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by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek


 Unscramble these four Jumbles,
   one letter to each square,
to form four ordinary words.

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>˜` i>̈˜} ûDry Rot ûWater JOE SHAW
New Today New Today New Today BARNHART
Damage Repair
ûBathroom Rmdlng
HEATING & AIR 10 Year Guarantee
ûCarpentry 100% labor
’03 ACURA MDX ’07 Mercury Milan ’12 Subaru Legacy 24 Hr. Emergency ûPlumbing
Touring Sport
Utility VIN:533317
Premier Sedan
VIN:623440 $8,995
2.5i Premium Sedan
VIN:043166 $13,995
LCHIFN Service
Free Estimates
Insured #658755 Bonded
& material
competitive prices
$6,995 Putnam Putnam Putnam (New Installation/ 530-893-0548 Contractor Lic #472777
Mulholland Auto Mulholland Auto Mulholland Auto Replacement)
Company Company Company
25+ yrs. exp.
Family Owned &
>Տˆ˜} >˜` 891-5563
530-343-5565 530-343-5565 530-343-5565
CATPEK Operated
2001 MERCEDES suv CL#783276 345-6356 QUICKPAINT
’04 GMC Sierra 1500 ’10 Volve S40 2.4i Now arrange the circled letters Interior & Exterior
ML320 4X4 ATPBPS to form the surprise answer, as
SLE Crew Cab 4x4 Sedan VIN:497482 No job too big
Truck VIN:387666 $7,995 Putnam
Leather $4,500 firm suggested by the above cartoon. ÀÞÜ> >˜` HAULING Unparalleled
530-343-5043 982
$14,995 Putnam Mulholland Auto Azalea Ave -…iiÌÀœVŽ & DUMP RUNS. Workmanship
Mulholland Auto Company You name it, Endless Refs.
Company 2007 NISSAN 350Z
ALL PRO DRYWALL we haul it. Reliable, 530-343-5565 C o n v . 15,500 mi. (530) 332-0615 Detail Oriented
(Answers tomorrow) Sheetrock-Texture
530-343-5565 Silver/blk. 1 owner. Unbeatable
Jumbles: BLAZE RAINY SMOGGY SHOULD New Construction-
’11 Ford Fusion Se Asking $22,500. 530- Yesterday’s Remodels-Additions Prices!
’06 CHEVY Equinox VIN:173439 $11,995 872-1930 Answer: When the mosquitos swarmed during their car- Friendly Service
œ“i 10 YEAR
LT Sport Utility Putnam
2010 FORD ESCAPE riage ride, they rode a — HORSE AND “BUGGY” Mike 530-354-5414 “«ÀœÛi“i˜Ì GUARANTEE
VIN:063814 $6,995 Mulholland Auto Workmans Comp
Putnam Company Limited. Red with
black leather seats. DISH TV- BEST DEAL & General Liability
Mulholland Auto
Fully loaded. V6, Pets *>À>`ˆÃi Õ̜“œLˆià Õ̜“œLˆià ˆÀiܜœ` EVER! Only Insured
Company 530-343-5565 AWD. $12,500 obo. Ài> ,i˜Ì>Ã $39.99/mo. Plus 893-2500
530-632-4325. ’11 Ford Fusion Se 2007 SHELBY mus- $14.99/mo. Internet Lic. #945516, Free Est.
530-343-5565 ’11 Nissan Altima 2.5 VIN:173439 $11,995 tang 24k miles $30k 1OO% DRY season (where avail.) FREE
S Sedan VIN:445144 2013 HONDA Accord SUN MANOR Putnam 530-534-3954
$11,995 Putnam LX 4dr. 39K miles. 1 Oak $270. Delivery Streaming. FREE In- /À>V̜À 7œÀŽ
Mulholland Auto owner. Clean title.
SENIOR Mulholland Auto 530-990-5705 or 990- stall (up to 6
buyers need the E-R COMPLEX Company ’12 Subaru Legacy 6489 rooms.) FREE HD-
Company Like new. New
Want ads. Call us tires. $14,900 2.5i Premium Sedan DVR. Call 1-800-266- W E ED AB A T EM E NT
today 896-7777. 2bd, 2ba. 530-343-5565 VIN:043166 $13,995 6143 (CDCN) field mowing, fire
530-343-5565 (530)570-6526
on cul-de-sac. Putnam >˜`ޓ>˜ brakes, rotor till-
’04 GMC Sierra 1500 Mulholland Auto ing, backhoe work
