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Gender roles is a set of societal norms dictating the type of behaviours which are generally

considered acceptable,appropriate and dersirable for people based on their actual sex and sexuality.
Gender roles usually centered on conceptions of feminity and masculinity although there are
exceptions and variations. I agree with the statement that the traditional male’s role has changed
with modernization. The changes of male’s role includes in family,careers and perceptions.

Today’s male’s role are not the same as the traditional male’s role who have to do jobs that showing
their manhood.This is because New York Times reporter Shaila Down and Robert Gebeloff says in
their report that men are becoming teachers,nurses and bank tellers in greater number than ever
before.Men are about to outnumber women anytime soon. The male nurses nearly doubled
between 2000 and 2010,but coupled with an increase in the overall number of nurses, men hold
about 10.5% of all nursing jobs. That’s why today male has changed with the modernization.
Therefore, men are now not subject to working in such difficult areas as labourer or peasents as the
years are increasingly changing the perception of men towards the jobs they are. (Elfiero)

The male’s role in family was also changed with modernization. Nowadays men can do housework as
their spouse can too. In the early sixties and seventies men were still issuing orders to their wives “I
want my dinner on the table when I get home” or “Bring me a beer . Even if housewives didn’t like
the idea of taking orders from husbands,they did it anyways .Employment laws helped women work
their way into formerly all male jobs . As women got better jobs, they expected men to do their part
on the home front . It took a decade or so for reality to start catching up with expectations; but
these days, men “know” how to push vacuum , separate the laundry and start the coffee in the
morning .It’s a big change. (Ain)

Men have big role in the family as a male such as gaining money to support his family. The
traditional male had to worked very had to earn money , but with the unstable economy in
modernization, one income from the male is not enough to support the family. Nowadays, we can
see that women needed the money and aimed for jobs with more income and benefits to help their
spouse to support the family. The traditional male role as a breadwinner is now gone because their
spouse can also help gaining money and become the second breadwinner for the family. (norazira

The traditional male must be strong,aggressive,bold,courageous and shouldn’t be soft and weak ,
that is the perception for the traditional male’s role . But today, men also pays attention to their
appearance . They have interest in makeup , hairstyle and clothes for making themselves a good
looking man. For this increasing attention, the company which makes product for women is
developing items for men because they knew men has no longer hesitate to buy these goods.Usually
perfumes are used for women both modern and traditional women but today we can see that some
company would produce a cologne for men to use. Hence, the modernization change the traditional
male’s role where male are suppose to show their toughness and roughness but today men can be
involved in female activity to look good without losing their masculinity. (Michele)
The career also has changed with modernization by the time right now. For example we can see the
career like nurse, teacher and more are more done by female, But by the time right now we can see
the number of male to become the nurse, teacher and and more has rise. This,changing are proving
male also can handled the job like this.According to a recent new York times report, a dramatic shift
in the US job market means men are quickly filling position in “pink collar job” a term that covers
secretarial work, nursing and teaching.Labour economist Teresa Ghiladurci told the new York times
that when occupations are more integrated, it makes the economy more efficient. We see a lot of
men in pink collar jobs that are growing and they are some of the men saying thst this pink collar
jobs are more relaxed and kess stress than work in a heavy work such as engineer.mechanic,labourer
and others.(Richard)

As a conclusion, I agree that modernization has changed the male’s role including the male as a
family , individuals , and career.