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“Critical analysis of Training and Development of Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd”

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Ms Riddhi Agrawal In partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the practical studies course in the “BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION” Programme By Patel Palak N.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Roll No: - 75 T.Y.BBA

The management has winder scope. The importance of management expands day to day because, there is large number of companies in small and big comes in to existence. The management includes various subjects like production management, marketing management, personal management, finance management etc… As a student of B.B.A. we have studied only theoretical portion in the classroom. But North Gujarat University has made the wonderful idea of undertaking training and to prepare project report on any company, which is compulsory for each and every student. After taking report work, I have experienced and understood functioning of the company. Today the world becomes so competitive. So man has to struggle for his lively hood. To get good job & better success, knowledge is required. Experience is highest qualification. Therefore, according to university rule being a T.Y.B.B.A student, I have visited ZYDUS CADILA HEALTHCARE LTD from 12 Oct to 14 Nov 2009 during my vacational training. I get necessary information about H.R. department, and put all this information in a best possible manner in this report. The experience of visiting the ZYDUS CADILA was valuable and it was given a lot of knowledge. ZYDUS CADILA training for me was an excellent experience and which helped me a lot for the development of my practical knowledge. Lastly, I am very thankful to those persons and my friends who guide and co-operate me in this report.


Cadila Healthcare Ltd.


I have successfully completed project study and for that I am highly obliged to all those, who gave me such wonderful opportunity to do work in the company. It was such a great experience as well as experience of getting practical knowledge of the company. I express my first thanks to Zydus Cadila, where I have done training programme. My special thanks to Ms Shreya Mem who gave me the permission to prepare report on Zydus Cadila. I am grateful to officer of Zydus Cadila for providing all the information about different departments and spent their valuable time for my training. I also express my gratitude to Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan. As well as our lecturer MS Riddhi Agrawal and all the faculty members of my college for giving their valuable time for guiding me and helping me in the preparation of this project report. I am very thankful to our H.O.D of B.B.A. Department Dr. Ashwin Modi who gives me the necessary information about project reports. I am very thankful to our project guider Ms Riddhi Agrawal and Ms Kavita Thakkar who gives me valuable information about industrial training. She advice me how gets information and how to communicate with executive person of the company. Above all I would like top appreciate the staff of Zydus Cadila healthcare ltd for helping us in one way of other for completing my project. Last, but not least I would like to acknowledgement all those who are directly or indirectly involved in this project.

 Develop an ability to generate a report based on the field visit. The main objectives for conducting the Industrial Visit can be considered as under. managerial staff and the most significant workers without them the work cannot done and the unit cannot achieve their goals. programmer. Production.  With the help of this practical study.  Correlating the theoretical concepts with the practical world of the industrial unit.-II of M.  To know how the work has gone in the industry.  To get practical knowledge of all the fields of the Management such as Marketing.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.B. The main objective of the industrial visit is to develop the student ability.  To know contribution of the owner. It is the opportunity for the student to show their skill and efficiency. each student has to under go a thirty days industrial visit with special focus to human resources area to an organization. Mitul Deliya Executive Summary As a part of the curriculum of Sem. Thanking you.A. Human Resource and Accounting in the industry. Finance. We can see the various types of the policies of the company related to the employees as a part of the 4 . Student will able to develop their internal strength by the industrial visit.

 By the visit of Zydus Cadila almost all the objectives as mentioned above can be fulfilled. HRM. It makes me able to correlate my theories with the practical. 5 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd. different strategies for the Marketing. various processes of the Production Department etc.

6 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

a need arose for the country to be self-sufficient in all spheres. (ORG – December 1991. The decade also marked the beginning of a new economic framework and a shift in government policies. determined to contribute his share by setting up a pharmaceutical company. It was derivative of INH used in the treatment of tuberculosis. He thus set a trend for innovative healthcare solutions. iron. Livirubra was a combination of intrinsic factor lipotropic factor. 1993). Patel was completing his graduation at the Baroda Science College. folic acid and vitamin B12 used for treatment of Pernicious anemia. By the early 1990s. Isopar was also a new product launched for the first time in the market. it became 7 . Emerging as a modest pharmaceutical company. with tenacity of purpose and unfailing zeal to achieve perfection in quality. Ramanbhai B. Patel turned an entrepreneur. After completing his studies in pharmaceutical sciences. Mr. Ramanbhai B. he went on to join L. History of Zydus cadila The Beginning The dawn of 50’s ushered in an era of awakening. B6 and B12 were made compatible in a vial. Neuroxin-12 was also a unique first-of-its-kind derivative where incompatible neurotropics B1. College of Pharmacy. Having broken free from the bondage of dormant history. To thrive in this evolving environment. 1992. At the time of India’s independence in 1947 our Late Founder. Cadila was founded in 1952. Healthcare at this time was the sole domain of a few pharmaceutical giants. With the entire nation gearing up to make India self reliant. Cadila was ranked the third largest pharmaceutical company in India.M.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Coupled to this was the enormous task fighting the myth and malady by cutting across the barriers of communication so as to reach out to people and to ensure the most effective cure in the shortest possible time? Under such circumstances. Mr. one of the oldest pharmacy colleges in India as a Lecturer. Cadila in the early years came out with a wide range of innovative products.

Moving beyond pharmaceutical. animal health products and cosmeceuticals. the concept of total healthcare now forms the commercial heart of the group’s operations and activities. With a core competence in the field of healthcare. Headquartered in the city of Ahmedabad in India. active pharmaceutical ingredients and animal healthcare products to cosmeceuticals. South Africa and 25 other emerging markets. with strengths all along the pharmaceutical value chain. Cadila Laboratories emerged as Cadila Healthcare under the aegis of the Zydus Group. Zydus Cadila is an innovative global pharmaceutical company that discovers. Zydus like Zeus also symbolizes the people and to society at large. the name combines the ethos of the Greco-roman God Zeus and the dawn of a new era. 8 . In its mission to create healthier communities globally. Zydus Cadila delivers wide ranging healthcare solutions and value to its customers. global healthcare Provider. With over 10. the group has global operations in four continents spread across USA. a world-class research and development centre dedicated to discovery research and eight stateof-the-art manufacturing plants.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Spearheading the combined activities of the group as a whole new identity. ‘Zydus’. Japan.000 employees worldwide. The group’s operations range from API to formulations. manufactures and markets a broad range of healthcare products. Europe. develops. Zydus Cadila Provides total healthcare solutions ranging form formulation. imperative for Cadila to restructure and streamline its business operations. Thus in 1995. the group is dedicated to improving people’s lives. A phonetically powerful word. Zydus Cadila is a fully integrated. Brazil.

Ramanbhai Patel was one of the stalwarts of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. In 1952. Mr. College of Pharmacy. Ramanbhai Patel had published several outstanding research papers and had taken a keen interest in research activities of the 9 . Ramanbhai B. at a time when the newly independent nation was heavily dependent on imports of drugs and pharmaceutical. he began his career as an academician at the L. This short stint in academics formed a lasting imprint on his mind and the resolve to contribute to the cause of research and education grew stronger over the years. he had set out to prove that an indigenous company could provide innovative.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.M. he laid a strong foundation for Cadila and contributed to the growth of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Armed with sound business acumen. History of Late Mr. Mr. Ramanbhai Patel A first-generation entrepreneur. Mr. Ramanbhai Patel turned a pharma entrepreneur. Born at Kathor in South Gujarat on the 19th of August 1925. a premier institute in Ahmedabad. Zydus Cadila today enjoys the coveted distinction of being one of the leading pharma groups in the country and a global healthcare provider. Mr. Patel Late. research-based quality medicines.

