Wasted Sacrifice?

This may be coming at a time out of place but knowing the fact that the British elections are going on reminded of the fact that I·m 18 I have the right to vote and the elections in India have passed. Though I·m fairly satisfied with the outcome of the elections, i.e. the strong victory of the congress, it still leaves me dissatisfied with the political scenario in our country, and honestly a bit sore. Our country being a democracy is almost half a joke for the fact that 60% of the vo ting done in this country is in the form of a vote bank of sorts, the rural people. It probably is chauvinistic to judge them for voting for a government that makes their lives easier, yet may lead the country in a whole backwards. Also I think a lot of yo u will agree that the dirtiest kind of vote banks that this country has are the communal ones, where caste and religion, through ´oppressionµ and ´injusticeµ, are merged with the politics of this country. And the above when put together with the corruption, which is deeply rooted in our system, makes a hell of grimy mixture that causes not just the country but also the common man to suffer. Recently a thought crossed my mind. Our country does not have the safest borders in the world and needs constant protection from infiltration by terrorists and militants from our surrounding nations. There a great amount of strife that goes on there every day and often lives are lost in their line of duty, The lives of brave soldiers who fight every day to protect the country from any harm, The lives of valiant sons and husbands, who fight so we at home can be safe, the lives of munificent men who chose to go out and fight instead of staying in the warmth of their homes, the lives of proud men for whom patriotism still h as a meaning to die for. It clicked unfair to me the fact that we might actually be taking for granted what they sacrifice for us in their line of duty. They protect the country from the outside, so we within, can cherish it. But if we keep following the herd into the tar pit, the Indian democracy has almost become, then why not recall these soldiers from the borders and let foreign tyrant overrun this place, it is a violent thought, given, but the tyrant that fill their pockets today at the expense of the common man's, the power amount of power they have and yet crave astounds me to the extent of wondering as to how far people can go just to control other lives. And at the end of the day it's all done for the money. The portrayal of Indian politicians in m ovies, has to be first mediated by them lest their egos should be hurt, and in that rage wage a malevolent amount of violence against the movie with the help of their "supporters". I know all this sounds all holier than thou. It half is, if today I were t o say that I want to take up politics and lead India to a better, changed and more prosperous future, I would be half lying. Half, because I want to, the other half because I know every good change made for this country will rob a political portfolio of so me sort "income", and that is something they can't stand. So the reason I wouldn't want to start a clean up in the grime, is because in their rage of loss I would have to pay most dearly, with my life. Fact: lead change = die, work for corporate job = live but with a conscience nagging you about you having the ability to do something, and not having done it (damn hypocrite!! X( ...) A few days ago I was watching the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha, not really sure, in th hopes to see some of the most powerful men in the country sitting together solving he problems we face, but all that was going on was pleas by representatives of different states standing there and begging for special rights for the poeple of their state. What a bliming Waste! Now see I don't say all politicians are bad and that the Indian democracy is all dirty and muck, only 90% is. There are political figure in India today I look up to and respect for their commitment and perseverance, my favourite, Mr. Shashi Tharoor. Awesome dude! He write for the Hindustan Times, was almost UN sec gen, and today after 30 long years in politics still stands to be one of the cleanest man around. And yet the Indian politicians fail to disappoint. They throw allegations at him of having gained from mentoring a business deal for the IPL 2011 and helping a friend and state meet their common interests. All this without considering his record and work ethic. Ladies and gentlemen, free malice!

That the poor remain poor and the illiterate remain illiterate." chalta nahin hai. to finally understand that "chalta hai..So an open question I send out here is how many things must we sacrifice. That we are the reason the entire system is lik e this and we are the ones with the power to change it and actually do something to prevent the internal roadblocks preventing India from becoming a force to be reckoned with in the century ahead of us? .. over a battle over seats and power which was supposed to be used to help them.

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