Attched garage,
SLE Crew Cab 4x4 Company BILL’S HANDYMAN >ܘ Call Randy at
ii`] œ“i AKC German shep W/D hookups, Truck VIN:387666 Experienced Repair >ˆ˜Ìi˜>˜Vi 530-521-0044
remodeling? Get the pups. 2 FM & 6 M. No Lic Chico
water/garbage $14,995 Putnam 530-343-5565
help you need with iÀ̈ˆâiÀ ÕÀ˜ˆÃ…ˆ˜}à Have all shots. Well Mulholland Auto 916-757-2877 BRUCE’S LAWN CARE
the experienced >˜` ˆÀiܜœ` mannered & friend- & yard care incl. Company ’10 Volve S40 2.4i Dependable! Mow, /Àii -iÀۈVi
people advertising in COMPUTER DESK ly. Hand raised $875 + $875 dep. HANDYMAN >˜` *À՘ˆ˜}
Sedan VIN:497482 SPECIALIST Edge, Blow, Trim
the Key To Home And SPECIAL SALE! 20"x48" $40 w/parents. DOB 530-343-5565 $7,995 Putnam Bushes. Chico only.
1/09/17 # (530)366- SMALL JOBS
Business Section. Call Green Almond 530-965-2269 530-570-3406 Mulholland Auto SHOP: 566-7351 520-3472, 899-2718 JohnnY V’s Trees
$230/cd. Delivered 5890 & (415)240- 2001 MERCEDES suv Company Hedges, Heavy Duty
896-777. MasterCard in Chico. Call Frank BEAUTIFUL SOLID 5591
& Visa for your 530-514-4841 oak rolltop desk
Leather $4,500 firm 530-343-5565 Lic/Ins’d #15-045363
convenience. $200 530-762-7148 PURE BRED pomera- ,i˜Ì> 530-343-5043 982
For all your needs *SPRINKLERS* 530-715-5175
Classified hours are nian male, no pa- Plumbing, Electrical
pers. Born Dec 21. ˜˜œÕ˜Vi“i˜ÌÃ
Azalea Ave & Carpentry & HANDYMAN
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. >V…ˆ˜iÀÞ Õ̜“œÌˆÛi Class ads work call
Put an ad in class
today 896-7777. >˜` /œœÃ
3RD shots & heart
wormed. $300 A PLACE FOR MOM.
’07 Mercury Milan 7>˜Ìi`
530-894-3843 354-2951 896-7777.
The nation’s larg- Premier Sedan
Leave message at
est senior living re- VIN:623440 $8,995
530-873-2349 DONATE YOUR CAR,
>V…ˆ˜iÀÞ >V…ˆ˜iÀÞ
torch, welding, tips,
gauges $200
ferral service. Con-
tact our trusted, lo-
Mulholland Auto TRUCK OR BOAT TO
>˜` /œœÃ >˜` /œœÃ cal experts today! Company
530-965-2269 BLIND. Free 3 Day
Our service is Vacation, Tax De-
FREE/no obligation. 530-343-5565
HEAVY DUTY Engine ductible, Free Tow-
Stand used once CALL 1-800-550- ing, All Paperowrk
$75 530-965-2269 4822 (CDCN) ’11 Nissan Altima 2.5 Taken Care Of.
S Sedan VIN:445144 CALL 1-800-267- Õ̜“œÌˆÛi “«œÀÌ
LOCAL WELDING SHOP WELDING CART $11,995 Putnam 5473 (CDCN) 7>˜Ìi` Õ̜“œLˆiÃ
GOING OUT OF BUSINESS! 2 bottles $40 Mulholland Auto
Company iÜ E 1Ãi`
Great chance to tool up your shop, or
530-965-2269 œ“ià Ads work call today GOT AN older car,
start your own welding/fabricating vœÀ ,i˜Ì] 530-343-5565 896-7777. boat or RV? Do the 2013 HONDA Accord
Medical Health humane thing. Do- LX 4dr. 39K miles. 1
business! 1˜vÕÀ˜ˆÃ…i` nate it to the Hu- owner. Clean title.
SELLING THE FOLLOWING: Supplies mane Society. Call Like new. New
3bd 2ba 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 4 1 - 0 1 5 3 tires. $14,900
31 TurnbridgeWelles (CDCN)
Millermatic 250x Wire Welder. Near OXYGEN - Anytime. $1,300/Mo + Dep ˆ˜>˜Vˆ> (530)570-6526
new condition. Includes New argon Anywhere. No 530-518-9970
tank from MJB in Chico including ga- tanks to refill. No -iÀۈVià WANTED! O L D 2007 NISSAN 350Z
ges. On rolling cart. deliveries. Only 4.8 P o r s c h e C o n v . 15,500 mi.
356/911/912 for re- Silver/blk. 1 owner.