Mr. Prof. M. The Glory of India Award in 1991 at Washington. More importantly. he was conferred the Gujarat Businessman of Year Award in the year 2000. In recognition of his services. Ramanbhai Patel’s contributions in the field of pharmaceutical education were equally noteworthy. Ramanbhai B. as an academician. Patel has been set up to provide a rich academic environment where children can seek creative expressions for their endeavors. Grahak Suraksha Award in 1992. making professional courses more accessible to students in smaller townships. Mr.L. Ramanbhai B. Today. 10 . The Ramanbhai foundation today continues to spearhead programme in the field of pharmaceutical research. Ramanbhai Patel had been bestowed with several prestigious awards: President of India’s Import Substitution Award in 1973. Mr. On the occasion of Gujarat’s Pharma Centenary Celebration in January 2008. Shroff Memorial National Award in1987. Ramanbhai was instrumental in taking pharmaceutical education to the rural heartland of Gujarat. Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray Memorial Gold Medal in 1993 and The Eminent Pharmacist Award in 1994. if one has the will to discover it. Patel was posthumously awarded a special plaque in recognition for his efforts in laying a firm foundation for Gujarat’s pharmaceutical industry in the Post Independence era. The Ramanbhai Foundation is committed to a number of special initiatives in the field of education. Zydus Cadila is amongst the top investor in research. With a firm belief that new avenues would surely emerge. entrepreneur and a research. The Zydus School for Excellence which was a dream nurtured by Mr. He was also honored by Express Pharma Pulse with the ‘Lifetime Contribution Award’ for his contribution to the Indian pharma industry. he dedicated his life to the quest for knowledge. In a fitting tribute to his outstanding contributions to the growth of the pharma industry in India. education and healthcare – areas close to the Late Founder Chairman’s heart.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. group. Gujarat which earlier had only one pharmacy college now has several reputed pharmacy college.

knowledge sharing forms and by studying successful models of education and creating a platform for sharing these experiences.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. The IRF also awards merit scholarships to deserving students in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Ramanbhai Patel – AMA centre for Excellence in Education has been set up to raise the bars of excellence in the field of education through progressive learning programme for academicians. Patel Foundation (IRF) to recognized and honored lifetime achievements of senior pharmacists who have contributed to the growth of the profession of pharmacy in India. Through the symposia the foundation aims to bridge the research endeavors taking place across the world and create a Platform for knowledge sharing. The Ramanbhai Foundation along with the Indian Pharmaceutical Association has set up the IPA-Shri Ramanbhai B. The Ramanbhai Patel International Symposium held every two years is devoted to the discussion on the current trends and developments in Pharmaceutical Sciences. tracing the development of new molecules form the laboratory to the market. 11 .

The company is pioneer. 2007.1 sweetener with a market share of over 70% Sugar Free Natura – a zero calorie escaroles based sugar substitute. The product range comprises Sugar Free Gold – India’s No. Novel Process Research. Sugar Free Dlite – a low calorie healthy drink and Nutralite – a premium cholesterol-free 12 . Introduction “Zydus Cadila Healthcare is an Indian pharmaceutical company headquartered at Ahmedabad in Gujarat state of western India. Patents ZRC has filled over 108 patents in various therapeutic area of NME research. Process Research. The company is the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in India. It is a significant manufacturer of generic drugs. the company signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent stake in Brazil Quimica e Pharmaceutical Nikkho do Brazil Ltd a (Nikkho) for around 26 million dollars. several of them have already been granted US patents. Cadila Healthcare did its IPO on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2000. On June 25.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. offering healthier dietary options to the consumers. since its inception. Its stock code on the Bombay exchange is 532321. Novel Drug Delivery and Biological. [1] With US$290m in turnover in 2004. In 2001 the company acquired another Indian pharmaceutical company called German Remedies.

Goa. EverYuth has a strong presence in advanced skincare segments like soap-free.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. scrubs etc. which occupy a unique distinction of being a ‘skincare brand from a healthcare company’ Enriched with the power of natural ingre4ients. transferals. Baddi and Sikkim  Two API plants at Ankleshwar and Dabhasa. The company also caters to the skincare segment with its EverYuth and Dermacare brands. face mask. Manufacturing • Eight state-of-the art plants  Four formulation plants – one each at Moraiya in Ahmedabad. Nutralite has emerged as the second largest brand in the category of butter and butter substitutes. table spread. face washes. fine chemicals Advanced intermediates High and bulk actives Investigational bulk actives Formulation Oral dosage forms ( Tablets. hard and soft gel capsules) Injectibles (Sterile liquids and lyophilized) Inhalers. suppositories and vaccine Formulation development for ANDA candidates at a dedicated Pharmaceutical Technology Center  Development of specialized dosage forms It has [1] Active pharmaceutical ingredient plants: 13 .  An Agiolax plant in Goa  An API plant in Mumbai to Manufacture key intermediates of Pantoprazole •     •     Intermediates and APIs Specialty chemicals.

Changador plant . and soft gel capsules as well as injectable drugs in both sterile liquid and lyophilized form. Total plant capacity at Ankleshwar is around 180 million stones. It is an FDA-approved facility that is also approved to WHO GMP guidelines.   [2] Formulation plants The company operates formulation plants at six locations:  Moraiya plant . The plant makes tablets.Zydus Cadila's plant at Vatwa. manufactures fine chemicals. The company makes active pharmaceutical ingredient at three sites in India:  Ankleshwar plants – Zydus Cadila’s plant complex at Ankleshwar in Bharuch District of Gujarat has been producing drug material since 1972. was commissioned in 1997 by a company called Banyan Chemicals. The plant has a 90 million tone capacity. Patalganga plant .   14 . in Vadodara District’s Padra Taluka in Gujarat. makes nutraceuticals. in the 2001 German Remedies deal.Zydus Cadila's plant at Changodar. Vatwa plant .Zydus Cadila acquired an API plant at Patalganga in Maharashtra state. which is ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certified as well as FDA Approved. 70 km from Mumbai. 20 kilometers from Ahmedabad on the city's outskirts. Zydus is current constructing a facility at Changodar to make vaccines for hepatitis B and rabies.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. The plant was acquired Remedies. It plant became Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved in 2004/2005. capsules. Vadodara plant – Zydus Cadila’s plant at Dabhasa. Zydus Cadila also runs a large R&D operation at Moraiya. This plant operates to WHO GMP standards. an industrial suburb of Ahmedabad. There are around 10 plants in the complex.Zydus Cadila's formulation plant at Moraiya in Sanand Taluka on the outskirts of Ahmedabad is the largest formulation plant in India. and acquired by Zydus Cadila in 2002.

meters with state-of-the-art-manufacture facilities.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.    Navi Mumbai plant . at Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra.In 2004 Zydus commissioned at formulation plant at Baddi. makes intermediates of the drug Pantoprazole.the Company’s plants at Ponda in the southern Indian state of Goa do formulation work as well as manufacture oncology drugs and an herbal laxative branded Agiolax based on Psyllium seeds. About Moraiya formulation plant The formulation plant at Moraiya is spread over 40 acres with a built up area of 53. Goa plants . is a 50/50 joint venture with Germany's Altana Pharma AG.This operation. the manufacturers tablets & capsule for markets like US. in Himachal Pradesh state of northern India.000 sq. Capsules. Plant at Mumbai where tablets are made from hands of labours. Hormone facility drugs & female health care products for domestic market. Baddi plant . The Baddi plant makes solid oral pharmaceuticals. France & Rest of the world. Pankaj Patel Chairman 15 . It also manufacturers a small range of Tablets. Corporate control Mr.

Origin of the Name Zydus One of India’s leading integrated pharma company MORAIYA PLANT AND PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER The origin of the name “Zydus” o The name combines the ethos of the Greek God “Zeus” and dawn of the new Era. Zydus Cadila's major shareholder remains the Patel family. In 2004 Pankaj Patel was included by Forbes magazine in its annual List of India's richest people. Forbes estimated Patel's net worth at US$510m. Pankaj Patel (1951 . making him India's 26th richest person. in September 2007 Cadila in a joint venture opened a pharmaceutical plant in Ethiopia. is CEO. Recently.Known as The Executive Committee. there is a team of 9 senior level executives . who are heads of different operations look after the overall management processes. 16 . o “Zydus” like symbolizes there group’s aspirations to contribute for the welfare of the people and society at a large. However in 2005 Patel dropped off the Forbes list due to a fall in the stock price of Cadila Healthcare. None of the members except Pankaj Patel are on Board of Directors. son of the founder. o The alphabet “E” replaced “Y” and “D” as mentioned above stands for dawn.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Moreover.).

