurately track inventory and sales data to determine
exact timing to place new orders.
▪ Communicated with international vendors regarding status of orders, shipments and payments.

GRUPPO IL GIOIELLO, New York, NY 2004 – 2008


Provided financial management for an 11 employee gold jewelry importer and wholesaler with sales of $7-10
million annually.

▪ Created an annual budget of approximately $5 million in collaboration with company president.

▪ Responsible for $300,000 in monthly payables and $400,000 in receivables using QuickBooks.
▪ Human Resource manager - prepared payroll data for full-time salaried and commission base staff.
▪ Worked closely with bank to ensure timely wiring of funds and credit increases as necessary.
▪ Reconciled 2 bank and 2 credit card accounts daily ensuring accuracy of deposits and debits.
▪ Provided president with daily reports in Excel detailing company’s financials including profit/loss, cash
flow, sales, inventory and outstanding balances.
▪ Prepared schedules and reports for external auditors and banks for semi-annual audits.
▪ Controlled spending and costs by analyzing expenses; implemented guidelines for sales staff travel
expenses resulting in better control and reduced costs.
▪ Analyzed existing operations and procedures, recommended and implemented enhancements:
o Eliminated errors with incoming and outgoing shipping and increased reliability of vendors’
shipments and credits by having each shipment checked by two team members.
o Introduced incentive programs for sales and administrative staff, improving morale and loyalty.
o Generated reports on sales by product and customer to determine popular items and customers’

BAY PEARL CO., New York, NY 1990 – 2004


Responsible for the finances of a pearl import, wholesale and retail organization with about $1.5 million in
revenue and 5 employees.

▪ Initiated and implemented computerized accounting and sales system to manage financials, inventory
and customer database.
▪ Processed payables, receivables, payroll, bank reconciliations and handled collections and foreign
currency purchase; worked with banker to determine optimal exchange rate and timing.
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▪ Motivated sales staff using daily sales calls to focus on their individual strategies and assisted as needed
▪ Handled all human resource functions including vacations, insurance, sick days, policies and procedures.



Captain of Varsity Baseball Team
B.B.A. – Finance