Paid $3200 new. Asking $2400 obo pounds and FAA
œÌÌ>}i Do you owe over
approved for air $10,000 to the IRS storation by hobby- Asking $22,500. 530- 

Miller 320A/BP AC/DC Gas Tungsten - travel! May be cov- ,i˜Ì>Ã or State in back Õ̜“œLˆià Õ̜“œLˆià ist. 1948-1973 Only. 872-1930
ARC Welding Machine. Bought Used ered by medicare. taxes? Get tax re- Any condition, top 

Call for FREE info OPEN HOUSE lief now! We’ll fight $ paid. PLEASE /À>Ûi /À>ˆiÀÃ
and never used it. Includes 40ft. Leads

Paid $800. Asking $750 obo kit: 844-596-8622. 1812 Matson St for you! 855-672- 707-965-9546
(CDCN) Unit A, Chico 95928 1562 (CDCN) 2000 31 FT, Monaco.

(CDCN)  "# "
GWM Three Phase Electrical Power Con- 4/15/17 4-5 pm Great condition. $10k
verter. 220 volt to Three-Phase. Near
new. Used very little. ˆÃVi>˜iœÕà DARLING GUEST
house avail immed. œ“iÃ̈V
obo, in Paradise
(702) 301-7680
iÀV…>˜`ˆÃi 1bd/1ba full kitch- 
Paid $1500. Asking $1200 obo
L!! /ÀÕVŽÃ E 6>˜Ã
en & bath. W/D
Commercial Metal Polisher. Very rare, QUAD SKATES, girls Rent $670 per mo
2010 FORD ESCAPE Check out        
HUGE electric motor. Valuable to size 3, perfect con- 530-636 0660

FREE AUNTO what’s going

Limited. Red with    

chrome shops. $3500-$5500 new. Will dition. $125 firm. tammiejann@mail.
black leather seats.     
take $500. 530-966-6943. com
Fully loaded. V6, on in Chico at

Ridged Pipe Threader/Ribbon Bender. Õ̜“œLˆià AWD. $12,500 obo. our website  
Has stand away trigger. Heavy ma- "ÀœÛˆi 530-632-4325.

chine, vertically twists steel bars or œÕÃià ’03 ACURA MDX


pickets for ornamentation. $500. Touring Sport   
œÀ ,i˜Ì Utility VIN:533317  

Speartops/Knuckles. Paid $50 per box. Two Car Garage - $6,995 Putnam    
Asking $35 per box. 26x20x9 - Garage 3bd/3ba Victorian Mulholland Auto
with two 10x8 roll Oroville $1195+ dep Company   

36 boxes of copper spray paint @ up doors and a 530-521-8915 **ADS ARE LIMITED      
$42/box = $1600. Will take $200 for all. man door - $6995.
Installed with 20 COME to where the TO NO MORE THAN 5-LINES. ’10 FORD R A N G E R

2 older stick welders. $50 each obo. Yr Warranty. Ideal customers are. When ’06 CHEVY Equinox PHOTOS ARE OPTIONAL** Extra Cab- A/T,
Cold A/C, Gas  
Steel Buildings 530- LT Sport Utility
you have an item to VIN:063814 $6,995 Saver- $8995. VIN
Available to show on Sat. & Sundays 893-8474
sell, why not advertise Putnam A62315. www.ideal     

*Equip. located in Paradise. See pic- THINKING About where the built-in Mulholland Auto autosalesofchico.c  
tures on Craigslist under "Tools for Company om 530-893-8474
remodeling? Get the customers are. Call   %$$$$
Sale, Miller Welders, Power Coverter & 896-7777 to place your
Misc." Will take $5,000 for ALL! Would help you need with 530-343-5565 MOVING? SELL those 
prefer to sell it all together. Also have the experienced ad, MasterCard & Visa extra items you no
some old grinders, cutters, extension people advertising in gladly accepted for 1996 CHRYSLER
DEADLINE TO GET ADS longer need with a !(('$!'!
chords, semi-working drill press and Sebring convertible    

misc. scrap metal. Make an offer and
the Key To Home And your convenience.You four new tires, $3k IN IS TUE. AT 4PM Classified Ad. Call 896-
come get it. Everything must go! Business Section. Call can also go online 24 boradori care driv- 7777 to place your

896-7777. MasterCard hours a day to place en by LOL with ten- result-getting ad today!
der loving care 530- CALL US TODAY AT     
Evening Call: (530)762-0371 your ad online 343-6571 or leave MasterCard & Visa for
(530) 896-7777
& Visa for your
Daytime Call: (530)966-3538 convenience. message your convenience.