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 COMPANY Cipla Ranbaxy GlaxoSmithKlim Zydus Cadila Alkem Laboratories Sun Pharma Nicholas Piramal 17 . Given below…. India’s Top Seven Pharma Companies These are India’s top seven pharma companies.

. Our world is shaped by a passion for innovation.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. globally. In its entire dimension. Mission We are dedicated to life…….. commitment to partners and concern for people in effort to create healthier 18 communities. We shall achieve sales of over $ 3 billion by 2015 and be a research based pharmaceutical company by 2020. Vision Zydus shall be a leading global healthcare provider with a robust product pipeline and sales of over $ 1 billion by 2010.

H R Philosophy “We build people to build our business” Care for Growth Blue print Value Capitalize on existing strengths to drive growth I C . In licensing and out licensing Contract manufacturing Innovation – research driven (NCE & NDDS) global Parma company 19 .Respect Human Value Regulated generic markets – APIs formulation in E .Competence Building domestic A .Adopt to New Environment market R . Excel Europe and USA Expand business in regulated generic markets.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Enrich.Empower.

20 . individually & collectively. manufacture & distribute products that met the highest standard of quality at both National & International levels. Quality Policy Zydus cadila is committed to develop. Zydus Cadila shall continuously endeavor to improve upon the quality thereby adding value to the products & enhancing customer satisfaction. Zydus Cadila complies with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) in all its products & services. Zydus Cadila believes that Quality is achieved through conscious team efforts of all the personnel.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

We have set the following objectives with respect to environment. Zydus Cadila is “Dedicated to life” & Quality is a way of life at Zydus Cadila. our company – Zydus Cadila is committed to maintain the environment. health & safety in whatever activities we carry our.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. health & safety (EHS) • Prevent injuries & occupational illness at 3 workplace. In line with this mission. 21 . Environment Health & Safety policy We are dedicated to life in all its dimensions. This shall be our top most priority & concern.

Patel in 1952 and went on to become the second largest pharma company in the early 1990’s. Pankaj R. Key Facts Zydus Cadila is a global healthcare provider and one of the top pharma companies in India. occupational health & safety risks through continuous improvement in process & practices.. Patel.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. • • • • • Enhance EHS awareness amongst effective communication & training. In 1995. Chairmen and 22 . Commit resources & enhance visibility of top management in EHS matters. Prevent/minimize pollution. Maintain &continually upgrade EHS management system to world class standards. under the aegis of the Zydus group. the group restructured its operations and now operates as Cadila Healthcare Ltd. The company was founded by Late Mr. Respond sensitively to the environment concerns of the community. The company spearheaded by Mr. our employees through Comply with all the statutory laws & regulations pertaining to EHS. Ramanbhai B.

German Remedies.S.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Mifegest (Mifepristone). gastrointestinal and women’s healthcare segments. Strong presence in the respiratory. Zydus Alidac. Leading the way through new product introductions. physicians and the rural markets. Penegra (Sildenafil citrate). anti-infectives. suppositories and oncology formulations. metered does inhalers. The group is a leader in cardiovascular. Betaferon. The divisions are spearheaded by some of the stalwarts in the field of pharma marketing. dermatology and nephrology segments. Alidac Fortiza. Europe and Latin America. the group was the first to launch Nucoxia (Etoricoxib). Alidac Corza. Zydus Medica.. 2300 crores in 2007-08. Wide therapy coverage through three multi-therapy divisions and eleven specialists divisions – Zydus Cadila. transdermal patches. injectibles. pain management. Zydus Nutriva. CNS. Zydus Biogen. surgeons. Pantodac (Pantoprazole). Managing director posted a turnover of over Rs. 23 . The group has a globally compliant manufacturing infrastructure comprising eight state-of-the-art facilities which support product launches not just in India but also in the regulated markets of U. Fludara. oncology. specialists. Zydus Synovia and Liva Healthcare Limited. Providac Techsules. dry powder inhalers. Zydus Neurosciences. Proven expertise in manufacturing and marketing different dosage forms such as solid dosage forms. neurosciences. Respicare. The group has been listed as one of the ‘Best under a Billion’ company from amongst 200 companies in Asia by Forbes. A dedicated field force of 3300 reaches out to super specialists. Zydus CND. Evona. Nupatch (Diclofenac patch). The group has several brands that feature amongst the top 300 pharmaceutical brands in India. Slimona (Rimonabant) and Novolizer in India.

Madaus AG. It plans to achieve sales of over $1 billion by 2010. Zydus Cadila is a partner of choice for several global pharma majors such as Boehringer Ingelheim.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. It plans to achieve sales of over $3 billion by 2015 and be a global research driven company by 2020. Bio Sidus of Argentina. and API plants at Ankleshwar and Dabhasa near Vadodara are approved by the USFDA. One of the most reputed pharma companies globally. Zambon of Italy. 24 . Mallinckrodt of USA.Has two divisions Corza & Fortiza which focuses on gastrointestinal. to name a few. gynecologist & critical core markets. Nycomed. Zydus Cadila aims to be a leading global healthcare provider with a robust product pipeline and sales of over $ 1 billion by 2010. Over 230 scientists are working on new molecular entity research at the Zydus Research centre.Domestic formulation marketing 1) Zydus Alidac: . Hospira. Organization structure BU-1:. Schering AG. The group has five INDs are in preclinical evaluation. More than 500 professionals spearhead the group’s research programme. Three of the group’s facilities including the formulation manufacturing plant at Moraiya.

General pharmacy segment.It focuses on antidiabetic & cardiovascular markets. BU-3: .Generic patent.API Business – ZYFINE API manufacturing – Dabhasa API manufacturing – Ankleshwar BU-4: . 4) Gr Pharma: . Generic Business BU-6: .Global business – business department. 3) Zydus Cnd: . women’s healthcare & oncological segment. BU-2:.German Remedies is among the leading players in respiratory. PSOs (Hyper androgenic disorders) 2) Respicare: .Deals with diagnostic product segment. 3) Diagnostic: . hairloss. acne. 4) Liva Healthcare: . CPD (consumer product division) Joint Ventures 1) Zydus Hospira 2) Zydus BSV (Bharat Serum Vaccine) 3) Strategic marketing call (SMC) 4) Zydus Nycomed BU-5: .The female healthcare division of Zydus cadila for contraception.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.Focuses on dermaceutical & cosmeceutical market.Specially division of Zydus cadila which focuses on cardiovascular segments. 2) Zydus Medica: .Domestic formulation marketing 1) Evona: .Direct repartees to (MD) 1) New Product Development (NPD) 2) Global Demand & Supply Organization (GDSO) 3) Pharmaceutical Technological Centre (PTC) 25 .

It deals with Nephrology (Dialysis & transplant) 3) Zydus Urosciences: .It’s Rheumatology task force division SSU-1:.It’s dedicated to the cause of Neurology & psychiatry & reintegrating the lives of mentally ill 6) Zydus Nutriva: . 2) Zydus Nephrosciences: . multivitamins.Domestic formulation marketing 1) Zydus Cadila: .Manufacturing Formulation plant 1) Moraiya 2) Baddi 26 . calcium supplements to mention a few 7) Zydus Synovia: . Quality Assurance 9) Liaison office 10) Environmental Management 11) Project Management office (PMO) BU-7: .Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 4) Global Control Manufacturing cell (GCM cell) 5) Clinical Research Organization (CRO) 6) Legal 7) Dial For Health (DFH) 8) CORP.It deals with nutraceuticals such as vitamins. 5) Zydus Neurosciences: . iron.It deals with urology & rental care 4) Zydus Oncosciences: .It deals with oncology.Flagship division with product portfolio of active brands that includes brand leaders in multispeciality & antibiotic range.

