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Saint Columban College

Pagadian City


Course: Polsci110 (Fundamentals of Political Science)

Date: February 17, 2017
Duration: 90 minutes
Materials: Visual Aids (Power point presentation, 1987 Philippine Constitution Booklet,
Activity materials such as papers, laptop, speaker, cardboards, etc. )
References: De Leon, Hector S. and De Leon, Hector M. Jr. (2011),Textbook on the
Philippine Constitution, Metro Manila City: Rex Bookstore
Teacher: Ms. Jezza Marie S. Ringon

Instructional Objectives: At the end of the lesson, 100% of the students should be
able to:
1. Recognize the significance of Legislature in one’s country particularly in the
2. Learn the scopes of the legislative powers of Congress including the
principles of separation of powers.
3. Practice sensible decision-making skills through analysis of the relationship
among the three departmental powers through the principle of checks and
4. Produce own conclusions as to the function of laws as well as the duties our
legislature does for the general welfare as an initial step in discovering
solutions to our recent societal problems.

A. Pre-activities

1. Opening Prayer
2. Greetings to the Students/ Attendance Checking
3. Review
Article V: Suffrage
4. Motivation-
The teacher shall provide a short video at the beginning of the lesson showing
the politics of the Philippines up to date and the noticeable facts of the problem it
represents. The value of the initial activity shall be explained by the instructor.

B. Presentation and Discussion:

1. Presentation of the lesson through a group activity
The teacher will designate the students into their usual groups from which
each shall receive pieces of paper as guide throughout the first activity
called the “Survival Selecting Equipment” from which groups are given a
dilemma of choosing 12 survival equipment shown on the power point
presentation and rank it according to its survival value within three (3)
minutes. From here, the teacher will start explaining the basics of the
lesson “Legislative Department” providing a link with the equipment
provided and the law created by the people.

Achieves Excellence | Cultivates a Peaceful Environment | Takes Care of Mother Earth | Serves Humanity
To further discuss the activity, a second more interesting game will be
engaged by the students called the “People Survival Scenario”. From each
same group, one person shall be secretly plucked during the first activity
to act on the roles I gave them. From this, the students shall determine,
based on the scenario I gave them, the bigger dilemma and that is
choosing five (7) people in terms of who will get to live or die in situations
with limited survival resources. From here, the discussion will resume on
the qualifications a Senator and a Representative shall possess along with
the innate uncorrupted abilities of Filipinos to develop their potential for
The purpose of this game is to let each team develop classic group
communication and decision making, with many variations. It shows them
how people get intensely engaged, particularly when choosing who will
survive, thereby knowing that none of the decisions are easy.
2. Development of the lesson through discussion by each representative
of the team.
a. With the given activity, the students will:
 Point out the relationship of the first and second activity with each
other and how they resemble the strength of legislature through the
people and the law.
 Explain the manner and strategy of how they were able to provide a
strong and firm foundation to their activity and relate this to what our
people today should do.
 Develop their interest and curiosity of the significance behind the game
through explaining to the class the significance of law through the
legislature in our lives and how it affects the society as a whole.
3. Valuation: The significance of educating the people especially young minds
the value of the Legislative department being the law-making body among the
three branches of the State and cure ignorance through explaining the rights
and duties each citizen must manifest in order to inculcate a better

4. Generalization

Legislative Power is essentially the authority under the Constitution to

make laws and subsequently, when the need arises, to alter and repeal them.
Through laws, the legislature defines the rights and duties of citizens, imposes
taxes, appropriate funds, defines crimes and provides for their punishment,
creates and abolishes government offices and determines their jurisdiction and
functions and in general, regulates human conduct and the use of property for
the promotion of the common good.

The primary function of Congress is to legislate. The Constitution,

however, has also expressly given it powers which are non-legislative in

C. Assessment/ Evaluation

Individual Activity:

Achieves Excellence | Cultivates a Peaceful Environment | Takes Care of Mother Earth | Serves Humanity
The teacher shall give the students case scenarios which shall indicate an issue
and to which each students shall analyze through the explanations and activities
engaged earlier.

D. Assignment:
1. In a clean short bond paper, create a scenario that depicts one of the usual
dilemmas in the legislature either in the Senate or the House of Representatives
the Philippines is facing today. With that, find a pair and relay this scenario to
your partner after which the other shall analyze to create a possible solution.

Achieves Excellence | Cultivates a Peaceful Environment | Takes Care of Mother Earth | Serves Humanity