3) Goa 4) Sikkim SSU-2:.R.Group H. & Corporate Communication ZRC – Zydus Research Centre 27 .Corporate Finance SSU-3:.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Various Departments at Moraiya Plant  Analytical development laboratory formulation and development  International regulation areas  Intellectual property rights  Ndds  Consumer product division  Pharmacokinetics  Packing Department  Tds  Quality Assurance  Quality Control  Vaccine – r  Vaccine – t hormone parental  Tablet Manufacturing  Services housekeeping  Engineering  Transport  Security  Finance  Human Resource  Purchase  Information Technology  Office & Administration 28 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Patel Director Pranlal Bhogilal Director Sharvil P.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Board of Directors Pankaj R. Patel Chairman & Managing Director Mukesh M. Diwanji Director 29 . Patel Deputy Managing Director Humayun Dhanrajgir Director Apurva S.

P.R. Amit Sharma H.R. Ms. management Mr. Devesh Patel. H.R. Atul Chaudhari. Vice president. Rishikesh Raval. Officer Ms. General Manager of H. Preethi Nair Senior executive of H.Joshi President Mr. Mr. Human Resources Structure Mr.R. Manager.R Mr. Shreya shah Officer 30 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Dy.

Management grades Grade 1 2 2a 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 22 34 Manufacturing designation Senior vice president Vice president Senior general manager Deputy general manager Senior manager Manager Deputy manager Senior executive Executive Officer Senior technical supervisors Trainee 31 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

m.Weekly off Every Sunday . 2nd shift – 15:30 hours to 24:00 hours 3rd shift 23:45 hours to 07:35 hours Lunchtime – 11:30 to 02:00 (30 minutes staggered time department wise)  Availing leave .m.Paid holidays 2 days National Holidays 1 day Uttarayan 32 . to 17:05 p.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. HR Policies  Working Hours 1st shift – 07:30 hours to 10:00 hours General shift Monday to Saturday 08:30 a.

 Emergency leave (Causal leave) All confirmed executives /staff will be eligible for maximum of 7 days of emergency leave in a financial year. 1 Parana (Janmastmi) 3 days Diwali  Privilege leave All confirmed executive’s staff will be eligible for maximum 30 days privilege leave in a financial year.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.  Maternity leave All female staff members/executives are eligible 4 the maternity leaves of 12 weeks with full pay.  Medical leave/sick leave All confirmed executives/staff will be eligible for maximum of 7 days of medical leave in a financial year. For being eligible for PL. a minimum of 240 days of presence in the previous financial year is must leave calculation will be done on pro rata based on the date of joining. No more than 3 days of emergency leave is available at a time. Trainees: .Trainees are not entitled for any leave. 33 .

Ahmedabad – 15 Ph: 079 – 26868100 . Various offices of Zydus Group .H. Satellite Cross Roads. Post: Baddi 34 . Dist – Ahmedabad Ph: 02717 – 250331 (Baddi) Swaraj Majra Juddi Kalan.Corporate office Cadila healthcare Ltd Zydus Tower.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.Formulation plant (Moraiya) Sarkhej – Bavla N. No 8A Moraiya Taluka – Sanand.

Himachal Pradesh Ph: 01795 – 246841 (Goa) Plot No 203-213 Kundaim Industrial Estate Post: Kundaim Goa – 403115 Ph: 0832 2395017 to 19 (Sikkim) Zydus Healthcare Ltd Near IOCL Bottling Plant Majhitar. 35 . Taluka: Sanand. No 8A Moraiya. Siliguri . District: Ahmedabad.H.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Ph – 02717-250331 (Mumbai) Plot A 106-107 Road No. Central Excise Office Wagle Industrial Estate.Gangtok High-way No 31 Rangpo. Laxminarayan Petrol Pump. East Sikkim – 737132 . Taluka: Nalagarh District: Solan. Thane (west) – 400604 Ph: 022-25838270 Zyfine Opp.Pharmaceutical Technology Centre (PTC) (Moraiya) Sarkhej – Bavla N. 21 Opp.

Taluka – Sanand. District: Ahmedabad Ph: 02717-250801 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.H.H.H. No 8A Moraiya. No 8A Moraiya Taluka – Sanand. District: Ahmedabad Zydus Distributors Behind ZRS.API plants (Ankleshwar) 291. GIDC Estate. District: Ahmedabad Ph: 079-2375033 Zydus Research Centre Sarkhej – Bavla N. No 8A Moraiya. Ahmedabad Ph: 02646-220719 (Dabhasa) Cadila Healthcare Ltd Plot No 31 Dabhasa – Umaraya Road Village – Dabhasa – 391 440 District: Vadodara Ph: 02662-223412 36 . Taluka: Sanand. Sarkhej – Bavla N. Sarkhej – Bavla N.

Sugar Free Natura: 37 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Products Some Important products of Zydus Cadila healthcare Limited:1.

Zydus Cadila’s Sugar Free Natura has attracted a huge market with its ability to enable one to bake and cook mouthwatering delights without any loss in sweetness. according to a release. 3.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. NuPatch is manufactured at the group’s transdermal facility at Moraiya in Ahmedabad. launched by Sugar Free – a player in the substitute category – is a zero – calorie sucralose . 2. EverYuth: 38 . NuPatch not just ushers in a new technology but its New Drug Delivery System brings in several advantages for the patient too. Nupatch: Zydus Cadila has launched NuPatch – India’s first indigenously manufactured Diligence transdermal patch for pain relief.based sweetener derived from sugar under its array of sugar substitutes. The product.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Zydus Cadila has introduced Light & Clear face wash active Mili capsules at an introductory price Rs. Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate Tabs: 39 . 5. Nudoxa heralds a new approach in cancer therapy. One of the critical drugs used in chemotherapy. 4. It reportedly contains natural colic acid and saffron as well as Fruit PHAs (polyhydroxy acids) for hydrating and moisturizing. 50. Nudoxa: Cadila Healthcare Ltd – Zydus Cadila – has introduced an NDDS product ‘Nudoxa’ for the treatment of various cancers.

40 . Nutralite is table margarine. The veggie margarines are used as a healthy alternative for butter.Sugarfree Natura and now it’s fighting with butter by relaunching the brand Nutralite. First it fought with the sugar by launching the sugar alternative . Cadila Healthcare ltd has received USFDA approval for Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate tabs in the strength of 200mg. Margarines are fat derived from either animal products or vegetable oils. and is used in caring rheumatoid arthritis. The medicine falls under the DMARD (disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug) selection.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 6. Nututralite: Zydus Cadila is a bold marketer. World over margarine are used as a substitute for butter.

41 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

skills. It is now termed as Human Resource Management (HRM). The concern is for the organization’s variability. skills and abilities of employees of the company to perform specific jobs are increased. Human Resource Management 42 . But now. Employee training is the most important sub-system of human resources development. Introduction Organization and individual should develop and progress simultaneously for their survival and attainment of mutual goals. versatilities and adaptability of employees so that the employee is better equipped to do his/her present job. a relatively new term. such as Personnel Administration or Personnel Management. every modern management has to develop the organization through human resources development. training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job.trained and experienced personnel to perform the activities that have to be done. that it is should adapt itself to a changing environment. the trend is changing. that emerged during the 1930s. Every organization needs to have well. Broadly speaking. or to prepare him/ her for higher position with increased responsibilities. So. For Job redesigning or technological changes require some type of training and development efforts. Organizational growth needs to be meshed with the individual’s growth. Training is a specialized function and is one of the fundamental operative functions for human resources management. Training of personnel is not important to meet the requirement of the job but it is necessary to raise the skill levels and increase the existing level of knowledge. Many people used to refer it before by its traditional titles. individual growth is not an end in itself. the importance of employee development also increases. Human Resource Management (HRM). abilities and attitudes needed by that organization. As the jobs become more complex. The term ‘Training’ indicates any process by which the aptitudes. However.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. This unit throws light on various facets of training Training refer to the teaching / learning activities carried on for the primary purpose of helping members of an organization to acquire and apply the knowledge.

It is also applicable to non-business organizations. such as education. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT is a subsystem of an organization. But now the scenario seems to be changing. Out of all these divisions. one such important division is training and development. There were also some views that training is a very costly affair and not worth. come under the horizon of HRM. healthcare etc. Training is now considered as more of retention tool than a cost. Training and Development. programs. Payroll. Performance Management. It ensures that randomness is reduced and learning or behavioral change takes place in structured format. The modern approach of training and development is that Indian Organizations have realized the importance of corporate training. Organizations used to believe more in executive pinching. Human Resource Management is defined as the set of activities. recruit.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. from the time of his entry into an organization until he leaves. Industrial Relation. Retention. and compensating the employees in organization. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Resource Management is Human defined as the people who staff and manage organization. They were holding the traditional view that managers are born and not made. All the activities of employee. etc. Traditional and Modern Approach of Training and Development Traditional Approach – Most of the organizations before never used to believe in training. The 43 . train and develops. developing. training. is a management function that helps an organization select. and functions that are designed to maximize both organizational as well as employee effectiveness Scope of HRM without a doubt is vast. It comprises of the functions and principles that are applied to retaining. The divisions included in HRM are Recruitment.

Thus. and where you will be after some point of time. Training is about knowing where you stand (no matter how good or bad the current situation looks) at present. and abilities (KSA) through professional development. Training is a shortterm educational process and utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which employees learn technical knowledge and skills for a definite purpose. training bridges the differences between job requirements and employee’s present specification. It is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge. Training is about the acquisition of knowledge. Training refers to the teaching and learning activities carried on for the primary purpose of helping members of an organization to acquire and apply the knowledge. Dale S.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. or changing of attitudes and behaviors to enhance the performance of employees. sharpening of skills. skills. rules. placed and introduced in an organization he/she must be provided with training facilities in order to adjust him to the job. Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job. Training is activity leading to skilled behavior. behavior and aptitude towards the requirements of the job and the organization. 44 . training system in Indian Industry has been changed to create a smarter workforce and yield the best results Meaning After an employee is selected. Beach defines the training as “… the organized procedure by which people learn knowledge and/or skill for a definite purpose. concepts. skill. training improves changes and moulds the employee’s knowledge. skill.” In other words. abilities and attitudes needed by a particular job and organization.

technical and allied areas. the latter refers to developing an employee in the areas of principals and techniques of management. It ensures that randomness is reduced and learning or behavioral change takes place in structured format. administration. While the former refers to training given to employees in the areas of the operations.Mostly for managerial managerial personnel personnel 45 . Area Content Purpose Duration For whom: Training Technical skills knowledge Specific job-related Development and Managerial and behavioral skills and knowledge Conceptual and general knowledge Short-term Long-term Mostly technical and non. Training And Development is a subsystem of an organization.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. organization and allied areas. Training and development Employee training is distinct from management development or executive development.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Importance of the Training
The importance of human resources management to a large extent depends on human resources development and training is its most important technique. As stated earlier, no organization can get a candidate who exactly matches with the job and the organizational requirements. Hence, training is important to develop the employee and make him suitable to the job. Training works towards value addition to the company through HRD. The main top companies in terms of value-multiples advocate that they could multiply the value addition due to their concern and recognize of the importance of training in HRD and in value addition. Job and organizational requirements are not static, they are changed from time to time in view of technological advancement and change in the awareness of the Total Quality and Productivity Management (TQPM). Trained employees would be a valuable asset to an organization. Organizational efficiency, productivity, progress and development to a greater extent depend on training. If the required training is not provided, it leads to performance failure of the employee. Organizational objective like viability, stability and growth can also be achieved through training. Training is important as it constitutes a significant part of management control. Training enhances 4Cs viz. competence, commitment, creativity and contribution for the organization.


Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Benefits of Training
How Training benefits the organisation • Leads to improve profitability and/or more positive attitudes toward profits orientation • Improve the job knowledge and skills at all levels of the organisation • Improves the morale of the workforce • Helps people identify with organizational goals • Helps creates the better corporate image • Fosters authenticity, openness and trust • Improve the relationship between boss and subordinates • Aids in organizational development • Learns from the trainee • Helps prepare guidelines for the work • Aids in understanding and carrying out organizational policies • Provides information for the future needs in all areas of the organisation • Organisation gets more effective in decision making and problem solving • Aids in development for promotion from within • Aids in developing leadership skill, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes and other aspects that successful workers and managers usually display • Aids in increasing productivity and/or quality of work • Helps keep cost down in many areas, e.g., production personnel, administration etc. • Develops the sense of responsibility to the organisation for being competent and knowledgeable • Improves labour management relations • Reduces outside consulting costs by utilizing competent internal consulting • Aids in improving organizational communication • Helps employee adjust to change


Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Objectives of the Training
The chief aim of training is • To increase his / her ability to learn from experience. • To increase his /her ability to help his/ her subordinates from experiences. According to Douglas McGregor, there are three main purpose of learning. i) Acquiring Intellectual Knowledge: An electrical engineer may need more knowledge than he now possesses about circuit design. A new employee may require knowledge about company policies. A foreman may require information about the new provisions in the labor agreement. The acquisition of knowledge is a fairly straight- forward process provided the individual wants the new knowledge. It can be made available t him in several ways. However, if he does not want the knowledge, there is considerable difficulty getting him to learn it. In industry, attempts should be made to create a ‘felt need’ for new knowledge. ii) Acquiring Manual skills: The acquisition of a manual skill requires practice or experience accompanied by feedback pure trail and error learning can be speeded up by guidance but the individual cannot learn unless he performs and receives clues, which tell him about the success of his efforts. The necessary effort will be expanded only if there is a felt- need on the part of the learner. iii)Acquiring Problem – Solving Skills: Much of a manager’s work is solving problems. These include organizing his/her own and his/her subordinate’s activities, planning and a wide range of other decision-making activities. These are skills involved in diagnosing, problems, interpreting relevant data, assessing alternative solutions and getting feedback concerning the effectiveness 48

In addition to that. Organizational. Societal Objectives – ensure that an organization is ethically and socially responsible to the needs and challenges of the society. 49 . which in turn. Theses skills can be improved and classroom education is one method utilized for this purpose.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. of the solution. there are four other objectives: Individual. The principal objective of training and development division is to make sure the availability of a skilled and willing workforce to an organization. The most widely used classroom method for improving the problemsolving skills is the case method. In the hands of a skilful teacher. Organizational Objectives – assist the organization with its primary objective by bringing individual effectiveness. and Societal. As with any skill. Functional Objectives – maintain the department’s contribution at a level suitable to the organization’s needs. it can be highly effective. practice and feedback are essential for learning. Individual Objectives – help employees in achieving their personal goals. Functional. enhances the individual contribution to an organization.

50 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Internal / In –House Training the driving force in training. If a comparable in – house programmer is not organized employees shall be nominated for external Programme. To keep with the changing business situation. HR department designs a training calendar in the beginning of each financial year after having detailed discussion with the Business Unit (BU) Heads. and functional programme etc which provide a platform for transforming our people into an integral part of our performing organization. We focus our special attention on training needs. As we believe that people are our important resource it is our constant endeavor them the a sense of pride. total dedication commitment. External / Out –Side Training Programme. employees from all levels are nominated to updates and enrich their knowledge in their relevant field nominations for external courses come to the HRD department with the approval of divisional/ department head. seminars in various areas like skill building competence building. Type of the training We build people to build our business. 1. esteem and inculcate in them the environment of faith & trust enable them to work with a sense of purpose. 2.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. We undertake a mammoth task to identify & conduct series of workshops. 51 . Training has been categorized into mainly two types of Programme. Internal Programme: / In – House Training To enable our manger to face the challenges of the present business scenario and to complete successfully in the liberalized environment. 2. self work. Zydus Cadila also believes training to be an important component of an individual’s overall growth & development. 1. high morale. strategic management. Besides the above. External / Out –Side Training Programme: The criteria for delegation people for outside training are based on need felt for such new area for which expertise is not available within the company. In fulfillment of our objective “TO BUILD OUR PEOPLE”.

Induction / Orientation Training 52 .R.III Attachments-IV Attachments-V Attachments-VI : : : : : : SOP training Record (FM/HR/001) Training Evaluation Sheet Employee Training Record (FM/HR/006) On the Job Training Certificate (FM/HR/040) Training Attendance sheet (FM/HR/041) Training Calendar Format (FM/HR/042) Procedure: 1.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. . SOP Training and GMP training must be given to all employee tp ensure that employees are familiar with current GMP requirements and have the knowledge & skills necessary to programme shall be conducted 2.5 Reference: In – house Attachments: Attachments – I Attachments. To create awareness of GMP and specific job related technical skills in the employees Scope: This SOP is applicable to all employees. SOP TRAINING Objective: 1. Head 1. To trainee all the employees working in the area associated directly or indirectly with manufacturing 2.ordinate training programme Section Head : To maintain the file Accountability: H. Responsibility: Training Coordinator: To Co. A. Head. Three types of training programme shall be conducted. Q.A.II Attachments.

Personnel 2. SOP Training / On the Job training for employees working on the machines / Instruments C.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. SOP training 1. Company’s History b. GMP Training: Designated QA personnel shall impart GMP training to all new joiners within one-month period time after their joining 3. Induction Training will be three types. department head should explain the SOP and re-train the employee • Department Head must sign the training Record and file in the SOP training record of the individual Training Record which shall be maintained in the respective department 53 . 1. SOP Training to the new Employee: Every new employee must be asked to read and understand all SOPs applicable to him • Department Head must evaluate the employee by asking oral questions and if found satisfactory department Head must sign and date SOP training Record (FM/HR/001) • If not found satisfactory. GMP/ General Training / Classroom training Note: For Class room training Attendance sheet shall be filled in with relevant details and duty signed by all participants Induction / orientation training Every new employee must be given induction training with a view to facilitate entry into the organization and to acquaint with the systems and procedure applicable to him /her. Company’s Policy c. GMP awareness 3. B. Health & Safety 2. Personnel: Every new employee must be introduced to follow staff member & made aware of the a.

GMP training: A. before work is assigned to him/her by which he can come to know about the various procedures related to his functional skills. The Employee shall read all the SOPs. concerned to his job. Supervisor shall give demonstration of operation / cleaning of the machine/ equipment/ Instrument to the employee at the working place g. After satisfactory performance of the employee on the job training certificate shall be prepared duly signed by the trainee and department Head i.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. GMP training must be imparted by means of classroom Training based on the training calendar 54 . Department Head must sign the Training Record and file in the SOP training record which shall be maintained in the respective department 5. On Inter departmental transfer ii. On the Job training certificate shall be filled in Individual training Record that shall be maintained in the respective Department 6. Revisions in the SOP or Introduction of any new SOP b. on the Job Training: f. If not found satisfactory. SOP Training: SOP training is imparted at following stages i. e. Departmental Head must evaluate the employee by providing questionnaires or asking oral question and if found satisfactory department Head must sign & date SOP training Record d. a. department head should explain the SIOP and Re-train the Employee. After successful demonstration employee shall be asked to perform the activity under supervisor of experienced employee or the area supervisor h. function. 4. c. GMP Training is to be given to all employee to create GMP awareness B.

Record for the same shall be filed in individual training file M. Trainer evaluates the trainee after awarding the marks G.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. seminar etc. % of mark obtained > 90% 81-90% < 80% Remarks Excellent Very Good Poor & retraining H. Employees are also invited for conducting training programme for better subject awareness of the employees L. Refresher training on GMP shall be provided to all employees on yearly basis 55 . Training calendar shall be prepared which shall include the proposed date pf training topic. External faculty is also invited for conducting programme for better subject awareness of the employee K. Training Calendar shall be prepared by the training coordinator and shall be approved by the Quality assurance Head D. Department Head must maintained Employee Training Record for the individual employee J. Trainee must be evaluated by providing a questionnaires or by asking oral question F. Unsuccessful Candidates must be retrained immediately I. After completion of Training. C. Faculty & target audience and shall be reviewed at the end of any quarter E. Employees are also sent for attending outside training programme. Criteria for evaluation for GMP & SOP training will be as follows.

Department Head must evaluate the employee by providing questionnaires only assign oral questions and if found satisfactory department Head must sign and date SOP training record D.: GMP : Standard Operating Procedure Human Resource Quality Assurance Change Control Number Good Manufacturing Practice 56 . 3. All apprentice shall undergo (GMP Training within one month from date of his /her Joining) B. procedure shall be followed as mentioned from Point No. Once apprentice is absorbed and confirmed as a regular employee. Training of Apprentice A. Only after satisfactory training on (GMP and SOPs) Apprentice shall be allowed to sign the GMP documents E. which are pertaining to his job function C.0 onwards Abbreviations SOP : HR : QA : CC No. Apprentice shall undergo SOP training.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

57 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

which can be divided in to cognitive and behavioral methods. The various methods under Cognitive approach provide the rules for how to do something. These methods are associated with changes in knowledge and attitude by stimulating learning. The various methods under Behavioral approach allow the trainee to behavior in a real fashion. The various methods that come under Behavioral approach are:  GAMES AND SIMULATIONS o BEHAVIOR-MODELING 58 . Trainers need to understand the pros and cons of each method. Cognitive methods are more of giving theoretical training to the trainees. demonstrate relationships among concepts. The various methods that come under Cognitive approach are:     Lectures demonstrations discussions computer based training (cbt) o o o intelligent tutorial system(its) programmed instruction (pi) virtual reality Behavioral methods are more of giving practical training to the trainees. written or verbal information.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. also its impact on trainees keeping their background and skills in mind before giving training. Methods of Training There are various methods of training. These methods are best used for skill development. etc.

o o o o o BUSINESS GAMES CASE STUDIES EQUIPMENT STIMULATORS IN-BASKET TECHNIQUE ROLE PLAYS Both the methods can be used effectively to change attitudes. but through different means. The four techniques for on the job development are: • • • • Coaching mentoring job rotation job instruction technique (jit) 59 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd. To become a better performer by education implies that management development activities attempt to instill sound reasoning processes. Another Method is MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT METHOD – MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT – The more future oriented method and more concerned with education of the employees. Management development method is further divided into two parts: ON THE JOB TRAINING The development of a manager's abilities can take place on the job.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. The few popular methods are:     Sensitivity training transactional analysis straight lectures/ lectures simulation exercises 60 . OFF THE JOB TRAINING There are many management development techniques that an employee can take in off the job.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 61 .

It helps to expand the horizons of human intellect and an overall personality of the employees. subordinates. • Productivity – Training and Development helps in increasing the productivity of the employees that helps the organization further to achieve its long-term goal. team spirit. • Organization Culture – Training and Development helps to develop and improve the organizational health culture and effectiveness. It helps in inculcating the zeal to learn within the employees. It helps in creating the learning culture within the organization. Importance of Training and Development Optimum Utilization of Human Resources – Training and Development helps in optimizing the utilization of human resource that further helps the employee to achieve the organizational goals as well as their individual goals.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. • Organization Climate – Training and Development helps building the positive perception and feeling about the organization. • Development of skills of employees – Training and Development helps in increasing the job knowledge and skills of employees at each level. and peers. • 62 . • Team spirit – Training and Development helps in inculcating the sense of team work. • Development of Human Resources – Training and Development helps to provide an opportunity and broad structure for the development of human resources’ technical and behavioral skills in an organization. It also helps the employees in attaining personal growth. The employees get these feelings from leaders. • Quality – Training and Development helps in improving upon the quality of work and work-life. and inter-team collaborations.

Healthy work environment – Training and Development helps in creating the healthy working environment. • Profitability – Training and Development leads to improved profitability and more positive attitudes towards profit orientation. loyalty. better attitudes. • 63 . It helps to build good employee. Training and Development aids in organizational development i.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.e. and other aspects that successful workers and managers usually display. Organization gets more effective decision making and problem solving. motivation. • Morale – Training and Development helps in improving the morale of the work force. It helps in understanding and carrying out organizational policies • Training and Development helps in developing leadership skills. • Image – Training and Development helps in creating a better corporate image. relationship so that individual goals aligns with organizational goal. • Health and Safety – Training and Development helps in improving the health and safety of the organization thus preventing obsolescence.

64 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

XISS. With the introduction of modern communication techniques. Training Methodology In the recent past. The opportunity is provided to the participants to discuss their field experiences and problems related to the particular module. the participants are provided with an opportunity to plan the particular topic in each module under the guidance of faculty members. & Sub Divisional level Extension Officers from State Govts. 65 . before practice or presentation on any module. Extension Training Programs have witnessed multivarious changes in the training methodology. the extension training has received numerous improvements. This method is used for the modules on extension talk. (ii) Planning Session In all the courses conducted by the Institute. Considering the above factors and all the modernization in the field of training methodology. R K Mission. Motivation etc. and SRI. hearing with their own ears. Since the adult/senior people do not relish too much listening to others. Senders (1965) commented that to make a training effective it should be based on the fundamentals that people learn by seeing with their own eyes. the Institute has also incorporated latest training techniques and extension teaching methods by linkage with other institution like MANAGE. skill teaching. The old days’ training methods like lecture are now being replaced with different multi dimensional training methods. Distt. the talk-cum-discussion method is used to orient the participants about concept of a particular module during the training session. Inforamtion Technology and other topics like leadership development. A brief discussion of the training approach/methodology presently being followed by the Institute is given hereunder:(i) Lecture-cum.Group Discussion / Group Exercise The participants of the training courses conducted by this Institute usually are Master Trainers/Scientists of State Agricultural Universities and State. saying with their mouths and doing with their own hands.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

The practice on letter writing and drawing techniques are given to the participants in order to develop skill in preparation of visual aids in computer.V. In the process of appraisal. (iv)Video Films: (v) Field Visits: (vi) Practice Session After planning the topic and demonstration.aids in the field situation. The appraisal of the visual aids is part of the appraisal of extension talks. The participants are asked to recall the important/major 66 . This helps in developing confidence among the participants in use of various extension methods and A. the participants are provided with an opportunity to practice it. The presentation of extension talks and the skill teaching plans by the participants forms one of the important techniques adopted in all the courses. the strong points are highlighted and points for improvement are given in the form of suggestions for further improvement. (iii) Sharing of Experiences: In a many a cases. (xi) Recall Session The recall is done with the specific objectives to strengthen the remembrance of the participants on the major learning daily/weekly. (viii) Appraisal The appraisal of the presentations of extension talks & skill teaching plans is done by the faculty members and participants on certain norms. The extension talks delivered by the participants would invariably be supported by some kinds of visual aids which they would prepare by themselves in consultation with the faculty members. A sharing of experiences session included for better understand of problems and prospects of case studies for proper implementation of project at grass root level. The participants are requested to present their talk plans and skill plans.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. These presentations may either be an individual or a group activity. after proper planning & practice/rehearsal. Similarly participants practice for extension talk session as well as skill session before the actual presentation. (vii) Presentation.

67 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd. (x) Back at work Plan At the end of the course the participants are requested to indicate about the major learning during the course and their application in their back home situation. in some courses like Extension Management. This provides 100 % involvement of the participants. Monitoring & Evaluation Project Management & PRA Techniques and Management of Training Programme “COVERDALE” Training Methodology. in which participants are divided in sub groups and task is given. which are visualized on chart(s) and kept displayed in the class room till concluding session. However. learning's on individual/group basis. The group members are requested to assemble in general session for presentation/appraisal/inputs. (xi) Evaluation The training programmes conducted by the Institute are being evaluated which help in monitoring the training progress and also provide opportunity to the faculty to incorporate the topic(s)/revise methodology as per the need of the trainees while planning for future course. is used. (x) Inductive Learning Generally in most of the courses the above mentioned training methodology is adopted.

marketing & sales. the role of HR professionals in training has been widened. Now a day. Gone are the days. Such concepts of HRM require careful planning as well as greater emphasis on employee development and long term education. etc. To increase the commitment level of employees and growth in quality movement (concepts of HRM). then it is difficult to accept that such a company has effectively carried out HRM. If training is not considered as a priority or not seen as a vital part in the organization. Training and Human Resource Management The HR functioning is changing with time and with this change. when training was considered to be futile. Training actually provides the opportunity to raise the profile development activities in the organization. senior management team is now increasing the role of training.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Active involvement in employee education 2. Training is now the important tool of Human Resource Management to control the attrition rate because it helps in motivating employees. increasing the level of job satisfaction. finance. anytime. resources. HR role now is: 1. the relationship between the training function and other management activity is also changing. As a result training is given on a variety of skill development and covers a multitude of courses. production. Role of HRD Professionals in Training This is the era of cut-throat competition and with this changing scenario of business. achieving their professional and personal goals. and money. HR.e. Flexible access i. waste of time. Providing pre-employment market oriented skill development education and post employment support for advanced education and training 5. Rewards for improvement in performance 3. training is an investment because the departments such as. etc depends on training for its survival. Rewards to be associated with self esteem and self worth 4. anywhere training 68 . The training and development activities are now equally important with that of other HR functions.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 69 .

70 . Table No. 1.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.1 Sr. No 1 2 Dose your Company providing training? Opinion Yes No Response 100 0 Percentage 100% 0% Chart No 1 120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Yes No Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 100% employees take the training in organization. Data Analysis and Interpretation It includes the analysis and interpretation of the data with the help of some statistical tool like bar graph on the finding which gives brief idea about the research the data collected with the help of the questionnaire and interview are analyzed.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 71 .

72 . Which type of training is provided in the organization? Table No. 2.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.2 Sr. No 1 2 3 Opinion On the Job Training Off the Job Training Both Response 85 7 8 Percentage 85% 7% 8% Chart No 2 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% On the Job Training 85% Off the Job Training 7% Both 8% Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 85% employees take on the job training in the organization & 7% employees take off the job & 8% employees take both the training in the organization.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 2. No. Training? Table no 3 Sr. 2 3 4 Which type of training you take in On the Job Opinion Induction Training Behaviour Training EHS Training Technical Training Response 89 18 73 79 Percentage 89% 18% 73% 79% Chart No 3 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Induction Training Behaviour Training EHS Training Technical Training Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 89% employees take Induction Training. 73 . 1. 18% employees take Behaviour Training. 73% employees take EHS training & 79% employees take Technical Training.

1 2 3 4 5 Training given adequate important in your Opinion Not at all true A little true Some what true True to great extent Very True Response 35 14 12 10 29 Percentage 35% 14% 12% 10% 29% 29% 35% Not at all true A little true Some what true True to great extent 10% 12% 14% Very True Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 35% employees says that it not all true. 12% employees says that some what true. 14% employees says that a little true.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Is Induction organization? Table No 4 Sr. 4. No. 74 . 10% employees says that true to great extent and 29% employees says that very true induction training is given adequate importance in organization.

75 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

5.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Dose Induction training well planned? Table No. 76 .5 Sr. No 1 2 Opinion Yes No Response 94 6 Percentage 94% 6% Chart No 5 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Yes No Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph 94% employees says that induction training is well planned and 6% employees says that induction training is not well planned organisation.

6. No 1 2 Opinion Yes No Response 100 0 Percentage 100% 0% Chart No 6 120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Yes No Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 100% employees says that induction training of sufficient duration. 77 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.6 Sr. Is Induction training of sufficient duration? Table No.

No 1 2 3 4 Opinion Job rotation Coaching Job instruction Internship Response 20 13 93 7 Percentage 20% 13% 93% 7% Chart No 7 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Job rotation Coaching Job instruction Internship Series2 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 20% of employees used Job rotation. 13% of employee used for Coaching. Table No. 7. Methods of on the job training. 93% of employee used Job instruction & 7% employees used Internship Methods for on the Job training. 7 Sr. 78 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. No. 79 . 8 Sr. 8. 1 2 3 4 Opinion Role Playing Lecture Method Conference Programmed Instruction Response 7 60 6 27 Percentage 7% 60% 6% 27% Chart No 8 Programmed Instruction Conference Series1 Lecture Method Role Playing 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 7% of employees used Role playing. 60% of employee used for Lecture Method. What are the methods of off the job training? Table No. 6% employee used for conference and 27% of employee used Programmed instruction for off the Job training.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 80 . No 1 2 Opinion Short Term Long Term Response 100 0 Percentage 100% 0% Chart No 9 120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Short Term Long Term Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 100% employees says that short term duration of the training. 9 Sr. What is the duration of the training? Table No. 9.

27% employees think that is conceptual. 81 . & 13% think that it is basically related to general knowledge. No Opinion 1 Specified Job related 2 Conceptual 3 General Knowledge Response 60 27 13 Percentage 60% 27% 13% Chart No 10 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Specified Job related Conceptual General Knowledge Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 60% of employees think that purpose of training for Specific purpose of job related. 10. 10 Sr.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. What is the purpose of Training? Table No.

11 Sr. 11. What are the advantages of training? Table No. 53% employees 82 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd. No Opinion 1 Increased the productivity 2 Heightened Morale 3 Reduced Supervision 4 Reduced Accident 5 Increased organization Stability Response 67 53 0 60 7 Percentage 67% 53% 0% 60% 7% Chart No 11 Increased the productivity 1 9 10 Reduced Supervision 0 Reduced Accident 8 Increased organization Stability Heightened Morale Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 67% of employees think that advantage of training for increased the productivity.

83 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd. think that is Heightened Morale 60% employees think that Reduced Accident & 7% think that it is basically related to increased organization stability.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 84 . No 1 2 3 4 5 Opinion Reaction Job Behaviour Learning Organization Feedback Form Response 7 7 53 13 47 Percentage 7% 7% 53% 13% 47% Chart No 12 Feedback Form Organization Learning Job Behaviour Reaction 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 7% of employees evaluated the training like reaction. 13% employees evaluated the training like organization & 47% evaluated the training like Feedback form. 12. 7% employees evaluated the training like Job Behaviour. 53% employees evaluated the training like Learning. Sr. How do you evaluate the training programmed? Table no 12.

< 80% .80% 80% .80% 50% . 13. No 1 2 3 4 5 Opinion 90% .> 50% .< 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 47% opinion is 90% & more than.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.70% senior manger takes interest in training.80% & 7% opinion is 50% .90% 90% . How much senior manager takes Interest & Spent time in the training? Table No. 85 .70% 70% .70% 50% .90% 70% .> Response 47 40 7 7 0 Percentage 47% 40% 7% 7% 0% Chart No 13 50% . 7% opinion is 70% . 40% opinion is 80 – 90%. 13 Sr.

Training policy is well. 14.designed. No 1 2 Opinion Yes No Response 100 0 Percentage 100% 0% Chart No 14 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Series1 Yes 100% No 0% Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 100% employees says that Training policy is well.designed a widely share in the company? Table No. 86 .14 Sr.Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

No 1 2 3 4 Opinion Excellent Good Satisfactory Not Satisfactory Response 64 26 6 4 Percentage 64% 26% 6% 4% Chart No 15 6% 26% 4% Excellent Good Satisfactory 64% Not Satisfactory Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 64% employees says that quality of Training is excellent. 15. 87 .Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 6% employees says that quality of training is satisfactory and 4% employees says that quality of training is not satisfactory. What are the qualities of training in your company? Table no 15 Sr. 26% employees says that quality of training is good.

16. If you take training.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. you get satisfaction? Table No. 16 Sr. 88 . No 1 2 Opinion Yes No Response 92 8 Percentage 92% 8% Chart No 16 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Yes No Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 92% employees says they satisfied with training and remaining 8% employees they are not satisfied.

< 80% .> 50% .90% 70% . 5% employees opinion is 50% - 89 . 22% employees opinion is 80% – 90%. 17 Sr.< 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Series1 Interpretation: From the above graph it is inferred that 46% employees opinion is 90% & less than. No 1 2 3 4 5 Opinion 90% .70% 50% .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.80% 50% . If yes How much? Table No.90% 90% .> Response 46 22 13 5 6 Percentage 46% 22% 13% 5% 6% Chart No 17 50% .70% 70% . 13% employees opinion is 70% – 80%.80% 80% .

Cost of the production is one of the lowest in world. Lack of co-ordination of industry and research institution.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 6. Findings 1. Zydus Cadila is one of the fastest growing and well established industries having a large network of laboratories and R & D infrastructure. In this competitive world. 2. It becomes an advantage for an industry. It becomes an MNC after spreading its branches in all over the world. 4. There are so many competitors are arising day by day. it is not easy to sustain in market. 90 . 3. 70% and 6% employees opinion is 50% or more than they get satisfaction in training. It is well known that pharmaceutical industry is recession free industry. 7. 5. There would be lack of culture of innovation.

Recommendation From the study on “Analysis of Training and Development” of Zydus Cadila Health Care Limited. it is conducted that overall the whole things find appropriate as per the requirement of the organisation . In your company training programme are evaluates mostly by learning. SOP and GMP training for the employee. Attempts should be made by the HR department to take a training in stipulated time without making any comprise with the talent or skills required for particular employee. they know all thing properly if u gives to them training in right time and right duration. It involves huge investment. organisation and feedback form. So. it helps them to better understand the organisation of the company and they do a work properly way to way. The areas are following. Also use the reactions and job behavior for evaluates training programme. But there are some areas where improvement can be done to make the whole thing a perfect one.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. measure should be taken to avoid wrong way training. To gives training to in sufficient duration. There is a need for a well planned and properly scheduled induction. It’s useful. 91 . Training is useful for there development.

Suggestions As in a competitive world.Cadila Healthcare Ltd. There should be a proper communication and coordination between industry and research institution. So that. industry would come up with new strategy and new innovations in the market. to retain positive in the competitive world. Do not delay the compensation of employee and regularly check that workers are satisfied with there job or not. Management is an important part of the organisation. This company should be a potential for developing India as a centre for International clinical. 92 . Find out the main reason behind the high attrition rate and solve them instantly. maintain a proper communication between all levels of management. Zydus Cadila is a niche player in global pharmaceutical R&D.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Overall what we have learnt during our training period. It has benefited me very much as a student since I gained more knowledge about the management and moral value. from “Zydus Cadila healthcare limited” is how to manage Human resources. We met their skilled and unskilled the worker to find out their problem and their expertise which we will able to use in our future planning of human Resources. Conclusion It was my life time opportunity to do a project in Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited. their training & get maximum output in lesser number people we also learn to skilled right people for the right work & to get maximums of production. In conclusion it may be said that in the modern business management model or in a present business scenario. 93 . it is the obligated that the community as a whole as well as individual are under an obligation to protect the well being of workers and to secure to them their due shares in the gains of economic development. It is prior responsibility of the HR department.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

      www.HRM

Reference 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Management Process and Organizational Behaviour Human Resource Management (B. Subba Rao) Management (Stephen P. Robbins) K. Ashwathappa C. B. Memoriya Franchise Charunilam S.S. Khanka S. Chand


Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Questionnaire Name: Department: Designation: 1. Does your company providing training? Yes On the job training Both 3. Which type of training you take in on the job Training? Induction training Behaviour training EHS training Technical training No off the job training 2. Which type of training is provided in your organization?


Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

4. Is








organization? Not a all true A little true Some what true 5. Does Induction training well planed? Yes Yes Job rotation Coaching Role playing Lecture Method 9. What is the duration of training? Short Term 10. Specified Job Related General Knowledge 11. What are the advantages of training? Increased the productivity Heightened Morale stability Reduced Supervision 12. How do you evaluate the training programme? Reaction Job Behaviour Reduce Accident Increased organizational Long term conceptual What is the purpose of training? No No Job instruction Internship Conference Programmed Instruction 6. Is induction training of sufficient duration? 7. What are the methods of on the job training? True to great extent Very true

8. What are the methods of off the job training?


> company? 15. Yes If yes How much? 90% .< 80% . you get satisfaction? Thank You 97 .80% 50% . Organization How much Senior Manager take interest and spent time in 90% .70% 50% .> the training? 14. What are the qualities of training in your company? Excellent Good 16.90% 70% .< 80% .80% If you take training. Training policy is a well-designed a widely share in the Yes No satisfactory Not satisfactory No 50% .Cadila Healthcare Ltd.70% 50% . Learning Feedback form 13.90% 70% .

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 98 .

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